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pitillogood morning01:11
veenot morning yet, but mornin :)01:24
teK_hi there01:33
fakerootHey hi hello.01:35
fakerootWhat a lovely day today, isn't it? :)01:35
veebut its night here :(01:35
teK_for me it's 8:30 a.m.01:36
fakerootI see a little cold morning at 8:30AM.01:36
vee11 37 pm01:37
veestarts off like that here too, and then somehow, it manages to burn you alive01:37
teK_hehe. where are you from01:37
fakerootvee: rdate -s if you do not believe us :)01:37
veeyou know what they say about californian weather01:38
veedont like it, wait 10 minutes and it'll change01:38
teK_didn't know about that01:38
veeridiculous biopolar weather01:38
veeits sorta like your girlfriend. it says one thing and them BAM, the exact opposite of what you were expecting01:39
teK_ack :p01:40
fakerootLike Polish mountains.01:40
teK_there are mountains in poland? :>01:42
veehave you guys seen the unusual suspect?01:44
teK_don't think so01:45
veeyou should watch it, along with gangs of new york (sorta long), and v for vendetta.01:46
veewatched em all again01:46
veeAGAIN i say01:46
teK_Guy Fawkes rocks :>01:46
teK_add Fight Club to the list!01:47
veefight club is always on the list01:47
veeit should go without saying01:47
teK_you are SO right01:47
veeyea. the unusual suspect deserves to be watched a second time. the second time around is more of a mind fuck than the first01:48
veepardon the french01:48
teK_tyhanks for the recommendation01:49
veeyup yup01:50
veei may not know linux well...but movies.... :D01:50
veeim good with movies lol01:50
fakerootPolish television sucks. There is nothing worthy watching.01:52
fakerootIt should be blown away asap.01:52
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teK_I guess that's the case for any country01:53
veeamerican television isn't much either01:54
veehell, the only thing i watch01:54
veeis top gear01:54
veeand thats not even american01:54
fakerootWe have *NOTHING* except some boring elections talking and old movies.01:54
fakerootF.e. announcement: extra movie, new, blablabla, die hard 4.01:55
teK_I almost gave up watching tv01:57
fakerootAnd this is the best idea ever. My dauther watches cartoons only, up to 30mins a day.01:57
fakerootAnd tv is cold every day.01:58
teK_I watch an educational show with my son on sunday ("Sendung mit der Maus") and a crime thriller on sunday ("Tatort") :)01:58
teK_we're currently watching ALF together (1-2 episodes a night) from my hdd :>01:58
fakerootI prefer killing zombies than watching tv :)01:58
teK_my son is 8. :P01:59
fakerootOr drawing with my dauther. She's 6.01:59
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crshdTV is worthless02:03
teK_keeping the masses numb02:03
crshdthere's a couple of series i dl, but mostly everything that's on tv is getting more and more stupid every week02:04
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veesuits is a decent shw02:17
veeif you like law02:17
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teK_if you like californication and law then franklin and bash is for you02:25
teK_i.e. boobs and law02:26
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featureJust installed the unofficial iso and running X without hal i got xterms running but cant input mouse or keyboard. My usual fix was to enter Option "AllowEmptyInput" "false" but for some reason its not working on this version of Xorg.02:39
featureWhat am i missing? thx02:40
teK_this (X behaviour) *really* sucks02:43
frinnstjust use evdev :)02:44
RomsterteK_, just don't tell that kid about that father on the alf show. bad man.02:47
frinnstlol, yeah02:47
frinnstcrack and gay sex ftw :D02:47
teK_really? :D02:47
frinnsthaha yeah02:47
Romsterfeature, got evdev installed and enabled in kernel?02:48
teK_Willy is awesome02:48
Romsterah sorry that was hay dad not alf got myself confused.02:49
Romsterbeen ages since i've alf02:50
Romsterwhen he gets older show him 'home improvement'02:52
Romsterwatching that currently02:52
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featurethx again, i didnt understand the role of udev so i didnt compiled it. Now everything works like a charm. thx02:55
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frinnstWe are planning to get the04:25
frinnstfirst trees up and running early next week with broader access happening04:25
frinnstin early October.04:25
teK_you need to give _real_ shell access to git users?04:29
teK_I don't get that..04:29
frinnsti guess they used to04:35
teK_y u no restrict shell access.png04:35
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Romsterwell that confirms there rebuilding... but for fucks sake they could at least host the files on
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conbot123whats up cruxifiers07:13
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Romstermight be time to put that guy on ignore list.07:28
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joe6there is a directory in my home directory called .neocon storing a lot of info. Anyone knows what it is? or, is used for?08:58
joe6maybe the vim neocompl plugin.08:59
entenazis invaded your system... kill it with SIGHEIL!09:06
Romster+1 funny09:07
enteseriously though, you could find out where it's from via inotify09:08
entemight take a while though09:09
enteinotifywatch -r ~/.neocon or something09:10
Romsterbad taste for a file name though09:10
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enteguess someone was thinking they're funny09:13
enteas long as it doesn't rm -rf /usr :P09:13
joe6ente, it was the vim plugin neocomplcache09:13
joe6ente, for a while, I was scared that i was being hacked09:13
entewell, a cache is conservative, so the name choice isn't *that* poor ;P09:14
joe6ente, good to know about inotifywatch. i am sure it will come in handy.09:14
joe6firefox seems to be a lot faster on crux than it was on debian. or, is it just my starting blues?09:18
Romsterit's even faster if you install and run preload.09:18
Romsterafter it learns09:18
joe6oh, really. will check google for preload.09:19
joe6i think i installed it.09:20
joe6it took a while to compile.09:20
joe6Romster, just checked up on preload and i use firefox once a day to check hotmail. I do not see any point in having it preloaded in cache.09:21
Romsterin contrib :)09:22
Romsterit preloads libraries .so files not cache of html etc.09:22
Romsterso it works on more than just firefox.09:22
joe6oh, ok. thanks.09:22
joe6good to know, will install it.09:22
Romstersafe for work.09:23
joe6Romster, i installed preload, but the sourceforge site does not have a wiki oslt. do I have to do any configuration?09:27
joe6Romster, man preload has stuff09:28
Romsterjust add preload to rc.conf service var and start it this time at /etc/rc.d/preload start09:28
Romsterjob done.09:28
joe6ok, thanks.09:28
Romstertakes like 3-4 loads of a program before it starts to speed it up.09:29
Romsterthought i added a README for that.09:29
Romsterhmm guess i didn't09:29
joe6ok, good to know. cabal runs very slow on my m/c. hopefully, it will help with that too.09:29
Romsterit should help with all the loading stuff, but once it's loaded it's not gonna speed anything up.09:30
joe6oh, ok. thanks.09:30
Romsterboot up times will shorten a little too.09:30
joe6ok, thanks.09:30
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joe6just want to make sure I am not the only one. Does sound/alsa work on crux?11:54
joe6i posted my question on #alsa. would it be a good idea to post the details here too? or, would i be spamming?11:55
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laenOnly if you didn't use a pastebin, i guess, and if it's somehow related to Crux.12:10
enteRomster: I heard preload doesn't help much... but prelink apparently does.. and breaks skype, but you can blacklist it12:23
entebut w/e12:24
enteI guess I'm spamming12:24
fakerootHmm, why some X fonts are landing into /usr/share/fonts/X11 and some into /usr/lib/X11/fonts (f.e. msttcorefontz and artwiz-aleczapka)?12:30
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veemorning peeps12:36
fakerootI's 7:36PM...12:36
deep42thought... hey, someone in my timezone ...12:37
Dickmasterwait wut?12:40
DickmasterI am also in the same timezone12:40
deep42thoughtbut back to topic: good morning12:41
Dickmaster7:40pm is not morning12:43
deep42thoughtfor students it is12:44
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teK_clash of the timezones12:53
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veewho will reign supreme?13:19
jaegerIs it hard for people to grasp that when person X says "good morning" they are probably in a timezone in which it is currently morning?13:19
jaegerAnswer: no, they're just being picky for the sake of being picky13:19
thrice`what fun is the internet without it? :)13:20
veeimagine what russians have to go through. they have like 8 time zones13:20
tilmanus has how many?13:20
tilmanus as in US13:20
thrice`4? 5?13:20
tilmanah, damn13:20
tilmanthought it was close to 8 ;)13:20
thrice`maybe it is :>13:21
jaeger4 I think13:21
jaegerPST, MST, CST, EST?13:21
thrice`yeah, sounds right13:21
tilmanjaeger: i sometimes respond to 'good morning' like that, but i think i do it to poke fun, not to be picky13:22
joe6amixer: lsmod: lspci -vvv: dmesg/boot:
joe6I am not able to figure out why sound does not work on my machine. these are the details13:22
jaegertilman: fair enough, and I'm sure some others do the same... though some other others do it to be arguing, I imagine :)_13:22
joe6please let me know if you notice anything weird13:22
veei think13:23
tilmanwhat exactly does not work?13:23
tilmancan you open alsamixer and mess with the controls of your card?13:23
jaegerjoe6: what's in /proc/asound/cards?13:23
joe6tilman: no sound. everything else seems ok.13:24
veejust be glad we're not fighting about music genres13:24
joe6tilman: amixer:
jaegerintel8x0 driver, realtek alc655 chip13:25
tilmanis the Center channel supposed to be muted?13:25
jaegershouldn't matter for stereo13:26
joe6what is the best way to do a speaker (actually, headphones) test? speaker-test? I tried with firefox/uzbl (youtube videos) and with mplayer on some movie files that I had.13:29
veewoah. someone uses uzbl O.O13:29
jaeger perhaps13:29
joe6jaeger, that looks interesting. thanks.13:30
veethe website has been down for maintenance for quite some time now...13:32
joe6jaeger, Cannot open WAV file /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Left.wav. I am doing a find on my system.13:32
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joe6that file is supposedly a part of the alsa-utils package. but, the package does not have that file:
joe6rm -rf $PKG/usr/share $PKG/usr/man/fr13:40
jaegerthe port probably removes them13:41
joe6in the alsa-utils/Pkgfile13:41
jaegeryou could get them out of the source tarball13:41
joe6ok, thanks.13:41
rmulljoe6: I usually test sound with cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp13:43
jaegerI do that as well, you'll need the snd_pcm_oss module for that13:44
jaegerand turn the speakers down a tad :)13:44
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joe6still nothing on the sound front: let me try the snd_pcm_oss13:47
joe6i will check on debian. will have to reboot. bbl.13:53
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conbot123hey guys16:18
crshdgetting a footprint mismatch for python#2.7.2-1 (x86_64)16:49
crshdMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/python2.7/lib-dynload/_tkinter.so16:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: postgresql: 9.1.0 -> 9.1.117:04
conbot123cruxbot: u a bot?17:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: getmail: 4.20.4 -> 4.22.017:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: feh: 1.16.1 -> 1.16.217:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ntp: 4.2.6p3 -> 4.2.6p417:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cacti: 0.8.7g -> 0.8.7h17:11
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veegood day to you all17:46
vee^tried to make it generic as to not start a ITS NOT MORNING HERE war lol17:46
crshdbut it *is* morning here18:01
rmullcrshd: Still trying to fix that tkinter footprint mismatch? I had that too.18:04
rmullI either installed tk to make it go away or I ignored footprints temporarily via /etc/pkgmk.conf. I forget which.18:05
crshdi just ignored it18:08
veegod damn banks18:18
veethey're charging for every stupid little thing18:18
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crshdhm, my bank *gives* me lots of money18:35
crshdproblem is, they always want it back at the end of the month18:35
veemy bank just charges me18:40
vee5 dollar annual fee18:40
veethey bank should pay ME 5 dollars every month.18:40
conbot123lol yes18:47
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veei swear to god. women cant not drive20:00
veefor jack shit20:00
veenearly got into 2 accidents in a matter of 5 feet20:00
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Romsterente, i'll look into it later after work.21:54
Romstercrshd, makecommand      in prt-get.conf add -in to pkgmk21:56
Romsterit'll ignore new files.21:56
crshdyou mean -if? yeah, that's what i did. basically it works fine, but it doesn't *fix* the original problem, it's just a workaround.21:58
Romsterno i mean -if21:59
Romsterargh sheesh -in21:59
Romsterignore new files.21:59
Romsternewish feature in pkgmk22:00
Romster-if is not a good idea22:00
Romsterin prt-get.conf22:00
Romsterbest thing would be to get the maintainer of python to build it in a chroot so it's not got all them other files.22:01
Romsterbck to work later.22:02
crshdhm, what's the advantage of using -if over -in?22:03
crshd... other way around - -in over -if22:03
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