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veegod its too hot00:25
frinnst5C is not hot00:37
frinnstfucking autumn/winter00:37
tilmanlovely autumn <300:54
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veealmost a 100 degrees here01:05
pitillogood morning01:06
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Romsterit's 30C in my room alone...02:21
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frinnsti had to scrape frost off the windshield this morning02:21
Romsterwont cold water work?02:22
frinnstand put on snow-tyres yesterday02:22
frinnstif you want to mess around with water when its freezing, go ahead.. but i wont :)02:22
Romsteri'll pass02:23
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nvidia:updated to 285.05.0908:25
pedjaIs it me, or is xorg-server-1.11.1 really slooow with nvidia binary driver?08:27
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pedjaxorg-server with revert-trapezoids.patch seems to work fine, no more slowdowns/jerkiness.08:48
thrice`I think I saw something about that one the xorg-devel list08:50
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frinnstxorg-xf86-video-ati ftw08:59
pedjathrice`: this?
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joe9does start_udev recreate the devices with updated permissions from /etc/udev/rules.d directory?13:10
joe9i cannot see the devices getting new permissions and am not sure if I should be checking something else or if start_udev does not do that.13:11
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joe9is it ok to be getting this error: Oct 14 14:25:38 main udevd[12975]: error: runtime directory '/run/udev' not writable, for now falling back to '/dev/.udev'13:26
joe9or, should I create /run/udev?13:26
jaegerI'm no udev expert but I've not created that dir on any of my machines and haven't seen any problems13:30
frinnstits pointless to just "mkdir /run/udev"14:04
frinnstit wont do anything14:04
frinnstthe fs is read only at that point14:04
frinnstsome more hax0ring is required14:05
thrice`tmpfs, maybe?14:05
frinnstjoe9: start_udev is just a script14:05
joe9oh, ok. i will just ignore the error, for now. then.14:06
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Romsterthat whole /run directory is stupid it's only a warning not fatal.19:37
Romsterand it's known about.19:37
Romsterolder versions of udev ran in /dev/.udev19:38
Romstertilman, mesa3d 7.11 is out.20:10
Romsterand i don't know why you never did use mesa3d 7.10.3 that i'm on currently than your still on 7.10.220:11
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veesup peeps21:05
veehow are you romster?21:16
Romsteri'm good21:16
veeaww, just good?21:16
Romsteryeah still coughing up crap from a throat infection21:17
veedid you chug on some lemon?21:17
Romsteri have21:17
Romsterof course lemon and honey21:18
veelemon and honey tea=body cleanser xD21:18
Romsterhoney is a natural antiseptic21:18
veeand its delicious21:19
veehave you ever had fresh honey?21:19
Romsterfrom a beehiv enope21:19
veeoh man21:19
veeits realllly good21:19
Romsteri've saved a bee from drowning a few times with my hand and the other guy looks at me... wont it sting you?21:20
Romsteri'm like nah why would it it'll be recovering from being plucked out of the water.21:20
veei use to catch them with my bare  hands as a kid O.O21:21
veebee stings are apperently really good for you O.o21:21
Romsteri've stood on one it hurt a bit but i wouldn't be scared of them just because of that.21:21
veeoh man21:23
veethe things that freak me out21:24
veeare those gigantic black bee things21:24
Romsteri was like omfg that's a large mosquito only to figure out they were crane flies21:24
veewhat ever they are21:26
veescary as hell21:26
veebut i caught a few of them xD21:27
veenom nom nom21:30
Romsterbbl lunch and setting up a dj rig21:32
veegonna be making a commercial21:33
veedj rig huh? got any music i can use in a commercial?21:33
Romsteronly if it's techno.21:33
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veewont really work in my commercial21:39
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veehow hard is it to find a decent looking video with a whole bunch of those rouge viruses22:12
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