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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-libpixman: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-server: updated to
tilman^^^ the server update might be relevant to nvidia users. not sure.04:17
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teK_we'll see ;)04:37
Romstertilman, any idea when you'll rename and move xorg/xorg-libpciaccess -> libpciaccess and add it to mesa3d's depends on line? or are you going to let it break on prt-get depinst for those that haven't installed mesa3d it yet04:54
tilmannext crux release __maybe__04:54
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Romsterthat could be a long time for waiting on glibc.06:14
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frinnstyou are so awesome tilman07:07
tilmansarcasm? why?07:08
tilmani didn't do nothing07:08
frinnsthaha no, not sarcasm07:17
tilmanstill: why?07:18
frinnst<@tilman> next crux release __maybe__07:18
tilmanfrinnst: i don't want to make promises07:18
tilmanpeople tie you to them07:18
tilmanand get all bitchy when you disappoint them07:18
frinnstergo, awesomeness07:18
teK_to what does the __maybe__ macro expand?07:19
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conbot123hello everyone07:52
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conbot123i bet this guy came here to troll me08:15
Dickmastermaybe,maybe not08:16
Dickmasterbut either way, fuck you conbot12308:16
conbot123can someone kick/ban him?08:21
conbot123i bet he has not even attempted crux or wants to08:22
laenWhy would anyone ban Dickmaster?08:22
laenAnd, since when is it your concern if he tries Crux or not?08:22
Dickmasteractually conbot123 I am reading up about crux right now08:22
Dickmasterand am thinking of having it on a flash drive08:22
DickmasterI'm planning on a fleet of 4GB flash drives with varios OSs08:22
DickmasterI already have ubuntu, and am gearing up for windows08:23
tilmanstop the flaming08:25
conbot123ubuntu is for jackasses. i use it because i have to for the wifi driver08:25
conbot123kick him already08:25
conbot123Dickmaster: good luck with crux08:25
conbot123i bet it will take u months08:26
thrice`aren't you the one who came in recently, and said you were a troll form the beginning?08:26
conbot123like me08:26
conbot123i was08:26
Dickmasterconbot123; how does using an easy to use and userfriendly linux distro make you a jackass08:26
conbot123that was the first time i was on irc08:26
Dickmasterand unlike you, I actually now a bit about computers08:26
conbot123well it crashes a whole bunch08:26
conbot123i thought you only knew about dicks08:27
Dickmasteryou're telling me in another channel that you need "special hardware" to run a server, and you can cause you have a router08:27
*** conbot123 was kicked by tilman (conbot123)08:27
tilmanDickmaster: how about not feeding the trolls?08:27
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conbot123what was that for?08:28
tilman< conbot123> i thought you only knew about dicks08:28
conbot123no more cursing08:29
Dickmastertilman; ok.08:29
frinnstwhy not just ban that retard?08:44
* laen agrees with frinnst there08:45
*** tilman sets mode: +o frinnst08:45
tilmanban him next time he misbehaves08:45
conbot123i will no longer misbehave08:45
* Dickmaster agrees with frinnst 08:47
* Dickmaster sings "You don't know the horrors I've seen"08:47
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Romsterreally mature...08:52
conbot123i might want to reinstall crux later...08:53
conbot123this time fixing my mistakes08:53
DickmasterRomster; who me?08:54
conbot123lol i forgot the boot flag every single time08:54
conbot123probably me08:54
RomsterDickmaster, i was referring too but somewhat you bringing your /friend/ in here. i know how this goes, you two troll and try to suck us Innocent bystanders into a massive flame war, wont happen buddy.08:56
Romstertoo Dickmaster08:56
Romstergrow up find something constructive to do.08:57
DickmasterRomster; I joined here because laen said something about #crux in a hacker channel, I also happen to hate conbot123 but am ignoring him on this channel since the op asked me to08:57
conbot123im trying to think of something fun to do with freebsd08:58
Romsterok is that any reason o swear at him in /here/ giving you a bad reputation as well.08:58
conbot123perhaps write some amateur c code?08:58
DickmasterRomster; yeah, my utter hate for him, but I stoped, and what reputation , you're the only one who currently thinks baddly of me.08:59
conbot123erm, idk08:59
Romsteri don't particularly like conbot123 but i'm not being abusive.08:59
Romstersome personalities clash with mine.08:59
conbot123i try not to troll09:00
conbot123i thought he came in here to do so09:00
conbot123well, this other guy who is not very fond of me told him that i was bothering they people is here09:01
Romsterok so lets all be nice then. i don't care what issues conbot123 and Dickmaster has just keep them out of here ok :)09:01
conbot123ok :D09:01
DickmasterRomster; like I said, I've been ignoring him here since the request09:02
conbot123ok then09:02
Romsteryeah i read that.09:02
Romsteralso forgetting the boot flag is common live and learn from it i did the exact same mistake.09:03
conbot123so, crux 2.7 hangs at the module load, ATa09:03
conbot1232.6 doesn't09:03
Romsterhmm AHCI perhaps?09:03
conbot123anyone have an idea whereas i can fix that?09:03
Romsterdid you enable all the disk drivers in the hope of finding the right ones?09:04
Romsterif you did that causes more problems than you could think of.09:04
conbot123i always choose the 2.6 kernel format in vbox, which includes controllers for sata and ide09:04
Romsterah in vbox09:05
conbot123if i use only ide maybe that will work09:05
Romstershould be using the piix controler iirc.09:05
Romsterintel piix sata controller. vbox can use that.09:06
Romstermemory is hazy on that some others here know more details than i do about it, i haven't used vbox in a while.09:06
* conbot123 starts up vbox09:06
conbot123btw, u ever tried crux 1.0?09:07
laenDickmaster: i said something about #crux in a hacker channel? That sentence doesn't even make sense. I've been advising Crux around.09:07
Romsteralso jaeger's updated image probably plays nicer in vbox than the official crux 2.7 one.09:07
Dickmasterlaen [14:59:52] <laen> Could anyone relay, as he has me on ignore, that #crux is annoyed by conbot123 as well? :P09:08
Dickmasterin anapnea09:08
Romsterthis is like the 3rd time i've linked to it...09:08
laenDickmaster: that was because conbot123 was annoying people in #anapnea as well, yeah.09:08
DickmasterI consider anapnea a hacker channel09:08
laenYou've got a weird idea about hackers.09:09
laenBut eh, alright.09:09
conbot123i wouldnt consider crux a hacker channel.... unless there are hackers09:09
Romsterknow the difference between hacker and cracker?09:09
conbot123are there?09:09
laenI hope they do.09:09
DickmasterHackers means , to me, people who are real good with computers, and aren't bound by what the big guys thought people should do.09:09
DickmasterI know the dif Romster09:09
conbot123limit urself :)09:09
Romsterand like to poke around in code and write there own programs and stuff.09:10
Dickmasteryeah, pretty much09:10
Romstercrackers are them baddies that make keygens and release them nasty warez09:10
Romsterthat give hackers a bad name as not many know the difference.09:11
Dickmasterand the ones that torrent stuff, depending on how you view torrents09:11
conbot123i hate crackers...09:11
conbot123crackers torrent?09:11
Romsterwell torrent transport itself is fine but alot abuse it09:11
conbot123i have torrented tons... only operating systems though09:11
conbot123yeah lol09:12
conbot123ive torrented like 4 versions of mac os x09:12
conbot123i try not to start a seed09:12
Romsterheck we even have a tracker for the crux iso. that's not bad :)09:12
conbot123ive also torrented solaris, aix, and a whole bunch of old windows09:13
conbot123including nt09:14
conbot123no need for os torrents :D: osvirtual.net09:14
Romsterunless you own them windows versions key you violated the law there but the law varies so much around the globe.09:14
Romsteranyways another topic would be best than to talk about a gray area.09:14
conbot123i dont think ms will care for such old versions, will they?09:14
Romsterthey may not.09:15
Romsterbut the law is a law still.09:15
laenThe law differs mainly on the fact if you're allowed to download. Torrent is both ways, don't know of a country where that's legal for 'illegal' content.09:15
conbot123well, is the only place where you can get the original unix binaries09:15
conbot123with the pdp11 emulator09:16
conbot123that old os is horribly slow09:16
conbot123but with good games09:16
Romsteremulators are fine it's the rom that you need for it tow ork that you must own the original machine. and all the software for it.09:16
conbot123AT&T V5 was made in 1974... and featured an email client09:16
Romsterto work*09:17
DickmasterRomster; I meant the common use of torrent09:17
conbot123doesnt need arom09:17
Romsternot all systems need roms but some do.09:17
conbot123well, i have used a number of mac emulators, some that came with the rom09:17
conbot123pearpc doesnt need one09:17
Romsteri'm not familiar with that AT&T V5 just talking in general.09:18
conbot123pdp11, idk if it had a bios09:18
Dickmasterbesides, I think some of the older windows are no longer copyright09:18
conbot123AT&T UNIX V509:18
Romsterthat depends on country09:18
conbot123Dickmaster: well, idk where the border is, but im sure windows 1.0 is no longer copyright09:19
Romsterand i would be surprised if any one of them hasn't got a copyright anymore heck even ms-dos.09:19
conbot123ive seen w95 in a dollar store09:19
Dickmasteryeah, were I'm at they give no fucks for software copyright, and little fucks for any other09:19
conbot123windows 1.0 was pretty similar to windows 3.1...09:20
Dickmasterthere are registered shops open for years that sell ripped off movies n games09:20
Romsterit's really the product key that's the copyright selling the media and buying it i don't think is a major issue. making copies of it is.09:20
conbot123haha my dad gave me some old windows game called red baron when he was cleaning out his shit when the storage unit prices accelerated09:21
conbot123Romster: distributing i think is the problem. downloading may not be09:21
Romsteryeah that's fine provided he didn't keep it on his computer or made a copy of it.09:22
Romsterall these laws i'd rather think more on linux stuff.09:22
conbot123yeah... well...09:23
conbot123i got a book at the library that was called red hat linux 7.3 and 2 discs of it09:24
conbot123i kind of made an iso of those discs09:24
conbot123is that illegal?09:24
DickmasterI enjoy liviing in africa and former soviet russia, places where hacker culture is way ahead of the goverment, and so is free09:24
Romsterwell i think it might be ok it's linux afterall09:24
Dickmasterred hat linux ain't open source I think09:25
Dickmasterat least, it child, fedora, ain't09:26
conbot123some of it is not09:28
conbot123it is commercial09:28
conbot123from what some ppl on anapnea told me09:28
conbot123fedora isnt ope source?09:29
Romsteryou usually get cds in a linux magazine of some distro...09:29
conbot123well, it's funny that red hat calls itself the "#1 open source leader" or something, and rhel aint even open source09:29
conbot123i got a few isos on a cd on linux mag or something09:30
Romsterthe company itself makes open source software like lvm2 it's open source...09:30
Romsterand why am i talking about this topic still... i got better things to do.09:31
conbot123TOPIC ENDED09:31
Romsterthis is the real world.09:31
jaegerrhel's sources are freely available, for what that's worth09:38
jaegerwhitebox/centos are built from them09:38
rmullYeah... wtf09:40
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thrice`i'm pretty sure fedora too :>09:47
* jaeger uploads a new updated ISO09:48
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conbot123jaeger: can u give meh the link?10:03
jaegerRomster: gave it yesterday10:04
jaeger09:08 < Romster>
conbot123crap its haning at ata10:09
conbot123jaeger: on vbox crux hangs at the ata module crux 2.710:13
conbot123what can i do to stop that?10:16
Rotwangworks for me (tm)10:25
RotwangI installed crux from original iso on vbox puel10:25
Rotwangsome time ago for contrib ports testing10:25
jaegerplay with the chipset type and/or IO APIC settings10:32
jaegeralso, don't disable the acceleration settings10:32
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conbot123i use vbox ose10:43
conbot123my pc doesnt have hardware acceleration10:44
* conbot123 has finally gotten the nerve to reinstall crux11:06
conbot123perl is useful but takes forever to compile11:11
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teK_conbot123: how long11:30
conbot123teK_: idk it was like 20 min on my pc11:31
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veemornin fella's14:38
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