IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2011-10-12

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veewhy is everyone so quiet today?00:50
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frinnstwe are sleeping01:16
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veewake up <301:48
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Romsteri was at work.02:29
frinnstfucking windows02:35
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Romster that's one smart fish.02:44
Romsterwindows what's new there it always crashes.02:46
Romsterat least in linux it very rarely takes the whole system down.02:47
Romster i still love the sounds this bird makes.02:57
frinnstim doing a bare metal restore of win2k8r203:11
frinnstits like walking in the dark.. no logs, no nothing03:12
Romsterthat's not fun.03:14
pitillogood morning04:16
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Romstermorning pitillo06:26
pitilloyo Romster, a good day here when it's holiday in the middle of a week :)06:31
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Romsterbest time is when you get a 3 or 4 day weekend though.06:33
pitillothat's true... but this kind of days in the middle of a week, make them shorter, which is good too06:34
Romsteralso true.06:43
Romsteri've othen thought if we worked a hour longer every day and took a 3 day weekend off.06:44
* frinnst wants a siesta break06:53
Romsteryou'd kill me if i said i'm relaxing at 23:05 at night :D07:05
Romsterwell i'm doing some project stuff in amongst some ports and sneaking in some animation too.07:06
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Romsterok that's enough updating for one night incoming.08:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: avidemux: 2.5.4 -> 2.5.508:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: lincity-ng: update due to closing end of year08:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: utidylib: update due to closing end of year08:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gift-fasttrack: update due to closing end of year08:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gift-ares: update due to closing end of year08:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libva: 1.0.12 -> 1.0.1408:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: transcode: update due to closing end of year08:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libfaketime: 0.8 -> 0.8.108:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libsigc++: 2.2.8 -> 2.2.1008:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libsoup: 2.34.2 -> 2.34.308:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: midori: 0.4.0 -> 0.4.108:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: patchutils: 0.3.1 -> 0.3.208:22
Romsterquiet or what in here this night. everyone must be really busy or sleeping.08:30
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thrice`or really busy sleeping08:35
teK_in a hour-lasting coding session :>08:35
Romsterreally busy sleeping heehe08:41
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Romstersleep time i'll do more ports tomorrow and more version sorting work, concentrating on getting all my ports up to date.08:52
teK_gn8 ;)08:52
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veehi peeps12:19
rmullhi vee12:21
veehow you be rmull?12:23
rmullDaily grind12:29
veeeating a awesome cookie before the day starts lo12:34
rmullWhat's awesome about it?12:47
rmullWere you the one with the bbq?12:47
veeyes sir12:49
veeoatmeal and rasins are awesome12:50
veebbq is actually today. figured i'd give it some time to marrinate12:50
rmullwhat's the meat?12:51
rmullI recently cooked up a pork butt12:51
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thrice`are you inviting CRUXers only, or other distros too? :)12:53
veesince image shack wouldn't open for meh12:53
veei haven't decided yet. i've never stuck with a distro longer than a month. crux is the first O.O12:53
Rotwangdistro purity! cruxers only shoul participate!12:54
* Rotwang is buying a plane ticket to attend12:54
veei promise you, you haven't had bbq as good as mine12:54
veewhen my uncle opened up his resturant12:54
veehe made me drive 3 hours12:54
veejust to cook for him12:54
veei got chicken and pork but no pork butt12:55
rmullI don't do bbq but I do a pretty good steak12:55
veeill treat you to bbq if you treat me to steak xD12:56
rmullWe're on opposite coasts, I think12:56
veeyou come once, ill come once12:56
veeit'll be like a slumber party12:56
veehave you guys ever run across the mbr root kit thingie?12:57
frinnstheh, looks like maggots are feasting on it :)13:01
veethose are onions13:02
Rotwangyeah, right13:03
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veeyou want a close up? lol13:04
veeplus, those would be some gigantic maggots O.O13:05
rmullDelicious and juicy13:09
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veelots of protein lol13:10
Rotwangso how are you guys?13:20
teK_fine, thank you dear sir. How are you?13:21
RotwangI'm in search of electrict cloud expert13:21
teK_elictrict cloud? Lightning and thunder?13:21
RotwangteK_: I'm fine as weel, thank you.13:21
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deep42thoughtproduced lightning few hours ago, but no thunder ...13:22
RotwangteK_: no It is a wonderful clustering technology13:22
deep42thoughtoh ...13:22
Rotwangso you can build your software faster!13:22
teK_I implemented some core technology to build my software faster *g*13:23
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veebbq taim. bai gaise14:56
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teK_< 12 deg celcius14:57
teK_+ rain14:58
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thrice`we are around 24C today, but supposed to snow in the next few days, if I understand properly14:58
teK_crazy weather :}14:59
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BarkingFishGood evening all.  I'm doing some research into finding a linux distro suitable for a ppc, I have an HP iPAQ rx1950 currently running WM5, which sucks, and I'd like to put linux on.15:44
BarkingFishThe problem is that I have no sync cable, and would be doing the install via an SD card, so it'd need to be in a .cab format or installable from the card. Do crux still have a PPC version, and if so, can I install it via this method?15:45
tilmanBarkingFish: there's i think15:50
tilmanBarkingFish: acrux can tell you more15:51
BarkingFishgreat, thank you tilman - I'd be much happier with linux onboard, since I haven't used windows for approaching 11 years for ethical reasons.  I just want to pump some life into it :)15:53
BarkingFishAh, it doesn't look like the later versions support the iPAQ... I'll have to go back and find an archive or an older ISO if possible.15:55
tilmanyou can always rebuilt stuff for your specific cpu/board i assume15:56
tilmanif you have some free time on your hands =)15:56
tilmanjust a guess though, i've never run crux ppc15:56
BarkingFishI'm not into coding, it either needs to be out of the box, or as simple as falling over, or I'm screwed :)15:57
rmullWhy are crux-ppc and crux-arm not joined into the CRUX project as a whole?16:01
rmullYou can't get to either of those projects from the page.16:01
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BarkingFishthe crux-ppc mirror... whereabouts is it?  I'm getting an inordinately slow download from it, less than 30k a second.16:07
BarkingFishyet my wifi and net are positively humming, I'm pulling about 8mb a second here.16:08
pitilloBarkingFish: are you looking for ppc or arm? (SC32442 armv4t) I would look for a kernel for your device before you start looking for a distro16:14
BarkingFishpitillo, I'm purely looking for a distro, pitillo - I would have assumed it came in one piece like regular distros do.16:15
BarkingFishIf it's gonna get to the stage where I have to frankenstein the distro together, pick a kernel, pick a distro, get this, that and the other, etc, it's not gonna be worth it.16:16
pitilloI don't know so much about ppc, but for arm arch, you need kernel support for a device (and making a fast search at web for your device, I found that it's an arm device), then the distro can be generic or optimized for your device.16:16
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BarkingFishit is an arm device, StrongARM specifically, but it models itself as a pocket PC, and uses PPC files16:18
BarkingFishthere is kernel support for it16:18
pitilloBarkingFish: you are mixing ppc files with an arch16:19
pitilloBarkingFish: yes, I saw something similar (I pasted the soc used)16:19
BarkingFishok. Let's go again.  It's an iPAQ rx 1950, arm/strongarm arch.  What do I need to do in order to get this to work on my iPAQ please?16:20
BarkingFishit needs to be simple, or it won't be doable for me :)16:20
pitilloyou can look for other distros, package oriented instead of a source based distro. I have crux-arm running on a ipaq 1910 and it's a bit tricky, starting from glibc, going on cross compilations instead of native builds and finishing in performance16:21
BarkingFishwhat do I have to download, where from, and is it all available as a bundle please?16:21
BarkingFishoh good lord.  Right, well I'll skip the idea then.  My 1950 stays on Windows Mobile. Thanks anyway16:21
BarkingFishsee ya16:21
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teK_mission accomplished :x16:22
pitilloyes, I want to push a button and have all the knowledge inside my mind... where can I find it?... And I want to be free, money and time :)16:22
teK_maybe watching gentoo compile for some days will help16:23
teK_(i.e. shit scroll by)16:23
pitilloI think it will help to go more confused...16:24
teK_just like neo did in Matrix16:24
teK_maybe you can set the terminal font's color to green16:25
enteand chinese16:25
pitillothen it wasn't a button nor a screen... it was a pill, do you have one teK_?16:25
pitillois it hidden inside gentoo's compilations?16:25
enteyes, green foreground colour is compiled into gentoos framebuffer :p16:26
teK_pitillo: nope sorry.16:26
enteit also ships nmap and ssh, just like the matrix :p16:26
ente(I found that unixy bit of the movie kind of cool though)16:27
ente(it was not that far from reality as usual)16:27
ente(the tron guy complained a bit about how ssh and nmap became the wd40 for computers in movies afterwards :P)16:27
teK_I'm still waiting for THE realistic unix-related-geek-hacker movie :>>16:27
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Romsteras bad as at work customers want me to press the magic fix internet problems button all the time. of course it's never that simple.16:50
teK_it is! With microsoft's new fix it tools/links ;)16:51
entethe button tools/links/buttons?16:52
teK_google it16:53
teK_MSFT fixit tools16:53
Romstersure that can put DSL codes back on a phone line, remove water out of a phone line, fix a faulty dsl modem too :P16:53
entewhen all you have is a fixit tool, everything starts looking like a thumb :P16:53
Romsteroh and customers not installing a filter or installing it incorrectly16:53
entes/tool/& from microsoft/16:53
ente <- probably like these :p16:54
enteikea, because screw you!16:54
RomsterRotwang, could yo bump thunderbird when you have some spare time :)16:56
Romsterbbl work16:56
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veewould hooking up crux to a wireless network involve cups, or does crux use something different19:08
jaegercups is printing software19:08
veeoh? so it has nothing to do with hooking up the printer?19:10
veeie the wireless part?19:10
jaegeryou didn't say anything about printers :)19:10
veeface palm. i told you im a bit dyslexic. in my mind i asked for printers, but my hands did not compute19:11
jaegerSo you want to hook crux up to a wireless printer?19:11
veeim trying to hook up a printer, thats currently on a wireless connection with my network, to crux19:11
jaegerok. cups doesn't care if it's wireless, only if it's reachable19:11
jaegerto cups it's just another IP19:11
veei just realized, i haven't built any cups kernel support for this thing. xD19:13
thrice`wouldn't think you'd have to, though I've never printed from linux19:15
veewell, gonna restart, make sure cups starts up without any issue19:16
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veeafter installing crux, to configure it, you need to go to  http://localhost:631 right? or am i doing something wrong19:19
thrice`sounds right :)  and starting cupsd?19:20
veei put cups19:21
thrice`yeah, cups is right*19:21
veeoh wait19:21
veeyea i put that in the rc.conf19:22
veebut...the website wont open O.o19:22
thrice`well, you rebooted, or?  ps' shows cups running?19:22
veei rebooted adding the cups to rc.conf19:23
veealso ran /etc/rc.d/cups start19:23
rmullnetstat -tl19:28
rmullanything listening on port 631?19:28
veetcp        0      0 *:X11                   *:*                     LISTEN19:28
veetcp        0      0 localhost:631           *:*19:28
veelocal host...but i think that should be the case?19:29
jaegerthat's normal. did you go to http:// or https:// ?19:33
veebut i tried both19:34
veeboth dont seem to work O.o19:34
veeif it helps chrome says Error 15 (net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED): Unknown error.19:34
teK_can you post ifconfig -a somewhere?19:37
teK_err without -a19:37
veecould it be because i dhcp my comp manually every time?19:39
jaegerlocalhost works regardless19:40
veeyea i made sure to bring up lo19:40
veeany other helpful hints?19:52
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rmullvee: telnet localhost 63121:50
rmullwhat happens?21:50
veesorry i was away22:28
veeConnected to localhost.22:28
veeEscape character is '^]'.22:28
veeConnection closed by foreign host.22:28
jaegerDefinitely something listening or you wouldn't get connected22:29
veesomething other than cups?22:30
jaegerWhat *exactly* happens when you try to connect to https://localhost:631/ in your browser?22:32
jaeger(a browser running on the crux machine)22:32
jaegerIt just occurred to me that you might have tried to connect to it from another machine, which would not work22:34
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veewhat do you mean connected it from another machine?22:43
veeand when i open it in chrome, it says webpage not available22:43
veei can even ping the local host O.O22:45
veejust noticed something in htop22:46
veethe cups daemon isn't running22:46
veebut i just ran /etc/rc.d/cups start (and also restarted it)22:46
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veenope still not working.23:06
veecould it be i have to add soemthing to /etc/hosts.allow?23:11 its saying the dns was not found23:20
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cinoltHi all. I just installed crux 2.7 with all of the packages on the install media. But when I start the X server the mouse does not move. Does somebody else here have similar experience that could help? :x23:23
cinoltI actually had a previous installation of crux 2.7 on this machine, on /dev/sda1. But after screwing up some files by accident while logged on as root, I decided to just restart /dev/sda1 by mkfs.ext3'ing it and installing CRUX again from scratch. I'm using the same kernel and /etc/X11/xorg.conf. The previous installation had the mouse working fine.23:24
cinolt /etc/rc.d/dbus has been started.23:25
cinoltThe computer itself is an old x86 desktop, 2003ish, and I'm using a USB mouse.23:28
cinoltAny input from anybody here would be greatly appreciated23:28
veeim not too good with linux, but did you build support for it in your kernel?23:30
cinoltConsidering I used the same kernel from before, I'm assuming I did.23:32
veedid you configure xorg? i think you needa tell it what kinda mouse you have23:33
cinoltProbably. And I just noticed the link at the top with "mouse/keyboard problems?", so I'm going to try that real quick. BRB23:33
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cinoltNo luck23:37
cinoltI have AllowEmptyInput to Off23:37
cinoltOk. Now I just found out that the new system doesn't like detecting USB's at all.23:38
cinoltI plugged in a flash drive and dmesg didn't detect it.23:38
veesorry, i got nothing after that23:39
veecould check out the arch wiki but, im not sure how far that'll get you :/23:39
veethe cruxbot thingie usually sends out a message regarding xorg mouse/keyboard problems23:41
veecheck that out23:42
cinoltThanks, because I definitely didn't say that I did not just try that.23:43
veei've never read the article myself, i dont know what is, or is not in there23:49
veeand you are by all means welcome23:49
cinoltAnyway I'm led to believe that the kernel fails to recognize USB's because I did not copy the kernel properly; I only copied the vmlinuz and, neglecting any kernel modules. So I will try that next and let you all know how it turns out23:50
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