IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2011-10-15

Romsteri have a bunch of viruses collected at work but i wont go sending any to anyone. they goto antivirus companies for analysis00:31
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veewhat are you doing with all those viruses O.O00:37
Romstersend them to antiviruses companies so they can make definition rule matching to remove them.00:40
Romstermost of these are not detected at all or only a few out of the many antivirus products detect them.00:41
veeyou should send me a few samples00:42
veei love testing out antiviruses00:42
veeim not sure if you have any windows computers, but, you should slap on defensewall on there00:43
veeawesome little program00:43
Romsteri got windows but i rarely use it.00:44
Romsterif you got an account you can view my submissions to Romster00:45
RomsterNumber of reviews:10400:45
Romster is another useful site.00:46
veehm. ill let you know once i have a bit of free time00:46
Romsterthat one was particularly nasty00:47
veeand nothing found it O.o00:48
veethis is why i enjoy hips programs00:48
Romsternot one in that list.00:49
Romsterlinux vius safe :D00:50
veethe thing i noticed about linux00:52
veeis as long as you dont anything stupid00:52
veego LOOKING for linux viruses00:52
veeyou usually wont run into them00:53
Romsteri never found one nor a rootkit yet.00:54
Romsterthe ony down side is if oyu run something insecure like php or some ssh with crap password00:54
veeim sure a few exist, but, i guess as long as you're not stupid enough to run something as root00:54
Romsterphpmyadmin is not very secure phpbb is probably another target.00:54
veeand yea...php, apache or w/e its called...i glanced over the thread about wine getting hacked00:55
Romsterwine can run windows virues :D00:55
veehaha i was going to ask you00:56
Romsterbut like mac if not ran as root only your home can be affected.00:56
veei was trying to exec office 07 through wine00:56
Romsterwas t you that was using pekwm and can't get ti in the menu?00:56
veebut someone advised me against asking you, since you didn't like the idea of running it through wine00:56
Romsteri commented on how.00:56
veeso, libreoffice it was00:57
veeoh, i guess i missed it. sorry :/00:57
Romsterthat was tilman and i did comment how to do it.00:57
Romsterand no i didn't flame because i sometimes use excel.00:57
vee2 things i never bothered to learn00:57
veeexcel adn photoshop00:57
RomsterActions = "Exec wine C:\\Program\ Files\\Starcraft\\StarCraft.exe &"00:58
Romsterdo it like that.00:58
veeblahr. i was asking the people in wine, and they told me NOT to launch it like that. they wanted me to cd into the directory, and then exec it from there00:59
Romstereveryone thinks i'm gonna flame them... :/00:59
veeits because we love you <300:59
Romsterwell we say that to rule out any PATH issues.01:00
Romstermost things will run this way.01:00
veeman, i have so much to learn :/01:00
Romsterbut if it don't work then cd to the directory then wine foo.exe01:00
Romsteri'm a chanop in winehq i've been helping out there quite alot but not as much recently.01:01
Romsteri'm also in lvm and device-mapper01:01
veeits okay. i have everyone convinced libreoffice is the new word01:01
Romsteri get around01:01
Romsterand yes i've done some patches.01:01
veeand all ive done01:02
veeis nothing actually01:02
Romsteryour younger you got that ahead of you.01:03
Romsteri'm not as good as a proper programmer but i help out where i can.01:04
veebut wait, how younge do you think i am01:04
Romsterdunno but probably younger than me.01:04
Romsteri'm 3301:04
veeyea, im a tad younger01:04
veewhich reminds me, you going to come get crazy with me on my birthday?01:05
Romsterage don't mean alot though.01:05
veei find, when it comes to "logic", im pretty far ahead in my time01:05
Romsteri haven't been out of Australia yet can't afford to, i could have a drink here though and a bbq01:05
veesure, i like to joke around and what not, but, i do enjoy very intense and thought provoking conversations01:05
Romsterlogic goes along way so does common sense.01:06
veemaybe i should fly out there ey?01:06
Romsteronly if your rich and can afford too.01:06
veeThere is nothing more uncommon than common sense01:06
Romsternice here01:06
veei really dont like it01:06
veecalifornia is like a girl which is CONSTANTLY on her cycle. constant mood swings (weather changes)01:07
Romsterheh we get weather changes here too.01:08
veeim sure its not as bad as cali. it was 103 yesterday, and today, it somehow dropped to 80 ish. before the 103, it was raining01:09
veei truly believe la harbors the dumbest people on earth01:10
Romster103F near 40C is damn hot.01:10
Romsteryou get dumb ones everywhere.01:10
veeoh man, arizona is a nightmare. temps up to 120+01:10
veebut they're so common here, its ridiculous. i purchased some random food at the store, my total came out to 16 dollars. i gave the guy 21, and he refused to take it, saying im over paying01:11
veeno matter how much i tried to explain the math to him, he refused to understand it01:11
Romsterit's been around 43C here before but that's as hot as it gets. rest of the time it's around 38C01:11
veeyou guys have amazing beaches...i wanna go to the nude beaches01:11
Romsteri do that and hand me a 5 buck note back saves splitting it.01:12
Romsterif he can't do that why is he at a cash register.01:12
veeim not kidding. the people here are on a new scale of dumb01:13
veein college, people cant seem to string together a sentence properly, and god forbid we read aloud01:13
veeevery other word needs to be sounded out by the teacher01:14
veeelementry all over again01:14
Romsterworld is only gonna get dumber01:24
Romsterdumb ones breed faster than rabbits too01:24
Romstereven if a few get darwin awards01:24
Romsteropen up internet explorer, now type this in the address bar... "what's the address bar?" *facepalm*01:25
veewhats even more face palm is internet explorer xD01:38
veei once asked someone to install teamviewer, they're like whats team wewer. im like viewer, she goes thats what i said. wewer. i was like just drop it off...01:41
Romsterok they don't know alot but they shoudl at least know IE01:42
Romsteri give up explaining shit anymore it's too much for there tiny brains.01:43
veeyou wanna hear something ridiculous01:43
veesomeone calls me up, and tells me they spilled bear on their laptop01:43
veei tell them not to do anything and just shut it off01:43
veethis guy gets a bright idea to wash the alcohol with water01:44
Romstershut it off remove the battery and power lead.01:44
veeturns it on, sees it doesn't work01:44
veeshuts it off01:44
veeand washes it with BLEACH.01:44
veehe asks if i can fix it01:44
veeim like sorry, im not god.01:44
Romsteryeah right01:44
veei dont think even he can fix it now...01:44
Romsterhdd dvd mobo keyboard ram wifi touchpad be all fucked now.01:45
Romsterbe lucky if the LCD survived01:45
veebe smashed it once it stopped working01:46
Romsteroh what an idiot.01:47
veethis guy brought a macbook pro01:47
veeand the motherboard was dead, and i tell him01:47
veeall we can salvage is the hd, ram, and lcd screen01:48
veehe asks if i wanna buy it for 700 dollars01:48
Romsternot worth that01:48
veei told him you're lucky if someone gives you 200 for all 301:48
veethe customers here think they're comps are worth millions01:48
Romsterlcd might fetch a bit.01:48
Romsterfixed a old customers mac book01:49
Romsterfirst one i've done01:49
Romsterit was not charging it's had a rough life cracked case dirty as anything.01:49
Romsteri look over the mobo nothing obvious bad.01:50
Romsteri look over the power socket01:50
Romsteri spot a D1 dual package surface mount diode..01:50
Romsteri decided to measure it.01:50
Romsterone of the two diodes was open circuit.01:50
Romstergot a new magsocket for $30aud now it works again :D01:50
Romsterso now it's shop use for learning on OS X01:52
Romstersince i barely know how it all works.01:52
Romsteronly one guy at the shop knows macs well01:53
veemy friend bought a mac01:53
veeand 17 days into it, hated it01:53
veeso i put linux on it01:53
veei tried crux, and roughly got it to work on it01:53
veebut figured if i cant handle all of crux, he sure as hell cant01:53
veeso we put mint on it, and off he went01:53
Romstertoo advanced for him01:53
veei find crux to be very interesting01:53
veethe more i learn, the more i see the whole concept of "simplicity"01:54
Romsterit's great but don't give it to a windoze user.01:54
Romsteri'm happy with the package manager.01:54
veeyep yep01:55
veecept, since i dont know how to make a package file maker thingie01:56
veei cant really play with prt-get to get alllllll the apps that i want01:56
Romsterwhat happend to my romster.dyndns.org01:56
Romsterdoes that even resolve for you?01:56
veelet me try again01:57
RomsterFAILED:   updating badauth: Bad authorization (username or password)01:57
Romsterwtf is going on now it's only beed 25 days since i last up dated it.01:57
veei cant open up the website from chrome01:57
Romsterfucking dyndns i bet my account is deleated.01:59
veewhich also reminds me02:01
veei tried to download the rsync file (unless im in the wrong place), and it says "Could not generate file"02:01
veei think i mentioned this to you, but, i may have thought i did and forgot02:02
veeits been nearly 36 hours and i've been running on 2-3 hours of sleep. my body is killing me for sleep02:03
Romsterok renewed it.02:04
veegood night romster, and everyone else. :D02:04
Romsteri only have a httpup file.02:04
Romsterhavne't bothered with rsync.02:04
Romsterbecause you can't view the files on portdb with rsync.02:04
veesorry, i meant httpup02:05
Romsterok now it works.02:05
veeodd, still cant open upr with chrome02:05
Romsterthat was fast dns migration.02:05
Romstermight take longer for your dns.02:05
veehm. probably02:05
veeyour sync file wont download02:06
veeother than that, ima head out02:06
veemy eyes are begging me for sleeep. good night everyone :D02:06
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Romsteryeah it'll show up the next day.02:06
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Romster$ lsurl |vs |wgetpaste05:24
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsteri rock :D05:24
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libevent: update to 2.0.1511:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: squid: update to 3.1.1611:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: whois: update to 5.0.1211:14
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: coreutils: update to 8.1411:14
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veemornin' peeps12:29
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veejesus 50 bucks for an animated gif? O.O15:41
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veeso how is everyone doing?18:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: qemu: 0.15.0 -> 0.15.118:15
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Romsterhang over my head is thumping ugh20:06
Romsteri seriously think beer gives me more hangovers than wisky ever has.20:07
veegetting drunk of beer and champagne is the worst20:11
Romsteri think i have to agree on that.20:15
Romsterfortunately i did drink plenty of water.20:15
Romsterand still got a hang over.20:16
veeworst hang over i've ever gotten20:18
veewas the most hilarious thing20:18
Romstervee, version sort at least works with wine i'm testing it with other sites.20:19
veesorry Romster, but what do you mean?20:20
Romsteri'm sorting files by there version string.20:22
Romsterso i can then use it to automate sed-ing the version in Pkgfile among other uses.20:22
Romsterso i can make my own buildbot.20:23
Romsterand xdelta large files that i got on my site for others to use.20:23
veeoh, thats cool!20:23
veeall i've learned how to do recently was change the time in linux xD20:23
Romsterwhat i do is test it on each url20:24
Romsterdate :D20:24
veeyup. xD20:24
veewell, if i can help with anything, you let me know :D20:25
veeeven if thats moral support xD20:25
Romsteri just like to show off my results once in a while, part of my personality :)20:32
Romsterfeeling of achievement20:32
veehaha. i do the same...20:33
veei mean cmon, i changed the damn time!20:33
Romsterit's taken me quit ea few rewrites and this is by far the simplest one ever... it's funny that the more complex approaches had major flaws.20:33
Romsterit goes to use the KISS principal.20:33
Romstervee, the best way to learn is to read a man page a day.20:34
veekeep it seriously simple?20:34
Romsterkeep it simple stupid20:35
Romsteri loled at keep it seriously simple20:35
veehey! it was a good guess20:36
veethe more simple, the easier it is20:36
veei mean think of a lie20:36
veethe more complex you make it, the more faulty it gets20:36
Romsteryea the more ways you can f it up.20:39
veeyup yup. man pages ey?20:39
Romsterstill in it's current form it'll be still around 100 lines to do this.20:40
veeonce these stupid tests and what not are over, is hall start20:40
Romsterman man20:40
Romstertype that in a terminal.20:40
Romsterlike man date20:40
veeman EVERYTHING.20:43
Romsterpretty much20:44
Romsterthere is a online version on the net, but be aware that different version of programs can change there options.20:44
Romsterso it's best to use the terminal.20:45
veewell, im going to go for a walk20:45
veeill be back in a few20:45
Romsteri'm heading soon to have lunch and pack up dj rig.20:45
veeaww, i just got back :/21:23
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veejesus christ, this vlc compiling takes for ever21:34
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jaegerbash: vlc: command not found21:49
veejaeger, you're too funny21:54
veei just noticed i typed here21:54
veei guess i had this window opened (damn pypanel), but, even though qt4 and ffmpeg failed, pkgadd seemed to have worked21:55
veethanks to who ever originally told me to do that. :D21:55
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