IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2011-09-17

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Romsterhello2one :D01:56
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Romsterprologic, duh has been down over a week to be being compromised.02:52
prologicwell d'uh :)02:53
prologicso why has no-one fixed the port ? :)02:53
Romster i got some files probably what your after.02:53
Romsterwhy when it'll be back soon02:53
prologicbut it's not back now :/02:53
Romsterand there is the mirror option in pkgmk.conf02:53
prologicI'll try that :)02:54
Romsterworks for most stuff.02:54
prologicworks for that one :)02:54
prologicgood work! :)02:54
Romsterand happy birthday too i see on skype.02:54
prologicI don't even use Skype02:55
prologicbut thanks :)02:55
Romsteryou do02:55
prologicyeah still have an account it seems02:55
Romsteror have in the past.02:55
prologicshould delete it :)02:55
Romsterwhy it might come in handy?02:55
Romsterunless you got some other voice program you use now?02:55
Romsteri've often wondered about alternative skipe networks. other than VoIP02:56
prologicyeah I just use plain ol VOIP02:58
prologicI work for a Voice, Data and Colo company02:58
prologicso naturally I have my own Hosted PABX, with Home phone, iPad and iPhone on it02:59
Romsterah yeah makes sense.03:01
prologicwanna help me get the tvcard and video working on my media box ?03:02
prologicI still haven't completed it :/03:02
Romsteri'm thinking mroe p2p voice with cam capability for computer use gate way to VoIP perhaps too but pc too pc but not somebianry thing like skype that's also used by many, i'm asking for too much arn't i -_-03:03
Romsteri haven't tried on mine again yet either.03:03
Romsterthinking of moving it to the other computer i have, for a NAS and DVR box.03:03
prologicwell if you wanna lend a hand03:04
prologicyou can get the tv tuner going03:04
prologicand I'll get the video going03:04
Romsterdon't know what software i'd use on my end to automate recording yet either.03:09
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libarchive: updated to
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: file: updated to 5.09.03:10
Romsterprologic, yeah add03:20
RomsterSection "ServerFlags"03:20
RomsterOption       "IgnoreABI" "true"03:20
Romsterto /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:21
Romsteryou did recompile those modules?03:22
Romsterabi mismatch is more with binary nvidia driver, dunno why your seeing it with xorg video modules.03:23
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prologicwell I don't think I had the right driver compiled into the kernel03:59
prologicI think I need tou se the i915 driver03:59
Romsterah perhaps...04:03
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prologicrebuilt kernel04:20
prologiccrashes now :/04:20
prologicisn't Xorg -configure suppose to generate a working config of some sort ?04:25
prologicwhat am I missing here ?04:25
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frinnstwhat hardware are you running?05:31
frinnstyou seldom need a specific config with X these days05:31
Romster sweet i'm getting somewhere on my version sort that can handle sourceforge.05:33
frinnstprologic: rebuild your gfx and input-driver05:34
frinnstand you'll be good to go05:34
prologicI think that's what I'm having trouble with05:35
RomsterXorg -configure -ignoreABI05:35
prologicyeah that's not working for me right now05:36
prologicI'm not even sure the Intel i915 driver is the right driver05:36
prologic2.6.35.6 too btw05:36
frinnstprt-get -fr update xorg-xf86-video-intel xorg-xf86-input-evdev && startx05:36
prologicserious ?05:36
prologicok :)05:36
frinnstdont make it harder than it is :)05:37
frinnstthat is, ofcourse you are using evdev as input05:37
frinnstand have support in the kernel for it05:37
prologicyeah ok that don't work05:37
frinnstis it trying to use vesa? then rebuild that too05:39
frinnstahh, sandy bridge gfx05:40
frinnstdunno on the status with that oin the intel driver05:40
prologicshould I try upgrading to a newer kernel ?05:41
frinnstbut i guess vesa should work05:41
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frinnstwell, shouldnt matter with the intel ddx-driver i think05:41
prologicddx ?05:41
frinnstthe Xorg driver05:41
frinnstbut try rebuilding the vesa driver.. should atleast give you an X display05:43
prologicnot ideal though :/05:44
frinnstcould you paste the entire Xorg.log somewhere=05:44
prologicsure can05:44
prologicso X works with the vesa driver05:47
prologicwoot woot :)05:47
prologicbut still need to get Intel gfx working05:48
prologicas well as the HVR 220005:48
frinnstyep, i guess git is your best bet05:48
prologicbuild a git kernel ?05:50
frinnstnah, intel-driver05:51
frinnstbut looking at it shouldnt be needed05:51
prologicah yeah05:51
prologicI saw a laundpad link for that05:51
frinnstmaybe the X-driver is depending on a newer kernel05:52
prologicI dunno05:53
frinnstworth a try05:53
frinnsthave fun! *afk*05:53
prologicis there any tools to help grok lspci -v output ?05:53
Romsternot what i'm aware of.05:56
Romsteri usually use lspci -k05:56
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teK_MISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/dri/i810_dri.so06:05
teK_MISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/dri/sis_dri.so06:05
teK_=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/mesa3d#7.10.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.06:05
prologiclspci -k only shows what kernel modules are in use by that hardware06:05
prologicif you have the right module to begin with06:05
prologicteK_, ?06:05
teK_is a 'bug' I guess (not sure)06:06
Romsterprologic, i thought i can also suggest what module to modprobe for said hardware too.06:09
Romster-k Show kernel drivers handling each device and also kernel modules capable of  handling  it.06:11
Romsters/i can/it can06:12
prologicthat would have to imply you compile every possible driver as a module for that to work06:14
prologicor boot a livecd and run lspci -kv there06:15
Romsteri always thought it works off the pci.ids file... to suggest what module to modprobe.06:34
Romsterthough it must look at each *.ko too see if anyone is suitable and it has to exist to do that.06:35
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prologicwhat pci.ids file ?06:45
prologicdoes one get shipped  with crux ? :)06:45
prologicyou must be dreaming :)06:45
prologicI've never known of any easy way to identiy drivers for hw06:45
prologicexcept by pain staking googling, grokking lspci and reading through the kernel config06:46
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Romsterprt-get fsearch pci.ids06:49
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/core/pciutils:06:49
Romster  /usr/share/pci.ids06:49
Romsterthat one and there is a usb.ids file too.06:50
Romster is neat too.06:51
Romsterthough that's only gonna get you windoze drivers but it might help identifying the model.06:52
Romsteri did a weekly cron for update_pciutils_ids  update_usbutils_ids it's probably overkill but i did it for being updated.06:53
RomsterLast-Modified: Thu, 08 Sep 2011 01:15:05 GMT06:56
Romstermore recent than the one in pciutils06:56
prologicis there a web based tool that will analyzie the output of lspci ?06:56
Romsterso am i dreaming now :)06:56
Romsteryou can't decipher it?06:57
Romsterpastebin i'll see if i can.06:57
Romsterso which device?06:58
Romster00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Sandy Bridge Integrated Graphics Controller?06:58
Romsterhmm i found this
Romster+#define PCI_DEVICE_ID_INTEL_SANDYBRIDGE_GT1_IG         0x010207:03
Romster2010 so it should well and truly be in the kernel.07:04
Romster0x0102 which is your ids07:04
Romsterwhich is in the i915_drv as far as i can tell.07:05
Romsterprologic, hope that helps ^07:06
prologicit does thanks :)07:07
frinnstteK_: mesa3d on x86_64?07:08
frinnstthose drivers will never be built on 64bit since they are isa/agp or something07:08
Romsterah nuts this is crazy i know i'm doing something stupid.... egrep 'href="/projects/stellarium/files/Stellarium-sources/.*/"' works but echo href=\"${grep_url}/.*/\" href="projects/stellarium/files/Stellarium-sources/.*/" ; curl -s $url | egrep "href=\"${grep_url}/.*/\"" does not....08:11
Romstercoffee break...08:11
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teK_frinnst: si09:32
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veewhat window manager or desktop manager do you guys use?17:59
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frinnstfluxbox out of lazyness18:24
frinnst+ is quite good :)18:24
veeyea, iw as thinking about going with fluxbox, but, if i were to do that, i'd just go with openbox. wanted to try out xfce, but, building it fails :(18:29
frinnstive never really used openbox18:30
frinnstisnt the configs in xml or something?18:30
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veei do believe so, yes18:36
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Rotwangthere is obconf, it helps greatly18:43
RotwangI use openbox/lxde18:43
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veeonce i get my xorg working, i plan on using lxde for a whiel too :D18:56
frinnstgå o lägg dig lowe!18:58
thrice`i wouldn't ask18:59
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minthey guys, after updating to the new xorg, i cant seem to get x started anymore O.o19:04
thrice`did you forget to rebuild your drivers too?19:04
mintrebuild drivers O.o19:04
thrice`yeah, input/video drivers19:05
minti did a whole system update19:05
mintunless sysup doesn't handle that19:05
thrice`hm, it should, dependency wise.  do you get any error?19:05
thrice`unless you only rebuilt x-server19:05
minti did a whole system update. it was working without any issues prior to it. now, when i startx , it says fatal server  error, no screen found19:06
mintalso, it fals to load the abi module, as well as the intel and vesa. my graphics card is an intel19:06
minti even probed for my video card and then started x, still the same issue19:06
thrice`does it say "ABI mismatch" or something?19:07
thrice`then yes, rebuild the drivers19:07
minttried running it with startx -- -ignoreABI, still no go19:07
mintand how would one rebuild the drivers O.O19:07
Rotwangfrinnst: your utf is b0rken19:07
thrice`prt-get update -fr foo19:07
thrice`for all xorg-xf86-* you have installed19:07
mintshould probably install foo first ey? lol19:08
thrice`nooo :)19:08
thrice`foo = the package name, it was just an example :)19:08
minti now i know19:09
mintthough i will admit19:09
mintfor a second there, i thought you were calling me a fool >:019:09
thrice`ok ;)  prt-get listinst + prt-get update -fr    will help :-)19:09
thrice`lol, sorry :-)19:09
mintso many smiles <319:10
thrice`it must have been, that you had an xorg-server update, but no drivers changed versions.  so, sysup only had the server to do.  had there been driver version changes too, sysup would have done them after the server19:10
mintalright, let me update the drivers and ill let ya know19:11
mintoh, and the option is now fr, for for reinstall19:11
minti thought it was -f19:11
minti was like why the hell isn't it reinstalling >:019:11
thrice`prt-get update -fr  is force-rebuild or so19:11
mintyou say tomatoe i say patatoe19:12
prologicbugger this :/19:12
* prologic installs mythbuntu19:12
mintwhats mythbuntu19:12
mintnever mind....19:13
mintquick question. i use the intel drivers, my video card is intel, obviously, after i updated the xf86 video intel, restarted same thing19:18
mintwould i still need to update the vesa and fbdev?19:18
thrice`and your input drivers19:18
thrice`evdev, mouse, keyboard, whichever19:20
minttried updating evdev, says package not found O.o19:21
thrice`xorg-xf86-input ...19:22
thrice`i'd rebuild anything you have installed with xorg-xf86-  in the package name19:22
mintthing is, when installing crux, i installed everything in the xorg
thrice`well, now might be a good time to remove some cruft :>19:23
mintwait wut.19:24
mintrestart, slim booted up no problem O.O19:24
minty u no make sense19:24
mintyea..i have to update my input. shit. i cant even drop into console now19:24
thrice`yeah, so you got the video stuff done it sounds like19:25
mintyea, but now im in a bit of a pickle19:25
minti cant drop to a terminal to update the rest of the input stuff.19:25
thrice`any liveCd's around?  or the crux install CD ?19:26
mintyep yep19:26
thrice`could just boot, mount your root, edit rc.conf to not start slim, and reboot19:26
mintthat was my idea actually xD19:27
mintmeh, i hate mint.19:27
thrice`:-)  actually, I must run for a bit.  good luck!19:27
thrice`rebuilding the input stuff you need should do it, I think19:28
minthope so thanks again <319:28
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mintlxde-common failed during a depinstall of lxde19:57
mintcan i pkgadd it without having any issues? or is it a necessity?19:57
Rotwanghow did it fail?19:58
Rotwangfootprint mismatch?19:58
mintconnection refused20:00
mintlet me try to update the ports, just in case, though i updated it it today20:01
mintlooks like theres an edit to the icon theme20:01
Rotwangit is possible that link is broken, if so it is easy to update it20:02
mintmessing with the rsync file?20:03
Rotwangmint: definately not20:03
Rotwangmint: in /usr/ports/lxde/<port>20:03
Rotwangyou will find Pkgfile20:03
Rotwangyou can edit url in there20:04
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Romstermint, prt-get update -fr `revdep`20:13
minti just edited the source for the download20:14
Romsterfixes any broken links in libraries20:14
Romsterrevdep is n prt-utils20:14
Romsterand rebuild any input video evdev xorg ports after xorg-server20:15
minti updated all those stuff20:15
Romsterxorg log error your getting?20:16
mintwell, xorg works fine now.20:17
Romster why the heck is thee no source ? oh that's probably a meta port.20:18
Romstermint, if you poke rotwang on the bug tracker for what's not working so he fixes it.20:18
Romstersince he pinged off not long ago ^20:19
mintdont wanna be annoying is all, but, will do20:19
mintjust re updated the lxde common files, fingers crossed <320:20
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minti edit the lxde-common files, change the location of the download, but, when i update the ports and try to redownload them, i get the same error20:35
mintit keeps trying to download it from the old location20:35
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Romsterit's not anoying when it's broken :)20:49
Romsteryeah when you update it undoes your location change20:50
mintwhat do you do when there is a md5sum mismatch20:55
Romstercheck too see why and if your ok that the source is not tampered with you can do a -um to update the sum.20:56
Romsterie if you bump the version you would expect a md5sum mismatch20:56
minthm. i should let you know your icewm wasn't installing when i tried it as well20:56
Romsterif you use another mirror i'd be suspicious without first checking from the original site project.20:57
Romsterit installed for me what's the error?20:57
mintgive me one sec let me re re re re re update just to make sure xD20:57
Romsteri'm about to build it in a chroot this time.20:58
Romsterthan on my system20:58
Romsteras my system does deviate from crux.20:59
mintkeep getting gdk-pixbuf-xlib-2.0 not found20:59
mintfatal error: gdk-pixbuf-xlib/gdk-pixbuf-xlib.h no such file or directory compilation terminated21:00
mintmaek {1} yimage.o error 121:00
mintleaving director /usr ports/romster/icewmworks/src/icewm21:00
mintmake base error 221:00
Romsterdo you have gdk-pixbuf installed?21:02
Romsterpkginfo -i |grep gdk-pixbuf21:02
Romstergtk depends on it.21:02
mintcomputer just shut down -________________________-21:03
minthold on i think the power just went out. thank god for batteries ey?21:03
Romstermy icewm is missing a dependency xorg-libxrandr might be missing more i'm checking it now.21:04
mintwhats up?21:04
mintokay, ice wm installed without any issues21:07
Romsterfixed icewm missing dependencies ports -u romster && prt-get depinst icewm21:09
mintwell, it installed without any issues...but will update anyway21:09
Romsteri haven't checked my romster repo as vigorously for dependencies as i have doe with my contrib ports.21:09
Romsterif you find some error for missing file... do a prt-get fsearch filename and see what package provides it.21:10
Romstershould not happen for the major repos but in personal ones it may happen.21:10
mintyou got, to make some menus for programs and stuff :D21:10
Romsteri'm using pekwm for a long time now21:11
Romstercrux doesn't hold hands like other distros but that's a good thing you can shape it to suit your needs.21:11
mintthats what i like about crux21:12
mintsure its a challenge, but, you dont get 15 gallons of crap that you udont need21:12
Romsterbut fee free to report any issues you find with my ports jsut say my nickname in the sentience and i'll get a highlight and i usually see them after work.21:13
mintis pekwm in your romster rep?21:13
Romsterthe right way is the bug tracker though but there is a few here that will respond quicker to an irc message21:13
Romsterit's in contrib.21:14
Romsterdid you enable the contrib repo?21:14
mintah. might give that a whirl and see what i like more21:14
mintyep yep21:14
Romstercd /etc/ports21:14
Romstermv ...21:14
minthave contribs open21:14
mintmoved em' too :D21:14
Romstermost forget it and wonder why there is on ports :D21:14
Romsterso mint is your official nick now instead of vee21:15
mintwell, to be honest, i didn't wanna walk to the toher computer thats on. xD the laptop here was near me, as well as the computer im working on so.....yea....... xD21:16
mintmint might not be around, but vee will tehe21:16
minthm. gunna install seems a bit nicer from the pictures...but those are probably worked on21:16
Romsteri got some themes in my romster repo for it... the default one is ugly.21:17
Romsterwell last i installed it it was.21:17
minthaha ill be sure to download them and criticize21:18
Romsterprt-get search pekwm21:18
minthere is a interesting question that i haven't been able to figure out21:18
mintwhen building a kernel for my laptop21:18
minti added support for the ethernet21:19
Romsterif youlike some other theme on like let me know i'll package it.21:19
mintplugged the ethernet wire into it21:19
Romsterdid you edit /etc/rc.d/net21:19
mintwill do on the box-look21:19
minti dhcpcd'd21:19
mintgot an ip and everthing21:19
mintbut when i ping a website21:19
minti get one connection, and thats it. the rest of the pings fail21:20
Romsterum dns is setup?21:20
mintyes sir21:20
minti do believe so21:20
Romsterodd... so it works on 1 ping only21:20
jaegerif DNS weren't working they'd all fail21:20
jaegernot just the later ones21:20
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jaegerhow about traceroutes?21:20
minthaven't ran any21:20
minti tried to update th eports21:20
Romsterare you behind a NAT gateway?21:20
mintthats how i figured they were failing21:20
minti dont think so, but ill check it out21:20
Romsteror direct to some modem.21:21
mintyea, thats soemthing i might try. ill mess around with the router a bit21:21
Romstermtr is also a nice tool in contrib.21:21
mintcant download anything remember? lol21:21
Romstertracerotue with latency monitoring and packet loss.21:22
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minthm. ill run it when i get my hands on it again21:23
Romstergood for catching where the router is causing issues.21:23
Romsterthis is what i like about linux the mass of tools.21:23
mintill remember that21:23
Romstermtr and traceroute21:24
mintnow if linux can get me my laptop back21:24
Romsterwith some configuring and lots of hair pulling most likely.21:24
Romsternew setups take some time to iron the quirks out.21:24
mintfire traps21:24
mintlet me take a shower, brb21:25
jaegertraceroute you should already have available, no need to install extra ports for it21:25
Romsterah it is in core...21:26
Romsterbut one ping and then nothing is weird...21:27
Romsterunless that host has some ICMP protection setup.21:28
jaegerMy guess would be at the ISP level21:29
jaegereasy to test... if pinging another internal host (or even the ip of eth0) works21:30
mintokay, back!21:34
minthm. so if i ping the computer itself, and get no responce, that means its a router/isp provider issue?21:34
mintthe othe rcomputers hooked up to the network are all able to connect though O.o21:34
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Romsterping first hop to isp.21:41
Romsteryou got multiple computers on your network, is it IPv4 still your probably got a NAT setup... double check your network settings compare it to the working computer.21:42
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mintwill do21:43
mintbut the important part is, im installing pekwm21:43
Romsterquite nice WM i recon21:44
Romsteri'm going out for a drive later.21:44
Romsterbtw if you can't find any theme files i should have them on
Romsterthe themes seem to be disappearing :/ starting to collect all the stuff so they don't go forever.21:45
mintgunna boot into pekwm in a bit...lets see21:47
mintits very similar to openbox/fluxbox ey?21:48
minthow do you edit the menus?21:50
mintdoes it work like openbox?21:50
mintmeh, got it21:53
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rmullAnybody using one of those minimal webkit-based browsers with flash-player-plugin? I can't get my webkit to see the plugin23:55
Romsterrmull, midori works with flash ok but i haven't updated on my pc yet.23:59

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