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frinnstim surprised it booted00:36
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pitillogood morning01:10
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cinoltTurns out my presupposition was correct, recompiling the kernel seemed to have fixed it. Although I introduced a number of other problems ... oh well. I guess that's the nature of DIY distros :)01:32
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Romsterfrinnst> im surprised it booted <- i've forgot make modules_install before and it's booted.02:29
Romsterdon't even need to reboot to fix that, make modules_install && depmod -a fixes that.02:31
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frinnstyeah sure, but if he just copied the kernel from the iso its a miracle it worked04:56
frinnstsince almost everything is modules + initrd04:56
entedmr is dead05:03
Romsteroh only the iso kernel... i wouldn't expect that to work as it's not got anything statically compiled in.05:45
Romsterwhat's dmr?05:46
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frinnstdennis richie07:34
frinnstrip D;07:34
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Romstercoreutils-8.14.tar.xz is out noticed it running my version sort over core.08:05
frinnstanything interesting?08:09
Romsterhadn't looked at the coreutils changelog. but my version sort sure spits out some wacky lines still.08:12
Romsterrunning it over contrib i'll pastebin it when it's done.08:12
Romsterwhy didn't i know dennis richie -_- i feel so ashamed.08:19
Romsteri did know the K&R book but not the authors name..08:20
Romster contrib version sort it's very buggy but it does show a few things need a version bump.08:25
jaegerfrinnst: he didn't copy it from the ISO, if I read correctly, he copied it from his previous installation08:27
Romsterthings todo get google and sourceforge working. get branch/version directories working.08:28
Romsterand of course improve the regex match rules.08:28
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frinnstjaeger: that makes more sense :)09:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: qt4: fixed source url and md5sum (FS#755)09:02
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veemornin fellas09:58
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veehows your day so far?10:11
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jaegersomewhat annoying, network storage issues10:20
vee=[ its okay i have a philosophy test that i have freaking clue as to whats going on it xD10:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: bpython: update to 0.10.111:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: claws-mail: update to 3.7.1011:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: claws-mail-themes: update to 2011021611:54
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jaegerload average: 14.88, 14.67, 14.4614:25
jaegergood stuff14:25
jaegerServer is using 15 cores fully and just under 10GB RAM14:26
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vee15 cores? jesus christ.14:47
jaegerIt's one of our analysis pool servers, they're meant to be running heavy workloads14:48
veebut can it play minesweeper14:49
Rotwangjaeger: any experience with electric cloud, by any chance?14:50
jaegerIt could play minesweeper if wine were installed, I'm sure14:52
jaegerRotwang: the high perf build tools stuff? no experience with them here14:52
Rotwangno one seems to have any experience with this crap14:53
Rotwangneither at my company14:53
jaegerOur big workloads are all MRI analysis, no build stuff, sorry14:54
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veeran out of fruit gushers. sad face18:36
rmullfruit gushers?18:37
rmullsounds dirty18:37
entermull: these: ?18:39
veeyou've never had fruit gushers!?18:40
entevee: that video I just posted?18:41
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veefat kids dont lie18:42
entetoo bad, no html 5 version available18:43
veenot running with flash eh?18:46
enteI don't have/want flash installed, sorry18:51
rmullI have flash installed but I hate watching videos18:51
veeany particular reason you dont like flash?18:52
rmullBecause I hate admitting that I have a dependence on non-free software with a consistently crappy user experience and security record18:53
veeits reasonable i guess18:55
veeif youtube doesn't work on my computer18:55
veeit'll be ww 3-2518:55
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enteI used to use yplay19:08
entebut well, the site was down last week19:08
veeugh mac owners. they dont want to share their charger with me :(19:53
entethey'd share it with iSteve though20:15
veedamn steve.20:20
Romstervee, that youtube clip on fruit gushers is crazy x_x20:30
Romsteruh what ente posted...20:30
Romster X_X wtf20:34
veeromster, its definitly a buy though xD20:46
Romsteri'm sad.20:47
Romstereven winehq got broken into as well20:47
veei think this macs mobo is broken21:06
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