IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2011-09-28

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pitillogood morning01:15
fakerootThis day doesn't seem too much pretty.01:18
fakerootHmm, why setting the same color for normbgcolor and normbordercolor in config.h (dwm) makes tab gray and border blue? ;/01:21
fakerootstatic const char normbordercolor[] = "#555753";01:21
fakerootstatic const char normbgcolor[]     = "#555753";01:21
featurei would use dwm if it would stack the windows straight01:23
fakerootCommand line tools work properly (f.e. urxvt, mc).01:24
fakerootI mean they have proper colors.01:24
fakerootWhich I set in .Xresources.01:24
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fakerootBtw there's dead link in _libreoffice_01:28
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featuresorry, my wm is sending chars to wrong window because od kvm experiment :)01:53
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frinnstwee, firefox 702:39
frinnstapparently uses less mem02:40
Romsterand hides http:// prefix02:48
deep42thoughtI haven't noticed yet, using massively https:// ...02:55
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frinnstnot on my box it didnt03:41
frinnstdownloaded a precompiled version and ran on my workbox03:41
frinnstbrowser.urlbar.trimURLs in about:config apparently03:42
frinnstcorrection, yes it dit03:43
Romsterdit :D03:44
Romsterreminds me of morse code.03:45
frinnstoh please, dont you start correcting my spelling :D03:45
Romsterhehe :D03:45
Romsteri'd make it 10 times as worse.03:45
featurecan i run default crux kernel as dom0 for xen? I see in ports xen-kernel but cant use rsync now.03:46
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frinnstno idea03:47
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Romsterno idea either sorry03:48
featurei dont understand it very well. I have kernel 3.0 running and on xen site is reads it is supported in >3 kernel but dont see any config options for it.03:49
featuremess :)03:49
featurekvm is much easier03:49
featureanyway now the redhat and linx foundation openly support kvm vs xen, xen will become unstable on linux soon03:50
Romstertoo many systems isn't vserver being merged into kernel?03:51
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featuresometimes too many choises is not a good thing? :)03:52
loweIf all you want to do on the system is to host VMs, wouldn't the (free edition) of xenserver be an option? I've always felt that Xen under linux has been a bit messy.03:53
featureits not about production its about learning experience now. I am curious to make it work03:56
frinnstlowe: är du på jobbet nu?04:00
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lowefeature: Alright, then Xen on linux should indeed be a rewarding experience. :)04:02
lowefrinnst: Ja, elleeer?04:02
featureinteresting, in .config i have CONFIG_XEN_PRIVILEGED_GUEST is not set but in make menuconfig i cant find it04:25
Romsterdo a search for it with /04:26
featurethx. Man i am learning here from you guys rocket speed.04:28
Romsterbecomes easy after awhile04:29
featurei managed somehow. But didnt know that you cant see some options if options it depend on  are not configured.05:16
featurefor instance, i couldnt select XEN unless selected depends first. It wasnt showing at all as a option. But then one cant learn about kernel feature from make menuconfig because it require that you already know what you have to do.05:18
featureKernel has became a beast and a mess :(05:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to 7.005:20
crshdi prefered mozilla's old numbering05:27
crshdmoving a toolbar button 1px to the left does not require a major version bump.05:28
Romstershould still be able to do a search with / and then see that it depends on another subsystem then enable that first.05:33
Romstercrshd, alot agree with that but mozilla devs don't.05:34
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conbot123hey guys07:04
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joe9Romster, was not sure if you saw this message: can you please add this port:
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
Romsterperhaps joe9 i only glanced over it. why not make a REPO file with httpup-repgen and ask the portdb person to add it to the list?07:16
joe9Romster, did not know that it can be done that way. will check out how to do that.07:17
Romsterjoe9, i see some issues README files is empty redundant remove it... URL: is one line only not 2. see other Pkgfiles on that.07:17
Romsterand what do these examples do or are useful for?07:18
joe9they have useful macros for m4 processing such as foreach or forloop, etc.07:19
joe9don't have to write your own, when they are already there.07:19
Romsteri could host the port on my list, i don't fancy adding it into contrib at this stage and once you got a sizeable collection of quality ports you can apply for contrib access.07:19
joe9that should be good enough, as long as they are available somewhere.07:20
joe9I don't think it has to be a contrib or anything. I think.07:20
Romsterideally you'd have some other Pkgfile port that would use them macros. but if you use the macros it's good enough reason to have it in your personal repo.07:20
Romsteryou could do this httpup-repgen and portspage . > index.html07:21
joe9made the changes you requested.07:21
Romsterto get them neat pages that you see others haveand httpup files to place in /etc/ports/07:21
Romsterprtverify is also handy to check for problems too.07:22
joe9the debian m4 package includes these as part of their standard m4 package.07:22
joe9ok, will have to check on how to do that.07:23
Romsterhaving it on portdb would be nice that way anyone can add your repo and start using your ports.07:23
joe9yes, i want to add it there too. let me send an email to the maintainer there and see what he wants to do. whether he can use the github repo.07:24
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Romsterprovided you make a REPO file wtih httpup-repgen anyone can fetch it with a ports -u07:25
Romsteronce they place your foo.httpup file in there system. and prt-get.conf entry that all cruxers will know how to do that.07:25
joe9ok, I have the REPO file now in the same directory as httpup-repgen07:27
joe9should I put it on github?07:27
Romsterthe REPO file yes07:27
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Romsterremember to run that command after every edit. and include REPO file.07:27
joe9ok, will do. thanks.07:28
Romstermake a file like this only with your details.07:29
Romsterand place it in there and also give a link to that file when you ask for portdb entry.07:29
Romsterand once it's added 24 hours later it'll be listed.07:29
Romsterand name it joe9.httpup or something.httpup07:30
joe9Romster, I do not have a URL, can I use the github stuff. maybe have a different github repo that lists out all the repos?07:30
Romsterthe URL is the or something to the REPO file's location07:31
Romsteryou made a git tree for one Pkgfile didn't you...07:32
joe9ok, doing that.07:32
Romsterbest to make a git tree like joe9 then in there have /REPO and /port1/ /port2/ /m4-examples/{Pkgfile,.footprint.md5sum}07:33
Romsterone git tree for the REPO then. like the rest of us do.07:33
joe9oh, ok. let me try that.07:33
Romster or something07:34
Romsteror some other name for it.07:34
joe9ok, that is a good idea.07:34
Romsterthat way you can use github for other git stuff as well too.07:34
Romstershould the need arise.07:34
joe9i find that when I create the repo file with httpup-repgen m4-examples, it places the REPO file in the m4-examples directory.07:34
Romsteryeah you need to cd ../07:34
Romsterthen do it at the top level directory.07:35
joe9should the directory sturcture be joe9/crux/m4-examples/07:35
joe9and then run httpup-repgen on crux07:35
Romsterand joe9/crux/REPO07:35
joe9ok, let me try that.07:35
Romsteryou can have many directories 1 per a new port.07:35
Romsterand in joe9/crux/ also run portspage . > index.html if you want a nice ports page in html.07:37
Romsterbefore you know it you'll be a pro :)07:38
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Romsterok going afk watching a movie.07:45
joe9Romster, can you please check now, good enough.07:45
joe9alias -g   zshalias=$HOME/etc/zsh/02-alias{,-suffix,-global}.zsh07:45
joe9forget the alias paste07:45
joe9wrong paste07:46
joe9i have done everything that you mentioned07:46
joe9now, just send an email to the folks at contrib-admin?07:47
frinnstjoe9: what are you trying to do?07:53
joe9frinnst, add a port for m4-examples package:
joe9frinnst, Romster walked me through the creation of the port.07:56
frinnsttried to pull your repo with "ports -u joe9"07:56
joe9frinnst, do you see anything wrong with it.07:56
frinnstcomplains about CA cert07:56
joe9how about with this url, please? git://
frinnstim sure it works to clone it with git, but not with ports/httpup07:58
joe9oh, ok. what do i need?07:58
frinnstnothing, i just wanted to help and see if it works :)07:58
joe9please do remember that the crux-admin might have to put it in cruxdb?07:58
frinnst doesnt07:59
joe9oh, thanks. I think the url is wrong. thanks for pointing that out.07:59
joe9let me fix that.07:59
joe9now, i am confused. can httpup urls have "git:.."?08:00
frinnstand https will be problematic if its self signed08:00
frinnstand not trusted by curl08:00
joe9oh, then this might not work.08:01
joe9have no idea what to do about it. will have to wait for Romster to help me out.08:02
frinnstfind another site to host your httpup-repo probably08:03
joe9frinnst: can you please try with this updated joe9.httpup08:05
joe9looks like cloning will work with that url. but not whatever "ports -u" is doing.08:08
frinnstwiÃll try proper08:08
frinnsti have a dog in my office08:08
frinnst1 sec08:08
joe9could the root directory be wrong?08:09
frinnststill redirects to https08:10
frinnstsome ppl host their repos at googlecode.com08:11
joe9oh, ok. I have no idea. thanks for trying it out. will have to check with Romster on this.08:15
joe9I am not a big fan of the google monopoly. my personal preference, btw.08:15
joe9i am checking out you mentioned, and it seems that it could be something to do with curl.08:16
joe9can you please tryi with this option: GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=false08:16
joe9if you do not mind.08:16
frinnstwhy? im sure it works with git :)08:17
frinnstbut obviously you cant clone a repo on github with httpup08:18
frinnstatleast not without hacking the httpup-driver08:18
fakerootWhy xorg-xf86-video-ati has terrible X windows display?08:18
fakerootI cannot move windows, because of soooo sloooooooow mooooooooveeeeeeemeeeent08:19
frinnstwhat card do you have?08:19
fakerootHD 2400.08:19
frinnstshould work.. no errors in xorg.log ?08:20
frinnstand it doesnt use vesa or some other driver instead?08:20
joe9why not post your Xorg.0.log and boot?08:21
fakeroot[ 17236.019] (II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/radeon_drv.so08:21
fakeroot[ 17236.019] (II) Module radeon: vendor="X.Org Foundation"08:21
fakeroot[ 17236.020] compiled for 1.11.1, module version = 6.14.208:21
fakerootHmm, is KMS reqired?08:22
frinnstshouldnt be, but it might play a part in your lack of performance08:23
fakerootMoving window from one place to another just for about 100px lasts at least 4-5secs.08:24
frinnstyou could try the git version08:27
frinnstand ofcourse enable kms08:27
fakerootIm running 3.0.4 if it matters.08:28
frinnst-ati git08:29
frinnst even08:31
fakerootWii try kms first.08:33
fakerootOK, rebooting.08:35
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fakerootYeah, making kms makes a preety black screen.08:40
fakerootThis is fun, actually.08:43
frinnstdid you install the firmware needed?08:48
frinnstradeon-ucode or whatever its called08:48
frinnstits in opt08:49
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fakerootWill try that.08:50
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Romsterports command needs to be updated to ignore certs.08:55
Romsterpkgmk already as been fixed for that.08:56
Romstercan't github work without the s?08:56
Romsterlooks like not it seems to redirect.08:57
Romsterneed a bug report for ports command to ignore certs then it will work for joe908:58
Romsterdid not see this issue coming :/08:59
Romsteri'll follow up on it tomorrow heading to bed.09:00
joe9Romster, thanks.09:05
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feature_i cant do ports -u because i am behind firewall but notices that in my version name of source of port gdb should change because the version changed. But i repeat i dont have newest ports so...10:49
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frinnst_ lol14:58
Rotwangand student is the poorest [;15:00
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conbot123hi guys18:22
* conbot123 watches crux kernel compile some more18:22
conbot123moar fiber!18:22
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conbot123anyone have anything interesting to say?18:47
veehm. i just ordered my cars short ram intake18:57
veedoes that count?18:57
conbot123this guy in ##linux is saying crux is "non-mainstream"18:57
veewouldn't think it is....i discovered it by accident18:58
veeglad i did though18:58
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joe9has anyone used gcoverage on crux? could not get it to work. just want to make sure that it worked for someone, before starting the hunt.19:09
joe9the ##linux folks can get pretty rowdy at times.19:09
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joe9with gcoverage, i mean the gnu coverage stuff.19:23
anotheroneis there a crux based gnu linux without compile the source?19:29
crshdarch is kinda similar, INO19:30
anotheronearch i used. but another? like kwort?19:30
anotheronewill be a dream has a linux iso with a source already compiled :(. to make things faster :)19:31
anotheronetks crshd19:31
anotheronelinux == crux19:31
anotheronecrux is to me the best ... I like to compile my source, but to put in desktop friends is sooooo ....19:33
crshdcrux is absolutely amazing. coming from arch myself, i don't want to go back.19:45
anotheroneyeah. may I use arch in my friends and use crux to my19:47
anotheroneI like the idea to make everything for myself, by hand, because if the system broken, I know soso, where this happened19:48
anotheronecrshd make  your words the mine. tks a lot19:49
joe9when is crux going to have gcc 4.6?19:49
crshdas soon as you write a pkgfile for it?19:49
thrice`usually major toolchain components don't get updated until the next release, eg. crux 2.819:50
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rmullSomeone was testing it last I heard20:03
rmullForget who exactly it was20:03
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joe9rmull, thanks.20:39
rmullteK_: You're the maintainer of opt/gnupg? There's a typo in the README20:41
rmullNot a big deal :D20:41
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veeany rockers in here?22:37
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