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pitillogood morning01:21
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prologicanyone here any good at cisco ?05:06
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Romsterno amount of laying would prevent me from reading that :D09:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnutls: updated to 3.0.210:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: qt4: updated to 4.7.410:42
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entelennart: BSD is obsolete :P14:26
teK_I'm too stupid for latex-glossary as it seems14:27
teK_tutorials on teh interwebs tell me to run makeglossaries but tehre's no such script within lennart's port14:27
lennartso... i'm guesing teK_ actually means me, while ente is just trolling :)14:27
teK_si senor14:27
lennartglossary, let me see14:27
teK_are you the creator of the package?14:27
lennartyeah, let me get back to you in a bit14:28
teK_thanks a lot14:28
lennartteK_: so i used this line to create the glossary: makeindex foo.glo -s -t foo.glg -o foo.gls14:36
lennartdidn't use glossary for a while though, i'm not even sure if there's a better method of creating a glossary using the default texlive packages14:38
lennartteK_: where foo.glo is the file with the glossary entries, the other files should be created when running latex14:42
teK_how will pdflatex know that it has to use foo.glo?14:43
teK_I can't even call \makeglossary14:43
teK_(in my main .tex file)14:43
lennartpdflatex doesn't use foo.glo, that file is only used by makeindex to create the file which will be included into the output14:46
lennarti had \makeglossary and \include{glossary} in my main .tex14:47
lennartis there an error when you use \makeglossary?14:47
teK_oh dear14:47
lennarti'm not even sure if latex-glossary works with the current texlive, I only used it with the old tetex14:47
tilmanlennart: poettering? you here? omfg!14:48
teK_sauberbeck! (troll :P)14:48
lennartmy .glo was different14:49
frinnstdont say that name! i have to work with his piece of shit software everyday14:49
lennartand wow is it hard to decipher14:50
teK_the only tutorial on this I could find is which is ... vague.14:50
tilmanfrinnst: gnihihi :D14:51
teK_lennart: could paste an example?14:51
lennartteK_: \glossaryentry{Plugin@{\glosslabel{glo:Plugin}{Plugin}}siehe Add-On\relax|glsnumformat}{5}14:51
lennartteK_: was looking for an easy one ;)14:51
teK_   -- Unknown index keyword \glossaryentry.14:52
teK_can this be that hard?14:52
lennartapparently yes :)14:52
tilmanlennart: wanna play hon?14:52
lennartmaybe you're actually using a glossary package from texlive and not really latex-glossary?14:53
teK_makeindex itself won't work so I doubt that14:54
teK_% find /usr/share/texmf* -iname '*gloss*' -type f14:54
tilmanteK_: let me know when you have the answer to that optimization problem of yesterday14:54
teK_no one answered, exam was today14:56
teK_we'll probably never know -_-14:56
teK_oh and I screwed that exercise :p14:56
teK_"optimize following assembly code"14:56
teK_yeah thanks, I never heard "compilerbau" so I know shit about this stuff14:56
teK_8/47 credits14:57
teK_hooray ;)14:57
tilmani thought this was the compilerbau lecture o___O14:57
teK_"Virtuelle Maschinen und Laufzeitsysteme"14:57
tilmanah, right14:57
teK_Lecture + Lecturerer rocked.. but it's complex/new/hard14:57
teK_what'd you say: what are two advantage of -fPIC'd librarires? "Denken sie an Startup und Virtuellen Speicher"14:58
lennartteK_: how to create the .ist file?14:58
tilmanteK_: less relocations14:58
tilmaneasy :)14:58
teK_lennart: yeah it won't do that14:59
teK_tilman: one (I had that one, too)14:59
lennartteK_: my current project I'm looking at was only ever built using windows at work15:00
teK_nevermind, thanks :)15:00
lennartteK_: i'll have to search a bit for a linux one, maybe then I can help you15:00
teK_'d be great, thanks a lot15:00
tilmanteK_: i'll think about it tonight15:01
teK_the solution is (brain-dead) simple :P15:01
teK_yet.. I could not figure it out15:02
Rotwanggame is brilliant15:03
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Rotwangapparently watching youtube with firefox 6 on a machine with 1GB of ram is very hard to accomplish15:41
treachdid you try to disable the sandbox for flash?15:49
lennartteK_: ctan says glossary is deprecated and glossaries should be used instead15:50
teK_installing that right now15:50
lennartglossaries is even included in TeXLive15:51
teK_and etoolbox and xfor and updating xkeyval15:51
teK_this sucks15:51
lennartyeah, I only used a glossary that one time, just too much hassle15:51
teK_not even the included sample will compile15:52
Rotwangtreach: sandbox?15:52
treachthe "plugin-container"15:52
Rotwangtreach: no idea how to do that15:54
teK_i  want a 'i installed glossaries and all i got was this lousy shirt' t-shirt15:54
teK_but with a nice font/typesetting.15:54
Rotwangtreach: I just installed flash from opt15:55
treachRotwang: it's some dom.ipc. settings in about:config for ff.15:56
treachcan't remember exactly what atm15:56
Rotwangdom.ipc.plugins.enabled ?15:57
treachno, not really. That'd kill it for all plugins I think.15:57
treachdamn, I did this yesterday on another machine, but now I only find the settings for windows. :/15:58
RotwangI watch youtubes on aurora now, so it is not a big problem15:59 false16:02 false16:02
Rotwangdon't have both of them at all16:04
Rotwangmaybe it is because I'm still on ff 516:04
treachno, you'll have to create them.16:04
treachthat's ff usability for you16:04
Rotwangtreach: I'll see if it helps and report back, thanks16:06
treachnp, hih16:06
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