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joe6what is the best way to analyse the disk usage? i used baobab on debian/gnome. but, am sure there must be a way to do it on the command line. I know about du. but, du is pretty slow.00:48
joe6just curious if there is something better that can cache the results, oslt.00:48
pitillogood morning01:09
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fakerootGood morning.01:23
fakerootAnother beautiful morning.01:23
entejoe6: df?01:46
joe6needed just a little bit more details than the file system size. let me double-check the df man, again, if i am mistaken.01:47
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entethat's all there is02:15
entedf and du02:15
entewhatever baobab does, it's suspicious that it's faster than du02:15
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featurejust installing qt4 and got MD5 mismatch, so just to check :)02:39
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Romsterjoe6, xdiskusage though it's just as slow as du03:10
joe6romster, thanks will check it out.03:13
Romstermd5sum /var/ports/distfiles/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4.tar.gz03:13
Romsterddf7d83f912cf1283aa066368464fa22  /var/ports/distfiles/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4.tar.gz03:13
Romsterjoe6, in contrib it's nice though you can click on the boxes and see where the majority of the space is going.03:14
joe6Romster, ok, thanks. installing it.03:14
joe6btw, I read too much crux docs on installation, but i need a little bit help. I have fakeroot and all that setup.03:15
joe6is it common to run "sudo prt-get depinst <pkg>"03:15
Romsterand is the best way to install it's dependencies03:15
joe6is that the recommended way of using prt-get as a non-root user.03:15
Romsterno you need to be root to install03:16
Romsterwhat i've done is make my pkgmk build as non-root but it installs as root03:16
joe6what about pkgmk -u or -i? I tried fakeroot with them, but got some permissions issues. is it "fakeroot pkgmk -d; sudo pkgmk -u"?03:16
Romstermakecommand      sudo -H -u pkgmk nice -n10 fakeroot pkgmk -in03:16
Romsterprobably a better way but that's what i did and chown -R pkgmk:pkgmk /usr/ports03:17
joe6Romster, yes, isn't that the command in the wiki, and prt-get needs to be modified?03:17
Romsterthink so it's been awhile since i looked at that page.03:17
Romsteri threw in nice so i don't bog my system when it's compiling.03:18
Romsterwhy does my md5sum not match the site they must of silently changed the bloody file.03:19
Romster219424772 qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4.tar.gz and the site has 220388303 Last-Modified: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 12:59:57 GMT03:21
Romsterand i downloaded it on the 11th03:21
Romsterwhy can't the fucks use 4.7.5 than to silently change the file.03:22
ente[10:13] < Romster> ddf7d83f912cf1283aa066368464fa22  /var/ports/distfiles/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4.tar.gz03:26
enteRomster: are you sure that's from
ente, near end of file03:27
joe6/usr/src is 11G and /usr is 14G. interesting.03:31
joe6and, it is mostly multiple versions of the linux kernel there03:33
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RomsterSep 11 17:32 +10GMT is when i downloaded it off
Romsterwith md5sum of ddf7d83f912cf1283aa066368464fa2203:44
Romster9831cf1dfa8d0689a06c2c54c5c65aaf  qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4.tar.gz that's the new one i just downloaded now. Sep 27 10:4303:45
Romstermd5sums.txt on there site matches there source file.03:46
Romsteri've made a shoert script (that needs improvments) to check ports for missing source etc.. i should expand it to verify sums of files.03:52
enteI found out about that sum change during my bulk builds04:07
Romsteri'll code something to monitor modified time header/size.04:29
Romsterand cron job it04:31
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featurei like to have open xconsole but its not part of distro it seems and didnt find it in ports  and didnt have luck to locate sources on xorg servers. If someone useit i could use pointers.thx06:08
Romster have an old Pkgfile of it.06:20
Romsterdon't know it's current status.06:20
Romsteri also see
Romsteri just leave a sakura tab open for tail -f the log file.06:21
featurethx, ill put tail in .xinitrc06:24
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featureAnybody using virtualbox? Just compiled everything but when trying to create new VM got error about: cannot attach disk to ide slot... I ll try to sort it out in vbox channel. Its probably kernel thing06:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 0.15.6 -> 0.15.706:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: deluge: 1.3.2 -> 1.3.306:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mako: moved from Romster repo.06:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: deluge: add README06:55
Romsterjaeger_ sepen afaik use it... but yeah go bug vbox channel/google06:56
Romsterdeluge is also awesome :) should cook myself dinner.06:57
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conbot123hi guys07:08
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jkramerI'm trying to update some ports, but it looks like is down, and has been for a few days already.09:11
jkramerAny ideas what's going on or if there are mirrors?09:11
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rmulljkramer: has been down for a couple of weeks now09:14
rmullRight now, the crux ports that pull from it are SOL.09:14
rmullThere are plenty of mirrors for the developer git trees, most are on github now09:14
jkramerOh well, I guess I can live without the latest versions of git and linux-util-ng for a while.09:15
rmulljkramer: If you just need git, you can download the source from
rmullAnd just build it without installing it to your wider system. You can use it this way temporarily.09:17
jkramerNah, I'm fine with the current versions, I was just wondering about
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rmullThey're rebuilding the dev infrastructure "from the ground up"09:27
rmullMore info at
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joe6just curious, why are there no long-form options for all short options, such as the -o of bsdtar.09:52
joe6i find the short form options harder to use, in the long-run.09:53
joe6when I look at the history of a command, the long options make it easy to understand what I was doing.09:53
joe6jkramer: i used a canadian mirror a few days ago.09:54
jaegerjoe6: you'd have to ask the author that one09:54
joe6just curious, does everyone feel that way?09:54
joe6jaeger: will email him. thanks.09:55
rmulljoe6: re: short options, I prefer using shorts instead of longs09:56
rmullUnless I'm using a command for the first time and I need reminders about the flags I'm using09:56
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joe6rmull, makes sense. I guess it gets easier with usage.10:00
jkramerjoe6: Do you still have the URL handy?10:03
jkramerNice, thanks10:04
rmullOh, also, facebook runs a mirror10:11
rmullActually, I take it back10:12
rmullThey don't?10:12
rmullMaybe they used to10:12
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Romsterjkramer, slow but stable if you look around others here have mirrors too.10:19
Romsterbeen over 3 weeks of no now.10:20
Romsterfacebook i would not trust them for anything -_-10:21
Romsteronly thing face book does run is a "i lost a loved one" /feature/10:26
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veehey guys, how often do you update your system?10:30
jkramerAbout once a month :)10:31
veeits been about 3 weeks or so, figured its about time....some say you should do it once a week or so for security reasons (but thats on the slack forums i saw a while ago)10:32
jkramerYeah, I usually do an update when I read about security fixes somewhere on the internetz. Today I updated because I read about a postgres security update.10:33
teK_I did that, too :P10:33
jkramerBesides that, every once in a while when I'm bored :)10:33
teK_00:04 < cruxbot> [contrib.git/2.7]: postgresql: 9.1.0 -> 9.1.110:34
joe6need some help with the m4 port: the buildresult says: I know that there are files here:, which I want installed. this is what the install script says:
joe6I want to test the make install. I could probably do make  DESTDIR=/tmp install.10:42
joe6Is that the best option?10:42
joe6cp -p examples/* debian/tmp/usr/share/doc/m4/examples -- what the debian build has.10:49
joe6i want to add this as a port to crux called "m4-with-examples". I do not have a http repo. can I send the port package to anyone and could they be kind enough to add it to the crux ports repo?10:51
Romstertoo tired to parse this at this hour, make a personal repo send email to portdb on site to get it listed.10:54
Romsteruse DESTDIR=$PKG when you Pkgfile it.10:54
rmullRomster: He is saying he doesn't have hosting capabilities to host personal repo10:55
Romstergoing to bed g'night10:55
joe6Romster, ok, thanks.10:55
Romsternot even his own sever and a dyndns?10:55
joe6rmull, yes, I do not have hosting capabilities.10:55
joe6rmull, nope10:55
Romsteryou could use github10:55
joe6Romster, that is an option. thanks.10:55
Romsteri could host possibly. i do have a faster site on 100mbit connection but just more effort.10:56
joe6Romster, don't worry. i will put it on github10:57
Romster2am and gonna pass out later. :)11:00
rmullBye romster11:00
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featureidentified the problem with vbox, now it is working great  not thx to people at#vbox who just comented why everybody in this world has to have a different linux distro so i didnt try to explain what crux is and what isnt.11:05
featurei just call it home, after too much of distro hopping11:06
featureanyway, it was my fault not to compile kernel with sysIPC support without vbox is crippled.11:06
featurenow its turn to try kvm, it seems easy enough :)11:07
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featurei found qemu-kvm in contrib but it desnt install qemu-kvm executable, what am i missing? thx11:31
featurefound the kvm port, sorry11:34
featurebut still no qemu-kvm, i am too tired to try this today11:37
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joe6Romster, this is the crux repo for m4 with examples, uri: It is probably a good idea to merge it with the core m4 port.13:53
joe6please let me know if you need more details13:53
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jkramerIs 999EUR ok for this thing?
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veehi gaise14:27
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jsehay vee14:30
veehow is you be14:31
fakerootHmm, what driver do you suggest for ATI Radeon HD2400 [RV610]: xorg-xf86-video-ati or xorg-xf86-video-radeonhd?14:33
veeand then remove one xD14:33
veethats my noobish way14:34
tilmanmight as well remove xorg-xf86-video-radeonhd14:34
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fakeroottilman: But with ati driver this gpu with quad Q9300 works similar to rv300 with pentium 4 1.6GHz...14:43
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tilmanxf86-video-radeonhd is obsolete14:47
fakeroottilman: rv610 seems to react similar to rv300. I mean graphics, flash display, some weird actions at rdesktop sessions etc. And almost the same score in glxgears (I know this is not really benchmark).15:02
joe9Romster: can you please use this, instead:
jaegerAnyone have a laptop with which they are 100% happy in linux? suspend/hibernate working, all that crap?15:11
jkramerMy Samsung Ecko Plus Netbook and my (very old) Samsung Q45 Aura Devesh do pretty good. Only thing that I couldn't make work was the hotkeys for display brightness.15:12
treachThinkpads used to have pretty solid reputation, right? (Along with the pricetag..) Haven't tried one since they stopped stamping "IBM" on them though. :>15:14
tilmanjaeger: hp something. intel (i945)15:14
thrice`i bought a really cheapy thinkpad (R series), and it works well15:15
thrice`R61, I think?  2.5 years ago, for about $50015:15
jaegerI've got 2 work laptops but can never get them working 100% correctly... macbook pro and hp elitebook 8540p15:15
jaegerI used to have an msi gx630 but it wasn't 100% either15:16
jaegerthere's always some little thing like hotkeys not working, or wireless is a pain, or suspend doesn't work, etc.15:16
jkramerHotkeys work pretty good here, the problem with the brightness hotkeys is not that I can't react on the keycodes but that the drivers/xorg don't allow me to change the brightness without restarting xorg :)15:18
treachmeh, sounds just the same as windows..15:18
thrice`I think the thinkpad ones must be hard-wired, because I've never ever had to map mine, regardless of which WM I'm using15:19
jkramerThat is, got to a tty, echo a number in some /proc brightness file and go back to xorg15:19
thrice`(wrt brightness)15:19
thrice`mine actually came with suse or some crap on there, but I think they stopped doing that15:19
jaegerI wonder how the current lenovo R line compares15:20
thrice`i haven't abused it really, though.  it must sits at home15:20
thrice`so can't /really/ vouge for build-quality15:21
jaegeractually not even sure if the R line is current15:21
jaegerL, Edge, X, T, W on their site15:22
treachhm, interesting that you're not allowed to buy more than five per customer. :P15:23
thrice`not sure what replaced their cheapy line :(  I really wish mine was thinner though, and that i'd spent the money for an X15:23
thrice`it kinda sucks traveling with it15:23
jaegerthe T/R seem to be the cheapy line15:24
jaegerwe have T400s here that are very much budget laptops15:24
jaegerI'm kinda eyeing an x220 at the moment15:24
treachyay, non-glare.15:25
* treach wishes he could persuade his employer to get a substitute for his current sucky asus..15:26
jaegerwhich asus do you have? what's sucky about it?15:29
treachk50 something. I have no idea who bought it, but I'd like to have a few words with him..15:30
treachshinly plastic, shiny screen that acts like a mirror etc.15:30
jaegerthat's no fun =/15:31
treachindeed not, it's a complete pita15:31
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treachor maybe I should say "PITE"15:31
thrice`I'd love a lenovo X-series too, I think15:32
jaegerThe one thing I don't like about it from reviews is the Intel HD 3000 GPU... but it's not intended to be a gaming laptop anyway15:34
jaegerit's probably fine15:34
jaeger <-- some gaming on it15:34
thrice`you did say running linux, no? ;)15:35
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jaegeryeah, most of the time15:35
jaegerI'd probably dual boot it, though, for the rare times I'd need windows on it15:35
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joe9gcc: error trying to exec 'cc1': execvp: No such file or directory <-- anyone knows which package might help fix this error?15:37
joe9gcc -c -S -o usb_utility.s -I . -I. usb_utility.c --coverage -g <-- this was the command that I ran.15:37
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