IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2011-09-24

joe6is there no ports functionality to download and install from source?00:25
joe6not from a tarball/distribution. Just curious, I could not find anything in the wiki, but just wanted to check.00:26
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prologichow does xmbc compare to mythtv ?01:00
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prologichi01:51 is still down. What the h is going on?01:55
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fakerootWhat the...01:59
fakerootThis is weird.02:00
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fakerootI'm waiting for compilation fail to put some logs02:02
fakerootOK, there it is:02:06
fakeroot/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ludev02:06
fakerootcollect2: ld returned 1 exit status02:06
fakerootAnd ofc udev is configured and running...02:06
Rotwangfakeroot: masz oczywiscie* w /lib lub /usr/lib02:10
Rotwangtenze libudev jest w tej samej wersji co aplikacja z ktora probujesz zlinkowac02:11
Rotwangw znaczeniu procesor02:12
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fakerootlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 16 wrz 29  2010 /lib/ ->*02:13
fakerootJesli mam udev, to chyba musze to miec?02:14
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fakerootRotwang: :02:21
fakeroot$ pkginfo -o /lib/
fakerootPackage  File02:21
fakerootudev     lib/
fakerootudev     lib/
fakerootSorry for pasting here.02:22
fakerootOK, another stupid question: if I have 32-bit system and set -march=native, it compiles 32-bit apps or 64-bit?02:30
tilmanrephrase question please02:31
tilmani guess the missing bit of info is 'my cpu is 64 bit'02:31
tilmanand the answer is: it will generate 32 bit code02:31
fakerootYes, Core2Quad Q9300, but 2GB ram.02:31
tilmansince your compiler knows it's running on a 32 bit system02:31
fakerootAh, ok.02:32
tilmanamount of ram doesn't matter at all wrt this :)02:32
Rotwangwlasnie o to mi chodzilo02:32
tilmanwould be crazy shit:02:32
tilmanhave 1 gig of ram -> compiler generates 32 bit code02:32
tilmanplug in another 4 gig -> compiler suddenly generates 64 bit code02:32
fakerootRotwang: Why do you piszesz po polsku :D02:33
tilmanshow off02:33
fakeroottilman: Too much time I've spend on distroth packages without compilation.02:34
Rotwangthere are people writin in german here as well02:36
fakerootRotwang: Czemu Cie nie bylo na archcon?02:37
fakerootRotwang: Rozwalilismy impreze z railisem i yellowfoxem :D02:37
fakerootPrzylaczyli sie dwe11er i Husio.02:38
fakerootkichawa i sirmacik.02:38
Rotwangfakeroot: za daleko, nie bylo ludzi chetnych z wrocławia ;[02:38
fakerootMogles z dru1dem sie zgadac.02:40
fakerootMy sie zgadywalismy w Katowicach.02:40
Rotwangmoze nastepnym razem02:40
fakerootNo oby.02:40
fakerootZaprosilbys na wodke kiedys :> Czy na piwo pogadac :>02:41
Rotwangbtw. I've got a rat in my toilet02:41
Rotwangfakeroot: no to wpadaj02:41
fakerootZobacze, czy moja mnie pusci.02:41
fakerootJak mnie nie ma godzine dluzej, niz powinienem byc, to dziecko mi wpada w histerie :)02:42
fakerootRotwang: Ustawione, Iwona ma psiapsiolke z liceum we Wroclawiu, tez pojedzie. Ona do niej, a my chlanie i dziwki :P02:50
fakerootMam pozwolenie, chociaz co prawda tylko na chlanie.02:50
frinnstwrong channel again03:05
Rotwangso, anyway03:09
Rotwangthere is a real big ass rat in my toilet03:09
Rotwangand it isn't domesticated one03:09
Rotwangso basically I'm affraid of going in and taking a piss03:09
Rotwangbecause he may bit me03:10
Rotwangcrappy saturday morning03:10
frinnstoffer it some cheese?03:10
Rotwangthe Rattenfänger is going to be here in hour or so03:19
Rotwangcouldn't find another translation for a persone whose proffesion is to kill rats and other rodents03:19
Romsteris it too hard to get one of them humane traps to trap a rat...03:58
Romsteri had a rat bite me on the finger once didn't hurt much03:59
Romsteralso note they can climb out of a bucket!!!03:59
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RotwangRomster: but you're from australia and you're probably used to giant monster like animals trying to bite you [:06:03
Rotwangby the way, exterminator didn't catch the rat because there is a hole in my ceiling06:04
Rotwangthat I didn't notice at first06:04
Rotwangso the rat escaped, but now I covered the hole so hopefuly no more rats for me06:05
RomsterRotwang, perhaps we do have a diverse range of animals here.06:41
Romsterfill the hole with steel wool mice and rats hate that stuff.06:42
Romsterheading out to a dj gig laters06:42
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frinnsteverything in australia is big and scary07:21
frinnsti hate those killer koalas07:21
teK_sickest GIF, EVER07:52
tilmanfrinnst: huh?08:33
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conbot123hello there08:59
conbot123thrice` hi there08:59
laenGod, conbot123 again.09:00
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conbot123hello ops09:02
conbot123never knew you were ops really09:02
conbot123except tilman, i think09:02
conbot123and jaeger09:02
laenThat happens if you state on other channels that you're a noob.09:02
conbot123i will cruxify meself later09:02
conbot123tilman: hi there09:03
tilmanhello good sir09:03
conbot123i need to go09:03
* conbot123 reboots09:03
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rmullStrange, flash plugin works in firefox, but not in webkit09:08
rmullThese are crazy times.09:08
tilmanworks for me09:08
tilmanwebkit 1.4.2-109:08
rmullMy flash plugin is 11.0.r1.129, x86_6409:09
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rmullI guess I'll just stick with firefox. Noscript plugin is a lifesaver.09:10
tilmanrmull: i'm using a mix of jumanji (minimalistic, webkit-based) for which i disable _all_ javascript... and firefox, which i use for stuff that requires js09:11
tilmani get along with the webkit one mostly09:11
tilmanunfortunately flash still hasn't died ;009:11
rmullWe should all go back to gopher. The web has gotten absurd.09:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cifs-utils: update to 5.109:12
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: rsync: update to 3.0.909:14
rmullMaybe the future of minimal web browsing is with dillo09:39
rmullThey just have so far to go09:40
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joe6i have the primary boot partition on raid-1. will the raid-1 device work, if I remove the kernel auto-detect raid option?09:44
joe6the manpage of mdadm says that the kernel option is not recommended, hence, am thinking about removing it.09:45
joe6mdadm does not recognise my device with the name i give it, it recognises it with a different name:
jaegerIt is needed unless you build an initrd/initramfs09:45
joe6oh, ok. i am with lilo and vmlinuz09:46
joe6btw, the reason I am mucking around with it is that I cannot get mdadm to name the mdX to the name(/dev/md2) I provide it with in the mdadm.conf09:47
joe6it comes up with a name /dev/md126 oslt.09:47
joe6this is what it has in /var/log/kernel:
joe6i am not sure if anyone has noticed this, but on my m/c the uuid's that mdadm is showing do not match up with the /dev/disk/by-uuid09:56
joe6 9f920a15-40a4-4358-a125-22befe38f331 -> ../../md12609:56
jaegerno idea on that one09:56
joe6 might be of intereste10:10
joe6so, the name was messing things u.10:11
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conbot123hey guys12:25
conbot123anyone present to speak?12:25
conbot123tilman: u there?12:25
conbot123frinnst: remember me?12:34
frinnstdont think so12:34
conbot123i was that trolly noob to irc who only cared about installing crux and was rude to u all12:35
conbot123thrice` was there12:35
conbot123that was months ago though12:35
frinnstok, so whats up?12:35
conbot123nothing lol12:35
conbot123im used to irc and am no longer trolly or rude12:36
conbot123occasionally i may counter troll though12:36
conbot123is rhel any good?12:36
frinnstdepends on what you want, but sure12:37
conbot123personal use12:39
frinnstquite expensive for personal use12:40
frinnsttry scientific linux or centos instead12:40
conbot123i downloaded rhel desktop 4 free12:40
conbot123centos sucked up y 1G mem12:40
frinnstyeah, but you need to subscribe (pay) to get updates12:40
joe6i make changes using "crontab -e", but the changes are not getting saved. crontab -l shows me the initial file12:40
conbot123i dont care about updates12:40
conbot123i just recompile and install12:41
conbot123the old fashion way\12:41
joe6echo $EDITOR=vim, may was the issue. let me try with vi12:42
joe6yup, that was it.12:43
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tilmanconbot123: hello weird person13:12
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conbot123tilman: wierd person/13:17
conbot123tilman: imm fstab you!13:17
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conbot123acrux: hello there13:18
conbot123did anyone notice i said that in a british accent?13:19
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jseOh, right, that guy again...15:07
joe6lspci -vvv:, speaker-test output:, messages in dmesg: . could it be that the alsa lib is old?15:26
joe6anyone have a problem with alsa lib/crux/ich?15:26
joe6i am missing the oss pcm kernel configuration, imho15:34
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cinoltI'm experimenting with trying to create a bootable LiveUSB, and I've been looking particularly at how CRUX does it. Is one of the CRUX dev's here that is willing to briefly break down the structure of it?17:36
cinoltI know that the ISO image and usbdisk image contains the same data, but just in different formats17:37
cinoltFrom what I know, the BIOS will look into the bootable USB's MBR, which points to a bootable partition and from there somehow invokes syslinux.bin, which invokes the kernel and initramfs, loads the appropriate kernel modules, then how does it know to unsquash squashfs-root?17:39
Rotwangthe unsquashing happens in initramfs17:41
cinoltOk but what file in initramfs tells it to do that?17:42
RotwangI think init script17:43
Rotwangfile named init17:43
cinoltOk. Well let's say I did not want to use initramfs, does the kernel always look for the script named /init and always run that? Or how can I tell it to?17:46
Rotwangon the kernel command line17:47
Rotwangbut the file must be on already mounted filesystem17:47
cinoltWill the kernel mount the filesystem automatically, if it has the drivers built-in?17:50
RotwangI guess so17:51
cinoltSigh, I want to experiment things in practice, but has been down for weeks17:52
Rotwangkernel source is available on github17:53
cinoltI tried that, but it doesn't seem to have syslinux which I need17:53
Rotwangisn't syslinux a separate project?17:54
cinoltI guess, but appears to host it17:54
cinoltThe port on CRUX downloads it from there too, as well as on freshmeat17:55
cinoltDo you think a bootable USB can be made with LILO?18:09
Rotwangdoubt it18:13
Rotwangbut it's my guess18:13
Rotwangjust never seen one with lilo18:13
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cinoltSo most distros use syslinux for their installation images?18:41
joe6need some help getting sound/alsa to work on crux.18:43
joe6alsactl init18:44
joe6alsactl: parse:1655: Unable to open file '/usr/share/alsa/init/00main': No such file or directory18:44
cinoltDid you enable it in the kernel config?18:44
joe6yes, I did. built them all. i can see the device listed.18:44
cinoltI get the same error but ALSA works fine.18:46
cinoltDid you try alsaconf?18:46
laenAlsaconf is deprecated.18:47
joe6"alsa start" --does not start any processes. alsaconf does not find my card.18:48
joe6, my settings in /proc18:49
joe6the only thing different in my case is that i built the modules into the kernel, instead of as modules. but, I see the device being recognised.18:49
joe6so, i guess that is not the issue.18:49
cinoltDid you unmute the channels in alsamixer?18:50
joe6amixer settings:
joe6i think it is at 100% and unmuted.18:50
joe6, all alsa packages installed.18:52
joe6should there be a alsa daemon or something like that?18:52
cinoltI believe the alsa daemon only saves/restores the mixer levels :o18:52
cinoltin /etc/rc.d/alsa18:53
joe6oh, ok. that is pretty much unhelpful then, I guess.18:53
cinoltAre you sure the sound hardware itself even works?18:53
joe6The hardware card level is good, The kernel module level (imho) is good: boot:
joe6The /proc/asound kernel interface, (imho) is good.18:55
joe6 /dev/snd interface18:55
joe6so, that leaves the alsa library as the only thing i am not sure of.18:56
joe6is there a way to doublecheck that.18:56
joe6the sound worked from debian.18:56
joe6same machine.18:56
joe6the only difference that I can think of is putting the modules in the kernel and the crux libraries.18:57
joe6nothing fancy, just want the headphones to work.18:57
joe6should there be any other processes that should be working?18:58
cinoltNot sure, maybe the people are #alsa are more knowledgeable on the subject18:58
cinoltI personally would try copying same kernel in Debian and use it on CRUX18:59
cinoltMaybe you missed a kernel config option by accident or something18:59
joe6ok, thanks.19:01
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joe6i do pkgmk -d -kw, and make some changes to the files in the working directory. /work/. what are the options to *not* download and use the files in the work directory to build.21:37
joe6is that possible?21:38
joe6i cannot find anything in the man pkgmk about it.21:38
joe6any thoughts, please?21:38
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joe6uri:, found it.21:46
Romsteroh boy that conbot123 fella is starting to become a pest.22:15
Romsterjoe6, also raid autodetect only works with older mdadm metadata 0.90 the right way now is a initramfs with the /sbin/init script with mdadm command to assemble it and not use raid autodetect anymore.22:16
joe6ok, thanks. I will have to get to that at some point. I have a few more things to sort out before. such as sound, etc.22:17
Romsteri've been waiting for for 3 whole weeks now to come back up.22:18
joe6i got it from some canadian mirror yesterday.22:18
joe6is that not good enough for you?22:19
Romsterthe fact the main site is down more than anything.22:19
joe6for your purposes, I mean.22:19
Romsterdoens't take 3 weeks to restore a backup.22:19
joe6maybe, they are using kde..22:20
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cinoltMany thanks, Romster.22:33
Romsternp cinolt22:34
Romstera few other distfiles are around too... still nothing beats the proper web site.22:34
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Romsteri'm pretty sure you can convert the iso to use on a usb flash drive.22:35
veehi guys22:35
Romsterhi vee mint the man of two names :D22:35
veelol. mint is my evil side >:D22:36
veedun dun dun22:36
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veeblahr. cant wait till i can buy my new comp :D22:41
Romsteroh that's good your like that two face off batman.22:42
veecept my other half isn't burned and i dont look disgusting22:44
veeso, what have you been up to romster22:46
Romstersetup a dj rig and drank beer got home sleep now going out and pack it up. later.22:46
veealright, later22:47

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