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pitillogood morning01:09
Romsterevening :D01:47
Romsteror morning01:48
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horrorStruckgood afternoon guys02:10
Romsterhi horrorStruck03:18
Romsterso tired i sound't of stayed up to 3am last night.03:24
featurei spend whole night setting xen, now i am zombie, hope wont loose my head pf my shoulders today03:25
Romsterany more bug reports -_-03:28
Romsterno more steve jobs i'm sure everyone has heard about it by now.03:31
featureAmazing how he worked till the end.03:31
Romsternot a apple fan but that guy did heaps in his lifetime.03:31
horrorStruckHi Romster, i may have few feature requests if you want :P (with patches)03:34
Romsteri'll collect but i may not do much tonight.03:35
Romsterat some point i'm going to go tough all my ports in contrib and improve ones that need attention.03:36
horrorStruckno but there's a place for that anyway, I should just do it on the tracker03:36
Romsterthat extra patch for liba52 in vlc source has me wondering where and who did that.03:36
Romsteryeah do it on the tracker i'm pretty tired tonight.03:37
Romsterjsut version bumps you can just tell me on irc.03:37
Romsternot everything is at the latest version but it'll build and run.03:37
Romsterexcept a couple of ports that no one has reported.03:38
horrorStrucki need to check my local ports, can't remember in details right now03:38
RomsterHis final will stated that he be buried in a glossy white coffin with no visible hinges or latches.03:43
frinnstand rounded corners03:49
RomsterThe IPhone 4S announcement must have hit him really hard.03:54
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teK_where's rotwang04:12
teK_@seen rotwang04:12
clbteK_: rotwang was last seen in #crux 1 day, 13 hours, and 39 seconds ago: <Rotwang> [;04:12
horrorStruckRomster: on #videolan :16:11:  j-b - vlc patches on upstream04:13
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frinnstvlc is shiiiiiiiiite04:30
Romsteri have no idea on the status of the liba52 dev the cvs tree hasn't been touched in years.04:30
Romsterprobably considered stable nothing to change though the code could be cleaned up a little.04:31
Romsterand agreed don't like vlc myself.04:31
horrorStruckRomster: just FTR,
Romsterno idon't think there is any way to see which option it's configured with. can vlc use a liba52.pc file if one were to be made for liba52?04:56
Romsterlooking at the code liba52 has some stupid issues.05:00
Romstercompile with double-float there is no way it can do single-float and yet it's got both types in the a53.h file.05:01
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frinnstRomster: lol, low06:17
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enteso I guess I figured out what windows sysadmins do06:44
frinnstwell, they have to do whatever makes them sane06:45
frinnstits easy to go mental admining windows06:46
frinnstUnknown (0) (ExecuteProgram)06:47
frinnst(windows fault im working on at the moment)06:47
frinnstso informative06:47
Romsterdo you want to copy or move this file(s) from this domain X. Yes No <- like wtf is that meant to mean.06:49
Romsterbest one i've come across so far.06:49
Romsteryes to copy no to move.06:49
Romsterno cancel option -_-06:49
Romstershould have move copy and cancel buttons.06:49
Romsternot yes and no.06:50
enteshould have "not yes" and "not no" buttons06:50
enteand "neither06:50
Romsteroh the start menu isn't used much lets remove it in win 806:51
Romsternot looking forward to phone diagnosing faults.06:51
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Romsterfeature, you where here no that long ago whats with the hello again.06:53
featuredidnt you watch seinfeld? uncle leo?06:55
Romsteryes i pretty much watched all of seinfeld06:59
Romsterthen forgot most of it.06:59
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frinnstim bored09:15
thrice`install gentoo, that'll kill a few hours09:15
frinnstWatching shit scroll by for hours makes me a Linux expert overnight!09:18
jaegerour windows guy saw me watching a syslog scroll one day and said, "haha! you're compiling again!"09:21
laenGeh ;p09:24
jaegerI should have told him I was cracking the AD servers or something09:24
jaegerI understand when windows people don't want to mess with linux, that doesn't bother me... but he's also deathly afraid of command line interfaces09:25
jaegerwhich is gonna bite him since there's so much you have to do with powershell for exchange, hehe09:25
pitillofrom batch to powershells... including external tools like oracle's brtools. Too much at command line level09:29
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teK_jaeger: I thought win 8 server will kill the gui?10:11
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jaegerno idea there, I haven't followed win 810:17
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horrorStruckwhat do you guys use as browser video plugin (if any) ?13:21
enteI stopped using flash a year ago and started using the youtube html5 beta when it became available to me13:22
horrorStruckthanks ente, no problem for flash content, i'm more thinking about wmv or quicktime content.13:23
horrorStruckthere was a mplayer plugin in the past13:23
horrorStruckreplaced by gecko-mediaplyer13:23
tilmanwhat about flash alternatives?13:34
tilmananyone know about gnash's current state?13:34
frinnstnot good enough (tm)13:35
frinnsti have an old gnash-port13:35
frinnsthavent tried recent releases.. but im not expecting much13:35
tilmanswfdec died when its author was hired by redhat iirc13:35
tilmanoh, there's another project... using llvm to handle actionscript13:36
horrorStruckthanks frinnst13:36
tilmanspark something13:36
horrorStrucktilman: still actively developed. never tried it13:38
tilmanhorrorStruck: which one? swfdec or lightspark?13:38
horrorStrucktilman: lightspark13:39
horrorStruckit has some nice features IIRC13:39
tilmanit had some very annoying dependency that scared me off13:39
frinnststill does13:40
frinnst ERROR: You have version  of FFmpeg installed,13:40
frinnst               with swscale enabled13:40
frinnstgnash 0.8.913:40
tilmandeus_ex: fuck , just realized i forgot your patch13:42
enteI tend to use yget/mplayer13:43
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pedjatilman: heh13:43
frinnst <- the homepage of cunts13:44
entewhat kind of asshole files a civil suit against the timezone database?13:49
tilman(20:44) <   frinnst> <- the homepage of cunts13:50
tilmandid you check that site?13:50
tilmanfrinnst: anyway, where does it say alabe is involved?13:50
enteit doesn't say anything about the case13:50
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enteI wonder why the hell anyone would do that13:51
enteit doesn't seem reasonable13:51
horrorStrucksolar fire GOLD v8 just released !13:52
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tilmanlightspark depends on pulse audio14:25
tilmanthats what broke the deal for me14:25
entewhat's lightspark?14:26
tilmanfree flash implementation14:27
frinnstcool piece of kit15:02
laenNice frinnst.15:15
tilman(taken from slashdot comments)15:49
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horrorStruckwhat would be the pratice to keep a clean chroot clean ? just make a copy of it ? how do you guys do ?22:41

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