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pitillogood morning01:08
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pitillohello teK_, can you verify bind's named.root md5sum?04:06
frinnstits fetched from a ftp, right?04:23
frinnsti dont think they have a system for rev. control :)04:24
teK_yes I can05:06
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: libc-client: updated to 2007f06:52
pitilloteK_: sorry it was my problem... downloaded it at home twice and got the mistmatch06:56
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rmulljaeger: I finally got around to using the x86_64 gcc (et al) packages you provided for me, but I'm still getting occasional internal compiler segfaults. I'm going to assume its a problem in silicon and take up debugging with either gcc or the Via people (since I was an early adopter of this CPU). Thanks for the help you provided though.08:42
jaegerrmull: np, it was worth a try08:43
rmullFor sure.08:44
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Rotwang                     ASSENGRABBEN!12:11
entemy hovercraft is full of eels12:13
tilmani need ~400 euros for an ida pro license12:24
tilmanwho's feeling generous?12:24
jaegerente: my nipples explode with delight!12:51
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enteI just realised today that the hovercraft quote is dirty too12:54
entebut I can't make anything out of the "I will not buy this record, it is scratched"12:54
tilmanRotwang: kinda enjoyable. "its a piece of cake to bake a cake" -"WHAT!?!?" :D13:31
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ThePubanyone ever run crux on coLinux?14:24
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rmullIf one wanted to tweak the ./configure script for a given port, does it require them to maintain the port on their own?15:01
teK_pretty much yes.15:01
teK_what do you want to do15:01
rmullEmulate Gentoo USE flags. Specifically, I want to customize the ./configure scripts for existing ports yet still have those ports be updated by their respective maintainers15:02
rmullSorry, not customize the scripts, but the args passed to them15:02
teK_yeah, we don't have something like that15:03
rmullIs that a feature that people have been interested in?15:03
teK_we'd need to break the configure out into a function of its own or so15:03
rmullRight, and the footprint15:03
rmullI'd guess15:03
teK_it comes up seldom.15:03
teK_I never had the desire to do so15:04
teK_I use about 600 CRUX ports15:04
enteusually, autoconf disables what's not there anyway15:04
teK_if it is not explicitly disable at configure-time ;)15:05
enteI sometimes had to add something, but you could copy the build() function and source the rest of the Pkgfile from another directory15:05
entei.e. you make an /usr/ports/local, and your overrides look like this15:05
ente. ../core/foobar/Pkgfile15:05
rmullente: That's a good point15:05
entebuild() { ./configure --foo-bar15:05
ente... }15:06
rmullre: autoconf15:06
entethen you still get the version bumps15:06
entesounds a bit fragile, but hasn't been tried15:06
teK_that wass (roughly) what I meant earlier by splitting configure to some separate function15:06
teK_it works as long the the rest of build() doesn't need modification to build with more recent versions15:07
enteyeah, exactly15:07
enteyou could try it15:07
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enteit should normally work15:14
entewith stuff that's still maintained and doesn't need a ton of patches and unicorns15:14
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ThePubunicorns O.o?15:22
teK_there are quite some to make some ports, yes :p15:23
enteunicorn -p1 < ...15:23
entenever heard of it? :P15:23
ThePubof course!  just confused for a second with white fluffy horses.15:23
entethey look more like this15:26
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ThePubfortunately I cannot copy out of this cygwin bash window ;p15:27
ThePubmight get myself fired if the boss saw that jpeg!15:27
enteit is safe for work15:29
enteno nudes on it15:29
entejust a unicorn15:29
ente <- here too :p15:31
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rmullRunning a sysup - is down and so is :\22:40
rmullThese are crazy times we live in.22:40

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