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frinnst<user> help! it doesnt work!02:27
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featureyesterday I reported a problem with compiling virtualbox on 2.7 because out of mem err. Today I thought to check the RAM on system and horror, only 1GB out of 2.5 recognised. I have dual boot with slackware where its shows the right size. PRobably I messed something in the kernel?02:36
frinnstyeah, probably02:36
frinnststill, 1gb sounds wierd02:38
frinnstpastebin your kernel .config somehwere02:38
frinnstbtw, what memory configuration are you running that gives you a total of 2.5gb ?02:39
feature1 slot 2GB , second slot 512MB02:41
featurei found some recom to append mem parametar to lilo/grub but on slack it works without it, so it got to be i missed something in kernel02:52
teK_why don't you test your slack kernel with CRUX?02:53
teK_or better: why two different kernel configs at all02:54
featurei read somewhere it is a bad ide to use one kernel config on another02:54
featureand slack kernel is slow and big. Crux is fast as hell, i just need this last thing :)02:55
teK_this is one machine, right?02:55
teK_oh ok.02:55
teK_look for HIGHMEM support & Co in the Processor Type and Features Menu02:57
teK_(didn't check your pasted config, though)02:57
frinnstCONFIG_NOHIGHMEM=y <- set to n to start with03:00
featureok I will have to reboot and come back to report. thx03:01
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featurehello again03:32
featurethx. for help. Now the mem is recognised.03:33
Romsteryou could of checked with free or in dmesg to be sure before.03:33
featureJust entered: prt-get depinst virtualbox and i expect 2.5GB RAM and 1GB swap to be enough.03:33
Romstershould be enougth unless you run some serious ram hogs03:34
featuremore /proc/meminfo >2585704kb03:34
featureinteresting, 1GB RAM and 1GB swap wasnt enough03:35
frinnstram is cheap these days :)03:36
Romsterif you gor more than 1 disk setup swap on the other disks and set defaults,pri=0 for options in fstab for more speed in swap.03:36
frinnstswap is for bitches!03:37
teK_yeah! buy more RAM!03:37
Romsterlittle hard to type while i got a dog on my other arm03:37
Romsterswap on SSD be interesting if you run tons of VM's even with 16GB ram it would hit swap03:38
Romsterbut yeah max out on ram first03:39
featureI have anoying message when starting X with startx about missing Xauthority so it is created every time when starting X. I remember a bug long time ago when $HOME was populated with a lot of files when X would broke. So i changed enable_xauth to 1 in startx and it works. However i dont understand is security in question with it?03:46
featuresorry, changed to 0(FALSE)03:46
Romsteri just ignore Xauthority03:48
Romsterdon't know if it's needed still03:49
featureheh but i am compulsive.03:49
Romstertilman, probably knows03:49
Romsteror search about it.03:50
featureYou know when you got console login and before the login is printed, you have hostname. You cant turn it of without patch, so I changed the source and voila, am I sick? :)03:51
Romsterif you think crux is fast now, i use runit it's even faster on bootups.03:51
featurei ll check it out03:52
featurebut linux is f... time sink and got to do real work soon03:52
Romsterwhere did the patch come from i'd b keen to see it03:52
featureI wrote it:)03:52
Romsterpastebin or even url to your Pkgfile of that port?03:53
Romstertell me about time it's like a second job but you don't get paid other then the warm fuzzy feeling that your helping out.03:54
teK_uhm feature03:54
teK_you know /etc/issue don't ya03:54
Romsteryeah that's the hostname thing03:55
Romsterfor the distro tacked on.03:55
featurehehe, /etc/issue doesnt work, 100%, especially when you enter wrong password. try it.03:56
teK_works like a charm03:57
Romsteryou could authencate using a usb flash drive as a key and then take the usb drive with out to not let others just get into your account.03:58
featurei meant a : localhost login:03:59
entejust add something to your pam config!04:28
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enteauth            sufficient       user ingroup anonscm04:28
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Romsteror that with PAM.04:33
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sepen@seen Rotwang05:49
clbsepen: Rotwang was last seen in #crux 17 hours, 8 minutes, and 4 seconds ago: <Rotwang>
entesomeone asked for it05:51
enteI have binary packages for about the entire ports collection05:53
sepenafter every update I upload the package for chromium and qt4 (both x86 and x64)05:53
sepenente: yep, but I'm not sure about your optimization flags05:53
enteblame slashbeast!05:53
enteqt broke because of the linker options05:54
ente#export LDFLAGS="-Wl,-O1 -Wl,--sort-common -Wl,--as-needed"05:54
enteonce that was commented out, qt built05:54
enteexport CFLAGS="-O2 -march=i686 -mtune=generic -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe"05:55
enteand there's nothing critical about that, except maybe -vomit-frame-pointer :)05:55
sepenfor x86 => -O2 -march=i686 -pipe, and for x64 => -O2 -march=x86-64 -pipe05:55
sependefault ones05:55
Romstereverything builds wine with that.05:55
Romstererr fine...05:55
sepenyep but I was talking about 'official' default flags05:55
Romsterbut if you use the new stuff in that the entire box needs to be rebuilt.05:55
sepenthe ones released by our official iso05:56
sepenthe same flags used to build packages inside the iso, iirc05:56
Romsteri dind't think it set any LDFLAGS by default?05:56
sepenno sorry, I was talking about CFLAGS05:56
enteit doesn't05:56
entescrew LDFLAGS05:56
Romsterah CFLAGS it does yeah05:57
laen-funroll-loops -omg-faster06:45
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entehey... I don't even do that07:04
entestop being unfair :P07:04
enteit's highly unlikely that someone wants to debug something without debug symbols, even on x8607:04
Romsterlaen, we arn't ricers.07:04
ente-fomit-frame-pointer is the default on amd6407:05
Romsterdoes adding -g imply -fno-omit-frame-pointer on 64bit?07:05
enteno, the frame pointer is not relevant for debugging on 64 bit07:06
enteapparently. but I'm not an expert07:06
Romsterah k07:06
Romsteri haven't done any 64bit just yet.07:06
enteI only have old computers07:07
enteand if I had new ones, I wouldn't care about 64-bit because they wouldn't have more than 2GB RAM anyway07:07
enteI find it funny that my machine runs faster with 256MB RAM than my sister's does with 1.5GB RAM after I gave it to her07:07
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enteshe runs windows XP, I run crux :-P07:08
entewith firefox, X, flashplayer, bells and whistle07:08
Romsterwindows has far too many services running by default you can disable most of them.07:08
entewindows has kitchen sink design, if you can even speak about design07:09
Romsterwhat design :D07:09
enteorganically grown design :P07:09
enteRomster: we have one of these.. it runs java benchmarks for scientific reasons :P07:09
enteeh..  Rotwang07:09
RomsterRotwang, impressive is that your box?07:09
entedon't ask me why, I'd have to ask, and it'd be too sciencey for my stupid little brain :p07:10
Romsterok that's a fail using windows to beach mark java for scientific reasons07:11
entenah, uni runs ubuntu on that machine07:11
Romsterthough if they do everything on the same system i guess they have some reference to go by.07:11
RotwangRomster: of course not, it is one of our servers07:12
Romsteryou wish it was yours though :D07:12
Romsterwhat is that thing 2 12 core cpus?07:13
ente <- alright, not thaaaat cool :P07:13
RomsterRotwang, that thing would compile qt4 in next to no time or even webkit or chromium.07:14
RotwangRomster: xeon, don't remember which one though07:14
entecat /proc/cpuinfo :P07:15
RotwangIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           X7460  @ 2.66GHz07:19
Romsterah it's 6 cores with hyper threading to make it look like 12.07:23
Romsteron a dual CPU motherboard.07:23
entemodel name      : Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 821807:33
enteso, no hyperthreading involved07:33
ente(I think AMD doesn't do that)07:33
entebut w/e, no hardware expert07:33
Romsteri was referring to Rotwang's server CPU.07:57
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laenRomster: :)08:08
laenRomster: check the native flags your arch enables. If flags make you a ricer, you're one by default.08:09
Romster-_- well i fell into that one didn't i...08:10
sepenRotwang: ping08:11
frinnst <- for reference08:11
Romsterbeen there.08:11
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Rotwangsepen: hi08:15
sepenRotwang, I have no vested interest in maintaining or adopting wbar. The only interest to me is to keep ports up to date. And if I did it was because you sugested that to me, so I never had a similar problem with other contrib maintainers. IMHO is not a big deal, and is not 'quite serious' like you said, so the maintainer should be transparent to port's users. You just have to change the 'Maintainer' line that's all. I doubt about being adopted without your consent08:15
RotwangI suggested?08:16
sepencan you remember it??08:17
Rotwangwell, no [;08:17
sepenso you can't afirm the opossite08:17
sepenanyways I've an email08:18
sepenplease, next time use it08:18
Rotwanguse what?08:18
Rotwangok, I can't make much sense from this08:19
RomsterteK_, pekwm needs a bump08:19
Romstertilman, freetype needs a bump.08:19
frinnstRotwang: mail him next time :)08:19
Romsteri don't know how wbar got changed over...08:20
teK_Romster: thanks, tonight.08:20
Rotwangso I suggested you updating wbar and adopting it? If so I don't remember, can't find any mail about that or irc logs08:20
Romsterand in all the time i've been in crux i have never seen anyone steal other peoples ports.08:20
RomsterteK_, sure no rush.08:21
Rotwangbut it is possible that I don't remember that08:21
frinnstoh relax.. its just a brainfart from either sepen or Rotwang :)08:21
frinnstor both :p08:21
RomsterRotwang, ask yourself that oh wait08:21
sepenRotwang: you said 'quite serious'08:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wbar: fixed maintainer line08:22
sepenRotwang, be polite, I am not a thief08:23
frinnstnobodys being impolite08:23
RomsterRotwang, didn't you go afk or something and sepen picked up where you left i can't remember....08:24
Rotwangsepen: please stay on topic08:24
frinnstsee, this is a perfect example where irc might not be an optimal communicationmethod :)08:24
RotwangI'm not impolite08:24
RotwangRomster: I was not afk08:24
RomsterRotwang, and why do you only notice this now and not when it was changed;a=commitdiff;h=e8d6a6ff4a5e3821612fad2952b87955d8dab2bf08:25
Romsterjuly the 5th08:25
Romsterof last year yes...08:26
* frinnst slaps Rotwang 08:26
Romsterbit slow arn't you Rotwang08:26
sepenanyways, Rotwang, note that I added a README file;a=commit;h=ec66ae45868cf3895275f406317f8f4a8779eacc08:26
Rotwangdidn't notice the change08:27
sepenand the port required a version bump08:27
Rotwanguntil recent wbar update08:27
Rotwangwhich was last month or so08:27
Romsteri don't know why sepen did that then...08:27
Rotwangsorry, I'm not going to check every commit if someone is taking over my ports08:28
Romsterbeats me you got it back on your name issue resolved.08:28
Romsterno one has ever taken over a port in the past why would there be one now.08:28
sepenyour ports???? CRUX ports, you are only the maintainer08:28
Romsterwell that's true they belong to everyone you just maintain them.08:29
sepenso the problem wasn't 'quite serious' imho08:30
Rotwangit was08:30
sepenjust we're maintainers08:30
Rotwangsepen: if it wasn't discussed before08:30
Rotwangbut as I said earlier it might be only stupid misunderstanding08:30
Romsterpull out your emails and grep for wbar08:30
sepensure, and I don't have the best english to speak on a english* channel08:31
sepenRomster: hehe, I'm still using testdisk/photorec to recover a broken hardisk, you know08:31
Romsteri don't think anyone would try to be malicious, i'd prefer that Rotwang be happy to have his maintainer line back on wbar end of story08:31
sepenbut I'll try anyways :D08:32
Romstersepen, ah.08:32
sepenRomster: yeah, the problem was that Rotwang wanted to have this port, so now it's back08:32
sepen0 problems now08:32
sepenand now also its bumped to 2.2.2 and with a readme file08:33
sepenRotwang: is it ok now for you?08:33
Rotwangok, it was my lack of memory08:37
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sepenRotwang: pfff08:38
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RomsterRotwang, so you decided you wanted wbar back after you decided to drop that...08:50
Romstersepen has been maintaining it since then... then you accuse him of stealing your port....08:51
teK_I think the problem is resolved?08:51
Romsteri think you owe sepen an apology before it's resolved.08:51
RotwangRomster: actually I didn't accuse him, just asked what happened with it (and no one even sepen was able to give clear answer)08:51
teK_15:48 < sepen> nah, now its ok08:51
Romsterwell it's so long ago now...08:52
RotwangRomster: I did appologize to him08:52
Romsterwonder why he parted just before. but is still on the network.08:52
teK_he had to leave for work08:53
teK_so: no rage quitting in #crux land08:53
Romsterah k, just making sure. we don't want a angry sepen on our hands.08:54
RotwangI should speak with him first instead of spilling thoughts on the channel08:57
Rotwangyes yes I feel ashamed08:59
Rotwangand would like to appologize to everyone for this situation08:59
teK_c'mon it's already over ;)09:00
RotwangI'm not a troll I'm sometimes hotheaded09:00
rmullIs crux-contrib still a valid mailing list?09:12
Romstershould be...09:14
rmullOkay, just wondering if I should subscribe. It's not advertised on the crux main page, but it is in the wiki. I'm still new to the community, sorry.09:17
teK_but it's not linked as far as i can see09:24
teK_afaics :>09:24
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enteI desperately need to update usb_modeswitch10:04
enteunfortunately, my only accessible crux-machine right now is a vm :P10:05
thrice`bad ente10:13
enteI know :P10:14
frinnsttry running around in circles10:22
frinnstusually solves it10:23
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Amnesiahm curious how my crux experience will be:)11:43
laenKeep me up to date, Amnesia :)11:46
Amnesialaen: already switched:)?11:47
laenDidn't even have the time to try it out.. meh ;p11:47
Amnesiarun it in a chroot11:47
laenNo need, no time.11:49
AmnesiaI've also got a social life & full time job and I'm able to do it:p11:50
thrice`yeah, people tend to use 'no time' as a scapegoat ;)11:51
Amnesialaen: tip, polyphasic sleep:P11:51
laenAmnesia: tried, couldn't do it. Also, biggest problem is my disease.12:00
laenWhich currently has the effect that i can do my job, for the biggest part, and next to that there's no energy left at all.12:01
Amnesiaah sorry to hear:/12:01
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enteamnesia wants to know how much fuel costs in germany, but I don't know because I don't have a car13:34
enteall I know is "too expensive, try importing it from .lu if you can"13:35
Amnesiait's 1.65 per litre over here13:36
Amnesiaapparantly 2/3 tax13:36
enteyou're in .nl, right?13:36
tilmanit's slightly cheaper in germany atm then13:36
entealso, welcome to crux13:36
tilmanthen again, it's changing by a couple of cents every day it seems =)13:37
Amnesiaente I'm in .nl13:40
tilmannp: - amnesia <3 <3 <313:42
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Amnesiatilman: bet you'll like that14:15
tilmanAmnesia: listening to it now14:37
tilmanlindstrand returns to the crown14:37
tilmanwhat the fuck14:37
tilmanAmnesia: not too bad, but a little too calm/quiet for my taste:)14:41
Amnesiait's sweet when you're on acid:)14:42
tilmani wouldn't know ;)14:42
tilmanthat song is sick14:44
tilman"This song makes me want to set a muscle car on fire, and drive it off a cliff while shooting an AK47 with one hand and´╗┐ throwing grenades out the window with the other." :D14:45
teK_how about devildriver? is quite nice imho :}14:46
AmnesiateK_: lol coincidence14:46
teK_i'm mixing devildriver with :>14:48
tilmanbavarian accent is kind of annoying14:50
teK_this song (music+lyrics) is awesome14:51
tilmanvocals seem to suck though :D14:52
teK_Hans can't sing?14:52
tilmanno, still referring to his broken german14:52
teK_this broken german is Bayerisch14:53
teK_it's no dialect14:53
teK_it's the future's world language14:53
* tilman rolls his eyes over to munich and back again14:54
teK_munich... NIederbayern! :p14:54
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frinnste85 ftw15:36
teK_<- e46 ;)15:38
frinnstno, e85 as in "the fuel - ethanol"15:39
frinnstcheap as fuck15:39
frinnstcompared to petrol15:39
teK_ah ok :D15:39
frinnsti drive a Golf :)15:40
tilmanfrinnst: where do you get your E85? systembolaget?15:47
frinnstnah, its in every pump in sweden pretty much15:49
Evil_Bobfrinnst: volkswagen ftw :D16:08
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Amnesiatalking about cars?16:14
jaegerI miss my VW, my current car is far less interesting16:19
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Amnesiajaeger: I've got a fiat seicento17:06
Amnesiaso don't whine:P17:06
AmnesiaI'm probably instantly squished in an accident:p17:06
teK_don't laugh17:07
teK_we have had a car accident recently17:07
teK_fiat vs. porsche cayenne17:07
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teK_guess who survived with minor injuries and who died..17:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: vte: added missing dep intltool17:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: monit: updated to 5.317:11
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: libxfce4util: updated to 4.8.218:16
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: gtk-xfce-engine: updated to 2.9.018:16
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: orage: updated to 4.8.218:16
teK_good sepen :)18:16
sepenhmm so weird, adobe announced new versions for reader, but I can't find a valid source file18:17
sepenthey just said: ' Update checks can be manually activated by choosing Help > Check for Updates.'18:17
sepenhehe mine don't have the option :D18:18
teK_linux versions never have18:18
teK_just like linux' ff18:18
sepenno just they changed it again18:18
sepenwell no idea about ff but that suck18:18
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rmullWhy does crux try to umount /sys in /etc/rc? My kernel just tells me it's in use and cant umount it.23:01
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