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tilmanrmull: or something01:41
tilmanrmull: my arm based plug computer runs crux =)01:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dbus-glib: updated to 0.9804:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xplanet: 1.2.1 -> 1.2.206:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: zope.interface: 3.6.1 -> 3.8.006:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wxpython: ->
frinnststupid mailman membership reminder spam07:33
tilmanyou can disable that one in the options07:33
tilman(options for your account)07:33
frinnstyeah, but for 147613 acconts? :)07:34
frinnsttoo much work07:34
tilmanturn off one list's notifications per month07:36
tilman"147613 months? takes too long"07:36
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rmulltilman: Oh damn, very cool.10:13
rmullr: crux arm10:13
tilmanrmull: the whole build-from-source thing probably doesn't work that well on your typical underpowered arm system though :D10:19
rmullNothing distcc couldn't help10:19
rmullThere's no crux-mips, is there?10:20
tilmanare there still mips systems out there? ;)10:21
frinnstmy wireless ap is mips10:21
frinnstnetgear "open source" edition.. not very open though10:21
rmullSGI O2 and Lemote machines come to mind10:22
rmullAnd yeah, many routers10:22
pitillosure distcc helps :)10:45
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anotheronesomeone? fix? no syncing: VFS: Unable mount fs  .. I never had problem compiling crux 2.5 but 2.7 version I have this problem10:48
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rauz_maybe the filesystem you use not buildin in the kernel12:30
frinnsthe left..12:39
frinnsti love ppl who dont understand the nature of irc12:39
jseomg y u no answer in nano seconds?!12:40
jseDamn kids these days have no patience :>12:42
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tilmanwell, he only gave up after ~30 minutes12:58
tilmanthat's pretty good12:58
frinnstyeah, but still a rookie13:03
tilmanrookie shortly before promotion? ;)13:04
tilmanfrinnst: saw that. "meh". only interesting for poor souls without proper drivers afaics13:05
frinnstyeah but still13:05
frinnstmodesetting with "new, still unsupported" cards i guess?13:06
frinnstlaundry timer13:06
tilmanthat driver will work for cards that have support in the kernel only13:06
frinnstthats what i get for not booking in advance.. laundry on saturdays \o/13:06
tilmanafaict as soon as you want acceleration for xrender, xvideo etc you'll still need a proper driver for x13:07
tilmanwhich could either be xf86-video-foobar _or_ that gallium state tracker for xorg maybe :)13:07
frinnststill, could be useful for the iso i guess13:17
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featurehello2all. Anybody touched the xen, i am trying 3.0.4 as dom0 but it hangs...13:31
veeRomster, may i ask you a quick question? i recently installed office 2007, and in my pekwm menu i added the following Entery= "Word" { Actions = "Exec cd /home/vee/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Microsoft\ Office/Office12/ && wine WINWORD.exe &" } , but it doesn't launch anything. however, when i launch it through a terminal it runs with no issue14:00
* tilman prepares for ridicule that will surely follow14:02
tilmanhey Rotwang14:02
veeim sure he will ridicule me, but i honestly cant see why it wont work. O.o14:03
tilmani meant the fact that you run winword through wine :D14:03
veeoh? what would i run it through? crossover?14:03
tilmanhave you considered using openoffice/libreoffice?14:03
veei would love to and save myself the trouble, but occasionally old folks hop on this computer and when they dont have their office they go ape shit14:04
tilmanokay, fair enough14:04
* tilman hytter med naven at old folks14:05
veecan you be my google translator?14:05
veei under stand old folks lol14:05
* tilman is shaking his fist at old folks14:05
veemeh. my gramps comes over once it a while. it took me a day to get him use to no desktops icons. whats worse is he has his own laptop but doesn't use it14:06
veeshakes head at logic14:07
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veeoh and just a heads up, when trying to build libre office it fails to download
veefrom there14:08
veei thought i could be sneaky and tell them libreoffice is the new microsoft office. xD14:09
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veeanyway, how was your day tilman14:14
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Rotwangtime_t cur_t = time(NULL); struct tm *cur_tm = localtime(cur_t);15:58
Rotwangcould someone tell me whats wrong with it?15:58
tilmanman localtime16:29
tilmanwhat kind of argument does localtime(3) take?16:29
tilmanand what do _you_ pass to it in the code you quoted?16:30
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Rotwangstupid error16:34
Rotwangtilman: thanks16:34
RotwangI shouldn't write c while under influence16:34
Rotwangof alcohol that is16:34
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Rotwanganother problem is: why stuff compiled with mingw gcc 3.x is sooo slow?17:10
Rotwangand why windows sucks so much [;17:11
rauz_yeah true that17:34
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veehas anyone seen the dragon ball z movie thing?18:58
veeworst creation on the face of this planet18:58
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Romstervee try Exec=wine "C:\\Program\ Files\\Microsoft\ Office\\Office12\\WINWORD.exe"19:59
Romsteri sometimes run MS office myself.19:59
Romstermainly for excel and it's formulas.19:59
Romsteroh he arn't here well he can look in the log.20:00
Romstervee> has anyone seen the dragon ball z movie thing? <- yes and i much prefer the dragon ball z animation series over that dumb movie.20:01
joe9anyone using this on crux? git:// seems good too.20:31
Romster looks ok by the site's description at least.21:03
joe9Romster, i have not received any email from the crux-contrib folks. Is this expected?21:18
joe9or, don't they care about the git repo's and just decided to ignore my email.21:19
Romsterthey may be busy give it time21:21
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joe9ok, thanks. just wasn't sure how it works.21:24
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Romsterjust make sure you did post it to the list :)21:24
Romstersee the archives on the site to be sure.21:25
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