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veegood night buddy00:37
veetake car <.< lol00:37
pitillogood morning01:02
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veewonder if i should tamper with truecrypt. my computer is itching to be messed with02:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: webkit: add missing .footprint update02:25
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frinnstnice.. virtualbox just swallowed the host04:46
frinnstnow i get why they want to use TAINT_CRAP for vboxdrv04:46
Romsterhow the heck could it swallow the host.05:47
teK_virtual host :>05:48
Romsterdid it actually trash the VM disk file?05:49
frinnstwell, it crashed my desktop06:10
frinnstthats what i meant06:10
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Romsterah asploded your desktop06:21
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mkvtoolnix: 5.0.0 -> 5.0.106:47
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jaegerfrinnst: I've had it do that once or twice, fortunately not common for me07:37
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Romsterversion sort progress example
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jaegerlooks pretty good08:47
Romsterthank you. it's got far more work on it yet.08:53
Romsterbut i'll slowly get there.08:53
Romsterworks for directories and archive files08:54
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Romsteri can't find anything decent that does this so i decided to bite the bullet and make my own.08:54
jaegersurprises me that you didn't find one, seems like it would be a very common thing to need/want08:55
Romsterjust think head -n1 and ya could use that to sed version= and test. or other possibilities like prt-get diff working correctly.08:55
Romsteri've looked everywhere.08:56
Romsterwhat i'm doing uses a ton of regex split strings sort by each column return results.08:56
rmullRomster: That's pretty sweet08:57
Romsterwhich of course can introduce heaps of issues like missing strings. so that's why i need to test the line counts.08:57
Romsterthanks rmull.08:57
rmullIs this intended to be used with crux ports so we can handle specific versions?08:57
Romsterwhen it's done i'm hoping it'l be in a C library so it can be linked to any program.08:58
rmullWhich C lib?08:58
Romsterit's up to crux dev's if they use it or not, i'll surely be using it.08:58
Romsternew one :D08:58
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Romstergoing to call it libvs08:58
rmullRomster: Oh wow, that's not a small undertaking08:59
Romsteri'm not so god with C so i got a friend that's willing to code it for me.08:59
rmulloh wait.08:59
rmullAhh okay08:59
rmullGood luck08:59
Romsteri'm doing it with common tools atm. sed curl etc.08:59
rmullGood way to mock it up09:00
Romsteri'm horrible at making a draft and explaining so best way is to hand over a working example mockup.09:00
Romstermy intended uses will be auto fetch new files, xdelta the large ones that crux/me uses, host them.09:00
Romsterbump version= test if it builds ok.09:01
Romsterno more me being so out of date. (i know there is other tools for this too ck4up etc.)09:01
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Romsterprt-get diff being able to tell the difference better. if it gets used on prt-get09:02
Romsterand in other package managers.09:02
Romsteri can only build it and then let others do what they will with it.09:02
Romsterseems like a basic project but there is more to it than first thought.09:03
Romsteroh and applying xdelta/patch too to bring a old source tarball version up to a new version09:04
jaegerI may be asking for trouble, gonna try once again to build a recent gnome in crux09:05
rmullI don't like ck4up since it requires Ruby09:07
rmullWould be nice to replace09:07
Romsterif i were you i would look at arch/gentoo or something to get the configuration settings and dependencies.09:08
Romstersince the entire thing has changed by now.09:08
Romsterrmull, i do have a up2date script but it barely works and something always changes and breaks it on some site.09:09
Romsterck4up is ok but it can only diff a web page. i could diff the new files on http/ftp.09:10
Romsterwhen i get to that stage.09:10
RomsterRuby will probably gain more momentum for those that like perl but don't like how ugly perl can get and not keen on python. i odn't mind python or perl but i really haven't dug into ruby.09:11
Romsterheck who knows Ruby might replace perl one day, who knows.09:12
Romsteri've thought of python bindings too this libvs in future too. should make others happy.09:13
Romsterhow far i get with this is anyones guess though.09:14
Romsteryes i might be crazy to try to do this too :D09:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: feh: 1.16.2 -> 2.009:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tornadoweb: 2.1 -> 2.1.109:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-netaddr-ip: 4.044 -> 4.04709:16
Romsteri also need to add a filter option for filtering out odd numbers for unstable, but one step at a time.09:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: unrar: 4.0.7 -> 4.1.109:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vlc: 1.1.11 -> 1.1.1209:20
Romsterwonder if they fixed vlc to work with liba52 double float yet.09:21
teK_dunno ;)09:22
Romsterforgot who reported that problem now too.09:28
Romsterzzz time g'night09:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: transmission: update to 2.4110:44
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.4110:44
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Rotwangarora gobbles ~150 megs of ram13:29
Rotwangwhat the hell happened to "normal" lightweight browsers?13:29
frinnstwhen did they exist, again?13:31
RotwangI probably shouldn't install 64 bit system on a 1GB RAM box13:31
frinnstof course you should13:32
frinnst64bit is twice as cool as 32bit13:32
frinnst1gb ddr2 is like 10EUR13:33
RotwangI've got 1GB in dual chanel 512x2 ddr213:35
Rotwangso I'd have to buy two 1GB which is 20EUR by your standards13:36
frinnststill almost free :)13:36
Rotwangin mine country it is a day work13:36
frinnstyou should come to sweden and do construction work.. lots of your countrymen are :D13:36
Rotwangit is terribly sad that my friend was able to bring back with her ~1000EURO's from a 3 month work at some turkish kebab in amsterdam13:39
thrice`wow, that is crazy low :(13:39
Rotwangafter working for about two years in poland I've got almost 0.13:40
frinnstif i had ~1000EUR in amsterdam i would spend it in coffe-shops13:40
Rotwangthrice`: it is pretty much compared to what she would earn by working in here13:41
Rotwangthats why I plan to go away in two years or so13:42
Rotwanganyway, I'm not going to buy more ram atm.13:43
Rotwang1GB will have to suffice13:43
pitillofrinnst: xD13:47
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veecan anyone suggests some linux reading material? i would very much enjoy learning a bit more about it :D14:17
frinnstanything specific?14:18
veejust a general over look14:19
veei'd like to get more in depth with it.14:19
frinnstwhat, linux(kernel), userspace, kde/gnome?14:20
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veei guess the kernel14:20
veeor just anything you found interesting14:20
frinnstim more interested in "how the parts fit together" in general.. so gnu/userspace for me i guess14:21
frinnstlinuxfromscratch is pretty good at that14:21
veealrighty thanks. ill  take a look see :D14:21
rmullThe Documentation/ dir in the kernel sources is useful14:21
RotwangI always hated linux from scratch guide14:21
rmullAlso kernelnewbies14:21
Rotwangit told how to do stuff, but did not tell why14:22
RotwangI've heard it changed though14:22
frinnstwell yeah, but then you can expand your search from that14:22
veebookmarked both14:22
veei have astronomy class in a bit, but after i come, wouldn't mind getting into it14:22
veethanks guys14:23
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frinnstRomster: your country is fucking crazy :D15:14
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Rotwangit seems that midori (webkit + gtk) is *a lot* less ram hungry than arora (qt and friends)16:01
Rotwang~100MB less16:01
Rotwangas deduced from htop16:02
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pitilloRomster: is webkit's footprint updated? here I got some diffs (in arm)16:33
teK_he updatet it yesterday, iirc16:34
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pitilloummm seems so teK_, I saw it in this machine, thank you for clarify it (I haven't updated it yet since yesterday in the toy)16:35
frinnstpitillo: he pushed a new footprint earlier today16:35
pitillofrinnst: yeah, sorry. I let it building yesterday and I was out of space, then I let it rebuilding and I didn't updated ports tree, my bad. I should check it before ask. Thank you anyways :)16:36
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veemaking tomato basil soup today. anyone want to join?17:30
teK_gotta go to bed now17:30
veeteK_ did you ever watch the unusual suspect?17:35
veesad face17:39
veenot cool man. not cool. i watched the documentary. very very interesting. though i must say, i do enjoy full on war movies17:45
teK_"enjoy" ;)17:46
teK_I took quite much from that documentary17:46
veeits very fun. makes you think of just how many military genuies existed, how dumb shit we are now xD17:48
teK_to me there's no such thing as military genius17:50
teK_remember the part where he cries about the burning of the japanese city?17:50
teK_don't remember how many japanese died and he cried because of the one US pilot that got killed17:50
teK_it's insane17:50
veewell, in a sense its understanable17:59
veei mean17:59
teK_a little17:59
veeyou hear about people dying in the masses, but you will never mourn as much as (god forbid) someone in your family passes away17:59
teK_i'm out17:59
teK_I always thought this to be stupid18:00
teK_(look at Steve Jobs :))18:00
teK_< off18:00
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Romsterpitillo, i arleady fixed the footprint ports -u contrib20:29
Romstershark infested golf course O_O20:47
Romsterfrinnst, sounds about right, i wasn't aware of that one though.20:47
rmullWhat do people here use as a command line calculator?20:56
rmullI used to use apcalc but it's not in ports, so maybe it's not popular20:57
Romsterbbl back to work21:00
rmullTrue, I guess it does have an interactive mode21:03
rmullI'll set about learning it21:03
jaegerI use dc21:51
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rmullHuh, reverse polish calculator21:59
rmullThat would require a semi-major brain overhaul, I think22:00
jaegerIt makes total sense when doing nested calculations22:00
jaegerI have an RPN calculator here, too22:00
jaegerI mean non-software22:00
jaegerHP 48GX22:00
* rmull googles22:02
rmullThat actually does make a lot of sense22:03
jaegerever since I used it in high school I've never gone back22:04
rmullWell, thanks for the tip22:05
rmullWhat is your occupation, if you don't mind me asking?22:08
jaegerlinux systems administrator22:23
veei remember the comp class i took a bit back suggested one learn unix, linux, and windows. that way, it makes getting a job much easier23:02
veei assume thats the case with you jaeger23:02

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