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pitillogood morning01:14
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deep42thoughtHas anyone a clue, how long will be down?01:36
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Romsteri was wondering that too i see a message that linus made a kernel.git mirror on github but i can not find that either.02:53
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deep42thoughtWhat steps do I have to go to get (read-only) ntfs-support for (non-root) filesystem?04:01
loweisn't that in most standard kernel builds?04:02
deep42thoughtSo it's kind of kernel-config-problem ...04:02
loweCould be, not sure if any userspace tools are needed but don't think so.04:03
loweI havn't dualbooted windows and linux for ages, but back in like slackware 8 or whatever I ran then it was in by default.04:03
deep42thoughtwoh, sorry for interruption ... found "NTFS-filesystem-support" in my kernel-options ...04:03
loweThat's probably the one.04:04
loweNote sure if the ntfs-3g is in the kernel by default these days, but if you want to be sure not to write changes you should probably mount it with -o ro04:05
lowe(ntfs-3g is the rw-support stuff)04:05
deep42thoughtk, thx04:06
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Romsterntfs-3g is stable for writing now. same wasn't true a couple of years ago.04:48
deep42thoughti was actually looking only for readaccess, but the right kernelmodule made him read ntfs :-)04:49
Romsteri've had bad experiences using windows to access a ext3 FS though so i'd be very wary if you try to do that. but that was also ages ago now too.04:49
Romstercaused data corruption04:50
deep42thoughti'm just saving my old ntfs-partitions onto my (linux-)fileserver04:50
Romsteryou could setup a NAS with samba and ftp/nfs and you can dual boot and share files on both systems easily.04:51
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crshdHello everybody. I've just converted to Crux last night :D05:56
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enteand now you wonder whether there are new firefox packages? :P06:19
crshdnah, i don't use firefox anymore.06:26
entechrome-packages? :P06:27
enteactually, now I wonder whether there is an opera port06:27
enteah, nice, in contrib06:27
crshdyep, just converted that for x86_64 and installed it myself06:28
rmullRomster: github linux is at git://
crshdalthough, opera in contrib is *slightly* outdated. is there a new port? :D06:31
* frinnst has probably used opera for abount 10minutes in total :)06:36
thrice`that long? :>06:45
enteRomster: crshd says contrib/opera is outdated. would you take care of it? :P06:52
entecrshd: that's how you do it ;)06:52
enteactually, there is a contrib section in the bugtracker06:53
entefrinnst: at least opera developers seem to know free(3), not only malloc(3)06:53
thrice`opera is still closed source?06:54
enteI wouldn't call it sane, it's a browser after all06:54
entethrice`: yes, it seems so06:54
Romstermy emails haven't been working so i haven't been getting updates on opera i'll bump it soon.06:54
entethrice`: so is internet explorer, what's your point? ;06:55
Romsteri'm trying to find a decent 31 band dual channel 24bit 96KHz equalizer with not so much luck.06:55
thrice`ente, that I don't use either :o06:59
enteeverybody uses konqueror :P06:59
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Romsterlibdrm really needs that dependency fixed too.07:00
RomsterNo package 'pciaccess' found07:00
Romsterok what the hell now i see it on before i searched github and it said none found...07:04
frinnstRomster: yeah, blame me re. that07:05
frinnsti told tilman it was just a versionbump :)07:05
Romsteri suggested to tilman to rename it to libpciaccess and place it in opt and add it to libdrm depends on.07:06
Romstersince it's not really part of xorg like tilman has said already.07:06 is no more :D07:06
frinnstente: whut?07:06
Romsterit's been down for maintenance for over a god damn week... it'll be back once they get the system restored.07:07
entewell, now that even linus switched to github :-P07:07
Romsterente, it's a mirror if you read...07:07
frinnsti thought you had news re. that :)07:07
Romsternot the main site is returning.07:07
enteRomster: I was kidding ;)07:07
* Romster glares at ente 07:07
Romsteri'm lacking humor module.07:07
* ente hands Romster the svn trunk version of HumorImpl.class07:08
* Romster fails to compile it.07:08
enteit is compiled07:08
enteotherwise it would have been HumorImpl.java07:08
Romsterah silly me07:09
Romsterwhy didn't i notice that damn java stuff.07:10
teK_jvm erro: unknown byte code instructions07:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: opera: 11.50 -> 11.5107:25
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Romstercrshd, welcome to crux too :)07:26
crshdhehe, thanks. i'm really enjoying it so far. just created my first port :D07:37
Romsteri lost count how many i have.07:37
Romstertrying to prune a few though.07:37
Romsterunless you got plenty of time to maintain heaps it can get too much.07:38
enteI have a few I'm too lazy to update07:46
entebut because nobody has poked me, that means nobody uses them07:47
entewhich is a good sign, because it means I'm really superfluous in this community :p07:47
thrice`you don't even run crux, do you?07:48
enteI do07:48
enteI just don't use usb_modeswitch on that machine anymore07:48
thrice`oh, I thought you were an arch person or something07:48
entemy main desktop is on slackware right now though07:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: webkit: 1.4.2 -> 1.4.307:58
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfdesktop: updated to 4.8.308:38
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-session: updated to 4.8.208:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: postgresql: 9.0.4 -> 9.1.014:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: feh: 1.16 -> 1.16.114:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pekwm: 0.1.11 -> 0.1.1314:51
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teK_thanks Romster14:54
teK_we are so NOT switching to openmotif14:59
teK_it breaks with make -j<115:00
teK_due to some double ln -s call15:00
teK_answer fromd evs:15:00
teK_This commands are executing without any errors. It appears you are trying to15:00
teK_use `make -j6` command instead of `make` without any parameters.  I15:00
teK_understand this is an option of make tool which can help to decrease build15:00
teK_time on multiprocessor systems.  I think the best workaround in this15:00
teK_situation is to use the standard build steps.15:00
teK_thanks and good riddance15:00
RotwangIt must be one of the most retarded answers I ever heard15:12
Rotwang"our build system is broken" would be much better answer15:13
teK_it's the worst workaround15:14
teK_that's for sure15:14
teK_it's more than the ln -s issue15:16
teK_so no openmotif for me :)15:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cyrus-sasl: 2.1.23 -> 2.1.2515:20
enteln -s?15:45
entewhat are we using instead of openmotif?15:45
enteand why did you want to switch?15:47
entedoes it work better with openmotif?15:48
entealso, xpdf is under the GPL, are you even allowed to link it against openmotif, which is not GPL?15:49
enteis there a linkage exception?15:49
teK_it needed a fix to compile with lesstif15:49
entethis license hell makes everything so horribly complicated :S15:49
teK_i'll stick with it15:49
entelesstif is LGPL15:50
rmullcould always switch pdf readers :P15:50
enteI used to use zathura at some point, but switched back to xpdf15:51
entexpdf is really good15:51
enteit has a fullscreen mode etc. pp./15:51
entealso, what are the alternatives?15:52
rmullI was going to say that I use zathura nowadays15:52
enteprobably all of them are poppler based15:52
rmullbut you've already tried that15:52
enteso you could say, it's either xpdf or something poppler based15:53
rmullIs there something wrong with poppler? I'm not sure of the details associated with that project15:53
enteit pulls in some more dependencies15:53
entemost of them are optional, but you probably want them15:54
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entepoppler isn't directly depending on glib, it seems15:55
entemaybe it's usable despite being from freedesktop.org15:55
enteon the other hand, it seems to be written in C++ and from the KDE guys :-P15:55
enteoh, poppler is an xpdf fork15:57
enteand xpdf is in C++ too :P15:57
entexpdf still has less deps15:58
entethis might be good or bad, but either way... I'm fine with xpdf15:58
rmullSounds lke there is no ideal PDf reader15:59
entethat's true for everything made by humans16:00
tilmani heard raktpdf rocks16:00
entethere is no ideal browser either16:00
tilmanepdfview and evince are okay, too though16:00
rmullI've settled on vimprobable2 browser16:00
rmullIt's webkit16:00
enteI heard good things about apvlv, but I don't know anything about it16:00
enteapparently it also supports djvu, maybe it's worth giving a shot16:01
rmullI thought I liked zathura better than apvlv but I haven't tried it in a while16:01
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enteall the poppler things pull in either gtk or qt, which might be exactly what you want, or exactly what you don't want :P16:02
entegtk seems to be more popular than qt ever since ubuntu16:02
enteit seemed the other way around before :P16:02
tilmanwhat else would you want other than qt or gtk?16:02
entemaybe I'm talking bullshit :P16:02
enteTk, of course :-)16:02
tilmanyou probably are16:02
tilmanok, you are16:03
entethat was a joke...16:03
enteTk is easy though16:03
enteI heard GTK is awful to use, but I don't really want to know, because I've seen enough of GLib16:04
enteand for Qt, I'd have to learn C++16:04
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enteand really, xpdf isn't all bad once you figure the keybindings out16:10
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jaegerawww,, I miss you18:25
rmullwhat happened?18:27
jaegerno idea, just can't reach it at the moment18:27
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RomsterteK_, eh ok i saw gentoo drop lesstif in favor of openmotif that's why suggested that after also seeing a debian bug report.21:40
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dramwangUnknown host: ?21:56
Romsterwhat happend to the DNS?22:01
Romsterdramwang, probably some temporary issue.22:01
Romsterback to work later.22:02
dramwangok, I'll check it later.22:12
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