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pitillogood morning01:10
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frinnsti am running a new and shiny toolchain at home01:14
frinnstgcc 4.6, glibc 3.14, binutils whatever01:15
frinnstthere are some issues that needs to be resolved01:15
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veefinally got pypanel.  god im lazy. lmao01:27
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Romsterjoe9, i'm on gcc 4.6.1 you can easily bump it and recompile.02:52
Romsterfrinnst, how ports has it broken so far and any major ones?02:53
Romsteron glibc 2.1402:53
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frinnstthey yanked the rpc headers04:00
frinnstcausing a shitload of programs to not build04:00
frinnstalso, there are some bugs with alsa, causing segfaults04:01
Romsteryeah so jue said last time.04:01
frinnstand some resolve bug, causing apps resolving dns to crash \o/04:01
Romsteroh boy... think i'l hold off.04:01
frinnstmy port has all this patched.. but its _UGLY_04:01
frinnstand fuse doesnt build with gcc 4.6 iirc04:02
Romsterin portsdb?04:02
frinnstnah, in ~/brew :)04:02
Romsterpublish the repo for hevens sake -_-04:02
frinnstill tar it together when im off work04:07
frinnstbut realize its _UGLY_04:07
Romsterso is about half my ports :)04:08
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Romsterif i improve on it i'll send it your way.06:21
joe9frinnst, Romster, ok, thanks. will do.07:56
joe9Romster, " need a bug report for ports command to ignore certs then it will work for joe9" -07:59
joe9Romster, " need a bug report for ports command to ignore certs then it will work for joe9" --- do you want me to do something about this?07:59
joe9Romster, or just sit tight07:59
frinnstjoe9: uh, np.. (what did i help with? :D)08:06
Romsterah yes i need to submit a bug report.08:07
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Romster done.08:12
Romsternow to sit back and wait 1.5 years like the past change took :) though this one shouldn't be that long (i hope)08:13
joe9frinnst: "i am running a new and shiny toolchain at home gcc 4.6, glibc 3.14, binutils whatever there are some issues that needs to be resolved" -- for this info08:25
Romsterlol i so must do that.08:57
rmulloh man, if the github ports hosting works out I'm definitely going to do that09:01
Romsterif ports command ignores the certificates which it can then it'll be possible.09:06
jaegerthank you, virtualbox, for eating my crux sandbox VM09:11
frinnstlol, what happened?09:56
jaegerno idea, it just started showing a message about how no actual file is associated with X snapshot, etc.09:57
jaegerwouldn't boot anymore09:57
jaegerI could find those files on the disk and they looked ok to me but virtualbox didn't like them09:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lsof: 4.84 -> 4.8510:11
thrice`      /me lold10:12
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veeawfully quite in here19:09
* nasuta-work giggles19:11
veetoo many crickets lol19:35
rmullWhat exactly does "testing" entail when updating a port, and before uploading it to a repo?19:36
rmullIs it enough to build it and run it and see that it works?19:36
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EmoSpicermull: 's what I do/did.19:48
EmoSpicemake sure everything works in said program and that it builds right.19:48
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rmullEmoSpice: Thanks20:00
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Romsterrmull, and perhaps use prtveriy from time to time to test for common issues.21:44
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veehey Romster, i tried adding your respritories to crux, but it doesn't look like its able to download anything. i tried going to your website directly and it couldn't connect....thought i should let you know. it might just be on my end21:47
Romsteri'm heavily uploading/downloading but my QoS should still let you have priority to the ports/site.21:48
veeill check it in a bit, brb21:49
RomsterIt is just you, appears to be Online!21:50
Romsteri can load it from work ok.21:50
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veehm. thats odd o.O22:15
veewell i added your .httpup file to /usr/ports/22:20
veebut when i do an ports -u, it doesn't come up22:20
veei checked the prt-get.conf to make sure yours is there and it is22:21
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