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pitillogood morning01:05
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frinnstfu! mornings are never good02:35
entethis morning is really good02:44
entethere's a farmer's market right next to my house02:45
enteI bought a huge salad :D02:45
teK_farmer's market (?) rock02:46
enteindeed :)02:46
entemaybe I'll buy fish next time :)02:46
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teK_sounds fishy.02:51
entemy girlfriend loves fish02:51
juesomeone using nouveau?02:53
teK_not anymore02:53
teK_what's up02:53
juenothing special, I've prepared a minimal set of two ports for it02:54
juelatest xorg-server dosn't work with the binary nvidia driver, so I took the chance to look at nouveau02:55
teK_me too (wrt ports) ;)03:01
teK_jue: it does work, provided you start xorg with the -ignoreABI parameter03:01
teK_worked fine for me for at least a week or so03:02
entedid they release yet another xorg?03:02
jueteK_: works for me without that03:02
enteyeah, as usual things would work just fine if freedesktop wouldn't keep breaking everything :-)03:02
jueente: no, just a driver and an extension for libdrm03:02
entelast time I tried nouveau (around 2.6.35), it was really slow03:03
jueente: sorry, missread your question03:03
enteah, no problem03:04
juexorg-server is still 1.11.003:04
entepart of me is happy to run slackware.. :P03:04
jueand they break something seriuos, even the beta nvidia driver dosn't work with 1.1103:05
enteI bet nvidia will eventually just stop supporting older cards, and people will start using older versions of xorg :D03:05
entebecause nouveau is so slow, it isn't usable03:06
jueanyway, the two nouveau ports are in my private repo, testers are welcome oc03:06
jueente: for my normal desktop use, it's quite fast enough03:07
entenot with my card03:08
entemoving windows with the mouse had really high latency03:08
enteI've never seen this before03:08
juehmm, I have a old/cheap GeForce 660003:09
enteI have an FX5200 :P03:20
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entein my old machine03:20
enteand a quadro fx 1100 in the new one03:20
entethey were for sale on ebay03:20
Romstergts250, last time i looked nouveau didn't support my video card.03:32
Romsteronly works up to 8000 series03:33
crshdi just updated xorg - works fine with binary nvidia driver.03:37
frinnstive used nouveau with older cards - 7300gt.. worked like a charm03:48
frinnstnever used any 3d though03:48
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juecrshd: xorg-server 1.11.0 and nvidia 280.13?04:05
juehmm, do you need the ignoreABI parameter?04:11
crshdoh, wait... it's build, but not installed yet04:13
* crshd blushes04:13
frinnstjue: started playing with a newer toolchain yet?04:17
juefrinnst: no04:18
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frinnstthere are some issues with glibc re. removal of rpc headers04:18
juefrinnst: IMO we should wait for glibc 2.14.1 at least04:18
frinnsthehe, yeah :)04:19
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frinnstmplayer likes to crash a lot but havent debugged that yet, so not sure exacly what causes it04:19
Romstergcc 4.6.1 isn't so bad does break on a few flags and bad code though.04:26
Romsteri'l hold off on glibc bumping for awhile.04:26
frinnstyeah but that always happens with a new gcc release :=04:26
frinnstim running the latest versions on my desktop at home04:27
frinnstrpc is a pain, lots of apps needs to be patched.. or one can do as most distributions does (fedora etc.) - ship the removed headers anyways04:28
Romsterso the headers went private in glibc or just removed all-together?04:29
jueteK_: you're right, nvidia works with ignoreABI, sorry for the noise ;)04:29
frinnstRomster: removed i think04:30
jueRomster: the idea is to use libtirpc instead04:30
Romsteri haven't read into that.04:31
Romsterbut i should being the weekend now.04:31
frinnsto right, your workday is over04:32
frinnstfucking aussie bastard! :D04:32
Romsteryeah friday evening now.04:32
Romsterhey you get to be lazy when i still go back to work right?04:33
Romsterafter the weekend here.04:33
Romsterall week with windoze fixing and here i am poking around in linux packages...04:34
frinnstguess what im reading now: "Windows Server 2008: The Definitive Guide"04:34
Romsteri bet there wil be a server 2011 or 2012 soon. to go along with win804:38
crshdwould it be bad (ie. breakage, dependency issues) to run ports -u as a daily cronjob?04:49
Romsternot really but it may overwrite some change your doing or had done.04:52
Romsterthough it's best to copy it elsewhere and edit it.04:52
Romsterif that need arises.04:52
crshdlike - changes i made to the ports before installing them? yeah, i copy everything to a separate repo before editing.04:59
Romsterlike if you manually edit a Pkgfile for any reason.04:59
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Romsterhi sepen05:52
frinnstRomster: nah, its "windows 8 server" this time06:16
Romsteroh i didn't think of that....06:18
Romsterthey couldn't think of a better name after vista they called it 706:19
Romsternow 806:19
Romsterthey are truely losing the plot with no actual name.06:19
frinnstseems they have changed a lot in win8 server this time though06:20
frinnsthopefully it will make my life a bit easier06:20
Romsterhope it's not as bad as the UI in win8 for desktops06:25
Romsteri don't think i can stand that layout.06:25
Romsterthat's smart06:32
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Romsternow i get my emails upto date and i see a few tickets...07:38
Romsterthis makes no sense to me at all other than user has older version of glib on there system.07:38
Romsteri'm pretty sure it's invalid.07:38
Romsteras i don't get this behavior either.07:38
Romsterok just that one ticket, thought i had more but those were other maintainers.07:43
Romstercan anyone else test glib-networking and see if there is other files that are in $PKG/usr/...07:43
crshdfinally got around to restarting X. turns out, i do have to ignoreABI with nvidia driver. which messed with AllowEmptyInput, leaving me with no keyboard and mouse again...08:40
crshdfound out i need to turn off AutoAddDevices instead. What a pain.08:41
crshd@Romster: Tor is at - just bumping the version number should do the trick.08:54
Romstercrshd, k i'll do that later.09:00
Romsterhalf done a new warsow and i noticed a forked project of foobillards09:00
Romsterand now i'm tired and drinking scotch and gonna sleep every soon.09:01
crshdhehe, no hurry. enjoy your weekend.09:01
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frinnstRomster: works for me too09:38
Romsterfrinnst, no such bug on can't rm non-empty directory?09:40
Romsterwaht give it away is the diff on that makes me thnk that person uses a older glib before it got moved to core.09:40
Romsterso this will be my first invalid marked bug report to me.09:41
frinnstthat bug10:07
frinnstreport seems to be invalid10:07
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Romsterfrinnst, yeah my thoughts exactly.10:25
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veehi all14:26
laenhi single one14:27
veesingle O.o14:27
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Romstermorning all20:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tor: ->
Romstercrshd, ^20:24
Romster site is supper slow i'd advise to host that on instead.20:30
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crshd@Romster: already did it myself, but thanks :D21:07
Romsterheh thought you may have,21:10
Romsterthough it's still good to contact maintainer to get it bumped for the masses21:11
Romsterwhere did all the themes go on freshmeat :(21:11
Romsternot impressed21:23
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