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frinnstvirtual machine -> restore snapshot00:52
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pitillogood morning01:10
pitillohorrorStruck: take a look to safe-env
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pitilloyo feature01:12
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veesup everyone01:35
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veehow are you sepen?01:48
horrorStruckfrinnst, pitillo, thanks01:50
sepenhey, fine here at office01:50
sepenbecause of the global crisis not everyone has a job in Spain, so I'm fine :D01:51
horrorStruckjust wait a few months more :P01:52
sepenpff or more, until the human being ceases to be greedy01:54
horrorStruckor until the rise of the nations, like it's starting in greece01:55
horrorStruckwhat's ucrux?01:57
horrorStrucki mean, i get the idea but it's any ucrux site/doc somewhere?01:59
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sepenhorrorStruck: was a little version of crux for i486 boxes02:10
sepenstopped in 2.1 iirc02:10
sepenand it had uclibc instead of glibc02:11
sepenhorrorStruck: here is a README file
horrorStrucksepen: many thanks02:20
RomsterhorrorStruck, sort of like safe-env though i got a clean option to clean the chroot up.02:49
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: ristretto: updated to 0.1.002:59
horrorStruckRomster: thanks, I'll check that one too.03:03
RomsterTAINT_CRAP neat define03:05
horrorStruckRomster: is your ftp server alive at the moment?03:06
Romsteroh it'as on ftp i never reinstalled that after i rebuilt that computer i'll move it to http03:18
RomsterhorrorStruck, fixed and i'm actually using safe-build-dev i haven't touched that safe-build in a good while.03:28
Romsterlucky i did maek a man page for it so it shouldn't be too difficult to get working.03:29
Romsterone of these days i'll rewrite parts of it.03:30
Romsterspecifically the setup of ports.03:30
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horrorStruckthanks Romster. so you'd recommend using the dev version, right?03:36
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horrorStrucksafe_build-20090628-2136.tar.bz2.partial <-- rm candidate03:40
Romsteryeah it's got some junk in there...03:41
Romsterall partials gone.03:42
horrorStruckso latest safe_build dev is what you're using ATM ?03:43
Romsterit's very stable.03:43
Romsterit's what i use to test all my ports in contrib.03:43
horrorStruckok thanks, I'll give it a try tonight03:44
Romsterit might be a little hard to get started it uses the built packages off the iso.03:44
Romsteronce it's setup i don't remove it i just run safe-build clean inside the chroot to clean it.03:44
Romsterbetween every prt-get depinst package.03:45
horrorStruckbut you keep your binaries somewhere right?03:45
Romsterno matter which method you use you might miss some dependencies unless you remove the built packages after every port compile but that's very time consuming. i use ccache with my chroot too.03:45
Romsteronce there built i got the packages in there. there removed and installed as needed.03:46
Romsterclean only pkgrms most ports except core safe-build itself pkg-utils.03:46
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horrorStruckreading man pages now, looks very nice03:53
Romsterif you got improvements i'd like to know.03:57
Romsterone improvmnet is to have the option to use a LV in lvm2 than a hidden directory.03:58
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horrorStruckthis is already a huge improvement compared to what i started to do :P03:59
Romsteri made that when i had heaps of spare time, now i got very little time.04:03
Romsterbut i'll get around to it sometime and clean it up more.04:03
Romsterno other sane way to manage over 200 ports04:03
Romstermy other project i'm doing is a complex version sort for files.04:04
horrorStruckcon? that's you?04:05
horrorStruckah version sort04:05
Romsterno i'm not con.04:05
Romsterthough it's no where near ready.04:07
Romsterand that example don't do it justice.04:07
Romsterand it seems all the pastebins i've done are now expired.04:08
Romsterah well you'll see it in action later04:09
Romsterhardest part is all the rules it needs.04:09
Romsterright now i'm enjoying, doing nothing.04:12
horrorStrucki know nothing about all this but i remember long discussions about the right tool to handle versions. oh and i'd love to use xdelta for chromium.04:19
Romsteri started too but yeah it's great for large packages.04:21
Romsteri'm making it automated once version sort is done.04:21
Romster <- i started xdeltering patch automaticly but i kept running into problems. so that's why i'm building the version sort first.04:25
Romsteryes i know lots of tings are done wrongly in that script.04:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: imagemagick: update to 6.7.2-1007:22
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rmullIs there a way to package software that is only available via git?08:27
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frinnstwell, you can pull git during build()08:28
Romsterpull it make a tarbal host the tarball is what i do for libdvdnav, x26408:28
Romsterbut for personal repos you can do that too.08:28
rmullOkay, that makes sense08:29
Romster like that08:29
Romsterbut only for personal use.08:29
rmullIs there anything above contrib that uses that?08:29
Romsternope only personal repos08:29
rmullhmm okay08:30
rmullI ask because the gtkglext last official release was many years ago, yet there are many recent commits in their git08:30
Romsterbest practice is to tarball it do something like ffmpeg-20110528-N-30344-g5501afa.tar.xz08:31
Romsterdate being the day you created it.08:32
Romsterand that is jsut my personal preference to do it that way.08:32
rmullsounds good, thanks08:32
Romsterliek thr first 7 chars of the shasum08:32
Romstergit describe --tags foo08:34
Romsterbe sure to fetch the tags after cloning else that wont work... or was that for cvs i can't remember now.08:34
rmullSounds like git08:35
rmullHave to fetch --tags manually IIRC08:35
Romsterwhen you tar it up do this08:37
Romsterfakeroot tar --remove-files -cf ffmpeg_oldabi-${DATE}-${version}.tar ffmpeg_oldabi/08:37
Romsterxz -9 ffmpeg_oldabi-${DATE}-$version.tar ffmpeg_oldabi-${DATE}-$version.tar.xz08:37
Romsteror something like that...08:37
Romsterso it's clean to extract.08:38
Romsterand yes that's a bit of the code i use in the ffmpeg process. bit more than that though.08:38
Romsterneed to see how many things break on the new ABI too.08:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: virtualbox: updated to 4.1.408:57
Romstertainted vbox09:04
Romsterwhat's next.09:04
frinnsttainted crap09:04
jaegervbox does cause a lot of kernel issues09:08
jaegerthough none of them have been big problems for me09:08
Romsteris parts of it closed source?09:09
Romsteriirc the kernel module?09:09
Romsterand that's only for acceleration right?09:10
frinnstits not closed09:15
frinnstwell, some parts in the pre-compiled binary is09:15
frinnstatleast there used to be parts that was closed09:15
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joe9my kernel seems to think that the time is 4 hours ahead.
joe9i have the /etc/rc.conf set to UTC12:35
joe9date shows the correct time12:35
joe9any thoughts on where I should be looking12:35
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Rotwangskip to 4:20, title says: russian anti-hooligan unit12:52
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jaegerjoe9: are you in UTC or EST?13:37
jaegerset EST in /etc/rc.conf then13:37
jaegerthen use hwclock --systohc --utc to tell the hardware clock to use UTC13:38
joe9if I do that, the "date" shows the wrong time.13:38
joe9oh, ok. will do.13:38
jaegerwell, you'll have to adjust it since it's currently in the wrong timezone13:38
jaegerAlso, is that a dual boot machine?13:38
joe9not a dual boot.13:39
jaegerthen UTC should be fine13:39
jaegertry this: fix /etc/rc.conf first, reboot, set the time with rdate, then hwclock13:39
jaegerrdate -n; hwclock --systohc --utc13:39
joe9ok, thanks a lot.13:39
jaegerthe timezone var in rc.conf is just to set which timezone the machine is in, not whether the hardware clock uses UTC or not13:40
jaegerhopefully that makes it more clear13:40
joe9ok, thanks, will do that.13:41
joe9just curious, will that change adversely affect the filesystem (ext4).13:42
joe9the reason I ask is that the last time I changed my time, the fsck thought that the filesystem was corrupt13:42
jaegerIt won't corrupt it, though you may see it complain when it mounts13:43
joe9could be someother issue in-play at that time. but, just wanted to check.13:43
joe9jaeger: thanks.13:44
joe9export TZ='America/New_York'13:45
joe9this is what should be in the shell profile, correct?13:45
tilmanjoe9: no13:45
tilmanyou do not _need_ to set the TZ environment variable13:45
tilmanthe default is to use whatever you put in rc.conf13:45
jaegerI've never messed with $TZ myself13:45
joe9oh, ok. thanks.13:45
jaegerhaving the /etc/localtime symlink seems enough13:45
tilmanit makes the system set up the symlink from /etc/localtime to the right tz file13:45
joe9thanks, guys. will do the reboot13:47
jaegertilman: brimstone =)13:48
tilmanjaeger: not the comic^Wgraphic novel character! ;)13:48
jaegerI didn't know there was one, actually, just like the name13:48
tilmani had a feeling we had this discussion before13:49
jaegerperhaps, I can't remember13:49
tilmanthe comic i was thinking of is Witchblade13:50
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tilmancan't remember who i talked to about this13:57
tilmanhow annoying :p13:57
jaegersorry =/14:03
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veesup everyone14:15
jaegerj^2: I did end up making a CRUX 2.7 .ova from virtualbox but it's 1.3GB14:16
veethe link for libre office is down. i tried opening it up in a web browser to download it from there, and looks like the file no longer exists. just thought i should let you guys know14:19
teK_I mailed rotwang about it yesterday14:20
teK_@seen Rotwang14:20
clbteK_: Rotwang was last seen in #crux 1 hour, 28 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <Rotwang> skip to 4:20, title says: russian anti-hooligan unit14:20
Rotwangok ok I'm on it [;14:21
veerussian anti-hooligan unit?14:22
veewill there be vodka?14:22
RotwangteK_: I've seen your mail, didn't have much time to update, tho14:22
Rotwangskip to 4:2014:22
teK_you have to change 3.4.2 to 3.4.3 + md5sum + footprint14:23
veerotwang, whats at 420?  was that you getting shirtless? ;)14:25
veewhere is this if you dont mind me asking?14:26
Rotwangyep, the title says so14:27
Rotwanganyway, red berrets were super effective14:27
veewait. rotwang, you're russian?14:28
veeoh, never mind then14:29
veeits ridiculous just how much policemen and what not abuse their power14:29
veeits disgusting14:29
veeand even worse, the americans here dont really do shit about it14:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libreoffice: update 3.4.2 -> 3.4.314:52
teK_Rotwang: that's what germany's USK is for15:03
teK_they use 'normal' policemen for "training" and by training I mean real hard beating15:04
veelibre office installs just fine btw15:12
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joe9does anyone know if this is still relevant: uri:
joe9the cairo, as such, is 1.10 now.16:17
joe9but, am not sure if the lcd-filter.patch helps.16:18
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joe9anyone have ttf-bitstream-vera16:18
joe9fonts working on crux?16:18
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joe9could not find a port for xcolorsel. is there a better program out there? or, is it just a case of nobody bothered to write a port for it?16:59
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jaegerI've used the bitstream vera fonts in the past without trouble, yes17:01
jaegerno idea on xcolorsel, feel free to make one17:01
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v3ni install crux but it don' t boot17:48
v3nthe keyboard don' t work....17:48
v3nand erase all17:48
v3nwhere i install the system when type: setup in /mnt or  /?17:49
v3nhelp me please?17:50
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Romsterhaven't you read the documentation on the site yet v3n ?18:38
Romstersetup then after that you need to munt proc sys tmpsfs as in the doc then chroot to the new system then you have to configure your kernel and build it and edit all the configuration files mentioned in the documentation18:39
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Romsterbah why do i bother if the person is gonna quit.19:06
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Romster not found oh wonderful not all of the source files are on yet.19:43
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RomsterHTTP/1.0 303 See Other20:00
Romsterwhat the heck is that meant to mean.20:00
Romsteroh right it means to refer to the Location: header that i had hidden.20:02
Romsterwhy couldn't it use 302 instead.20:02
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Romstertilman, gdk-pixbuf is at version 2.24.0 and gtk at 2.24.6 both of which need bumping to.20:19
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Romstertilman, oh and there is a xz for gdk-pixbuf there too.20:26
Romstergrr now webkit needs gail which pulls in a couple of gnome things... what should i do.20:49
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joe9i use ext4 raid-1 on lilo with 0.90 metadata with vmlinuz. How long do I have to convert to initrd & grub and the latest metadata?21:02
Romsteryou can't convert without destroying your current data well unless you shrink the raid1 a little and use the metadata version 1.021:07
Romsteryou only need a initramfs if you do other levels of raid other than raid1.21:08
joe9Romster, i do not need other levels of raid-1.21:20
joe9i was using grub with the latest metadata and the same setup on debian.21:20
joe9but, lilo is a lot simpler and transparent21:20
joe9i do not want to spend time on the upgrade process if the 0.9 metadata/lilo/raid-1 will work. But, I think jaeger mentioned that it might not be long before this setup might not work.21:21
joe9i think these are the steps involved: 1, metadata upgrade - grub or does lilo support higher metadata? I think the linux stable kernel has experimental support for metadata > 0.9021:23
Romsterah for f sake i add libgomecanvis and gail only to see it's in gtk i guess it needs gtk321:23
joe9that's frustrating.21:23
RomsterI don't think anyone has packaged gtk3 yet?21:24
Romsterwhat do i do 1) use libgonecanvis and install gail in some prefix so it wont clash 2) package gtk3 3) leave it at the current version and wait and get bug reports saying it needs to be bumped?21:26
Romsteri think lilo now does 1.1 but do't quote me on that go look at the changelog.21:28
Romsterof lilo.21:28
joe9ok, thanks.21:28
Romsteri seem to be helping others and i rarely receive help.21:29
Romsterguess i'll wait for some comments on this webkit issue before i proceed.21:30
Romsterand no word on opt applying yet either.21:30
joe9why are you compiling gtk stuff. is there any particular app that you are trying to install?21:31
joe9just curious that you mentioned webkit21:31
joe9i use uzbl and I think it is built on webkit too.21:32
joe9took me a long time to compile that stuff.21:32
Romsterwebkit 1.6.1 update.21:32
Romsteryes uzbl uses webkit21:32
Romsterrequires gail hence my problem above.21:33
Romsteri might jsut make a gtk3 port later today...21:33
Romsterif no one beats me to it in the mean time.21:33
Romsterwhich i don't mind if they do saves me the work.21:33
joe9btw, why do you need the webkit 1.6.1?21:33
Romsterbecause i maintain it in contrib and that's the new stable version.21:34
joe9oh, ok.21:34
Romsterhaven't noticed i got like 233 ports in contrib that i maintain?21:35
joe9that's a lot.21:37
Romsteryes indeed21:38
Romsterneed more contrib members some have left and i've picked up stuff.21:39
Romstermost of which i use.21:39
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joe9isn't it a bit late for you? at this hour?21:41
joe9anyway, i am off to bed. will catch you tomorrow.21:42
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Romsternearly 2pm21:46
Romsteri'm in australia21:46
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