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pitillogood morning01:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gstreamer: updated to 0.11.102:25
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gst-plugins-base: updated to 0.11.102:25
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: di: updated to 4.2902:31
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: libburn: updated to 1.1.602:38
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: libisofs: updated to 1.1.602:38
frinnstjaeger: how big do mri-images get?02:50
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featureWhy when i ran firefox & from shell, and after exiting the shell the firefox closes. I know it becomes orphan process but nevertheless. But i remember that older versions didnt dye after shell exiting03:32
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frinnst ..03:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dbus-glib: removed obsolete configure option04:25
frinnstim sorry but this made me laugh :D04:26
* frinnst ducks04:27
frinnstoh, berlios to end at newyears04:32
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Romsterif feature would stop being unlazy and search the net. he would realize he needed to issue "disown".05:55
Romstererm lazy dunno why i thought unlazy...05:56
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Romsterberlios to close. damn better start ripping the projects off the site before they are not accessible.06:00
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: librsvg: updated to 2.34.1 and cleanup06:12
sepenRomster: I was wondering about to avoid librsvg as duplicated (xfce,contrib), there are some differences but I think that I could unified them into a single port in opt, maybe by adding libcroco also, what do you think?06:15
Romsterwhy is there a librsvg in xfce4 when there is one in contrib?06:16
sepenbecasuse xfce4 don't depends on contrib06:17
sepenRomster: but the question could be 'why did you add a new port to contrib?'06:21
sepenlibrsvg is part of xfce since 200606:21
Romsterwhy wasn't i asked about librsvg ages ago? when it was needed for xfce4. i'm looking over the differences now between the two.06:21
sepenanyways, I'm trying to avoid duplicates06:21
Romsterbecause i can't depend on xfce4 for contrib ports -_-06:22
sepenRomster: just libcroco06:22
sepenRomster: pff, that for what I'm trying to avoid dups06:22
Romsterlibcroco andlibrsvg would both need to be in opt.06:22
sepenthat is what I wanted to explain before06:23
Romsterand now i also have to test if this gstreamer update brakes anything.06:23
sepenso are you agree with that?06:23
Romsteras long as deluge builds and work i'm ok with it.06:23
sepenit worked here06:23
Romstermy configure options differ a little.06:24
sepenthe problem could appear with gst-plugins-base and ports dependent on it06:24
Romsterbut ok i'll let you take them too.06:24
sepenRomster: try --help on librsvg06:24
sepengdk-pixbuf are disabled by default, and gtk-theme too06:24
sepenRomster: about gstreamer, xfce4-mixer worked fine here06:25
sepenbut tell me whatever you find wrong06:25
Romstergive me some time i'm looking it over.06:26
sepenok, note that -with-svgz  requires libgsf for run-time decompression, which is not in contrib06:27
sepenso it should be listed on your librsvg port, and added libgsf also06:28
sepenimho, we could just try with '--enable-pixbuf-loader', '--enable-gtk-theme' and '--with-croco', and add librsvg and libcroco to opt06:29
Romsterok couple of things i got this on mine i'm happy with your other configure options --with-svgz --with-croco06:36
Romsterand hmm looking at that libgsf and i don't have it as a dependency.06:37
Romsterwonder how i missed that.06:37
Romsterand i go libgfs in my private repo hmm....06:38
Romsterprobably not really needed.06:39
Romsteryeah --with-svgz can be dropped don't need that.06:40
Romsterbe nice if --with-croco is added and depends on.06:40
sepenok so I'm going to do it now06:42
Romsterok so you got the post-install too so that's taken care of just one thing with librsvg i don't like the rm -rf. I really hate the force option.06:42
Romsteryour "rm -rf $PKG/usr/{lib/mozilla,share/gtk-doc}" is old see i got "rm -r $PKG/usr/share/gtk-doc"06:42
sepenok, np06:43
Romsteronly time i'd consider force on rm is for gtk-doc perhaps.06:43
sepenwhat about to avoid the gtk3 dir?06:43
Romsterbut i haven't found it a issue not having it without force so far.06:43
Romsteroh hmm i'd do rmdir $PKG/usr/share/themes/bubble/gtk-3.006:44
sepenany valid URL for libcroco? seems that homepage is down06:45
Romsterso if later on when gtk3 is being used and there is a file in there it'll error out than to silently be ignored and later find out you were removing files not knowing about it.06:45
Romsteroh let me see06:45
Romstermy general opinion on removing files/directories of course, you can do it how you like, i just prefer not forcing etc.06:46
sepenmaybe that will do the trick for empty dirs: rm -r `find .. -empty`06:48
Romsteri guess use
Romsterit's part of but ic an't find a exact page on gnome's site.06:50
Romsterit's only 1 directory in this case.06:50
sepenlaunchpad seems more recent06:51
Romsterand it's better to use find $PKG -empty -exec rm -r {} +06:51
sepenwell I wanted to say something like that :D06:51
Romster yeah use that for URL looks newer.06:53
sepenwow, librsvg was duplicated 6 times
Romsteri'm guilty of 1 put it in contrib so i did not depend on xfce4.06:53
Romstershould of been put in opt ages ago but, i'm not invited to opt, i'm probably too inexperienced? or wrong personality for that.06:54
Romsteror i'm considered a threat with my past changes i've done.06:55
Romsteri don't really care anymore, just as long as things work i'm happy.06:55
sepenwell, I used to use portdb to find dups and try to solve dups by talking with others like now06:56
sepenportdb/portdbc :D06:56
Romsterand i tended to borrow everyone's stuff into my personal repo.06:57
Romsterthen i started to think to move my most used stuff to contrib then i needed librsvg in contrib.06:58
frinnstRomster: have you *asked* for access on the ml?06:58
Romsterback then i don't anyone would want to talk to me to resolve it to opt...06:58
Romsterages ago, predatorfreak got in like nothing but i was rejected.06:58
frinnstwell, maybe try again? :)06:59
Romsterwhich annoyed me more then i went and forked stuff.06:59
Romsteras it seems like the best idea at the time it was suggested to me even.06:59
sepenRomster: strange, your librsvg's footprint is not listing .a files06:59
frinnstthe md5-sum thing?06:59
Romsteri used --disable-static06:59
Romsteryeha i also have .sha256sum in mine.07:00
Romstermd5sums are nto secure anymore but no one listens -_-07:00
sepenno one aproved07:00
Romstereven sha1 sums arn't far behind either.07:00
frinnstwell, relying on a checksum of a file hosted on a foregin server is not secure, unless you somehow can sign it07:01
Romstermy attitude back then was worse than i am now *shurgs* it does not surprise me.07:01
frinnstmd5 is mostly to make sure the file downloaded completely etc, no?07:01
Romsteryeah that's my next step was to make some framework to fetch there hashes pgp keys as it is now it's manually generated when the maintainer makes it, and it's up to the maintainer to check that it agrees with what ever pgp sha md5 crc and other such hash07:02
frinnstbut yeah, md5 is mostly broken07:02
sepenman-in-the-middle thing?07:02
Romsteror mirrors gone rouge.07:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libcroco: initial import (moved from contrib)07:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libcroco: fixed url07:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: librsvg: initial import (mixed from xfce and contrib)07:03
Romstergrab pgp/sum off official site download from any random mirror verify it.07:03
Romsternote that i am full of crazy ideas.07:04
frinnstthats why we love you :D07:04
Romsterand i implement very few in my spare time.07:04
frinnstwork is... well, too much work07:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libcroco: moved to opt07:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: librsvg: moved to opt07:04
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: librsvg: removed (moved to opt)07:04
sepenRomster: thanks07:04
Romsternp sepen07:04
frinnst*back to reading*07:05
sepentime to eat, bbl07:05
Romsterif it had been a year or two ago i'd be more vicious than to give away ports, don't know why, actually one reason comes to mind i prefer to be in control as i try to keep quality standards high.07:05
Romsterenjoy your food sepen07:05
Romsterhan's personality is probably similar to mine too. if anyone remembers him.07:06
Romsterfrinnst, irc is reading :D07:06
Romsteri need to prune a few ports sometime after reviewing them. i've got slack lately on checking for versions and seeing what i really use and don't use anymore.07:07
frinnstheh, han was awesome07:12
frinnstjust introduced a new "pkgutils" port just like that07:12
frinnstor whatever it was07:12
frinnsthas there been any new 3.0 kernels "released" during the downtime?07:13
frinnstiirc, the last one released was 3.0.4?07:13
Romsterno idea... could get the git tree.07:14
Romsterwith depth of 1.07:14
frinnstbut its not in linus tree, right?07:14
frinnstdoes greg keep a treee on github perhaps?07:14
Romsteroh yeah it's merged form pulling a bunch of git trees.07:14
Romsterbut i think the main one is on git hub no?07:15
frinnstyeah, linus has his tree there07:15
Romsteryeah it was his shell coded pkgutils.07:15
frinnstbut only contains 3.0 and 3.1-rc's07:15
frinnsti think07:15
Romsteris that everyones emrged base or just linus git tree?07:15
entehaha, is still down07:15
frinnstjust linus i think07:16
Romsterthere rebuilding it from scratch.07:16
Romsterover 4 weeks now it's stupid they could at least put the tarballs back online.07:16
Romsteri'll wait for i'm in no rush to bump my kernel until the dust settles.07:23
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: firefox-java-plugin: updated to 1.7.007:40
Romsterwonder when thunderbird will get a bump. might have to ask the maintainer.07:42
frinnstisnt the firefox-java-plugin versioning pretty pointless? its just a symlink and it doesnt change anything between versions07:45
sepenRomster: I can remember Han, and Brett ...07:53
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: rar: updated to 4.0.107:53
sepenfrinnst: yeah07:54
deus_exsepen: I have used pkgutils that Han modified for quite some time, it had a few advantages to vanilla pkgmk (at the time), imho.08:03
frinnstim sure it did.. but creating a duplicate port - original in core, the dupe in contrib08:04
frinnstis pretty braindead08:04
frinnstatleast rename it or somehting08:04
frinnstiirc, Han uses openbsd these days?08:04
frinnsti remember him porting crux ports to it08:04
deus_exhe was/is one of the devs, iirc.08:05
j^2anyone have a virtualbox image of crux 2.7?08:14
frinnstprobably takes longer to send it than it takes for you to install :)08:21
jaegerfrinnst: they vary in size, some sets are up to a couple gigabytes08:21
frinnstlike what.. 500mb-3gb?08:22
Romsterfrinnst, he did rename it int eh end but then decided to pull all his ports out of contrib and go elsewhere.08:25
jaegerAs I understand it a normal MRI just takes a single image, functional MRI takes a lot of images. So a "scan" is a lot more than a single image in our case. I just checked a couple random sets, 4.0GB08:26
jaegerwe've upgraded coils a couple times since I was hired, guess they're larger now08:26
frinnstok, thanks08:36
rauz_someone useing crux x86_64 ?08:50
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j^2...well i guess i have a mini project to get going, :) the vbox one what is ;)09:03
sepenrauz_: sure09:03
jaegerI built a 2.6 image for vbox a while back but haven't done 2.709:04
j^2matt, always there ahead of me :P09:04
sepenjaeger: now me have librsvg in opt, maybe you can remove it from gnome09:04
jaegerj^2: not with 2.7 :)09:07
jaegersepen: gnome is completely unmaintained09:07
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Romsteras is kde afaik09:35
Romsteri think crux doesn't do large DE's anymore.09:36
Romstertoo phat for us.09:36
sepenI think you're wrong09:36
sepentry xfce409:36
Romsteri'm happy with pekwm09:36
Romsterthat's only because of you maintaining it.09:36
sepenpekwm is not a large DE as you said09:36
Romsterjust a tiny WM09:37
sepensure, I prefer openbox, but I like Xfce4 for my parents, girlfriend, etc.09:37
Romsteri guess xfce4 is far easier to maintain than kde/gnome09:37
Romsterit has it's place not saying xfce is bad or anything.09:37
Romsterjust happy with what i'm using, so your family uses crux and on that xfce?09:38
Romsterthat's cool better than windows09:40
Romstergnome is too much for one person to maintain and i don't have any motivation and probably everyone here has no motivation for kde/gnome for that matter09:41
sepenjust it requires one person who uses it09:41
Romsteryou have motivation for xfce4 so that's why it's available for crux.09:41
Romsterone person can't find every bug though09:42
sepenyep, but Alan started to maintain kde4 iirc09:42
Romsteris he still?09:42
Romsteri haven't looked in a while09:42
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sepenRomster: well, I've some reports from xfce's users09:42
Romsterwell that means others are using it.09:43
Romsterand it's a lightweight DE compared to the others.09:43
sepena couple of persons maybe :D09:43
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Romsterunless someone has a use for it it just sit's and rots.09:44
Romsterports in general.09:44
Romstereven i have a couple that aren't being touched i must get around to that.09:44
Romsterso as long as something is useful it will get attention.09:45
sepenI think that we could open DE repos to contributors, that should help more to development/maintainement, or at least sections in flyspray09:45
Romstergnome is a bugger to build, kde isn't quite so bad but it's a monster still on resources.09:45
sepenRomster: my primary objective with xfce was to be able of executing something like 'prt-get depinst xfce4' and seeing how it worked fine09:46
Romstermight be an idea but if there was volunteers they would of asked why kde/gnome what ever else is not working/maintained and offer to help?09:46
Romsterwhich you got to.09:46
Romsteri used kde when i first went to crux i tried gnome first but it failed to build -_-09:47
sepenwell, ATM my coworkers are using other linux distros due to this problem, kde or gnome09:48
Romsterthen i went around the WM's and just sat on this pekwm after messing with a few over the years.09:48
sepenyeah but you know that there are some IT profesionals that are more DE oriented than distro oriented09:49
Romsteri supose if those worked we wouldn't have problems finding maintainers. catch 2209:49
Romstermost of the DE orientated ones don't like messing with terminals and code and stuff in my experience. though that doesn't hold true for everyone.09:50
Romsterthey like the clicky GUI of the DE.09:50
Romsterconfigure everything on a GUI.09:50
Romsteri prefer editing files like the rest of us on this distro.09:51
Romsterdoesn't really fit in with crux.09:51
joe9does anyone use apvlv on crux?09:52
sepenyep, but if I must maintain a bunch of linux boxes I'd like to have only crux ones09:52
Romsterunless someone makes it a GUI for editing.. then it's nearly another ubuntu then.09:52
joe9i cannot seem to get the content window working.09:52
Romstertrue crux ones are a breeze to iron issues out of.09:52
Romsterwell most of the time.09:52
sepenRomster: why a common user needs to edit ??09:52
Romstersettings network etc though probably that's a bad example due to wicd.09:53
sepenwell, here my coworkers don't need to change any network config09:53
Romsterguess i've been away from a DE too long to remember.09:53
Romsterjoe9, sorry no idea don't use that.09:54
Romsteranyhow i'm gonna get to bed getting early yes nearly 2am and i need sleep before work at 9am :D g'night.09:55
sepengood night!09:55
sepen7 are ok to you :D09:55
Romsteryeah 7 hour sis about my optimum amount09:56
Romsterhours is*09:56
Romstermore and i'm tired int he mornings, less and i'm a zombie09:56
sepen5-6 is ok to you too :D09:57
Romstersome nights i get 8 hours if i need it.09:57
Romsteryeah sometimes09:57
Romsterheck i've done 56 hours without sleep i would not recomend it.09:58
Romster24 hours is more than enough09:58
Romsterbut not too night :D g'night.09:58
jaegerWe should actually remove the gnome repo from the list09:59
sepenhmmm, maybe we could just create an attic/ dir10:00
sepenattic/ports/gnome.git would be ok to me10:00
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: getmail: 4.22.0 -> 4.22.112:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mercurial: 1.9.2 -> 1.9.312:40
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rmullPartial restoration of!16:23
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veeblahr. just ored new tires :918:36
vee900 bucks just for tires :(18:39
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rmullSo the gstreamer update borked my webkit - I want to rebuild webkit so that it uses the new gstreamer - but prt-get -fr doesn't seem to force a rebuild19:22
rmullremoving it first works, but is that necessary? It tells me that it's already installed and then exits19:22
rmullAlso, FWIW, now the opt/gstreamer is too new for the contrib/webkit to build properly without manual intervention19:24
rmullreported and assigned to Romster, sorry guy :P19:41
thrice`rmull, which version of gstreamer ?19:42
thrice`ah, yeah, the 0.11 is the unstable series19:43
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rmullthrice`: Yep, 0.11.1 specifically19:46
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rmullSo some advice, please - I'm trying to become a package maintainer, and the first package I'd like to create is for GraphicsMagick (an imagemagick replacement). This has a bunch of optional dependencies, which, if available, expand the number of supported image file formats. My question is - how should I handle the .footprint file if each user's system is likely to have a different outcome depending on which optional deps they have installed at ./configure time?20:22
rmullActually, it might not install additional items20:30
rmullignore me.20:31
Romsternot my fault if the opt gstreamer is too new what can i do report it to gstreamer to revert the change? or do i bundle a older gstreamer for webkit in contrib?20:49
Romsteri reported before 11.1 is the unstable series and it got reverted now it's bumped up again.. i give up asking.20:49
thrice`i'm guessing the 11.1 bump was another mistake :)20:50
Romsterfile the bug with gstreamer not webkit.20:50
Romsterthis is why i prefered to maintain gstreamer and gst-plugins-base20:50
Romsteri make sure version bumps don't break other major ports.20:51
Romsterperhaps i should apply for opt and take back over gstreamer.20:51
Romsterin opt.20:52
Romsterrmull, build the thing as if only depends on line is any optional deps will add new files tot he footprint.20:54
Romsterthis is why the -if option to pkgmk was added for.20:54
Romstermakecommand pkgmk -in20:55
Romstererr in not if.20:55
Romsterignore new files.20:55
Romsterrmull, if you got it packaged in your private rep i'll test it out in my chroot later.20:56
rmullRomster: Just sent the mail to contrib-admin, how exciting for me.21:34
rmullWould be happy for whatever feedback can be spared.
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