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pitillojoe6: check the portdb and look for jue's repository03:42
frinnstjoe6: another tip is contrib/mpup - useful for subscribing to specific port from 3rd party repos03:56
frinnstalso, the port is made in spain(tm) :)03:57
pitillotrue, a very good and usefull tool :)04:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libebml: 1.2.0 -> 1.2.104:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libmatroska: 1.1.0 -> 1.2.004:44
Romstercould someone with opt access remove wxgtk i've picked this port up in contrib. and i removed it from the wiki page on OrphanedPorts.04:47
teK_I will be @home in about 1 hour or so04:48
Romstercool i'll remind if you forget.04:48
Romstermight take another look though the list and pick a few others up.04:49
teK_you are welcome to do so ;)04:50
Romsterwell they either stagnate or get some love. :)04:52
Romstershame we don't have more contrib maintainers though.04:54
Romsterdoes no one really care or is crux that small a distro?04:55
Romstertough i don't think anyone here could answer that one.04:56
teK_i don't know either04:56
pitilloos just the fact of using personal repositories instead of being in contrib (putting in a side CRUX's amount of users)04:57
teK_I still want to come up with some little script that will: detect $ARCH, pkginfo -i, active repositories/drivers and maybe some IP/Location related stuff and collect that at to get a better knowledge of our userbase04:57
Romsteryeah i've often thought of a phone home thing in crux to count how many users there are.05:03
Romsteror log the rsync access to ports05:03
teK_something like that. Tracking should be transparent05:09
teK_a shell script is the most transparent thing we can do + the user has send the data consciously05:09
Romsteryeah though most wound't enable it. unless it was some setup option.05:11
Romsterbut existing systems would probably never notice it.05:11
pitillobut in that way you'll collect data from machines instead of getting it from users (something like the user map)05:14
Romsterwhich has been decaying over the years.05:17
pitilloyes, but it has more real info about users than the one you can get from a script running in machines... one user with some machines will give another info (good one to collect to see how many machines run it, but not really the amount of users)05:19
Romsterif users can be bothered to sign up and add there data to the map.05:22
pitilloI think that's the best approach to get real user info, but it can be outdated too05:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnutls: updated to 3.0.306:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: p5-xml-parser: updated to 2.4106:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libwnck: uupdated to 2.30.706:54
joe6pitillo, frinnst, ok, thanks.06:54
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frinnstRomster, teK_ i can remove it now07:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wxgtk: migrated port to contrib07:20
Romsterfrinnst, sure go ahead, does not have to be teK_ just anyone who has access to drop wxgtk07:20
Romsteri'm trying to not take on too much work but it seems i'm a gluten for punishment.07:21
frinnsti dont have contrib access, iirc07:22
Romsterdo i fall into the insane category yet for number of ports.07:22
frinnstor i could probaly maintain some contrib-ports07:22
Romstertake a look at the dropped ones and heck your in opt can't see why not in contrib too.07:22
* frinnst is butting heads with Windows Vista07:24
frinnstwhat a utter piece of crap OS07:24
frinnsteverything is retarded07:24
crshdvista is pretty much on one level with ME07:25
frinnstits as stupid as gnome307:25
frinnstyeah, i did think of ME when it booted up and i tried to do something07:25
crshdyeah, gnome3 on vista would make a *great* OS.07:25
crshdi'd give it to everybody who i think shouldn't use a computer in the first place07:25
frinnstthey seem to have removed functionality for usability's sake07:26
frinnstbut failed in both regards07:26
crshdi didn't find any functionality in gnome307:26
crshdbut no usability, either.07:26
frinnstand i didnt find any in vista either07:26
crshdi've tested it for a couple of minutes, and uninstalled it again.07:27
Romsterhave you tried to search for anything in win7 it's utterly useless.07:27
Romsteryou have to learn there stupid syntax.07:27
frinnstyeah but win7 is actually usable07:28
frinnstprefer it over xp07:28
Romsterthat's a tough call win7 and xp both work well.07:28
deep42thoughti've written my own prog to do searches in windows ... till i found the hidden secret options to enable search in such "useless" (source-)files as ".pas" and ".c" ...07:28
Romsterwhy can't windows just have find and grep :D07:29
frinnstso.. cpu usage is 100%. when i start the taskmanager to find the offending process it lists maybe 5-7 and not one is using more than 5%07:30
deep42thoughtanother meaning of "distributed computing"?07:31
frinnstahh, had to check the box for "show processes for all users"07:31
Romsterof course it's svchost that's using it and you don't know what process behind that is the cause.07:31
joe6 any reason why there is no port for gnu stow? i used it quite a lot on debian, and it helps install packages separately. uri:
joe6i am planning on installing stow and using it, but, just wanted to check the underlying reason for why it is not used on crux.07:36
Romsterjoe6, you could always make your own Pkgfile of it.07:37
joe6I do not want to duplicate functionality, if it is already provided by some other functionality.07:37
joe6Romster, ok, cool.07:37
Romsterbut why not just Pkgfile each program...07:37
Romsterthat's the better approach07:38
joe6Romster, oh, ok. let me read up more on the Pkgfile stuff.07:38
Romsterif i'm testing something it takes only a minute or two to make a new directory and plong a Pkgfile in there to build it.07:38
Romsterthat's one of crux's highlights.07:38
Romsterand you really should do this
Romsterto avoid polluting your system07:39
Romsterin case some Pkgfile you make installs outside of $PKG07:39
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frinnstsounds pretty redundant on crux to be honest07:39
Romstermy thoughts exactly after i started to read the page.07:40
frinnstmaking a port for each package would probably be easiest, also it would make it easier to update said packages07:40
crshdthat's what i thought. it would require you to modify every Pkgfile before installing something from the ports07:40
Romsterwhats more the Pkgfiles can be on your personal repository and listed on portdb
crshdpersonally, i'm completely in love with crux' implementation of the ports. dishing out a Pkgfile seriously only takes a couple of seconds.07:42
Romster would prefer to make a Pkgfile than to polite my system.07:43
Romsterpollute even..07:43
Romsteri have the stupidest word substitutions ever. mi'm getting sick of my brain... must retrain myself again.07:44
joe6uri:, i am reading here to understand the Pkgfile system, I have the zsh Pkgfile open before me. there are some variables such as $PKG that is being used.07:44
joe6where can I find what these variables will be set to?07:45
joe6or, a sample model Pkgfile that I can work of.07:45
Romsterin /etc/pkgmk.conf07:45
Romsterwork directory/{src,pkg} is $SRC and $PKG07:45
Romstersimply $SRC is the top level work/src where everything is extracted too from source=07:46
Romsteryou then most often cd $name-$verison07:46
Romsterall the usually stuff and most stuff can have make DESTDIR=$PKG07:47
Romsterto install to the package.07:47
joe6oh, ok. so, all the executables or /bin stuff goes into PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="/home/pkgmk/packages"?07:47
Romsternot all projects use DESTDIR though which is why it's a wise to configure
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Romsterso if it's wrong it'll error out and you can fix the issue.07:48
joe6which is a good Pkgfile to work off of?07:48
RomsterPKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR is where the compressed tarballs of build packages go.07:48
Romsterjoe6, most in core opt and contrib xorg...07:48
Romsterdon't go for the personal repos until you understand what ti's doing, especially mine in my personal repo i do funky stuff in there.07:49
joe6ok, thanks. the sed Pkgfile seems simple enough. let me start with that.07:50
Romsterthe executables or /bin stuff goes into $PKG/bin etc...07:50
joe6and, do you set your PATH variable for each $PKG/bin?07:50
Romster$PKG is PKGMK_WORK_DIR pkg/07:51
Romsteronce you done pkgmk -um && pkgmk && pkgmk -uf07:51
Romsterand view the .footprint file and are happy you do pkgmk -i07:51
Romsterto install the built package.07:52
Romsterthen it's on your system and the ports database tracks it.07:52
Romsterif you read over the documentation a few times it should be clear.07:52
frinnstlook, imagine you just compile a package by hand.. if you just run configure and make && make install it usually ends up in /usr/local07:52
frinnstif you pass --prefix=/usr it ends up in /usr/{bin,share,sbin} etc07:53
Romsterwe add --prefix=/usr to configure.07:53
joe6Romster, that makes sense. Thanks a lot.07:53
Romsteran we install into a DESTDIR to package it.07:53
frinnst$PKG is the future .pkg.gz's / root07:53
joe6what about conflicts, if a file with the same name such as info or man is used by 2 different packages?07:54
Romsteror pkg.xz07:54
frinnstyou get a warning if you try to overwrite a file already owned by another package07:54
Romsterjoe6, then installing it will fail and it'll say there is a conflict.07:54
frinnstyou can force an override with pkgadd07:54
joe6pkgadd error: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite) -- oh, like this.07:55
Romsternot to overload you but prt-get depinst prt-utils07:55
Romsterread though that man page in there too... many useful tools.07:55
frinnstor just play around :)07:55
Romsteri've broken my system how many times now :D07:56
Romsterthough i learn what i can do and what i can't do because of it and i can fix my own mistakes.07:56
Romsterjoe6, after some time you become a expert at it.07:56
frinnstits really simple once you get your head around it07:57
frinnstsimpler than any debian or red-hat system07:57
Romsteralso search other portdb for a port before making one it may already exist.07:57
frinnsti had a look at a rpm-buildscript07:57
frinnstit almost made me cry07:57
frinnst600 lines or something07:57
Romsteri looked over pkgsrc and ebuilds i was like O_O07:57
frinnstthe Pkgfile was 20 :)07:57
Romsterrpm-buildscript that bad...07:57
frinnstwell, it was apache-tomcat07:58
frinnstbut still :)07:58
Romsteri liken crux to LFS with Pkgfiles07:58
joe6btw, i use the rxvt-unicode with different configure options. when i changed, built it, and then did an update, it overwrote my edits. In such a case, I think it is better to have your own port of rxvt-unicode, correct?07:58
frinnstyeah, lfs with a simple package-tool07:59
frinnstjoe6: yeah07:59
Romsterjoe6, in such a case keep your own copy of that in your personal collection... or you could ask the maintainer to alter his configure options that person might depending on the changes.08:00
Romsteras for version bumps it's best to ask them than to duplicate... only make a duplicate if you can't contact them or your changes are radically different.08:01
joe6this is more of your convention: do you normally have ~/local/rxvt-unicode for your ports directory or ~/ports/...?08:02
Romsterthough think i jsut made myself a hypocrite on that last point08:02
Romsterput it where ever you like.08:02
Romster~/var/cwd/local/projects/foo is where i keep stuff..08:02
joe6Romster, ok, thanks. why cwd?08:02
frinnst/var/coward/.. was too long iirc08:03
Romstercommand working directory. shrugs it was a long time ago i chose that path.08:03
joe6ok, thanks.08:03
frinnstcouldnt resist :p08:03
Romsterfrinnst, how long have you been in crux anyways i don't think it's as long as me? as i can't recall seeing you here when i first joined.08:04
Romsterwonder where trench is too.08:04
frinnsttreach :)08:04
Romstertreach then was it?08:04
frinnsthmm, dunno.. since 2.2 or something08:04
Romster!seen treach08:05
frinnstbut i used another irc-nick previously08:05
* Romster bumps clb08:05
frinnstbut i remember you being here when i started using it08:05
Romsterah what was your other nick?08:05
Romstercrux 2.1 i started with08:06
Romsterah rehabdoll i remember that one.08:06
frinnsti thought it would be best to change to something more "professional" when i started to look around for IT-jobs :)08:06
Romsterso we are pretty much senior crux users now.08:07
frinnstcurrent nick is a mashup of my first and last name08:07
Romsteri chose this nick when i was big into emulators.... it's kind of stuck where ever i go.08:07
Romsterthough i have been wondering if it's about time for a new one.08:08
frinnsthehe, yeah its tricky to change08:08
Romsterbecause of ster i've been called pretty much everything.08:08
jaeger2.1? pshah! hehe08:09
Romsterrom from cartridges and ster from dragster big on speed ways.08:09
frinnstoh look, the old fart decided to throw in his 2 cents :)08:09
Romsterjaeger, it's been that long i probably wasn't that active in freenode then though. until 2.208:09
Romsterjaeger, probably started at 0.108:10
Romsterwell at least i was round when per liden (is that correct spelling) was.08:10
joe6i noticed that not every Pkgfile has: rm -rf $PKG/usr/info. Is that ok?08:10
frinnstlindén, but yeah :)08:11
Romsterwasn't here for long when i showed up though.08:11
frinnstjoe6: not all packages install info-crap08:11
Romsterand i dislike using -f force.08:11
jaegerfrinnst: no first n08:11
Romsterit can cause other problems but then some stuff wont show up unless you got some other package already installed.08:12
Romsterwith that accent e08:12
jaeger <-- and there he is08:12
frinnstyeah you're right08:12
frinnsthe's an oracle-monkey now08:13
Romstercrux shirt i want one :P08:13
Romsteroracle nuts... bad side to be at.08:13
frinnstjaeger: did he treat you to "snus"?08:13
Romsteri heard MySQL is going to remain open for another 4 years then what?08:13
Romsterthey already are making binary modules.08:14
frinnstthen the EU cant say anything when they close it08:14
jaegerfrinnst: treat? heh08:14
Romstertime to start migrating to postgresql08:14
jaegerhe sure bought a shitload of it while we were there08:14
jaegerI'm not a tobacco fan but he definitely was08:15
Romsterprefer to keep healthy than that bad tobacco08:16
jaegerI suppose it's better than smoking or typical american dipping tobacco but I avoid them all, heh08:16
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joe6my first Pkg installe: fakeroot pkgmk -d && sudo pkgmk -u, seems to have gone through fine.08:20
joe6uri:, is this still the recommended process for installing haskell? does not seem to work.08:22
Romsterhi sepen08:28
joe6Romster, are you Lucas?08:28
Romsteri'm Danny08:28
joe6ok, thanks.08:28
sepenjoe6, no, Lucas is missing since he had children08:28
sepenand Lucas was the author of Haskell's ports and doc08:28
Romsteri think tilman has a haskell port.08:28
joe6fair enough. he has his priorities correct.08:28
sepen@seen nipuL08:28
clbsepen: nipuL was last seen in #crux 31 weeks, 1 day, 23 hours, 5 minutes, and 51 seconds ago: <nipuL> not my fucking problem08:28
Romsterthat's a long time absence.08:29
joe6Romster: nothing about tilman's stuff comes up in the search.08:29
Romsteralso i forget what that was about now.08:29
joe6rsync -aqz haskell-binary08:29
joe6maybe, that one08:29
Romstercould of swore tilman did haskell08:30
joe6ok, will check more closely.08:30 belongs to moritz08:31
Romsteri know tilman has hacked at that language unless my memory is failing me.08:31
Romsteri'd be careful of that collection i have no idea of it's quality.08:31
sepenmaybe mortiz and joe6 could improve them and also the wiki doc08:32
joe6ok, can do.08:32
jaegerargh... why does suck so much?08:33
jaegerless than 4K/s at the moment08:34
jaegersomehow I can get 600MB updates for our sun unified storage device from sun's dlc but virtualbox stuff? 4K/s08:35
jaegerooh, 5.75K/s now08:35
sepenI do not remember if it was the same when belongs to innotek instead of oracle :D08:35
Romsteri guess the bootstrap haskell port got removed...08:35
sepenjaeger: I used your last updated iso for fine, but what about firmware for some kernel drivers like 2200bg? can't being shipped due to licenses or something?08:37
sependoesn't make sense to have a kernel module that can't be loaded08:38
jaegersepen: I have no idea, I don't use any of those... if you can find something that says it's ok to add, let me know08:38
sepennah, just I used to get external firmware from here
Romsterhere jaeger
Romster100%[======================================>] 72,730,966  9.83M/s   in 7.0s08:39
jaegerRomster: <-- this one08:39
Romsterwent fast on my host.08:40
jaeger35% [+++++++++===>                          ] 3,401,696   6.47K/s  eta 14m 34s08:40
jaegerI guess they're doing some load balancing internally08:40
Romster100%[======================================>] 9,531,572   11.1M/s   in 0.8s08:40
jaegerit's not round robin DNS but it's slow as hell most attempts08:40
Romstersomething is messed up.08:40
Romsterhopefully you can download that at a reasonable speed.08:41
jaegergot it from you at 558K/s... better than sun, at least :)08:42
Romsterlots of users on that server farm.08:42
Romsterbut it is on a 100mbit connection.08:42
Romsterguess they rate limit speed by country or something.08:43
jaegerperhaps so08:44
frinnst <- epic site.. perhaps not suitable for work08:44
frinnstsuitable for all sexes08:45
sepenshemale too?08:45
Romsterokay.... someone had a great idea.08:58
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jaegerhrmm.... wonder if installing CRUX with mdadm RAID1 using default metadata and an initramfs is tough09:11
Romsterdepends on what boot loader you need to use metadata 0.90 for lilo09:12
jaegeryeah, I'm thinking grub209:12
jaegersyslinux supports 1.0, lil supports 0.9009:12
joe6jaeger: that is what i am doing now.09:13
joe6i have not booted the system yet.09:13
jaegerI'm installing it in a VM to try it09:13
joe6but, I found that the grub installation in the wiki needs the device command, before the rest09:14
joe6oh, ok. good to know that you trying it now. please let me know if you find anything different.09:14
sepenwow, new meld version only requires pygtk to work09:19
sepenso now I can safely move them to contrib09:19
jaegersepen: did the missing icons issue in xfce4 get fixed or is that still around?09:19
sepenxfce4 doesn't have icons09:19
jaegeryes, that's the problem09:20
sepenI'm using mac4lin icon theme which worked really fine09:20
jaegerhrmm, alright09:20
sepenmac4lin icons + gtk theme09:20
sepen1sec I'll make a screenshot of my office's desktop09:20
sepenhmm well the fact is that I'm not running xfce4 here, but with 'thunar' you could get an idea about icons + theme
sepenI installed xfce4 for my girlfriend at home, I could upload a new screenshot later09:26
sepenmac4lin rocks!09:26
jaegerno worries, I can try it for myself... just wondered since you didn't have an xfce4-icon-theme anymore09:26
jaegerthough the one from older release dirs might work, I haven't tested it yet09:27
sepenicons was a long discussion in xfce09:27
sepenI used to use gnome-icon-theme but it has too deps (mostly builddeps) for an icon-theme port09:29
*** deep42thought has joined #crux09:45
jaegerso far grub2 doesn't like my initramfs09:47
joe6i think i messed up my system. ghc needed and i had on the system. So, I copied the core/libgmp/Pkgfile to a local directory, changed the version to 4.3.2 and installed it with "fakeroot pkgmk -i && sudo pkgmk -u".09:48
joe6It appears that configure uses and it does not install or do anything now, if I want to go back to the 5.0.2 package.09:49
joe6I could probably find the 5.0.2 package on the cd09:49
joe6and then put it on the system and use pkgadd on it,09:49
joe6jaeger: why initramfs? why not the normal way?09:50
jaegerbecause I was specifically curious about NOT using the linux raid autodetect partition type as well as NOT using old metadata09:51
joe6oh, ok.09:51
jaegereducational exercise :)09:51
jaegeroops, I forgot a /dev/console, that's probably why09:53
frinnsti thought the metadata was deprecated09:54
sepenjoe6: why not build libgmp version separately and use something like $ env LD_PRELOAD="/tmp/" ghc09:56
sepenyou don't need to install/downgrade libgmp for that purposse09:56
*** pitillo has quit IRC09:57
sepenor you can try to build a different port which depends on legacy libraries but not from your system, take a look of this port
*** pitillo has joined #crux09:58
sepenjoe6: in this case, google-chrome's binary required old libpng and libjpeg libraries09:59
sepenI hope that could help :P10:02
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*** lasso|qt has quit IRC10:14
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joe6sepen, thanks a lot, i did not know about the "env LD_PRELOAD.."10:19
sepenjoe6: well you could use different methods, LD_PRELOAD, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, /etc/, etc. just they are dynamic libs10:29
sepenbbl, see ya'10:50
*** sepen has quit IRC10:50
joe6sepen: ok, thanks for your help.10:51
joe6jaeger: how did the install go?10:52
tilmanjoe6: there's a ghc port10:52
joe6tilman, but, could not get that to work. I modified this a little bit, and can get it to work.10:53
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joe6this is a pretty nifty tool, imho:
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joe6jaeger: can you share the grub menu.lst of the installation of grub and raid-1 arrray?14:12
joe6if that is not a problem with you, just so I could double-check my installation.14:12
joe6can the crux ports system work with github? ie., cloning from github and building it automatically?14:24
joe6it appears that the tar.gz file can be used, instead of cloning it.14:25
*** vee has joined #crux14:30
veeare the wired-settings.conf in /etc/wicd for crux? or are they elsewhere. O.o14:31
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*** rmull has joined #crux14:34
jaegerjoe6: I just got back to my office, had meetings this morning14:38
jaegerso I haven't finished that install yet14:38
joe6ok, whenever you are done and have a free minute, is good enough for me.14:38
jaegerhrmm... what's the best way to remove GPT from 50 disks at once? :)14:40
veelol reformat?14:43
jaegerthat's what I'm doing but doing it one at a time kinda sucks14:43
jaegercould script parted, I guess14:44
joe6if they are all the same, can you not copy the partitions over with sfdisk/14:45
jaegermight be worth a try, if I can figure out the proper device names14:46
jaegerwhat comes after sdz? sdaa? =)14:46
joe6good question.14:46
jaegermost of the drives have GPT style tables on them so fdisk gets really confused14:47
jaegersome searching suggests sdaa, sdab, etc.14:47
jaeger /dev/sd[a-z][a-z][1-15]14:48
*** childintime has joined #crux14:49
frinnstjaeger: å followed by ä and ö14:55
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC14:55
jaegerthat would be terrifying :P14:56
veeif you dont mind me asking, why do you have 50 disks O.o server?14:58
jaegerit's some storage hardware that we haven't put into production yet14:59
jaegerso I put it in a linux box for grins14:59
jaeger2 sun j4400 SAS expander bays with 24 drives in each14:59
jaegerI've got 4 of them but only hooked up 214:59
veemy friend built a comp with an i7, 24 gigs of ram, 2 ssd drives, with a a 2 gig video card (i think it was 2 gig) and i wante dto put cru xon it15:01
veefor shits and giggles15:01
veebut he didn't let me :(15:01
frinnstthen thats not a friend15:01
vee^amen. thats what i said too15:01
teK_computer hardware is where friendship ends :P15:02
veejaeger what exactly are you storing with those hard drives ey ;)15:02
frinnstsince he's wiping the drives, i guess "nothing"15:03
jaegeron those particular ones, nothing at the moment15:03
jaegeron the production ones, all of our data :)15:03
frinnstjaeger: for what company are you working?15:04
jaegerhome folders, mri scans, etc.15:04
jaegerfrinnst: Laureate Institute for Brain Research15:04
frinnstgot any pr0n-pics of the hardware? :)15:05
jaeger <-- it's that but imagine 4 of the drive expanders and 2 of the head nodes15:06
frinnstoooooh baby15:07
jaegerexcept right now I just have 2 of the expanders on a linux box, not using the sun head node for this sandbox one15:07
veealright guys, time to go to astronomy. adios, muchachos15:07
*** vee has quit IRC15:07
teK_reminds me of
teK_48 disks :>15:08
jaegerah, that's a thumper15:08
frinnstso, sdca it is15:10
frinnsti wonder when i'll have the need for that knowledge again15:11
joe6i have this package that wants to put files in /etc/profile.d, package: uri:, .sh file:, .bash file:, and there is a .zsh file. I cannot find a profile.d file in crux. any alternatives, please?15:12
joe6i am trying to build a Pkgfile for this package, hence the question. I could hack it out if it was just for me.15:20
jaegerif it wants profile.d, you could create one in the port15:21
joe6ok, thanks. I was not sure if there was some other purpose behind having the profile.d directory.15:22
jaegerthere are 97 drives showing up here instead of 49. I think the SAS multipathing stuff doesn't work without some extra software or something15:23
jaegerbecause the SAS HBA has two connections to the expanders and is showing exactly double the number of drives it should15:23
deep42thoughtk, got it15:31
jaeger97 = (48*2)+115:31
jaeger1 system drive, 48 drives in the expanders15:31
deep42thought... i got it ... it's quite late for me ...15:32
jaegerno worries, I didn't explain that15:32
jaegerjoe6: not really succeeding yet with this initramfs setup but you could see a similar grub config here:
jaegerthat's for grub2, not grub, though15:37
joe6jaeger, thanks.15:37
jaegerah ha! multipath-tools to the rescue15:43
jaegerhrmm, odd. can't find an mbcache.ko module but it's clearly loaded and used16:18
jaegerunrelated to mbcache,16:18
jaeger  LV Size                40.95 TiB16:18
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joe6i use the xkbset command to set the keyboard settings. I could not find it in the ports search. I am sure there must be a reason for that and that there must be an alternative to not using the xkbset. Any thoughts, please? this is how I use it: xkbset perkeyrepeat 00ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff sticky -twokey latchlock -accessx16:48
*** Evil_Bob has quit IRC17:18
joe6anyone tried porting uzbl on crux?17:20
*** deep42thought has quit IRC17:21
*** vee has joined #crux17:56
veeis there anyway to run crux boot cd to support wireless keyboards and mouse?18:05
*** childintime has quit IRC18:28
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joe6i do not have a url or webspace, but, I have a crux port for xkbset. Wondering if I can email the file to anyone and they could put it on their repo?19:59
joe6which is better, PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR="/usr/ports/distfiles" or PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR="/home/pkgmk/distfiles"20:19
joe6not just the directory location,20:20
joe6but, being able to use prt-get as an unprivileged user and having the pkgmk having access to the /usr/ports/..20:20
joe6seems to be a better idea.20:20
joe6i am currently running prt-get as root, and pkgmk's as an unprivileged user.20:21
joe6it seems to be better to run even prt-get as an unprivileged user.20:21
joe6is that the recommended procedure?20:21
*** jdolan has joined #crux20:32
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*** joe6 has joined #crux21:29
joe6hello, I am building the haskell platform from source, using "fakeroot pkgmk -d", and there are a lot of files that are failing in the build, which I am fixing.21:44
joe6The .tar.gz is in the distfiles directory and I untar it, fix it and then run the build each time.21:44
joe6after tarring it back again.21:44
joe6as, the build takes a long time, I wait for it to fail again. I think I am missing something about fixing the files while the build is running.21:45
joe6for every failure, it appears that it removes the files from the work folder.21:45
joe6is there a better way of doing this? than having to untar, repair, tar, start build and wait for it to fail with the next error.. --> process cycle.?21:46
*** acrux has quit IRC22:18
*** Cryptorchild has joined #crux22:49
CryptorchildI'm trying to install Crux 2.7 on Intel Atom based motherboard with 40GB IDE-HDD, but i got kernel panic "VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1)" any ideas?22:50
Cryptorchildwhen im trying to install on my old P4, it works like a charm22:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cgit: 0.9 ->, wont work with git 1.7.6 yet22:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: hedgewars: 0.9.15 -> 0.9.1622:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: openal: 1.12.854 -> 1.1322:51
joe6-kw is the option i need.23:14

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