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pitillogood morning01:10
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prologicI'll be updating my mythtv ports fairly soonish - time permitting03:56
prologicI'm fairly happy with my media box setup so far03:56
prologichardware and software wise (even if it's mythbuntu atm)03:56
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jaegerxbmc is all I use these days, pretty happy with it07:58
prologicdo we have a problem with the name servers for atm ?08:21
prologicI can't seem to resolve it08:21
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jaegerseems like nameservers are also down08:27
Romsterhmm this happened the other day too.08:28
Romsterprobably died when cruxbot pinged off.08:28
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prologicis it worth having backup nameservers with the company I work for ?08:47
prologicI could ask - can't hurt08:47
prologicwe're multi-homed :)08:48
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jaegerin the case of it probably doesn't matter much, since if is down, so is :)09:03
jaegerwouldn't hurt, though, certainly09:04
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sepenrmull: read the irc backlog10:22
jaegerseems to be, yes10:22
teK_is there a tldr version? :>10:22
teK_there is. sorry =)10:23
sepenteK_: thanks for the aliases fix :D10:23
teK_you are welcome10:23
sepenteK_: did you try mailq after that?10:23
teK_i called newaliases andsent the testmail10:25
sepenok ok, yep it worked10:25
rmullsepen: Whoops, thanks10:25
sepennah, I think the problem started some days ago10:26
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teK_anyone notified charly yet?10:27
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teK_--2011-09-19 18:47:14--
teK_Resolving (
teK_ffffuuuuuuuuck :p11:47
teK_grub won't build (without patches?)11:50
teK_You need a working 32bit compiler11:51
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veemornin fellas12:07
Ovim|afk_nAuuuhhh Hewlett-Packards' training centres are awesome12:19
enteI love garlic :>12:19
Ovim|afk_nAente: Awesome12:19
enteyou don't want to share a room with me for the next few days :D12:19
Ovim|afk_nAI love garlic, too12:20
tilmanmaybe you _do_ want to share that room12:20
entelet's have a garlic orgy :D12:21
entenow I wonder what kind of dessert involves garlic :D12:22
Ovim|afk_nAwhat the..12:22
entethere must be something!12:24
entecaramellised garlic12:24
entesounds horrible :D12:24
Ovim|afk_nATime for lunch12:27
Ovim|afk_nALooks like opt repo of crux is down12:29
Ovim|afk_nATimeout in hostname resolution12:29 is down12:29
frinnstnot just a single repo :)12:30
tilmaninteresting,i cannot _resolve_ the hostname o_O12:30
frinnstso, the ns is down?12:30
tilmanthe domain is still registered at least *phew*12:30
frinnstwho's the domain monkey?12:31
Ovim|afk_nAForgot to pay the bills? :-D12:32
Ovim|afk_nAMaybe yet another DNS problem at Denic ;D12:32
tilmandenic doesn't take care of .nu i don't think? :p12:33
Ovim|afk_nAmh, touchê12:34
tilmanwrong accent ;)12:34
Ovim|afk_nAthis one --> touché ?12:35
Ovim|afk_nAAh french speaking people in here :P12:35
Ovim|afk_nA<- don't speak a single word french12:35
Ovim|afk_nAbrb lunch12:36
entetouche, du lusche >:P12:47
ente[19:35] < Ovim|afk_nA> <- don't speak a single word french12:48
enteyou do12:48
entetouché, but wrong :>12:48
frinnstuseless isp13:21
Ovim|afk_nAlol ente13:23
thrice`geez, even my speed is better, and I am in the US :-)13:23
frinnstthey seem to have some technical difficulties at the moment13:25
veeare the laptop sound cards or what not found under the pci part of the kernel config or somewhere else O.o13:52
veehm. i see the intel hd audio, last time i built it alsaconf didn't find it O.o13:58
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veeany idea on when will be back up?18:07
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rmulllibreoffice port needs to be bumped on x86_64, and the URL to download it 404s22:07
rmullIf I notice a version lag in a port, is it the right thing to do to notify the port maintainer, or do I assume they've seen it?22:49
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