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tilmanROFL germans:
frinnstwhat? how long it takes the earth to circle the sun?06:10
frinnstlook at their faces06:11
frinnstwell with her looks you dont need a brain i guess06:12
frinnstbut i wonder whats his excuse06:12
frinnstright, either my neighbours are having really terrible sex, or someone's dying over there06:23
tilmanfrinnst: look at the face of the showmaster :D07:22
tilmanfrinnst: 1:20 or so07:22
tilmanand a couple of secs later07:22
frinnsthehe yeah07:55
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ThePubargh, automatic input detection in Xorg is always painful.  Either the KB/Mouse work, or they just don't.  Then you tell it to no allow empty input and that works a couple of times, then it doesn't.  hehe09:25
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frinnstanyone up2date on the home-printer market?10:08
frinnstfucking jungle10:08
enteget something used from ebay.. for little money10:09
entethat's my general guide for buying hardware :-P10:09
frinnstits for my dad.. and i bet he wants something with warranty10:09
* thrice` wonders what a printer warranty means :>10:12
enteI'd rather buy something where cheap 3rd-party ink is available10:14
entewhich means it's probably without warranty :p10:14
frinnstthrice`: if its broken, you get a new one?10:22
thrice`aren't printers always in funky states? :)10:25
enteor lp0 on fire... your choice :-P10:27
jaegergod damn, that's painful to watch10:31
entewhat are you doing?10:31
jaegerthe video tilman linked 5 hours ago10:31
Rotwangbuying second hand electronics isn't good idea usually, imo10:36
tilmanjaeger: i *love* how the showmaster cringes, too :D:D10:37
jaegeryeah :) his face made me laugh10:37
thrice`and the audience members :o10:38
tilmannot sure why the applauded10:39
tilmanonce the countdown finished ( i think)10:39
lennartbecause the sign saying "Applaus“ lit up10:39
tilmangood point ;)10:39
tilman-> not sure why the hell random dudes thought it was appropriate to light up that sign10:40
entethe computer does it automatically, with no possibility of human override :-P10:41
entethink 2001 :p10:41
enteor someone was being ironic :P10:42
RotwangI don't remember discussing about him overtaking wbar11:19
thrice`overtake it back? :-)11:19
Rotwangthrice`: no11:22
Rotwangthis is quite serious11:23
Rotwangor my memory fails me11:23
jaegerso talk to him about it11:26
tilmanRotwang: probably just a misunderstanding :)12:02
Romsterweird sepen stealing package now -_-12:53
ThePubfrinnst: the brother hl2200dw is awesome if you don't need color14:20
ThePuband it has linux drivers.. which I haven't ever got to work in Crux, but works great in debian/fedora14:20
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kernnotpanI am strugling with kernel message: file-base locking initialization failed. No volume groups find. Kernel boots normally and everything seems fine. Google didnt help much. thx15:35
kernnotpanit also write the same message when shutdown or reboot.15:35
frinnstkernnotpan: sounds like lvm215:39
frinnstand its expected if you dont use lvm :)15:40
frinnstif it would make you feel better, you can remove the lvm2 stuff from /etc/rc and /etc/rc.shutdown15:40
frinnstor simply uninstall lvm15:40
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rmullI have an issue where the python footprint fails (missing, tk fails because it's missing xlib, and xlib fails because it's missing python :(16:05
ThePubwhy would xlib rely on python?16:05
rmullHold on, I might be wrong16:06
rmullWell, I don't know. it does.16:07
rmullAnd I wish it didn't :\16:10
rmulldepinst xorg-x11 puts python in the dep list16:10
rmullxorg-xcb-proto depends on python16:11
rmullGonna ignore the python footprint and continue16:19
frinnstyeah, you get that with 64bit16:42
frinnsttoo lazy to create a separate python-port just for that16:43
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ThePubhmm, Wine is going to want 32-bit libraries.  Ugh.  Just installed the x86_64 clean19:45
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jaegerwine is the reason to want multilib, heh19:51
jaegeror a chroot, though that's ghetto19:51
prologicjust use virtualbox19:52
prologicwith windows xp gutest19:52
prologicor find a linux alternative :)19:52
jaegerthat's not good enough19:52
thrice`does v-box run on pure 64-bit either?19:52
jaegerdoesn't do 3d19:52
ThePubI just need Wine for a 2d program, so for myself that doesn't matter.19:53
ThePubI wonder if reactos would be good enough, or if it even boots fast enough.19:53
ThePubcould do a qemu-amd setup, I suppose.19:54
* ThePub doesn't own any Windows products to install though.19:54
ThePubwith down, little inconvenient doing almost everything though.19:56
jaegercan't find a mirror?19:58
prologicyeah reactos could be a good alternative guest os20:06
prologicI'd give that a try20:06
prologicthing is I just don't run any windows apps/games period :)20:06
ThePubyeah, it sucks not having an alternative in this case.20:09
* ThePub doesn't play any games. gets fresh air for that sort of entertainment.20:10
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prologicwhat app is it btw ?20:57
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