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joe9rmull, i had the same port in my repository. created it today.
joe9rmull, what a coincidence.01:00
pitillogood morning01:15
Romsterrmull, prt-get fsearch those files see what the other port is that it's clashing with.01:49
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frinnstanyone know what the equivalent command in debian is for 'prt-get fsearch xxx' ?02:31
pitillofrinnst: apt-file does that task if I remember right02:33
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v3nitalian user?04:22
featureindian giver?04:26
Romsterhi, i don't know who's active but some of them are afk for a few more hours.04:26
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rmulljoe9: Are you gonna do all the geda tools?06:47
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frinnstteK_: sweeet07:03
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: flash-player-plugin: updated to
horrorStruckRomster: just FTR, I had to add ./bootstrap before ./configure in liba52 port or vlc wouldn't play any ac3 track (just some terrible noise)07:10
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RomsterhorrorStruck, i've not had any issues you sure you just needed a rebuild of liba52 to relink libs? are you on 64bit crux?08:29
horrorStruckRomster: yeah pretty sure, I'll retest right now just one last time. i'm on 64on32 crux08:30
Romsterso 32bit tool chain then that's ok i'm on a 64bit capable machine but with only 32bit binaries as well.08:31
horrorStruckbut running a 64bit kernel but i dont think that matters08:32
horrorStruckok issue is confirmed. do you want a video sample?08:35
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Romsteruh so your tool chain can build 64bit then so you must be multilib.08:36
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Romsterso why don't i get this issue, hmm.08:37
horrorStruckRomster: no, i'm chrooting to build my kernels08:37
Romsterah ok08:37
Romsterdoes that cause any problems/speed improvements?08:37
horrorStruckRomster: no problem, just use linux32 to build ports. good for ram usage.08:38
teK_Romster: jfyi:
Romsterand this thing is adding -mcpu too the gcc lines too in liba52 i should patch that out then i also notice jaeger has a port with a patch that does just that and runs bootstrap.08:38
Romsterconfigure: WARNING: `missing' script is too old or missing -_- ok not happy with just adding bootstrap couple of other small warnings to deal with.08:47
horrorStruckah you're right, i didnt even notice that.08:53
horrorStruckmissing: Unknown `--run' option08:57
rmullWho is the administrator, just out of curiosity?09:01
rmullAlso, who did the logo/09:03
joe9rmull, i use gschem a lot, and, the geda-gaf includes it.09:07
joe9why do you ask?09:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: liba52: fix CFLAGS and force regenerate configure to avoid incorrect building, thanks horrorStruck09:41
RomsterhorrorStruck, give that a try ^09:41
rmullRFC: The functionality of prtcheck should be rolled into prtverify, and prtcheck should be deprecated and slated for removal09:49
horrorStruckRomster: thanks a lot but sorry, the issue is still there. it disappears without the --enable-double option which is something i forgot i did. sorry about that.09:50
Romsterurge to curse.09:53
Romsteroh lovely..09:53
Romsterso vlc can't handle double precision samples09:55
Romsteryet xine has no issues with those.09:55
horrorStruckno problem with mplayer at least09:55
Romsterwonder if there is a patch for vlc for that.09:55
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Romstercommit 20c58c5fa3aa565c9d326cda588453dfda4a690209:56
Romstera52: fix warnings against fixed-point a52dec09:56
Romster(and partial support for double precision, but who cares...)09:56
Romstervlc for ya -_-09:57
horrorStruck"but who cares..." <310:00
RomsterhorrorStruck, hmm i wonder if this would work leave liba52 as is and edit vlc port add CFLAGS+=' -ULIBA52_DOUBLE'10:24
Romsterlooks to me liba52 has both single and double but the vlc port tries to use double when it can't handle it.10:25
horrorStruckok thanks Romster, i'll try right now10:27
Romsterif that works inform te_k10:28
Romsterbe sure you install liba52 with double again though or you might think it's fixed when it isn't.10:29
horrorStruckalready done :)10:30
horrorStruckno luck10:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: liba52: enable PIC support10:34
Romsterexport CFLAGS+=' -ULIBA52_DOUBLE' in the Pkgfile before ./configure10:34
horrorStruckyes, build is done10:34
horrorStruckbut no success10:34
Romsterget teK_ to look over it i guess i do see it's possible in /usr/include/a52dec/a52.h10:35
horrorStrucki mean, issue is there10:35
Romsterall it is is a different type set.10:35
frinnstsweet, pic10:36
Romsterin vlc source O_O10:36
* frinnst purged liba52 from contrib-x86_6410:36
Romsteryeah i fixed it for x64_86 too10:37
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Romster+/* #undef LIBA52_DOUBLE */10:41
Romsterhmm wonder vlc made a patch or did they just grab some patches out of CVS on liba52 project...10:42
Romsteri'm getting too tired to do any more and i don't use vlc.10:42
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: wxgtk: removed redundant port10:50
Romstercontrib-x86_64 is not being tracked by cruxbot ?10:51
RomsterteK_, chroot sysup as of right now =======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/wxpython#' succeeded.10:51
Romsteri do get a warning tough10:53
RomsterWARNING: WXWIN not set in environment. Assuming '..'10:53
Romstermy guess is teK_ needs todo a revdep.10:54
Romsterand it's freaking 3am almost -_-10:54
Romsterzzz g'night10:55
horrorStruckgnight Romster10:55
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joe9rmull, wanna ask here?12:15
rmulljoe9: Sure12:15
rmullRomster: (or anyone)12:15
rmulljoe9 and I are both interested in setting up a port for gEDA software12:16
rmullOne of the dependencies would be desktop-file-utils if the user chooses to include stuff like pixmaps and XDG stuff12:16
rmullNeither of us care about this stuff and afaik we're the only two people to want this software12:17
rmullCan we exclude it for now until someone files a bug and requests it, or is it "correct" to include it as a dependency and adjust the ./configure parameters to include it?12:17
rmullI think Romster is actually asleep12:18
rmullBut anyone can chime in12:18
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pitillormull: I think the packager takes its own decision. Just try to adjust the dependencies and feel free to get feedback from someone who uses it. Footprin will help in cases there is more support than the one you give by default (or less in case there is a lack of a dependencie)12:33
rmullI guess I should also say that we're aware of the wiki PortGuidelines paging saying that it's up to the user to add an INSTALL rule to pkgadd.conf to prevent the installation of the /usr/share/blah files, but they'd still be required to install desktop-file-utils...12:33
rmullpitillo: okay, so since joe9 and I are the only users and neither of us want the dependency, we'll leave it out.12:34
rmullthanks for the advice.12:34
horrorStruckrmull: desktop-file-utils is just "recommended" anyway.12:34
rmullYeah, but the ./configure script bails out if you don't pass it the --disable-xdg option when it detects nonexistence of d-f-u12:35
rmullSo if someone is running a full blown desktop environment that actually cares about all of that stuff, it would be nice to have12:35
rmulljust gonna disable it and call it a day12:36
joe9rmull, sounds good12:36
joe9rmull, let's leave it out and if someone tries to use it, we will address it.12:36
pitilloif you think it's important info, it can be provided in a README file (I'm not sure when to use these kind of files or not really, or if there is a guideline/suggestion about them)12:41
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veegood day, everyone13:15
veehow are you jaeger?13:38
jaegertired, otherwise ok. you?13:41
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veesemi sick. throat has some mucus in it. been chugging lemon juice trying to clear it. damn californian weather. 2 days ago it was 90 degrees, now, its raining13:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: fribidi: moved from romster repo and updated 0.10.9 -> 0.19.220:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gst-plugins-ugly: fix missing dependency pcre -> libpcre, and removed libpcre as gstreamer pulls this in20:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wicd: cleanup20:05
rmulljoe9: geda updated, give it a shot20:09
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veedamn laptops and their heating issues20:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gst-plugins-ugly: fix depends on metatag21:18
joe9rmull, ok. thanks. will do.21:33
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