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pitillogood morning01:04
teK_Romster: thanks. I have yet to fix the compilation problem..01:05
teK_(wrt xpdf)01:05
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RomsterteK_, since i bumped fltk to 1.3.0 or before?there using cmake in xpdf 1.6.002:47
teK_dunno, will check tonight02:48
Romsterhmm where did i get 1.6.0 from... i'm mixing ports up...02:52
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featureYesterday installed crux and everything is great. However got into troubles installing virtualbox 4.1.2_from contrib. I know it is not crux related but help would be appreciated or maybe where to look. thx03:04
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Rotwanghi could someone give me a link to that funny german show that tilman pasted?03:46
RomsterteK_, i found this, - BR: motif-devel >= 2.2 met only by openmotif, won't build with lesstif03:48
teK_yeah I guess that's the problem03:49
Romsteropenmotif looks like the solution.03:51
Romsterlicense allows distribution only for "open source operating systems"03:52
RotwangteK_: thanks03:52
teK_Romster: that should be no problem ;)03:53
Romstercan't really blame them lesstif hasn't had anything done in a few years now.03:54
teK_% prt-get dependent lesstif | wc -l03:54
teK_that seems odd03:54
Romsterxemacs and xpdf use it.03:55
Romsterheading out to darts bbl03:56
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teK_yeah openmotif won't compile04:03
teK_fuck this. really.04:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xterm: updated to 27504:15
teK_filing bugs wont work either because the goddamn captcha is broken (on
teK_it wants cookies04:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: di: updated to 4.2804:25
Ovim|afk_nAare you having trouble updating "git", too?04:36
Ovim|afk_nAsince the updated pkgfile it seems that the url is broken04:36
Ovim|afk_nAHey juergen :)04:41
Ovim|afk_nAAh, I see the mirror is down since that morning because of the "hack"04:41
Ovim|afk_nAbut the problem exists since uhm.. 1 week or so. Dont they have multiple servers?04:42
jueteK_: just looked at the xpdf problem, the patch from our arch friends works for me ;)04:48
jueteK_: the patch looks harmless, it's a simple cast04:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dar: update to 2.4.205:01
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teK_jue: I  just created an openmotif port05:25
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xpdf: fix build for 3.03. thanks jue and Romster05:58
teK_neuer Willis Film05:59
teK_der braucht auch das geld05:59
Ovim|afk_nAschon wieder? hab ich wohl verpasst06:12
jueteK_: release 7?06:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xpdf: release 106:33
frinnstheh, i also have a tendency to forget release= :)06:40
teK_I 'tuned' it each time I tried and failed to build xpdf06:40
teK_for the final push I forgot06:40
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rmullDoes anybody use calc? seems like a good candidate for a port09:59
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jdolanhi jaeger10:05
j^2jdolan: !10:29
j^2wow old school :)10:29
jdolanhah, yea. finally discovered xchat in macports and decided to get back on all of my channels.10:30
jdolani'd been getting by with irssi, but managing a large array of channels with it is just a pain in the butt.10:30
jdolan(and yea, i'm a mac user now :/ )10:31
j^2ha! crux-ppc :P10:31
jdolanubuntu and lion, and then win7 for games.10:31
jdolanthat's all i use :/10:31
j^2heh, ubuntu / win7 steam :)10:32
j^2i'm just lazy :P10:32
jdolani hear you.10:32
jdolanaltho ubuntu drives me crazy sometimes.. i think overall it still saves me time.10:32
j^2still at google?10:32
jdolani was never at google (?) :)10:32
j^2i thought you got courted by em10:32
j^2...(years ago)...10:33
jdolani did.. but it never went anywhere.10:33
jdolani'm at a small consulting firm in Boston these days.10:33
jdolanit's good!10:33
j^2ahh same here if it makes you feel any better ;) they told me to come back to em in a 6months to a year10:33
j^2<<-- HP10:33
jdolancool =)10:33
j^2in the cloud services team :)10:33
j^2screw this SaaS thing, go IaaS now :P10:34
jdolangood place to be.10:34
j^2still scratching?10:34
jdolani'm building a site right now that we're deploying on AWS.10:34
jdolanyep, still spinnin' records.10:34
jdolanwell.. mp3's, hah.10:34
jdolandrum & bass and dubstep lately.10:35
jdolannot as much prog. house.10:35
j^2nice, well eventually you'll be able to port to HP :) we're building a great migration to it :)10:35
jdolanhah, awesome! i haven't heard about it yet.10:35
j^2oh yeah! i'm really really into dubstep right now :) my wife hates it but i blast it whenever i drive or type10:35
j^2like now10:35
jdolani gotta hop in the shower and get to my client right now.10:36
j^2if you have a link i'd love to grab some10:36
j^2cool cool10:36
jdolanbut i'll be here indefinitely now :)10:36
j^2good to catch up :)10:36
jdolanyea i'll hook you up with some tunes for sure.10:36
jaegerjdolan: hey, long time no see10:39
jaegersorry, was AFK10:39
jaegerjdolan: did you end up marrying that girl that liked me better? :D10:39
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rmullIs mike@openbunker here?10:52
jdolanjaeger, lol, no, i got rid of her.11:09
jdolangot a new kelly tho.11:09
jaegerhah, nice11:10
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jaegerargh, this vmware sun storage/NFS bullshit is going to make me insane11:11
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Ovim|afk_nAjaeger: why?11:39
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jaegerOvim|afk_nA: every morning around 0400 a bunch of my VMs go read only12:29
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jaegerThere are lots of results searching online that say this happens during multipath switches and the like but that isn't happening here12:36
jaegerThe fact that it's the same time window daily is odd, too12:36
Ovim|afk_nAjaeger: Which software are you using? ESXi?12:41
jaegerESXi 4.0 and 4.1 at the moment - the datastore is NFS on a Sun Storage 741012:45
jaegerI've also tried an iSCSI datastore, same results12:45
jaegerI set up my desktop as an NFS server this morning to test it as well but won't know the results until early tomorrow12:45
jaegerI've also set up another NFS datastore on a test storage unit, same software release as the 741012:46
jaegerI'm hoping to narrow down the problem a tad more12:47
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jaegerI've tried different SCSI controllers in the VM settings as well as IDE, same results12:56
frinnstjust started happening recently=13:12
jaegeryeah, though I don't know exactly when, so not sure if it's related to a software update or something13:13
jaegerIf the test unit NFS datastore screws up its VM tonight, I'm gonna try rolling it back to the previous release tomorrow13:13
Ovim|afk_nAmhm strange jaeger13:19
Ovim|afk_nALatest software versions on both sides?13:19
jaegerlatest on the storage side, ESXi is a couple different versions, seems to not matter which13:35
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Ovim|afk_nAEven ESXi 5.0?13:47
Ovim|afk_nAThe new one?13:47
Ovim|afk_nAThe new VMFS shall work better with iSCSI/NFS and so on13:47
jaegerI haven't tried it on ESXi 5 yet because 5 has other issues13:51
jaegerCan't upgrade to 5 in production yet13:51
Ovim|afk_nAyeah its pretty new and has a strange licensing model, but the features are cool13:58
frinnststill bloody expensive, no=14:03
Ovim|afk_nAdepends on what you want14:06
Ovim|afk_nAthere is also a free one14:06
Ovim|afk_nAwhich is limited for one physical cpu and 32 or 64 gb of ram, has also nfs and iscsi support14:06
Ovim|afk_nAits okay for home use ;-)14:07
frinnstyeah but not for the datacenter14:07
Ovim|afk_nAwe have a big vcenter with at about 200 machines14:15
Ovim|afk_nAesxi 4.1 too ;) we will wait until 4.1 is unsupported with the migration14:16
Ovim|afk_nAnext wek i got my first vmware training for esxi 5.0. :)14:16
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jaegerfrinnst: it's nearly free for us =)14:26
jaegerwe have an active SnS contract for 4.x so we get 5.x free14:26
jaegerthe only reason I say "nearly" is because I need to get 2 more CPUs worth of license for it14:26
jaegerThe revised version of the licensing works very well for my shop. We even get a few features we didn't have before for free, like storage vMotion14:27
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Ovim|afk_nAwow thats nice14:29
Ovim|afk_nAvMotion is absolutely necessary for DCs14:29
jaegeryes, we use it a ton14:29
jaegerbut never had storage vmotion before14:29
jaegerWe've lived without the storage component but it'll certainly be nice14:30
Ovim|afk_nAyes :)14:36
Ovim|afk_nAif you got a redudant san with autoswitch and multipath for your vms you might live without it14:37
Ovim|afk_nAbut it's a cool feature14:38
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Ovim|afk_nAgn8 everyone!14:47
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enteI just downloaded nasm :P17:16
entehold on, apparently I didn't17:31
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entethere it is!17:40
ente plus a binary package, because I love you guys :-P17:42
entefunny that /var/pkg is smaller than /var/src17:48
entemight be due to xz :)17:48
ente6.9G    /var/src/17:49
ente2.9G    /var/pkg/17:49
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veeany idea why i'd get the following message when launching a java application? Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.20:33
veeError: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.20:33
veeError: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.21:17
veeany idea why i'd get the following message when launching a java application? Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.21:17
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