IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2011-09-18

rmullAnd all you had to do is install flash-player-plugin?00:00
joacimmy google says it is that simple00:01
Romsteryes that's all00:01
Romsterupdating my webkit on my system then i'll retest00:01
rmullIs your plugin at /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ ?00:02
Romsterno actually it isn't.00:03
rmullOh, where is yours?00:03
rmullI'm using the x86_64 port btw00:03
rmullOkay, let me try that00:03
*** sintux has joined #crux00:03
Romsterjust ln -s it.00:03
Romsterto that location too.00:03
Romsterthat work?00:04
rmull1 sec00:04
rmullHm, nope00:05
rmullI'm using the vimprobable2 browser fwiw00:07
Romstershouldn't matter it's webkit that uses flash00:07
Romsterthe end bit is jsut a UI to it00:07
Romsterany better than uzbl?00:08
Romsterwebkit 1.4.1 is working with flash waiting for new one to finish compiling.00:08
Romstertakes some time even on a fast pc.00:08
rmullThanks for checking for me00:09
Romsterconsidering i maintain webkit.00:09
rmullI like vimprobable2 because it's almost exactly like the vimperator firefox extension00:09
rmullWHich I used to use00:09
Romsteri'm getting sick of firefox but i like the web developer extension.00:09
rmullWrote a patch for cookie whitelisting00:09
Romsterwhat to do.00:09
rmullWish there was some noscript-type feature00:09
Romsterfor rights noscript should be like some proxy cleaner program.00:10
Romsterso it works for all browsers.00:10
rmullYeah, I use polipo for adblocking00:10
Romsterwith perhaps a web interface to configure settings.00:10
Romsterhmm not aware of that googles.00:10
rmullJust a cacheing local proxy that I can use the adblock easylist blacklist with00:11
Romsterah jue has a port of it.00:11
Romsterworks with squid too?00:11
rmullHaven't tried00:11
rmullWhere does squid sit in the stack? Isn't squid a proxy as well?00:11
Romsterwhat blacklist i'll give it a shot later.00:11
rmullLet me find a link for you00:12
Romsteri've got squid setup as a transparant proxy and iptable rule to DNAT though it.00:12
rmullDebian instructions, but easy enough00:12
Romstercool easily adaptable.00:12
Romsterah dman i jsut got 1.4.2 not 1.4.3 -_- need to do ports -u00:13
Romstermay as well test this one while it's built too.00:13
rmullCouldn't hurt :)00:14
Romsterthen i'll goto 1.4.300:14
Romsterccache helps alot.00:14
rmullI bet it does, webkit is pretty chunky00:14
Romsteri thought boost was bad until t and webkit came along.00:14
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Romsteroh and chromium00:15
Romsterok 1.4.2 is ok00:15
jaegerwow, is STILL having issues? sheesh00:16
Romsterstill down geez this is what 2 weeks now?00:17
Romsterfor rights the flash should goto something like /usr/lib/www/plugins/00:19
Romsterthan mozilla00:19
Romsteror just /usr/lib/plugins00:20
Romsterand update all browsers to use that location00:20
rmullThat'd be logical00:21
Romsterwonder how the open flash projects are going.00:21
Romsterthen again flash should die out for html500:22
Romsteri hope.00:22
Romsterhmm webkit 1.4.3 must of changed alot still compiling. 1.4.1 -> 1.4.2 took next to no time.00:23
rmullIs it possible to keep the old version of crux ports around by adjusting the rsync options?00:26
rmullAnd like, accumulate them as time goes on?00:27
Romsteryou could use some copy to a date/time directory or use your own CMS to commit each new ports -u iteration...00:31
Romsterthough i'd love to see a git driver for ports -u (i thought someone made one) so one could revert to a earlier commit of that port.00:31
rmullYeah, that'd be handy00:32
rmullJust curious, hasn't been an issue yet00:32
Romstersince i hack around on my system i even thought of a Pkgfile format like gentoo sues for like Pkgfile-1.2.3 Pkgfile-1.2.400:33
Romsteri haven't implemented it yet. to keep say the last 2-3 versions around.00:33
Romsterin case later one is broken.00:34
Romsterok webkit 1.4.3 is ok on flash00:34
rmullSo what's different between my system and yours?00:35
Romstercould you try midori too see if it's your vimprobable200:35
rmullIt pulls in dbus? :(00:35
Romsterhmm might be able to --ignore=dbus00:35
Romsteris dbus going the way of the dodo?00:35
rmullI'll try surf from instead00:35
rmullNo, some people just don't like it00:36
rmullIt's probably here to stay00:36
rmullFlash also doesn't work with surf00:37
rmullAre you on the x86_64 flash port?00:37
rmullHmmm. Maybe that's got something to do with it.00:37
Romsterthough i should goto x86_6400:38
joacimflash for x86_64 worked fine for me, back in the day00:38
Romstervimprobable2 is not in any repo00:38
Romsterrmull, you going to add your personal ports to portsdb?00:39
Romsteryeah but haven't you already made a Pkgfile for it?00:39
rmullRomster: Was thinking about it, though I still have yet to get my system up to speed yet00:39
rmullNo, haven't packaged anything custom yet00:39
rmullI would also like to see graphicsmagick packaged00:39
Romsterwith anything i do i Pkgfile it. if it don't exist first.00:40
Romsterwhich is why my romster repo is so large.00:40
rmullI'll have to check the docs thoroughly before doing that00:40
Romsterit's pretty simple.00:43
Romsterlook at another Pkgfile.00:43
Romsteri've seen graphicsmagick but haven't got a use for it yet00:44
rmullYeah, just a drop-in replacement for imagemagick that's better in every way00:47
rmullIt's a handy tool to have around IMO00:47
Romsterbetter n every way you'd think imagemagick would merge with it or borrow ideas.00:49
Romsteri wonder if there is any down sides.00:49
Romsterquality etc.00:49
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rmullMaybe I should try using nspluginwrapper with the 32-bit flashplugin00:52
prologicok I installed mythbuntu and got the tv tuner to work ok00:54
prologicbut I have no sound00:54
prologicscreen is off the edge00:54
prologicand no idea how to configure lirc/remotes yet00:54
Romstermythbuntu? does this mean you wot be taking up the myth ports in contrib or are you using this too see how it works to fix it in crux?00:56
prologicthe later00:56
prologicso ...00:56
prologichow do I fix the screen ? :)00:56
prologiceverything's off the edge, including xfce00:57
Romsterhmm mode setting?00:57
prologicI dunno00:59
prologicbeen a few years since I've done this00:59
Romsterthis in xorg? tried the shift+ctrl+minus keys to change the video mode?00:59
Romster- down + up00:59
Romsterthat's ubuntu for you01:00
prologicand this is Ubuntu too don't forget01:00
prologicso things are of course a little retarded01:00
Romsterwhy would they turn that off01:00
prologicX.Org X Server 1.10.101:02
prologicRelease Date: 2011-04-1501:02
prologicwhat does CRUX 2.7 ship with these days ?01:02
Romsterthought that doesn't say much as xorg is split into a trillion packages.01:03
Romsterand Ubuntu would backport patches like debian does.01:03
prologicso far I have 2 of the most important things working01:03
prologictv tuner01:03
prologicand gfx01:03
rmullI'm gonna call it a night, thanks for the help Romster01:03
prologicwhat would you suggest I do now ?01:03
Romsterk rmull01:03
prologicgrab lsmod and lspci -kv output01:03
prologickernel version01:04
prologictv tuner firmware files01:04
Romsterall devices working?01:04
prologicand re-install with crux and go back to where I was ?01:04
prologicno, sound not working01:04
prologicscreen all screwed up01:04
prologicand haven't even tried to get lirc/remotes to work yet01:04
prologicstill using keyboard/mouse :(01:04
Romsterno sound hmm01:04
Romsteryou using HDMI?01:04
Romstergot the sound input plugged onto your video card if that's the case?01:05
Romsterand correct device in alsa mixer01:05
prologicyeah see that's the part I'm confused about01:06
prologicgot the TV plugged into the SPDIF output on the motherboard01:06
prologicfiddlged with alsamixer a bit01:06
prologicand yeah no idea where the sound is going tbh01:06
Romsterah be sure you got the digital output selected.01:07
prologichow ? :)01:07
Romsterin alsa mixer01:07
prologicwalk me thorugh it :)01:07
prologicI must have missed it01:07
Romsterplayback mixxer go right coursor i tink it's S/PDIFF D hit M to turn it on.01:09
Romsterbe sure on F6 your on the right sound card.01:09
prologicshould speaker-test then work ?01:09
prologichang on01:10
prologicshould only be one sound card01:10
prologicthe onboard one01:10
Romsteri'd assume so i haven't got a spdif amp to test on here.01:10
Romsterand be sure your amp is on the correct input too obviously.01:12
prologicit's plugged into the tv01:12
Romsteror tv in this case...01:13
Romsterdon't you have a surround sound amp?01:13
prologicI do01:13
prologicI might go set that up instead01:13
Romsterrmull, this looks interesting for my needs
Romsterbuilt-in Javascript engine hrmm that could be interesting for another project.01:25
RomsterPolipo might be better though since it seems to be maintained.01:34
prologicgot sound to work now02:13
prologicnow to fix the screen being off-edge02:13
Romsterso what did it turn out to be?02:27
prologicmixer settings I think02:39
prologichow do I fix the screen now though ?02:39
prologiceven in the console (ctrl+alt+f1)02:39
prologicI'm missing 4 characters off the edge02:39
prologicok so fixed the screen problem03:01
prologicapparently a problem caused by DVI -> HDMI overscan03:01
prologicI've just switched to using PC input on the TV for now and using a VGA cable03:01
Romsterhmm odd...03:09
Romsterthat should be solved by some MODELINE in xorg.conf to make it compatible to your tv.03:10
prologicyeah but I coudln't be bothered for the moment03:22
prologicjust want to get things working03:22
prologicthen I'll worry about perfecting it later03:22
prologicright now I'm stuck on remote side of thihngs03:23
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Romsterlirc should do the job?04:06
Romsterone in contrib is out of date too 0.9.0 is out.04:07
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prologicwhat gives04:33
prologicI've successfully gotten an apple remote to work with lirc04:33
prologicmode2/irw both recieve ir events now04:33
prologicand recorded/learned the remote with irrecord04:34
prologicbut mythtv frontend isn't working with it04:34
Romstersorry not sure why.04:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dovecot: update to 2.0.1505:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mysql: update to 5.5.1605:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scite: update to 2.2905:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: stunnel: update to 4.4405:05
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: wget: updated to
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prologicso everything is finally working as it should be05:58
prologicI finally got the Apple remote working05:58
prologicbut it's a incomplete remote05:59
prologicwith too few buttons :)05:59
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minrlibfm doesn't download when trying to compile pcmanfm13:00
*** jdolan has quit IRC13:46
Rotwangminr: thanks for report13:51
minryou got it :D13:51
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teK_  whuuut?14:42
frinnstMPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: ao2_init14:44
frinnststupid toolchain14:44
teK_how can two empty files differ? ;)14:46
frinnstpkgadd.conf entry for /var/log/* perhaps14:47
frinnstWHO'S YOUR DADDY?!14:47
veewhats all this hype about hype?14:59
veewow fail14:59
veewhats all the hype about minecraft14:59
frinnstno idea, never tried it14:59
frinnstand dont plan to14:59
veewhats this error about dbus library being incorrectly setup. says it failed to read the machine uuid and couldn't open /etc/machine-id15:00
prologicmorn'n all15:01
prologicwho's looking after the mythtv ports these days anyway ?15:01
prologicgreeaatt ;)15:02
prologicdoes anyone here even use mythtv ? :)15:03
prologicguess it'll be me again15:03
prologiconce I've figured all the shit out again heh15:03
veestill wanna see what this minecraft is all about15:17
veehm. this is odd... i do a forced update on xorg-xrandr and it says the package is not found, but do a prt-get depinst on xorg-xrandr and it says its installed O.O15:23
veeokay, now xorg-xrandr wont install at all O.o15:47
thrice`don't give too many details, now ;)15:54
veeyou should know by now im not too keen on giving details. but i honestly dont know what else to say. i tried to update xorg-xrandr and it said package not found, so i did a depinst to see if it was even finding the package, and it its already installed15:59
veeso i removed to package to see if i could install it again15:59
veeand it says package not found15:59
veei checked in the usr ports and its there15:59
thrice`did you remove the xorg ports collection from prt-get.conf ?15:59
veei checked that16:00
veeits still there16:00
veei thought maybe im spelling it wrong but im not O.o16:00
thrice`prt-get search xrandr    shows it?16:00
veefound in /usr/ports/opt/bash-completion16:01
thrice`it doesn't show the item in /usr/ports/xorg ?16:02
veei went into the actual ports/xorg folder16:02
veeand i see the folder16:02
thrice`and prt-get search xorg-server ?16:02
veewith the pkgfile in there16:02
veethats odd...prt-get fsearch xorg-server doesn't find anything16:03
veeneither does prt-get search xorg-server16:03
thrice`yeah, tell your /etc/prt-get.conf  about /usr/ports/xorg/  :)16:03
veefaiiillllll. i meant to comment out the other thingie. fml sorry :/16:04
veegod i think im going blind. i honestly checked the prt-get file and saw it was there. my dumbass self didn't see the # -____________-16:06
veeface palm with a hot iron16:07
veeat4 has a md4sum mismatch btw16:15
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Rotwangmd4sum [;16:23
veetoo much fail today :916:24
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veeis hosts the only way to disable ipv6 on crux?19:46
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veehm...crux doesn't have a port for network manager?20:52
jaegerfeel free to make one :)21:08
jaegeralso, disable ipv6 simply by not enabling it in your kernel21:08
veeif i knew how jaeger, i would've by now xD21:16
Romstervee, wicd21:16
Romstercd to /usr/src/linux..... make menuconfig search with / for ipv6 unselect it with space bar. make && make modules_install cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz && cp /boot/ && lilo21:18
Romsterassuming your using lilo and the usual vmlinuz and System-map and not some vmlinuz- or so naming convention and on x8621:19
Romsteradjust to your needs.21:19
Romsterprt-get depinst wicd for GUI network manager21:19
Romsterdon't forget to add the wicd service to /etc/rc.conf21:19
veei added wicd to the daemons along with dbus but when it21:20
Romsterit's irritating that you pvtmsg me a reply when i'm talking in the channel to tou.21:21
Romsterwhen it's not a private matter.21:21
veei dont want to clog up this chat, my apologies21:21
Romsteri don't see no one else chatting.21:22
veei dont want my uneeded problems to fill up the chat, you know?21:22
Romsterand this channel is pretty much social and curx/linux stuff21:22
veei dont know, i feel like people get annoyed when i post my issues here since i have so many21:22
Romsterstart the services in /etc/rc.d/foo start for dbus wicd and then the wicd client will work.21:23
Romsterit's more annoying when you don't provide enough details like a pastebin of compile errors21:23
Romsterwe don't mind helping provided you tried searching for a solution first.21:24
veei would send you all the info you needed, but, the computer is no where near me. ill google the rest on my own, thanks :)21:24
Romsteradding a service to rc.conf wont start it until you reboot but you can start them manually.21:24
veei've rebooted21:25
Romsterand if oyu use wicd you probably should remove the net from rc.conf too.21:25
veeive done that as well21:25
Romsterand stop it if it got started then use wicd to configure21:25
veethanks again21:26
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Romsterhmm perhaps i should load up mythbuntu on another hdd and see if i can get my tuner to work like prologic did and then see what i'm doing wrong in crux.21:35
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jaegerI used mythtv in crux years ago but it's been too long21:53
jaegerI don't even know if I still have the tuner, heh21:53
Romsteri'm hoping i can put this tuner to use or i'll sell it and buy one that does work21:55
jaegerI used a wintv pvr350 back then, it's ancient now21:58
jaegernever got my HD one working21:58
jaegerI don't watch TV often anymore21:58
RomsterMultimedia video controller: Conexant Systems, Inc. CX23885 PCI Video and Audio Decoder (rev 03)22:10
RomsterSubsystem: LeadTek Research Inc. Device 6f3922:10
RomsterKernel driver in use: cx2388522:10
Romsteri think i got other firmware loading issues.22:10
Romsterbbl work22:10
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veejust made pasta. anyone want?23:37
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