IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2011-09-23

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pitillogood morning01:04
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sepenjaeger: yesterday I finished another xfce installation
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sepenteK_: I've some problems building vala:
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teK_sepen: builds for me for 32 and 64 bit02:21
teK_anyone else with vala problems?02:21
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sepenteK_: hmm I've all listed deps, later I'll try it again02:25
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-panel: updated to 4.8.602:43
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfwm4: updated to 4.8.202:43
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-settings: updated to 4.8.302:43
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce-utils: updated to 4.8.302:43
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sepenteK_: my bad, I just removed the source file and now it's building fine, sorry guy for making noise02:53
teK_k :)02:53
sepenjust I was excited so tomorrow I'll start a little vacation for a week, :D02:57
sepenand I don't have enough motivation for today at office :D02:58
sepenwell not only today, lol02:58
teK_have fun03:05
Romstervala#0.14.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded03:40
Romsterperhaps you got funky cflags?03:41
frinnst09:53 <sepen> teK_: my bad, I just removed the source file and now it's building fine, sorry guy for making noise03:41
Romsteryeah and i read that after i test it03:42
Romsteralways happens to me03:42
Romsterplus i'm distracted by pizza03:42
sepenpizza? or maybe p0rn?03:45
sepenRomster: now working on some tickets you filed to me03:46
Romsterpizza :O03:46
Romsterdoesn't help there was like 4 people over seeing our new puppies.03:47
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deep42thoughtwhat exactly is tested to determine the location of a computer? the ipaddress?04:27
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frinnstdeep42thought: what do you mean?04:28
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deep42thoughtyoutube means "content not available in germany" ... how can I change "nationality" in the net04:29
frinnstuh, yeah your ip04:30
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deep42thoughtit's nice of youtube to try to protect me from the music (or vice versa) by preventing me to watch the video, but finally I however turned off the music ^^04:37
featureplease link to unofficial install iso, thx04:45
featureupdated, x3204:46
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: samhain: update to 2.8.605:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: sqlite3: update to 3.7.805:23
sependeep42thought: you could use contrib/tor to hide you ip05:32
deep42thoughtsepen: thx, I've somewhen used JAP (similar principle), but this video was downloadable via :-P05:35
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deep42thoughtwhere can i get usbutils 004-1 and util-linux-ng 2.20-1 if not from
RomsterGermany getting all block youtube now?06:08
Romsteror just some content?06:09
deep42thoughtnot totally, only some "music"-stuff06:09
Romsterwhy would they even bother with that...06:09
deep42thoughtit's nasty ... i always believed, the internet was an international and free place ...06:09
deep42thoughtsome owner-rights-stuff06:10
Romsterdeep42thought, not so fast but reliable.06:10
deep42thoughtRomster: thx a lot :-)06:11
Romsterargggghhhh 3 weeks of no :(06:23
deep42thoughtseems like they have bigger problems than announced :-/06:23
deep42thoughtor they're all on vacation ;-)06:24
Romsteri'm starting to think someone screwed up the backups.06:31
crshdyeah, that was annoying. i installed crux, and was like "prt-get install git - (pause) - *what*?"06:33
featurewhats the wisdom about using -j flag? I read somewhere -n and somewhere -(n+1) where n=#cpu06:33
prologic -- this work for anyone ?06:34
Romsterfeature, MAKEFLAGS='-j 4' on a quad core cpu...06:36
Romsterprologic, works... man that was ages ago that project...06:37
prologiccool ta06:37
Romsterdistant memories now.06:37
Romsterkinda want to learn Python some more but i don't have enough time to sit down and learn it.06:38
prologicI hardly have the time to do much these days either06:39
Romsterit's mostly i'm burnned our from work that i can barely think about deep thoughts of computer programming. and even when i had the time it takes me forever to learn it still...06:44
Romsterso i haven't been doing alot06:44
Romsterdisabilities sucks.06:45
Romsterthough not being able to see well wouldn't be great either. that's life.06:47
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featurehow much swap is needed this days for destop, is it RAM *2?06:54
frinnsti dont think i use any06:58
Romsterdepends what heavyweight programs you plan to run.06:59
Romsteri find i was hitting 4GB using some ram hog programs but with 8GB i never touch swap unless i do something really crazy.07:00
Romster2GB ram you might need another 2GB swap is you plan to run firefox and java etc.07:00
thrice`you'll need at least your ram amount, if you use hibernate07:00
Romsteroh and that.07:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libglade: fixed deps (thanks to Danny Rawlins)07:01
Romsterthank you sepen07:02
Romsteri also took the liberty to close some old flyspray bug reports.07:02
Romsterregarding wxgtk that i now maintain and some others that never got closed that are now obsolete.07:03
sepenhmmmm wxgtk was moved from opt to contrib, but opt/amule depends on it so we should move it to contrib too or just delete it07:14
sepenwhen adopting we should take care with deps07:15
frinnstheh, edonkey..07:15
frinnsti wonder if anybody would miss it?07:15
sepenimho I just dropped the port :D07:16
sepenpff bad english, I'll just drop the port07:17
joacimI dont have a permanent swap file/partition07:20
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joacimswapd creates swap on demand07:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: amule: removed (orphaned and requires wxgtk which was moved to contrib)07:23
sepen^^^ if someone is dissagree with that I could revert the changeset07:24
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sepenjoacim: swapd?? is thats need it? nowadays hard drives are huge, and I think that 1 or 2 GB for a swap from a hardisk (500GB, 1TB or more) be a problem07:30
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sepens/be/won't be/07:34
sepenbbl, see ya'07:34
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Romsteroh hmm there was no * on wxgtk...08:04
Romsterin the wiki on that page.08:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: crypto++: picked up orphan port08:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: amule: picked up orphan port08:25
Romstercrypto++ can be removed form opt only amule uses it.08:26
Romsteri wonder why wxgtk was not marked as (*) needing to stay in opt for amule...08:27
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Romsterwhen i get some time i'll pick up fontfore netpbm wine and anything else relating to wine. netpbm for xscreensaver i maintain.08:31
Romsteri have a few ports i'll be pruning after reviewing them too.08:32
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frinnstRomster: should i remove crypto++?09:41
Romsterfrinnst, yes please i've added it to contrib as only amule needs it.09:50
Romsterwell according to the depends on line search i did.09:50
Romsterfrinnst, ^09:51
Romsteri should of guessed the wiki is not always right too... i can't be right about everything.09:52
Romstersepen> when adopting we should take care with deps09:52
Romster see wxgtk had no * on the right -_-09:55
Romsteranyways it's sorted now when crypto++ is removed out of opt.09:56
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fakerootAle niefart. Crux juz byl ladnie postawiony, wystarczylo domiziac configi.10:26
fakerootAz tu nagle *prrr* *kchrrzzzz* *dddddrrrrrsrsrsrr*10:27
fakerootI *kaboom*10:27
fakerootDysk wyjebany w kosmos.10:27
tilmanhello my foreign friend10:27
fakerootOmg, sorry guys, not this channel...10:27
fakerootI have terrible day today, my brain doesn't work anymore.10:28
tilmannp =)10:28
rmullI hope those aren't the sounds your crux machine is making :)10:29
fakerootI've just said, that I nearly installed crux, and those sounds were from damaged hdd.10:29
fakerootIt's completely dead.10:29
rmullOh dear10:29
tilmanthat sucks :|10:30
fakerootElectronics are broken for sure. I suspect plates too.10:31
fakerootWhat's wrong with /etc/udev/rules.d?10:38
fakerootIt seems not to read my eth iface modifications.10:41
fakerootI have 2 eth and each time I reboot ifaces are changed (eth0 -> eth1, eth1 -> eth0).10:42
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Romsteri commented on that earlier fakeroot10:44
Romster specifically then.10:46
fakerootRomster: Sorry, didn't read it earlier cause od hdd death.10:47
fakerootRomster: Hmm, weird, mine net.rules looks the same.10:47
Romsterbe sure you use the right MAC address of your card.10:47
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fakerootOK, will try to name them 'lan0' and 'inet0'. MAC's are correct, so /etc/rc.d/net.10:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: crypto++: port moved to contrib10:54
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fakerootDamn, I have MAC's with capitals instead small letters.11:00
fakerootNow this is called A FAIL.11:00
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fakerootRomster: Thank you and sorry for that.11:00
Romsterthank you frinnst11:01
Romsterfakeroot, lol nice...11:01
Romstersilly stuff happens all the time.11:02
fakerootRomster: I was thinking about that for two damn days ;/11:02
frinnsti love when that happens11:02
frinnstsomething really simple that you keep overlook11:02
Romsterand you kick yourself when you spot it11:03
frinnststill, feels damn good when you do find it11:03
Romsternailed that sucker...11:03
fakerootRomster: Like Chuck Norris :)11:03
Romsteroh plz that's so old11:04
fakerootThose kicks are never getting old ;]11:04
fakerootOK, thanks. It's friday evening in Poland, time to drink some booze :>11:05
Romsterafter 2am about to zzz11:07
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joe6i installed rxvt-unicode on crux, and notice that it grabs the keyboard and hangs.12:13
joe6this is with 9.1212:13
joe6is there anything that I can check?12:13
joe6i do not see anything in the Xorg.0.log12:13
joe6xterm works fine.12:14
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frinnsthey treach. hows the mood in trollhättan?12:34
treachwho knows, I guess it's a mix of various feelings, depending on who you ask.12:34
treachI can tell you one thing, that fucking bitch Olofsson wasn't allowed into the factory when she was here on a visit a while ago, even if she claimed she wanted to. :>12:36
rmullI kinda wish the homepage had some more up-to-date news or releases so that people wouldn't assume that the project is dead12:46
Rotwangrmull: has it's annual updates12:48
jseCoddling the user never was crux protocol and changing that now is pointless. We're dead, remember? :D12:48
frinnstwhat news? should we redirect visitors to the git repos?12:50
jseBring on the flood of 'y u no have website no more?!'...12:51
tilmanspeaking of trollhaettan12:51
tilmanjse: lindstrand back with the crown o_______O12:52
jseThat's news. Thought the crown was burried long ago.12:52
tilmanno, they got resurrected about a year ago or so12:53
tilman(with another singer ;)12:53
Rotwangmay I ask what are you talking about?12:54
tilmanunpopular band playing unpopular music ;)12:54
Rotwangok [;12:54
rmullFair enough.12:57
treachlol, never heard of 'em. :>12:59
jseIt's too modern, that's why. :>12:59
treachprobably. People around me keep telling me I'm not 16 anymore. :p13:00
jseBesides, if a potential user dismisses crux because the front page is "dead" then it likely means they are not power users who know their way around linux systems.13:01
jseThat won't cover every situation but if that's all you go by then it might not work out.13:01
jseThis distro would suck way more than it does if it was popular say like arch imo.13:02
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conbot123hi all18:59
rmullhi conbot12319:04
conbot123i have always failed in a unique way in installing crux19:06
conbot123mostly 'VFS: cannot read root file aaaaahhhh!!!'19:06
conbot123i hate seeing that19:06
conbot123installing it on my netbook19:06
conbot123in vbox19:06
conbot123vmware player19:07
jaegernever got a working install? =(19:08
conbot123no matter what19:11
conbot123i have attempted it like 5 times19:11
conbot123how is crux?19:13
conbot123better than debian?19:13
rmullconbot123: Sounds like it might be an issue with not including support for your root FS in your kernel or misconfiguring your bootloader19:13
conbot123i tried installing it on vbox with an ide and sata drive19:13
conbot123and always included drivers in the kernel for that19:14
jaegerI like it better than debian, myself, but that's subjective. you're the only one who can really answer that for you19:14
conbot123i wish my netbook wasnt so ghetto19:14
conbot123the wifi driver requires gnome or kde19:14
conbot123i would be rockin with no x11 or at least twm if it was better19:15
conbot123gnome is so horrrrrible19:15
conbot123better that kde19:15
conbot123kde remionds me of windows too much19:15
thrice`wifi driver requires gnome or kde?  that sounds very wrong :p19:16
rmullconbot123: That sounds like it might be a mistake, which drivers?19:16
conbot123thrice`: im serious19:16
conbot123broadcom sta wireless19:17
conbot123requires windows, linux, or........ mac os x19:17
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conbot123(hackintosh :P)19:17
jaegerwireless drivers don't require gnome or KDE, that makes no sense19:17
conbot123gnome or kde is required to configure it, i meant19:17
joe6this is the dmesg with "drm.debug=14 log_buf_len=16M acpi=off" boot parameters:, dmesg without these kernel parameters:
conbot123thrice`: i remember you from a loooooong time ago. when i first came in here. i was new to irc and was trollin19:18
joe6i waited till X showed a garbled screen. I am not sure if that was enough time to write out all the information to the log file or not, as the log seemed to be ending a bit abruptly.19:18
joe6this is the kernel.log without the boot parameters followed by with the boot parameters:, there seems to be a lot of debugging info with the boot parameters, but no message about the "gpu lockup" when the boot parameters are provided19:18
joe6this is with nouveau drivers.19:18
joe6on crux19:19
joe6i asked in the #nouveau forum, and they do not seem to be responding.19:19
joe6Just curious if anyone has seen this error berofe19:19
conbot123i think that was when i was only 12 yrs old...19:19
conbot123im 13 now...19:19
jaegerjoe6: what about the Xorg.0.log ?19:20
rmullconbot123: You don't need KDE or gnome to configure your drivers. What sort of configuration are you talking about?19:20
joe6jaeger: it is empty.19:21
jaegerjoe6: that's rather odd19:21
joe6according to the folks in #nouveau, the message "GPU lockup -switching to software fbcon" could cause this.19:21
conbot123rmull: the sta broadcom wireless, i need gnome/kde to go onto networks etc19:22
jaegerX should still log something, at least19:22
conbot123thats what it says in the readme19:22
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joe6jaeger, X does not respond. I have to use the powerbutton to get out.19:22
conbot123x11... whyyyy???19:22
conbot123are there any other window systems?19:23
joe6can't wait for wayland.19:23
joe6jaeger, should I start using nvidia instead?19:23
rmullconbot123: Like the stuff you would ordinarily use wpa_supplicant for?19:23
conbot123erm... no clue what that meant...19:23
jaegerjoe6: That would be my suggestion. I haven't used nouveau in a long time so I can't really say much about it19:24
conbot123well, to find and connect to networks19:24
conbot123*wireless networks19:24
rmullconbot123: To find wireless networks, I issue a "iwlist scan" command19:25
rmullTo connect to networks, I use wpa_supplicant, which doesn't require a GUI19:25
conbot1231 sec19:26
* conbot123 tests it out19:26
* conbot123 is a bit confused19:30
rmulljoe6: I'm a little late to the party, but I noticed you have an i915 drm line in your kernel buffer19:42
rmullDo you have i915 support compiled into the kernel at the same time as nouveau?19:42
rmullIsn't that the intel driver? Maybe there's some weird collision or something.19:42
joe6rmull, i could remove the i915. I compiled both into the kernel, as the primary monitor was the intel one and the graphics card is the GeForce 620019:43
rmullNot really sure if it'd gain you anything, really19:44
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conbot123hi there19:46
nasutai use atm arch linux and want give crux a chance, kde4  is useable?19:49
jaegerI haven't used it myself but it should be19:51
nasutaand one last question, the german channel is dead?19:53
joe6rmull, thanks a lot, I think you are correct, the i915 seems to be hogging the agp too.19:54
conbot123man, this guy on #anapnea quieted me19:54
Romsterconbot123, prt-get depinst wicd19:58
Romsterprt-get in crux :)19:59
Romsterapt-get is debian/ubuntu19:59
conbot123oooh, crux has a package system20:00
Romsterquieted... i think it's called shunned.20:00
conbot123never knew20:00
* Romster facepalms20:00
jaegerconbot123: you might want to have a look through the handbook, then20:00
conbot123i always compile. COMPILE LIKE A MAN!20:00
Romstergo and read the documentation on the web site.20:00
Romsterprt-get front end to pkgmk pkgrm pkgadd20:01
conbot123im used to pkg_add, pkg, and apt-get20:01
Romsterof course you can use them commands directly for when you create your own package.20:01
conbot123(bsd, solaris, and deb/ubn20:01
Romsterthat's a few systems.20:02
conbot123i have used like 20 operating systems though20:03
conbot123even the original AT&T UNIX20:03
Romsterdo you find you keep typing the wrong command on another system?20:03
conbot123unix is unix20:03
Romstermust be just me then BSD isn't exactly the same.20:04
conbot123i dont see much difference through the unix/linuxes20:04
conbot123bsd is really cool and stable20:04
Romsterifconfig/ip things like that.20:04
conbot123but fdisk is a bit strange20:04
conbot123it is ifconfig on bsd20:04
conbot123and linux20:05
Romsternot anymore it's ip now.20:05
conbot123bsd fdisk is a bit like cfdisk20:05
conbot123on which bsd?20:05
Romsterifconfig has serious issues.20:05
conbot123freebsd 9.0?20:05
Romsterin general but lots of distros still use ifconfig with it's flaws.20:06
conbot123which bsd?20:06
Romsteri was using that as an example didn't think i would have to elaborate on it.20:06
conbot123freebsd? netbsd? dflybsd? openbsd?20:06
Romsterifconfig in general is bad implementation.20:07
conbot123dont use ifconfig much20:07
Romsteri only use gnu/linux based systems20:07
conbot123i use both.20:08
conbot123if i had a workstation or desktop i would put openbsd/freebsd on it20:08
conbot123i really want either a sun machine or for me to build something myself20:09
nasutaand one other thing, some of the links on distrowatch are dead20:09
Romsterhow is it you can do all those systems but have trouble installing Crux20:09
conbot123u used to have the same first impression of linux as everyone did20:09
Romsterdistrowatch should do some pruning.20:09
conbot123by looking at the crappy graphical tux20:09
conbot123and thinking it was simple.20:09
conbot123nasuta: so ive noticed. they need to update that.20:10
Romsterit's not much harder to do it the CLI way. the issue is all the GUI's teach you noting when you get a problem.20:10
conbot123Romster: not me, my system. ive tried over 5 times man.20:10
conbot123i install alot of operating systems the cli way\20:11
Romsteri tired more than 5 when i first started don't give up so easily :)20:11
conbot123i dont see much difference between the text and graphical installs20:11
conbot123i know how to modify a partition table and everything20:12
Romsterlibata support, disk controller, partition table support, file system support, correct boot loader configuration and fstab and you should get to boot. and don't forget my favourite be sure you got the boot flag set on the root FS.20:12
Romsterand all that stuff has to be compiled in when your not using a initramfs.20:12
conbot123well, it gets past lilo20:13
Romsteranother option is to grab a live cd and lspci lsusb find what you need search for it in the kernel.20:13
conbot123i always write out fstab20:13
Romsterunable to sync still?20:13
conbot123forgot the boot flag20:13
conbot123im not on crux right now20:14
conbot123well yes20:14
Romsterbe sure to set the boot flag and it may boot :D20:14
conbot123you all are telling me different stuff than when i first came here20:14
Romsteri fell for that one myself.20:14
conbot123idk where my old crux installs went20:14
conbot123perhaps on my external hd20:15
Romsteror have you given up on crux?20:15
conbot123Romster: what error did it give u?20:15
Romsterunable to sync VFS something something20:15
conbot123Romster: i did but i might want to get back on it20:15
conbot123thats it20:15
conbot123i feel like an idiot20:15
Romsteri was missing boot flag -_-20:15
jaegerthat almost always means support is missing, for either the drive controller or the filesystem20:16
* conbot123 finds crux vdi image20:16
Romsteror the boot flag.20:16
Romsteror misconfigured boot loader/fstab20:16
conbot123i thought linux errors were really specific20:16
jaegersome are, many are not20:17
conbot123i double checked that20:17
Romsterit can be frustrating but once you get past that it's rewarding.20:17
conbot123/dev/sda1 for sata /dev/hda1 for ide20:17
Romsteride disks now show up as sd20:17
jaegerIf you use the libata code (which you should), hdX will be gone20:17
Romsterwith libata20:17
conbot123Romster: lol yes. i used to be a big mac emulator fan and i remember the first time i got it to emulate20:17
Romsteroh and don't enable generic device drivers with the specific one that causes problems.20:18
conbot123Romster: ah for 2.7? i use 2.5 2.7 is screwed up on vbox20:18
Romsterhmm even jaeger's updated iso?20:18
jaegerI have 3 2.7 VMs running in vbox right now20:18
jaegerOne of them is the VM I use to build ISOs20:18
conbot123i wish the kernel would configure itself like on gentoo20:18
jaegeryou could probably use genkernel on crux, I'd guess20:19
jaegermight take some work, I don't know the details20:19
conbot123jaeger: is it me or are you the maker of crux?20:19
jaegerI am not, heh20:19
Romsteri wish there was a nice probe devices select devices but the only decent way is to use / to search in make menuconfig20:19
jaegerI just build the ISOs most of the time20:19
conbot123a netinstall now20:19
Romsterjaeger, said he retired from crux but he is still here :)20:19
jaegerI did retire for a while, didn't have time... now I do have more time20:20
conbot123u in silicon valley?20:20
jaegernowhere near20:20
conbot123not many american unix distros these days20:21
conbot123freebsd is kind of made in america20:21
conbot123redhat is utter shit20:21
conbot123netbsd isk20:21
Romstercentos is probably ok for a server. but it's old versions...20:21
Romsterbut everything is patched wen it comes to bugs for being stable.20:22
jaegerredhat and centos have their uses20:22
conbot123you think i might be able to install redhat 7.3 and update it all the way?20:22
jaegerI've got one of each at work for specific software20:22
jaegerthey're alright20:22
jaegerupgrades between major versions never went very well20:22
Romsteri wouldn't say there shit just us the right tool for the job.20:22
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conbot123its supposed to be linux. updates are as easy as pie20:23
Romsterubuntu on the other hand... is ok for new users otherwise i call that crap.20:23
conbot123the guys on #anapnea say different20:23
jaegerupdates often are easy as pie... release upgrades can be far more involved20:23
conbot123Romster: my wifi driver is real crap20:23
conbot123how about openSuSE?20:23
conbot123ubuntu i have tired over20:24
Romstersometimes you can rip out the mini-pcie card and get a supported linux wifi card.20:24
conbot123jaeger: not releases20:24
conbot123my exact netbook model20:25
conbot123ripping it out would be very difficult20:25
conbot123luckily all the screws are exactly the same size20:26
conbot123that would come in handy20:26
Romsteron carpet zap dead netbook....20:27
conbot123well i have never assembled my own desktop nor do i have the money20:28
Romstereh it requires dis assembly but can be done. providing it's a plug in card.20:28
Romsteri pull notebooks apart all the time at work to fix various things.20:28
conbot123lol it is not20:28
conbot123my parents may not want me ripping this thing apart20:29
Romsteri got pictures of customers notebooks apart :D20:29
Romsteri wouldn't do it unless you re skilled.20:29
Romstereasy to brake something.20:29
conbot123desktops are easier20:29
Romstertakes like 1-2 hours to do a notebook.20:30
Romsterto do a proper job of it and not rush it.20:30
Romsteri have changed a LCD screen in around 40 minutes.20:30
Romsteri get lots of broken screens20:31
conbot123evr any macs?20:31
Romstercustomers are either too rough with it or they either left it on the floor and stood on it or it got dropped.20:31
Romsterthe other guy fixes the macs i don't recall any mac screens broken yet.20:31
jaegerI have an old laptop LCD I'd love to reuse but have no idea if that's even possible20:31
jaegerit's a 15.4" but does 1920x120020:32
conbot123probalbly not20:32
Romsternot really possible without the controller on the motherboard20:32
jaegerthe laptop itself is dead, sadly, but the screen looks undamaged. the problem is its connector and display electronics are completely unlike others I've seen20:32
Romsterunless some electronics project has made some interface. not sure if there is a standard on LCD connectors.20:33
Romsterthey all seem to use the same type of connector on the LCD side.20:33
jaegerthere didn't seem to be back when I looked into it but that was a few years back20:33
Romstersomeone might have a project on driving one now. i never looked.20:34
conbot123you guys ever owned a sun?20:34
jaegerno, but I've had a few stars20:34
jaegerunless you mean sun microsystems hardware, in which case, yes20:34
Romstercome to think of it, that wouldn't be a bad project. since the screens can beget pretty cheap now.20:34
jaegeralso, I have around 30 sunfire servers at work20:34
conbot123jaeger: lol, sun microsys20:35
jaegerI've got a sparc LX in the closet behind me :P20:35
conbot123do they run solaris?20:35
jaeger50MHz RISC, 96MB RAM, 1MB VRAM20:35
jaegeropenbsd on that one... the servers at work are mostly linux, vmware esxi, and windows - *1* of them runs solaris20:36
jaegerall but one of the work servers are intel servers, that last one is sparc20:36
jaeger <-- mostly these20:36
Romsterthere is always the odd one out in servers from a previous install.20:38
conbot123any sparcs?20:38
jaeger <-- this is the sparc20:38
conbot123the sun fire is really nice20:44
conbot123according to the 3d demo :P20:44
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joe6logged into crux, everything seems to work fine. happy days!!122:18
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