IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2011-09-06

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pitillogood morning01:09
teK_hello dear sir01:39
teK_new openssh o/01:41
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teK_does ESXi expose different hardware to the guest as VMMWare server?03:21
frinnstdifferent to what?03:21
frinnstnow i get it03:21
frinnstnot sure, dont think so03:21
frinnstlowe: ?03:21
teK_this was bad english, wasn' it?03:22
teK_different (...) than03:22
frinnstare you looking out for a specific piece of hardware?03:26
lowefrinnst: I'm not sure, pretty sure there is some variations though.03:27
loweEspecially if the host hardware is different (then cpu will most likely differ), not sure about ide/sata/scsi controllers and NICs. ESXi supports like 5 NICs and 4-5 io controllers, not sure if vmware server supports all of them.03:30
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teK_frinnst: I want to do some tests in vmware server and if they are successful move the vm to ESXi03:33
frinnstwhat kind of guests?03:34
teK_CPU want matter as long it's x86 (will be)03:34
loweAs long as your running linux guests its pretty much guaranteed to work. Windows guests could be tricky but i'm pretty sure it should work.03:35
frinnstyeah, the joys of HAL03:35
teK_it's some old redhat server03:35
frinnstim guessing it will work without much trouble03:35
teK_I prepare to upgrade the kernel (2.4.20-8smp03:37
teK_it's the second oldest kernel running here :>03:37
frinnstahh, 2.4.20.. brings back memories03:38
frinnsteasy to root :)03:38
teK_it's RedHat 903:38
teK_remote or local?03:39
teK_i have yet to get the root password03:39
teK_this'd be an option :P03:39
teK_no lspci, no lsblk03:44
teK_that's sad :P03:44
teK_I don't think the person installing this system knew wat he/she did :p03:45
loweWhat's lsblk?03:46
teK_tree of all blockdevice,partitions and sizes03:47
loweIs it this ?03:47
teK_much better than dmes | grep sd ..03:47
loweSeems nice.03:47
frinnstI HATE WINDOWS03:47
teK_seems as redhat stopped shipping kernel RPMs at 2.4.20, though. We'll see.03:48
teK_gcc version 2.96 20000731 (Red Hat Linux 7.3 2.96-118)03:48
teK_ouh yeah03:48
lowelsblk seems to have been released February 10, 2011. A bit to new for a RH9 system.03:50
teK_lowe: yeah but pciutils was available back then03:51
teK_will have to install it.03:51
teK_ claims 2.6.x will build with gcc 2.96. well03:51
frinnstyeah but userspace will * f a i l *03:52
teK_ah glibc and Co03:53
teK_you're right03:53
teK_fuck 2.6.x :P03:53
teK_I'm riding oldschool *-)03:53
frinnstis 2.4 still maintained? i think so03:53
frinnstoh, maybe not03:54
teK_Dec 201003:54
frinnstLATEST-IS-               18-Dec-2010 15:3103:54
teK_as I don't have a choice.. it's the best I can get03:54
teK_the other option would be to migrate the running app to a new and fresh Installation of CRUX03:55
teK_fix the awaiting .so-Hell and hope for the best03:55
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loweteK_: Vmware shapshots is your friend (given that rollbacking the machine state is an option).03:56
teK_yeah, we'll see03:57
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frinnst!"ยค#&%!" PULSEAUDIO07:15
frinnstvolume is either off or fucking 1107:15
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Romstermahahahahaha pulseaudio is eval07:51
Romstererr evil07:51
frinnstuses a shitload of cpu too07:51
slashbeastpulseaudio always was shit08:03
frinnstspotify has less cpu time than pulseaudio.. nice08:09
jsePA is another "good idea" done wrong.08:12
rmullSupposedly the reason PA uses more CPU time during playback is because it uses a higher quality sample rate conversion. See
jsefrinnst: didya manage to give your boss another heart attack?08:14
frinnstnah, he was away at lunch08:14
frinnstgave myself one though08:14
frinnstrmull: yeah, very useful on this usb-soundcard-speaker malarkey08:15
jseFortunately PA is optional.08:18
jseAt least on crux.08:18
thrice`firefox will need it sooner or later ;)08:18
frinnsti bet08:19
jseThat wouldn't be far fetched, sadly.08:19
frinnstrunning SL at work08:19
Romsternah firefox would bundle it's own copy of PA08:35
frinnstlol, true08:38
Romsternext up firefox turns into a OS.08:39
loweRomster: Mozilla have talked about making their own OS havent they?08:41
Romsterin the past yes...08:42
Romsteri guess to go against google OS.08:43
Romsterturn the web into a OS online.08:43
Romsteri don't see the benefit really.08:43
laenThere is none.08:44
frinnstmozilla just mirrors everything google does these days08:45
Romsterchrome vs firefox08:45
Romstersad state than to be keeping to there ideas and not following the rat race of everyone else.08:46
loweIt was probably the Mozilla mobile OS stuff they talked about back in July i was thinking about..08:46
Romsterlikely though i haven't read that stuff for a good year.08:48
loweNot sure why they do all this stuff while lacking so much focus on their core products (Thunderbird esp. feels left behind)08:49
loweAnd well, something is wrong when you have a browser capable of running a FTP client as a plugin though.. Firefox should really ditch some legacy crap and move on with a sleaker UI (esp the configuration parts) and well defined (really, more limited and controlled) plugin API08:50
frinnstiirc, firefox was intended to be really slim and extendable with addons08:50
Romsteri just remembered about the big hype of this fastboot thing to a web browser than to boot the normal system so it's meant to be instantly on.08:51
Romsterthat whole thing died in the arse hasn't it....08:51
Romsterfast boot or something can't remember it's name coreboot?08:56
frinnstcoreboot, isnt that the freebios thingy?09:06
Romsteryeah it is, i can't think of the other fast boot name oh well.09:14
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Rotwangcould someone confirm it?13:27
Rotwangcan't reproduce on my box13:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] firefox: updated to 6.0.2. See
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: [notify] firefox: updated to 6.0.2. See
frinnstRotwang: its not listed under tools->options->java13:50
Rotwangwho uses it anyway13:51
frinnstnot i, wtf can you do with it?13:52
frinnsti just had to troll a bit13:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pidgin: 2.9.0 -> 2.10.013:57
Rotwangsomeone made subtitles with all caps14:10
Rotwangand theyare only subtitles in sync with my copy14:10
Rotwangthat I've found14:10
Rotwangof course I could "tr" them to lowercase (which I did)14:17
Rotwangbut it kills things like starting sentence with uppercase, or things that should be written in uppercase14:18
frinnsti got a mail from a customer yesterday in all caps14:18
frinnstmade my eyes bleed14:18
Rotwanghe must have been angry14:18
frinnstno, not at all actually14:19
frinnstjust computer illitterate14:19
frinnstis that the right spelling? nevermind14:19
RotwangI get sometimes email in uppercase in bold red14:19
frinnstouch, and are they angry=14:19
Rotwangno, that is just a weird practice14:20
frinnsttook a few seconds14:21
frinnstthen i loll'ed14:21
Rotwanghehe, me too14:22
Rotwanglibreoffice still can't find jre 1.7.014:26
Rotwanganyway, I have to allocate a day to clean up my ports a bit14:27
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tilmanfrinnst: nice14:52
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