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frinnstCryptorchild: you are missing some driver needed for booting00:56
frinnstit could be filesystem, ide/sata or whatever00:56
frinnstand make sure you have it compiled NOT as a module00:57
pitillogood morning01:00
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frinnstfuck mornings02:01
Cryptorchildfrinnst: k i'll check that out02:02
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frinnstalso, make sure scsi disk support is not compiled as a module02:15
frinnstive overlooked that a couple of times myself02:15
Cryptorchildoh ok02:15
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horrorStruckhi #crux02:56
Romsterjoe6> i think i messed up my system. ghc needed and i had on the system. So, I copied the core/libgmp/Pkgfile to a local directory, changed the version to 4.3.2 and installed it with "fakeroot pkgmk -i && sudo pkgmk -u". < pkgadd the later gmp then make a new port called libgmp3 or something and not install the .so file simlink so it don't clash with the other one or install it into it's own prefix. then point ghc at that.02:57
joe6Romster, oh, thanks.03:06
Romsterjoe6, if you need more help let me know.03:09
Romstersepen is never around when i need him anymore guess i'll make a bug report.03:09
joe6Romster, I just built the ghc-7.2.1 and the haskell-platform (though, not really supported). i think the worst has passed, and cabal is churning away at the modules that I need.03:10 still missing what's now.03:24
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featureis crux port infrastracture still down? I cant rsync the ports with ports -u04:03
frinnstno, its up04:03
Romsterno it's been back up since yesterday.04:04
featurersync: failed to connect to ...04:05
featureCan someone please verify ports -u is working. thx04:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xscreensaver: 5.12 -> 5.1404:17
pitillofeature: it's working right here04:20
featurei issued prt-get sysup and ran into problems. Will reboot to changes take effect , hopefully everything will be ok04:25
Romsterfeature, you may need to run revdep over your system04:29
Romsterand then if you updated xorg you probably want to rebound video input packages too.04:30
Romsterand then there is a few new deps you could be missing for a port04:31
featureI am still here thx. But I am unfortunatelly new to crux. Forgive me but how to do revdep and what is it? :)04:33
Romsterit looks for broken links in libs.04:38
Romsterprt-get depinst prt-uitls04:38
Romsterprt-get update -fr $(revdep)04:39
Romsterit's liek gentoos revdep only revdep itself only returns a list04:39
Romsteri also like to use "RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep |tee revdep" then view it myself then decide what i should rebuild.04:39
Romsteryou also should run rejmerge after a sysup and check what configuration files need editing/updating or left as is.04:40
Romsterwith xorg updates to mostly xorg-server cause the input and video xorg ports to break until you recompile those too.04:41
Romsterelse mouse and keyboard wont work.04:41
Romsteror it wont even start with missing video.04:41
featuredo you guys after fresh install of crux run prt-get sysup right away after install? Is it safe and recommended?04:42
Romsteri usally do ports -u && prt-get diff04:43
Romsterand see what i should do and what might cause problems.04:43
Romsterand save the problems one to a time frame where i'l have time to update.04:43
Romsterif your system isn't that far behind then sysup is pretty much ok.04:44
Romsteri would selectively update core ports first in your case.04:45
Romsterlike the tool chain and other such build ports.04:45
featureso it is not straightforward like i thought04:45
Romsterthen work your way up on the rest of core updates make sure that's all ok, then prt-get update $(prt-get quickdep xorg)04:46
Romsternot if your from the iso version unless you use the updated iso that's not official,
Romster32bit one if you need 64bit i'm not sure on the status of that.04:47
featurei need 32 but first try to fix this04:47
Romsteryou could mount that iso and pkgadd the core ports04:47
featurerevdep returned configure:keyutils.h header not found04:47
featureill google it04:48
Romsteror just update the build stuff like m4 make perl then binutils gcc then glibc (if there is an update to that) get core up and it's not a bad idea to cd /usr/ports/core && pkgmk -f -r -u04:48
Romsterprt-get fsearch keyutils.h04:49
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/opt/keyutils:04:49
Romster  /usr/include/keyutils.h04:49
featurei dont have it installed will install04:50
Romsterperhaps prt-utils is missing a dependency...04:50
featureyou probably right, installed will run revdep again04:51
Romstershould be reported so that gets fixed.04:51
Romsterbut yeah fsearch comes in handy.04:51
Romstercrux doesn't hold hands like other distros do.04:52
Romsterthat's actually a feature04:52
Romsterhopefully you got some Linux experience.04:53
featureI hoped crux could be the distro you know what i am mean04:54
Romstercrux i liken it to LFS with a package manager bolted on.04:54
Romsterbeen using it since 2005 myself04:55
featurei got frustrated with amount of bloat in comercial distroa04:55
Romsterperhaps longer actually but i didn't do desktop full time until 2005.04:55
Romsteryeah your in the right distro if oyu want to customize what you want and don't want.04:56
featureLittle more documentation wouldt hurt :)04:57
Romsterhmm i'm starting to question if xscreensaver even uses netpbm and that's what's pulling i cups...04:57
featureBut i like it very much so far04:57
Romsterdocumentation tends to lack04:57
Romsteri spend most of my time maintaining.04:58
Romsteri think i'm about 50% of contrib or something maybe a bit less. it varies.04:58
Romsterwe had more maintainers but over the time real life takes them away.04:59
featurei tried to install virtualbox from contrib but got checksum errors. However until i fix my system my error messagesare not reliable05:01
featureHalf of problem is probably that some sources are from linuxfondation which is down so upgate is not possilble.05:02
featurethx for help , going to reboot and come later05:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dbus: updated to 1.4.1606:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dbus-glib: updated to 0.9606:21
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Romsterman if that happened to me i would hunt them cops to the end of the world for revenge.06:31
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fakerootHi there.06:36
fakerootLong time without crux :)06:46
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deep42thoughtIs there any possibility to open an 3.5 GB bmp, e.g. convert it to a compressed format like png?07:34
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rmulldeep42thought: You want it full size?07:40
deep42thoughtat least full information07:43
Romsterpng is lossless jpg is lossy07:47
Romsterso you want to keep the resolution and colour depth?07:47
deep42thoughtresolution: yes, colordepth: it's gray-scaled, i'Ve implemented it as 24-bit (other types i didn't recognize for bmp) ... so it might get down to 8 bit07:49
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deep42thoughtI guess I'll have to split it up ... :-(07:57
rmulldeep42thought: have you tried playing with imagemagick tools?08:00
rmullor, better, graphicsmagick08:00
jaegeror netpbm08:00
deep42thoughtimagemagick: yes, the rest: no08:01
deep42thoughtI'll split it up ... it's actually the only form I can use it (the viewer would request 3.5GB RAM when diplaying ...)08:02
rmullwhich viewer are you using?08:02
deep42thoughtdon't wanna say it's name in such a channel :-/08:03
Romsteri just updated mine to .508:03
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jaegermd0 : active raid5 dm-45[46] dm-44[44] dm-43[43] dm-42[42] dm-41[41] dm-40[40] dm-39[39] dm-38[38] dm-37[37] dm-36[36] dm-35[35] dm-34[34] dm-33[33] dm-32[32] dm-31[31] dm-30[30] dm-29[29] dm-28[28] dm-27[27] dm-26[26] dm-25[25] dm-24[24]09:39
jaegerdm-21[23] dm-16[22] dm-23[21] dm-19[20] dm-22[19] dm-20[18] dm-18[17] dm-11[16] dm-14[15] dm-13[14] dm-17[13] dm-15[12] dm-12[11] dm-8[10] dm-10[9] dm-3[8] dm-5[7] dm-7[6] dm-9[5] dm-2[4] dm-6[3] dm-4[2] dm-1[1] dm-0[0]09:40
jaeger      [>....................]  recovery =  0.1% (1006464/976762432) finish=926.9min speed=17543K/sec09:40
Romsterdue wtf...09:41
deep42thoughtseems quite fast for such a big raid *jealous*09:42
jaeger      43954309440 blocks super 1.2 level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [46/45] [UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU_]09:42
frinnstjaeger: lol09:43
Romsterah your reshaping09:43
Romsteri'd convert that to raid6 if i were you09:43
jaegerI don't plan to actually USE it like this in production, I just want to stress the drives a bit09:43
jaegerinit, yes09:43
frinnstso, what did the size land at?09:43
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jaegerDisk /dev/md0: 45009.2 GB, 45009212866560 bytes09:44
Romster45Tb nice.09:44
joe645 TB?09:44
frinnstheeey joe. i heard you shot your lady down09:44
joe6what are you talking about?09:44
Romsterthough as you said i wouldn't use it like that 2 disks and poof goes the data09:44
jaegerhey joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand?09:45
joe6what gun?09:45
joe6something in the news. i haven't checked it this morning.09:45
jaegersong lyrics :)09:45
joe6oh, ok.09:45
jaegerRomster: if I were really going to use it in production I'd set up a RAID10, most likely... however, it's eventually going to be driven by opensolaris and ZFS, not linux09:46
Romsteronly thing that linux is missing.09:49
jaegerthe first two expanders seemed to work perfectly. this set has 2 bad drives in it, it seems09:51
joe6on my first boot of crux, the system seems to boot up fine, but I got a blank screen and the monitor said "Input not found". I realised that I had not setup my mdadm.conf09:54
joe6i did that now, and am just about to restart my machine again.09:54
joe6but, it was blazingly fast.09:55
joe6will catch you on the other side, hopefully.09:55
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jaeger"input not found" doesn't sound like an mdadm config issue09:57
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jaegerI wonder if linux can handle me hot unplugging a drive from this setup10:01
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joe6need some help, I try to boot into crux, but all i get is a blank screen (with "Input not found") message. I am suspecting that i am missing some vga/display/i810/i915 modules in the kernel.10:06
joe6I do not see anything in the mounted /var/log10:06
joe6nothing has been touched, making me suspect that maybe the raid-1 is not properly getting mounted10:07
joe6any thoughts on how I can go about trying to fix something like that.10:07
joe6after, i select something from grub, i get the console on which some messages pass very quickly and then I get the blank screen.10:08
jaegerif you add vga=0 to your kernel command line, does it work?10:08
joe6i tried the "single" option to grub, but same thing happened.10:08
joe6don't know, will try. btw, instead of the reboot cycles, is it easier to load this into qemu oslt?10:08
joe6from my previous experience, qemu was so slow that I gave up.10:09
joe6jaeger, are you using qemu to load the new install?10:09
jaegerI was using virtualbox for my mdadm test10:10
jaegereasy to boot and reboot there10:10
joe6ok, will check that out. thanks.10:11
Romsterjaeger, providing you got ACPI support or was that AHCI anyways got that it'll inform of a unplug/plug in event.10:16
jaegerI'm gonna test it anyway, since it's not production10:18
Romsteryou can always --re-add the disk.10:20
Romsterneed sleep after 1am 1 day of work to go.10:20
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fakerootHmm, why udev doesn't name ifaces like I want to?10:54
fakerootIt seems like /etc/udev/rules.d/10-network.rules file is not being read at all.10:54
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joe6jaeger, i cannot get grub to read my raid-1 partition. What version of grub were you using?11:09
joe6and, did you have to do anything to the ports core grub installation? I do not see a raid1_stage1.. file in the boot/grub11:10
joe6let me try lilo11:13
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joe6when I boot my custom kernel, it boots to a blank screen. The screen says "Input not found". it is a dual monitor setup.13:28
joe6jaeger, i tried the boot options vga=0, after ask, and also vga=7(the first vesa mode from ask)13:28
joe6it has nothing to do with X, I think. something with the kernel and the console, I guess.13:28
joe6Any thoughts on what I could be missing?13:28
jaegervga=0 didn't work, I take it13:30
jaegeryou could try going into your kernel config and disabling all framebuffer console options13:31
joe6nope, vga=0 and also tried vga=713:31
jaegeralso, if you have "quiet" in your grub or lilo config, take it out, see how far the boot process gets13:31
joe6yes, i removed quiet. will remove the framebuffer stuff and try.13:31
jaegerI was using grub2 1.99-rc113:31
joe6oh, that makes sense. as grub1 does not have the raid modules.13:34
joe6i am using lilo now, it seems simpler.13:34
joe6once, I have this working, then I can think about grub.13:34
joe6do i have to do "make mrproper" for every kernel config change? or, is this good enough "make all && make modules_install"?13:36
joe6and then followed by the copy of bzimage to /boot and lilo and all that.13:37
jaegermrproper is actually a bad idea for every change, doesn't it delete .config?13:37
jaegershould be enough to make all and modules_install13:37
joe6ok, thanks.13:37
tilmanalso use 'make oldconfig' when taking an older config to a new kernel source tree13:38
joe6tilman, ok, thanks.13:40
tilmangoogle kernel howto13:41
tilman(omfg the memories)13:41
joe6ok, thanks. uri: I am using this.13:42
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laenWhat about
laenDone by pappy, used to be a GCC hacker.14:30
laenEspecially which walks through the stuff.14:31
laenAnd the GCC hacker thing is an assumption.14:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tornadoweb: 2.0 -> 2.114:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vala: 0.13.4 -> 0.14.014:43
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joe6do you enable framebuffer settings? i will probably never need graphics on the console, imho. Is there any need for having it, if I just want a decent kernel that will get me to the login. After that, X can take over with DRI and stuff.15:31
joe6do you normally enable it in the kernel configuration?15:32
jaegerI only use it on machines where I might want to see a lot of text on the console, where X won't be used15:33
joe6oh, ok. makes sense.15:33
joe6i do not need it, as most of the time I will be using X. the only time i will be on the console is when I mess up something on the kernel config oslt.15:34
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conbot123hey all17:22
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joe6how long does the firefox build take? it has been running on my machine for close to a few hours now.18:57
crshdi remember compiling F18:59
crshd... compiling FFx on gentoo, it took forever19:00
crshdaround 1.5 hours, IIRC19:00
crshd(for reference: intel C2D P7350 - 2x2.0GHz)19:02
joe6crshd, ok, thanks.20:04
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veeshmello guys21:35
Romsterfakeroot, for me it's /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules21:37
RomsterSUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="00:24:1d:16:2f:48", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="eth0"21:39
Romsteradjust to suit your device.21:39
RomsterDown for maintenance... still urge to kill someone until it's back up.21:42
Romsterthey have some serious explaining to do.21:43
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veeanyone played rome total war?21:58
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