IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2011-10-09

veedont mind the user name, i just made up some randomness xD00:02
Romsteryour more judging than me being more perceiving. this might make me look nuts but i can sometimes read minds. and get premonitions in dreams of some future event. though i haven't been able to do either for a long time now.00:02
Romsterlolcat much00:03
veewell, i think a lot of people do. when i was younger, i tried to screw with peoples minds, and i could for the most part, predict how and what htey would say which i guess is, in a sense, mind reading. i was usually right anyway xD00:04
Romsteri used to say what they were about to say or answer there question before they said the question00:09
Romsterfreaky stuff00:10
veemaybe you're secretly a ninja and you dont know it O.o00:10
Romsteras if lol00:12
Romsteranyways i rarely say i can do that stuff. everyone thinks i'm a weirdo00:12
Romsterright frame of mind and i can do it. but i haven't felt that way for so long now...00:13
veemaybe you're setting goals to high ey?00:14
Romsteri always do that's why i got so many projects not done yet.00:21
Romsterthough i try to focus on a few main ones.00:21
RomsterADD is another trait i got.00:21
Romsterthough i can focus longer on things i enjoy doing.00:21
Romsterman these vitam c, rose hips and garlic tablets are vile... took one to help me get over this sore throat.00:23
veeyou should try adderal00:23
veegarlic tablets RULE00:23
veethough for soar throat00:23
veeit wont help that much. drink some tea with lemon00:23
Romsteri far prefer natural remedies than pain killers and penicillin00:24
Romsteri love garlic if it's not in this tablet i'm always adding to most of my meals.00:24
veetea with lemon is natural00:24
Romsterand with honey00:25
Romsteryes i do that too.00:25
Romsteralthough this sore throat isn't that bad.00:25
Romsterjust coughing up crap.00:25
Romstermy immune system is very strong.00:25
Romsterdue to me being out int the dirt and stuff as a child.00:26
Romsterexposed to nearly everything made me have a decent immune system.00:26
Romsteri don't be over clean with everything in the kitchen etc, like wiping the bench with bleach stuff.00:26
Romstervinegar is good enough for cleaning the bench00:26
Romsterwell i meant chlorine not bleach..00:27
veeif you have mucus in your throat and what not, drink lemon00:27
Romsteryes i know it breaks it down.00:27
veenot only does it feel like its scratching your throat, but it cleans all that gunk out00:27
horrorStrucklemon. with rum.00:27
veetake a few vodka shots xD00:28
Romsteri'll go get some lemons later...00:28
veeyou'll forget just about everything00:28
Romsterhey i have some vodka here too. :D00:28
veeim pretty sure i will always have alcohol in my system00:28
Romsteri can drink a 700ml bottle of scotch 40% and a slab of beer i would be pretty crook the next day though.00:28
veeone night i took 12 shots in under an hour00:28
veeand from then on, i lost count of what i had that night00:29
Romsterhangovers are a bitch00:29
veedrink a shit ton of water00:29
veebefore drinking00:29
Romsteri do that.00:29
Romsterand during.00:29
veeit helps a lot00:29
Romsterand after even00:29
veeoh, and eat bread00:29
Romsterbefore i hit the hay i drink as much water as i can.00:29
veei've never really had a bad hang over00:29
Romsterwhat's that gonna do soak it up?00:30
veebread sucks up a whole bunch of that crap00:30
veeespecially if you feel like throwing up00:30
veethe alcohol00:30
Romsterhmm i've never done that...00:30
Romsteri'm a big bread eater too.00:30
veethe worst worst drinking i've done00:30
vee2 things you will always find in my house00:30
veeeven if the world comes to an end00:30
veeand im the only survivor00:30
veeand salt00:30
Romsterthe next day i eat yogurt with live cultures.00:30
Romsterand heaps of water00:30
Romstermineral salts00:31
veeyou haven't had water00:31
veeuntil you've had water from my home land00:31
Romsterbody needs salt when you drink heavily.00:31
veewe use to have springs up in the mountains00:31
Romsteri've had water from a fresh spring.00:32
veethat were so damn cold, you could freeze a watermellon by putting it in the spring00:32
Romsterit's the best tasting water i've ever had not even the bottled water compares to it.00:32
veethey never filtered the waters00:32
veeand it tasted better than any filtered/boiled water i've ever had00:32
Romsterproblem is it's quit ea hike to walk to it in thick scrub-land.00:33
Romstermost water tastes like nothing no minerals.00:33
veeactually, from what i recall00:34
veeyou didn't have to walk far from where i lived00:34
Romsteroh and caffeine helps too from hangovers. i'm a coffeeoholic00:34
veebut im sure much has changed now00:34
veei stray far away from coffee00:34
veecheck that out00:34
RomsterWTF is that a power line on the far left too <<00:38
Romsterther nuts what if they slipped off the roof.00:39
veelol they're russian00:50
Romsterbet they had lots of vodka before doing that.00:50
Romsterdamn scratched dvds drive me crazy, luckily i got a scratch repair kit.01:43
Romstercustomers need to be more careful...01:44
veerepair kit=toothpaste lol01:52
veegood night everyone01:52
veeim outtie01:52
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Rotwangwhats up with xmms2?03:43
RomsterNo repositories found, no idea.03:51
Romsterit's there.03:53
Romsteryou just did a typo03:53
Romsteror they sued mod_rewrite03:53
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Romsteris there any reason why binutils is on 2.20.1 instead of 2.21.1?04:57
Romsterwas released in august 31st04:58
juewe never change the progs of our toolchain to new major versions05:02
juebesides for new CRUX releases of course :)05:03
Romsteri see, usually binutils is ok to bump and usually doesn't break much.06:03
Romsterunless the changelog says everything needs to be rebuilt after the update.06:04
Romsterhmm since new glibc is out i should put in a feature request for enabling reno in binutils it's stable i've been using it the past year.06:05
Romsterenabling it requires rebuilding everything though.06:05
Romsteri only noticed because i was using binutils for a example on my version sorting.06:23
Romsterseems to grab some but not all strings, but the strings are similar so i'm not sure why it's missing some of them. it sorts correctly though.06:24
Romster example output.06:31
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conbot123hi guys10:56
conbot123anyone present at their keyboard or willing to chat?10:56
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conbot123whatcha doing?11:03
conbot123i just started logging crap today11:03
conbot123wanted to catch some good conversations11:03
conbot123maybe post them on my site11:03
conbot123so how is crux?11:05
entehow is arch?11:06
conbot123havent tried it11:10
conbot123lame ass netbook i have11:10
conbot123intel atom11:10
conbot1231G ram11:10
conbot123dell mini 10v11:11
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joe9anyone using java on crux? i get a blank window. I am not sure where the error could be. Any thoughts, please?12:47
rauz_i have to use some java appalication for work, runs fine for me12:49
teK_Romster: is it possible that you forgot to update webkit's footprint?12:53
childintimejoe9: im using latest jdk port from opt repository and everything is ok.. (currently im coding in netbeans..)13:04
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veerawr morning everyone13:06
* Rotwang is still looking for some good c ide, not vim13:06
Rotwangavailable in ports*13:06
Rotwangnot emacs13:06
rauz_a few friends use codeblocks for c/c++ codeing13:12
veewhats all the hype about the amd II x6?13:24
childintimeRotwang: im using netbeans for c/c++, but C programs are small and i usually dont need some ide helps, so i dont know if netbeans is good pro c/c++.. (but it looks it has some gdb functions integrated for example..)13:36
childintime*by my c programs, i mainly code in java..13:36
joe9childintime: thanks, figured out that it has to do with java's interaction with xmonad.13:44
jaegerI've heard good things about eclipse but haven't used it myself13:45
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veedidn't know eset made antiviruses for linux O.o13:53
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rmulljoe9: export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolKit14:31
rmullor somethingl ike that14:31
rmullDid you fix it already?14:31
rmullexport AWT_TOOLKIT="MToolkit" to be precise14:32
rmullShould fix your java problem14:32
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veemovie suggestions anyone?15:07
teK_Fog of War15:09
RotwangI use simple git+ssh setup15:15
Rotwangthe problem is with file permissions in bare repo15:15
Rotwangso if one user pushes, the other one might have problems with pushing later15:19
RotwangI guess suid on a objs directory is going to solve problem15:23
teK_group membership15:24
rauz_oh shit i washed my handy fu15:24
RotwangteK_: they are in the same group, but the umask causes new permissions to be 075515:25
Rotwangor am I doint something wrong?15:26
jseRotwang: 'git help config' and look for 'core.sharedRepository'.15:26
RotwangI see, jse thanks!15:27
Rotwangjse: can I somehow push that to origin?15:33
Rotwangor do I have to set it up per user?15:33
jseI think you have to do this for each user.15:37
jseThat is a configuration option so it doesn't get pushed to the origin.15:37
* jse hopes some wiser git guru would have some further information.15:37
jseShould try this out personally one of these days.15:43
jseI had the impression if that option was in the origin it would get inherited whenever it was cloned.15:44
RotwangI just edited bare repos config15:45
Rotwangit did the work15:48
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joe9rmull, thanks, found out that it was a xmonad issue16:19
joe9rmull, or precisely, java's interaction with xmonad.16:19
joe9export _JAVA_AWT_WM_NONREPARENTING=1 is what helped me16:20
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veepoor chinchila looking things17:11
teK_did you watch Fog of War?17:17
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veeno not yet17:32
veeits on my hard drive though17:32
veei was actually about to start, but had to cook food17:32
veeyou guys want some dolma?17:32
veeis fog of war a 'nam movie?17:35
teK_it's an interview17:37
teK_watch it17:38
teK_it's as great as a war-related interview can be17:38
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veeteK_ maximize effeciency. use crux. xD18:42
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veeyou know. its ridiculous when someome tries to prove to me how their shitty 25c thermal paste is better than my artic silver20:04
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Romsterartic silver ftw i use that on all my machines.20:56
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veewhat method do you use romster? the dab in the middle, or the line?21:47
veei have a dell with an amd turion or w/e and its currently running at 95C which is a tad bit high i believe (under full load)21:48
rmullPut a pea in the middle and then use the edge of a credit card or similar to spread it thinly as possible21:52
veei usually put a pea in the middle and and let the heat sync even it out. does the credit card method work better?21:53
veei checked online and it said the max temps it should reach is 95 but, i was hoping my pretty decent thermal paste would help with that since it is actually hitting 9521:54
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rmullvee: I've never compared pea vs spreading side by side - it's just what I do based on something i read a while back22:00
veermull: i read somewhere that thats not as effective somewhere else O.o22:00
rmulloh balls :(22:00
veeyea. after cleaning out the junk, and replacing the thermal paste, its still overheating and shutting off.22:03
rmullwhat's the setup?22:03
veeits a laptop22:04
veenot overclocked at all22:04
veeyep. dont know what else it could be. the fan spins perfectly fine22:06
rmulljust idling?22:07
veeunder load22:11
veeunder load, it hit 106 and shut off22:11
rmullThat's annoying22:12
rmullCan you change the threshold? :P22:12
veeyea, but why would i do that O.o22:15
rmullYeah don't22:19
rmullRomster: Getting a pretty major footprint mismatch on webkit 1.6.122:19
rmullfrom contrib22:20
veeblahr. just tried the credit card method thing. lets see how that goes.22:21
rmullvee: No guarantees <_<22:23
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veermull: its all on you >:D22:30
veeafter meddling with it, i've decided to replace the heatsink + fan. if that doesn't help, only god knows what else it may be22:54
jaeger <-- this is all kinds of awesome22:55
veenot much of a dubstep fan, but, that was pretty sweet22:59
veei do like this one as well:
jaegerpendulum is great22:59
jaegerI didn't really even know much about dubstep but I've gotten into it recently23:00
jaegerdubstep mime made me love it when I might not have otherwise =D23:00
jaeger <--- for reference23:01
jaegerI still can't help but laugh watching it23:01
veeits iffy for meh. im more of the epic rocker while going insainly fast through a corner23:01
jaegerI like most kinds of music, for what that's worth23:02
veehaha LOUDRED!23:02
veewell, i love listening to EPIC music while running the canyon23:03
veei have to find a sponsor. surely my driving skills are worthy23:03
veehey crux people. i need like 15g to mod the living crap out of my car so i can go compete at track days. you can sponsor me :D23:04
jaegerI spent a lot of money on my last car for racing, I kinda miss that car23:07
veewhat did you have?23:09
jaeger4th gen VW Jetta23:09
veeoh. i have something with a little more...umph23:11
jaegerjettas aren't powerhouses but they're fun23:11
veeevo 9 mr here23:11
jaegerI've got a friend who has an evo 8... he likes to drag race... he rode with me once at an autocross and then told me I was crazy =P23:12
jaegersurprised me23:12
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veethey make ridiculous power for such simple little mods. they're quite fun23:13
veei guess any car could be fun if you know how to drive it23:14
veei drove a r34 gtr23:16
veeaond MY GOD23:16
veeit reved so fast23:16
jaegerThose are fun, wish I could afford one23:16
veethe first few minutes i couldn't shift properly23:16
veethey're not allowed here in the U.S anymore :(23:16
veethey're not too expensive though. you can get a "kit" so to say to assemble it yourself. should cost you 60k 70 if its assembled23:17
veebut for that kinda money, you might as well get the new gtr23:17
jaegerYou can still get them here, it just costs a hell of a lot to get it street legalized23:17
jaegerthere's a company in dallas that'll do it for around 70k, can't remember the name23:18
veeoh no23:18
veefrom what i remember, you cant bring them into the us at all23:18
veenot even as kit cars23:18
veethey use to bring them in as kit cars, since, technically they weren't the gtr23:18
veethey were considered a kit car23:18
jaegerfirst I've heard of that... this company was importing and modifying them for DoT standards as recently as 200923:19
jaeger(that was when I talked to them)23:19
veebut the company that use to do all that went down under because the government started to seize them23:19
veei think back in 09, there was a company called moterex that did that. but they went down under and never released the paperworks needed to know what to do to bring the gtr up to dot standards23:20
jaegertrying to find the one I talked to, there were a bunch of them then23:20
jaegerIt wasn't just one23:20
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veei'd be very VERY careful. from what i recall, no one could get them road legal23:22
veebut hey, if you can legalize it there, maybe i can buy one and bring it to cali xD23:22
jaegerI couldn't spend that kind of money on a car, anyway, that's ridiculous :)23:22
veewhen you get rich23:23
veeand have money to throw around23:23
veewhy the shit not23:23
jaegertechnically I could afford the loan but cars that expensive strike me as the height of frivolity, spending-wise23:24
jaegeras much as I'd love to have an r34 I'd rather move to new zealand and buy one for 12k or less :)23:24
jaegerbesides, then, bonus for living in NZ23:24
jaegerbleh, I'm completely failing to find the name of this place23:25
veeim actually quite interested23:25
veefrom what i've read online, no one has been able to do it so...23:25
jaegerOh well, I'll try again later, need to go to bed so I can get to work in the morning. Take car23:30
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