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tilmanvee: /etc/ports is where httpup files go00:52
pitillogood morning01:13
veetilman thanks. i knew i was doing something wrong. FAIL.01:59
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frinnsti guess i should change my pw now03:30
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nginx: update to 1.0.605:25
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frinnstfirefox 8.0b1 ...07:35
frinnstatleast theyre not slacking off07:35
thrice`indeed, could be worse :>07:37
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thrice`7.0.1 too?07:41
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Romster7.0 broke adblock plus :(07:46
frinnstreally? works for me (tm)07:50
Romsterit works on my work pc but if you install firefox 7.0 then install adblock plus it says it's not compatible.07:51
Romsterbut if you have adblcok plus on then let firefox upgrade to 7.0 it's fine.07:52
Romsterplease explain...07:52
Romsterdamn mozilla devs07:52
frinnststrange, when you update to a new version firefox checks all installed exntensions if they are compatible08:00
frinnstjust like when you install a new extension08:01
Romsteron 2 different computers08:01
frinnstyoure not downloading an old version of adblock or something?08:01
Romsteryeah i was scratching my head at that too and thinking but but.. oh whatever it's windows anyways08:01
Romsternot my system so don't care.08:02
Romstercan't reason with it.08:02
Romsteri was only saying what i saw it had me perplexed too and i had the same thought as you... it checks at every version upgrade.08:03
ThePubbecause of how extensions are setup.08:14
ThePubI think it will try an installed extension but uses the version information when installing fresh08:14
ThePubJust use Chrome, better browser anyways.  :)\08:15
Romsterwants midori for windows :D08:29
EmoSpiceRomster: midori has a windows release ;)08:33
Romsterhmm so it does too why did i miss that.08:39
Romsteralso that ^ concerns me.08:39
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rmullDo ports generally follow "stable" or "development" upstream releases?08:41
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ThePubthere was a windows midori build I thought. never liked it on linux and was really unstable on windows.\08:50
jsermull: the rule of thumb for pots is to follow the latest stable release.08:52
rmulljse: thanks08:55
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Romsterrmull, that's up to the maintainer09:24
Romstersome upstream unstable is really stable while others are not.09:25
Romsterit's not simple to know which is what amount of stable unless you follow development.09:25
Romsterthe there is regressions to contend with too.09:26
Romstereven with stable like curl for example broke other ports due to a header file being removed.09:26
Romsterlibpng's ABI changing09:27
Romstermany others09:27
rmullGot it, makes sense09:28
Romsterso most follow stable but not all.09:29
Romsterit be so much easier if everything was black and white but nothing ever is :)09:29
Romsterand it would also be boring too.09:29
jseNothing like placing your bets and running `prt-get sysup'.09:35
Romsterhehe yeah09:35
joe9isn't there a --dry-run to prt-get sysup?09:36
Romsternews to me if there is09:36
jseYeah there is. It's called --test instead of --dry-run.09:36
Romsteri thought about making two root logical volumes sysup 1 run on the other swap over the root LV at reboot. if it braks revert to older root LV retry.09:37
Romsterbeen to busy/unmotivated to do it.09:37
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Romsterok odd fetish though the net is full of those.10:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libebml: 1.2.1 -> 1.2.210:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libmatroska: 1.2.0 -> 1.3.010:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mkvtoolnix: 4.9.1 -> 5.0.010:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nut: 2.6.1 -> 2.6.210:45
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jaegerAnyone in here have experience with lenovo ideapads?18:13
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Romsterwell noon just now.21:00
Romsterideapads? thought they were thinkpads.21:00
Romsterother guy at work has a thinkpad with the stylus21:01
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jaegerRomster: they're a separate line21:49
Romsternews to me.21:50
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veewould it be possible to put crux on a tablet>22:43
veeoh? have you done it?22:44
rmullNope. But as long as you can install some form of Linux on that tablet, then crux is no exception. The only question is whether it's ARM or not.22:47
rmullCrux doesn't have support for ARM parts, afaik.22:47
rmullYeah, as opposed to x86... CPU architecture22:49
rmullWhich tablet did you have in mind?22:50
veethe hp one. lol sorry i was away23:47
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