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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: diffutils: update to 3.207:08
entesoooo? :P07:10
entethis is a desktop07:10
entethere is an ubuntu with gnome on it07:11
entethat's pretty much all it does07:11
entenow stop bitching :P07:11
teK_er hoert feindsender!07:12
Romsterand that's so a late reply..... so yesterdays topic. :D07:39
teK_maybe his ubuntu is that slow07:42
Romstergood one due.08:05
Romstererr dude... stupid typing...08:05
jseThose gnomes on ubuntu sure can be sneaky things.08:15
jsePromising prosperity through speed and usability only to fall short bg time on such `promises'. :D08:15
teK_pray to unity, the god of usability!08:20
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tilmanfrinnst: firefox no longer depends on nspr and nss?09:11
tilmanfrinnst: did you switch the port to using the bundled versions of those 2 libs?09:11
Romsterwhy is it most browsers want to include thje kitchen sink.09:26
frinnstbecause they are unable to keep the libs in sync with what ships in firefox09:36
frinnstone solution would be to build nss/nspr from the firefox sourcecode. But i found that.. too ugly09:37
tilmani see09:39
frinnstit took 2-3 days for them to release a patched nss09:40
tilmanthis project is so fucked up09:41
jseThe way of practically all large projects.09:41
frinnstmozilla-announce is still quiet09:41
frinnstwell, mozilla is in a different league09:42
frinnsti bought a t-shirt when they shipped 1.009:42
frinnsti need to find a good way to defile it09:43
jseBurn the shirt if you don't mind losing it.09:44
teK_it'd be a great symbolic gesture10:27
teK_someone with compilerconstruction background present?10:36
teK_or assembler optimization skillz10:36
teK_wrt :-)10:39
tilmanteK_: temporaries live in ram?10:43
tilmanteK_: if so, i guess it's to avoid a pipeline stall10:44
tilmanerr, nvm10:44
teK_temporaries were described as 'separate temporary  variables'10:44
tilmanbz is 'branch if zero'?10:45
teK_it doesn't matter as this is part of a compiler optimization routine that will use registers for the final code10:45
teK_br is unconditional branch10:45
tilmanare you sure you mean "reordering TO" and not "reordering FROM"? :P10:46
teK_its to10:46
teK_initial asm looks like this:10:46
teK_addl %ebx, %eax10:46
teK_bz L110:47
teK_mol 4(%eax), %ebx10:47
tilmanmight depend on whats at L110:47
teK_code at L{1,3} is unknown10:48
teK_I guess we won't have to do the optimization ourselves10:48
tilmansurely there's no pipeline stall for read accesses to CR0, is there?10:49
tilmani don't know x86 ;]10:49
teK_me neither, that's the problem..10:49
teK_the lecture is about virtual machines and runtime systems10:49
tilmani think the respective manuals are available freely at intel.com10:49
tilmancouple hundred of megs of PDFs :D10:49
teK_tl;dr ;P10:50
teK_the lecturer is some crazy compiler/haskell dude so I guess the optimization part is for illustrational purposes only10:50
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-server: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-input-synaptics: updated to
tilman(needs driver rebuild)12:07
frinnstdont forget to rebuild your drivers12:07
tilmancan anyone test if the patch in the port is still required for i915 etc?12:08
frinnstnot I, sry12:12
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entenot an accident!17:09
slashbeastteK_: from what movie?17:22
* Rotwang goes to sleep, bye17:24
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slashbeastthank you sir17:28
teK_you are welcome17:28
thrice`"comedy horror thriller" :p17:31
slashbeast24minutes left...17:33
teK_it's funny17:34
slashbeastWho care, look at that girl17:34
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veedoes adding compact to lilo increase boot time?22:19
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