IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2011-10-16

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Romstervlc isn't the best of codebase unless they cleaned that up.00:47
Romstervee was it due to new files in .footprint ?00:48
Romsterif so you should add "makecommand pkgmk -in"00:49
Romsterto prt-get .conf00:49
veedont wanna sound nooby, but what does the makecommand pkgmk -in do?01:52
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Romsterman pkgmk01:56
Romster-in ignore new files in footprint.01:57
Romstervee, ^01:57
Romsterif i had monies i'd get me this
Romsterand a SAS card.01:57
Romsterand fill it with a heap of 2TB sata disks.01:57
Romsteri'm always running out of space.01:58
Romsteri'm still on the hunt for a google like self replicating file system01:58
veeif i had the money, i'd share it with you xD01:58
Romsteri will get a sas card but i'll probably get me 1 or 2 of these
veewell, only if you run it with liquid cooling01:59
veebut i guess isince its mostly storage01:59
Romsteri already got a pc with 2 16x and 2 8x PCIe sockets for such cards ready for use.01:59
veeyou wont need it...but, hell, you have the money, look cool while you're at it01:59
Romsternah wont need liquid cooling.01:59
veemy pentium 402:00
veewith 145gb has never ever been filled02:00
Romstersick of swapping music cd's and movies etc i want to put it all on a media center.02:00
veeproblem with having big storage devices (especially when storing it a lot) is the fear of one of em' dying out02:01
Romsteryeah that's why i'm still looking for a self replicating like google FS.02:01
Romsteror i could just stick with mdadm, don't like the idea of even a 15 disk raid602:01
Romsteri'd want triple redundancy if i were to get that big.02:02
veegod i wouldn't even know what to do with all that storage...shove all the porn in the world in?02:02
Romsterand making more smaller raids gets ugly and jbod over that.02:02
Romsterbest idea would be some extent based thing with device-mapper and have at least 3 extents of each block on different disks.02:03
Romsterdistfiles for all the packages in crux comes to mind.02:03
Romsterand all the deltas i'd be making.02:03
Romsterbackup of my desktop instead of my current backup scheme.02:04
Romsterspace to record tv shows if i ever get my tuner to work.02:04
veethe only thing i know of that can "clone" hard drives is acronis02:05
Romsteri always find something to put on it.02:05
veebut i dont think you're talking about cloning02:05
Romsteryeah not what i'm after that's a utility.02:05
Romsteri'm looking for some block extent based replication system.02:05
veewould love to help, but have no idea02:05
veei can give you one word of advise...dont use windows ^___^02:06
Romsteri want a open source GPL verison of that :D02:06
Romsterthough i may not use more than 1 node with heaps of disks.02:06
Romsteri probably should have 3 pcs each for replication but that's too much to manage.02:07
veewhat i wanna do is have a raid disk with ssd's (for optimal performance) and 24 gigs of ram with an OC i7 boot up crux02:08
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Romsteri got runit it's noticeably faster than the standard sysvinit.02:14
Romsterstill a few minor bugs to iron out of it though.02:15
Romstervee, i woudn't try unless you like to break your system if you do it wrong.02:15
veeyou cant tell me theres something out there that'll make it noticably faster, and not expect me to try xD02:16
veeeven though im sure ill muck everything up02:16
Romster that's how i instaleld it over crux but i did this a very long time ago expect problems.02:17
Romsterit replaces the entire init system02:17
veewhat kind of problems? things not starting up, or, the entire system not starting up? xD02:17
Romsteri should get to clean it up more and offer a new guide how to use it on crux.02:18
Romsterwell if you install it correctly the only major issue is a root disk fsck will fsck then shut down the pc.02:18
Romsterminor anoyance.02:18
Romstercan't think of any other major issues.02:19
Romsteri'm running it for a long time now.02:19
veehm. wouldn't i have to reformat it and start from scratch though?02:19
Romsterthere is a newer runit version but i haven't been game enough to try it.02:19
Romsterno not needed.02:19
veehm. well, if you do make an updated one, i'd love to give it a whirl02:20
Romsterignore the gcc and stuff that's to move to my forked hvl02:20
veeworst case scenerio, i reinstall crux.02:20
Romsterall you need is runit and socklog02:20
veehm. ill check out the stuff in the morning02:21
Romsterworst case backup /etc and keep the crux core ports handy you can boot off the live cd and cd to that and for p in *; do pkgadd $p; pkgadd -u $p; done02:21
Romsterand don't forget rejmerge02:21
veeif you do make a new guide, i'd love to try it02:22
Romsterwen i get around to t.02:22
veehaha ill be waiting :D02:22
Romsteri do alot of projects02:22
veei can tell, every day you talk about something new02:22
veei like to start one thing, do it right, finish it and make it as good as i possibly can, and then move on02:23
veeits why i haven't ventured out of crux so much. i feel theres a lot to learn at the basic level02:24
Romsterwhy was cidmaps removed from fontforge i wonder...02:32
Romstertrying to find out what happend to that.02:32
veei dont even know what that is lol02:32
Romsteri got ADD i can't do one thing for too long.02:32
veei do too02:33
veewell, at least i think i do02:33
veegod forbid i try to read. 25 minutes in, my mind is toast02:33
Romstersee i got lots of things ont he go but it's all structured i'll complete it all for the grand design oneday02:34
Romsteron the*02:34
veei keep telling myself that, but, i never can xD02:34
Romsterah found it on another project.02:35
veewoot woot02:36
veetrack day tomorrow :D02:36
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horrorStruckhi #crux04:22
horrorStruckany crux-friendly cd automounting solution? udisks requires a huge amount of crap.04:23
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horrorStruckkiddies are angry against daddy because htpc doesn't play cd anymore04:24
enteamd maybe?04:27
entesetting /dev/sr0 to auto in fstab?04:27
entehorrorStruck: amd is from am-utils / originally from berkeley, dunno if it's packaged for crux04:29
horrorStruckdunno about amd, i'm gonna check thanks. do you use that in fstab?04:29
entenope, I su and mount everything by hand04:29
horrorStruckthanks ente. mounting everything by hand on the laptop but for a htpc, it sux04:30
enteiirc the arch wiki described another way04:30
horrorStruckusb is quite easy with udev rules04:31
horrorStruckbut cd needs udisks. i have to pamify my install to use that04:32
entehm, ok04:32
Romsteryou don't mount audio cds to play them04:53
Romsteryou only mount cdroms04:54
Romster/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom iso9660  rw,user,noauto,unhide  0      004:55
Romsterthen they can issue mount and umount without root access04:55
Romsterand for dvd's04:55
Romster/dev/dvd/mnt/dvd udf,iso9660 umask=022,rw,user,noauto,unhide  0      004:55
horrorStruckno keyboard on this machine04:56
horrorStrucki may use irexec but looking for the most simple solution04:57
horrorStrucksimple for the user i mean. 6 amd 7 y.o.04:58
Romsteryou mean and as amd is a cpu company.05:04
Romsterand dunno i just type mount sorry05:04
horrorStrucki mean and sorry05:05
horrorStruckthat's my kids05:05
horrorStruckphone soft keyboard suck05:07
enteah, yes, audio cd's are a different thing again because they have no file system, just tracks05:15
entetracks are similar to files in a way..05:15
entethere are strange CD's with audio and data parts05:15
Romstermixed mode/multi mode i forget now.05:33
Romsterask me 10 years ago i would of been able to say.05:33
Romsterall it is a data track that audio cd players wont play.05:35
enteyeah, of course you can add data tracks05:46
enteCDs are weird05:46
enteI'd consider them deprecated05:46
entehaven't seen one in weeks05:47
Romsteri only use them for music anymore.05:48
Romsterwhy the hell do we not have a super audio dvd yet.05:48
entenever had many music CDs. They're at my parents' place... I don't have a CD player and ordinary ATAPI drives are way too loud to enjoy the music05:49
enteI sometimes buy LPs for the artwork :P05:49
Romsteryou can force the ATAPI drive to not spin so fast.05:49
ente(speaking of deprecated... :D)05:50
enteCDs are too small :)05:50
Romsteryeah not the same is it for artwork05:51
enteand some artwork is simply amazing05:53
enteand since everybody throws out their LPs because they consider them deprecated, there are some nice finds if you look closely :>05:53
horrorStruckartwork is one thing but i remember they used to put a lot of nice stuff inside vinyls too. like this dead kennedys album with a full size satirical newspaper inside. or nice big size posters, flyers...05:56
horrorStruck(well that's artwork too)05:57
* horrorStruck reboots himself05:57
Romsterwoot i still collect vinyl who is throwing them out is crazy05:59
Romstersome of the stuff is worth lots of money06:00
horrorStruckoh and that warmy sound <306:02
entenot throwing out as in throwing away06:03
Romsterok i totally forgot how to git push. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly, was there something special i was meant to do to the opt.git tree to be able to push to it?06:03
enterather, not using it anymore06:03
enteand then giving it to me or selling it :P06:03
Romsterif it's decent music06:03
enteexcept for my dad, who hoards his collection like a dragon06:03
entehe never listens to any of it, but I'm not allowed near it :p06:04
horrorStruckwhich genre ooc ?06:04
entehe's afraid I might break it. because I'm 5 and all06:04
horrorStruckout of curiosity06:04
entemy dad?06:04
horrorStruckhis records06:04
entewell, my mum's LPs are in the same place, so I can't really tell who owns what06:05
horrorStruckah ok06:05
enteclassical, rock, pop etc. pp.06:06
enteI have some elektrohasch LPs06:07
ente (the quality is awesome)06:08
ente(and so is the music :P)06:08
Romstermostly 70 and 80's stuff and some older things like apollo 100, disco duck and other funky stuff06:08
Romstereve of destruction 45 that's really scratched must of got played alot.06:08
horrorStruckhey congrats Romster06:18
enteRomster: maybe it's just dusty?06:18
entebut then again, if there are visible scratches, that's unlikely :P06:19
RomsterhorrorStruck, about opt thanks.06:20
horrorStruckRomster: yeah, just read tilman_ email06:20
Romsteri started on fontforge and tried to push that but i might be missing something important.06:21
Romsterit's been a long time since i had contrib setup and i've looked over the wiki pages already.06:21
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Romsterum ok that's a odd message i get when i post the ML.07:26
RomsterBesten Dank für Ihr Email. Ich bin vom 17. Oktober bis am 20. November nicht in der Agentur erreichbar. Ihr Email wird nicht weitergeleitet. Für wichtige Anliegen, wenden Sie sich bitte deshalb an:07:26
RomsterI am of 17 On 20 October to November can not be reached in the agency. Your email is not forwarded. For major concerns, please contact reason:07:27
Romsteryeah i can make sense of it but the translation is funny.07:27
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enteyes, autoreplies to mailing lists08:43
entehappens all the time, I hate that08:43
enteand these people are usually really ignorant08:44
Romsteri better get to bed darn work else i'd stay up all night and sleep all day like i used too.09:26
tilmanthere are no blessed, signed kernel patches atm, right?09:31
tilmani'm talking about 3.0.6 eg09:31
horrorStrucktilman: you can get them from lklm09:33
tilmanhum hum09:35
horrorStruckpatches from greg kh. signed.09:35
tilmanthere's the diff09:37
tilmanbut there's no signature09:37
tilman [unhandled content-type:application/pgp-signature]09:37
tilmanhorrorStruck: which mailing list archive do you use? :p09:38
tilmangmane doesn't show the signature either09:38
horrorStrucki subscribed09:38
horrorStruckyou can get it from git also;a=summary09:38
tilmanyeah, iknow09:39
tilmanbut i'd really just like a signed bz2 diff like they offered before went down ;D09:39
horrorStrucki can send it to you09:39
tilmanthat would be great:)09:40
tilmani'm tilman@ crux nu09:40
horrorStruckwhat's your latest version?09:40
tilmani just need the 3.0.5 diff09:41
tilman3.0.6 was a oneliner anyway09:41
horrorStruckdo you want .7-rc1 as well or just .6 ?09:41
horrorStruckokay, .5 on the way09:42
horrorStruck.6 soon09:42
tilmandon't bother with .609:42
horrorStruckzip is a gmail feature, not a personal preference :P09:46
tilmani was just about to ask what that is about :D09:46
horrorStruckyou can "download all attachements" and gmail creates a zip file. fast09:47
tilmanmmh, signature is rejected by gpg09:48
tilmanmaybe gmail broke the line endings or somesuch09:48
horrorStruckthey changed all thir signatures recently09:51
horrorStruckif that can help: "Here is the 3.0.5 incremental patch, to be applied on top of 3.0.4,09:52
horrorStrucksigned with my stable kernel signing key.09:52
tilmani have the key, but i think the signature jsut doesn't mach09:52
tilmanoh well09:52
tilmani'll live09:52
tilmanhorrorStruck: thanks =)09:52
frinnstthose incremental patches made life a bit easier10:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: jedit: update to 4.4.211:27
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teK_Rotwang: wrt USK and police violence:
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veesup peeps13:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnupg: fix minor type. thx rmull13:52
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veejaeger, care to join me at the track today?14:33
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jaegervee: eh?14:44
veewillow raceway :D14:44
jaegerbit too far for me :P14:45
veeaww, im going to see if i can find my camera mount. ill show you my decent skills14:45
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veethis has nothign to do with crux, but, when there is something on a website thats embedded as a shockwave-flash, its should be stored on the computer (windows, if that changes anything) as a .swf file right?14:57
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NecrosporusDoes Genesi really work with CRUX community as they say on their side?15:01
tilmanthat sounds like crux/ppc15:01
tilmanask the crux/ppc guys :P15:01
jaegerI think they loaned acrux some hardware to work on15:02
jaegerI know one of their devs but he's a gentoo guy so not sure past that15:02
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NecrosporusYeah, probably that's PPC15:09
NecrosporusI wonder, does CRUX work on ARM?15:09
jaegeryes and yes15:09
NecrosporusI suppose, I will try it on my PDA than15:13
Necrosporusso, it ships with no kernel at all?15:13
NecrosporusI have an debian one15:13
jaegerno idea there, I have no ARM devices so have never used it15:16
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pitilloNecrosporus: yes it does, for ppc/arm15:28
Necrosporusdoes it support touchscreen calibration?15:30
pitilloNecrosporus: which device has tochscreen? (here we have the smarttop and acrux a smartbook)15:32
pitilloNecrosporus: we are using it in other devices (omap850 and an ipaq) where the kernel provides support for touch and it can be calibrated without problems15:33
NecrosporusPocketPC Fujitsu Siemens PocketLOOX 71015:33
pitillono idea about it. Has the kernel for that device support for TS? If yes, it should be calibrated in the right way with the standard tools15:34
NecrosporusI have old 2.6.26 kernel, which works with debian 5.0.3 ARM, but touchscreen works like a touchpad, not touchscreen15:36
NecrosporusSo, what do I need, except unpacking the rootfs?15:37
pitilloNecrosporus: I think that's how it's implemented at kernel level15:37
NecrosporusI suppose, it's just not calibrated touchpad15:37
NecrosporusBut I haven't managed to do so15:38
NecrosporusNot tried hard enough15:38
pitilloNecrosporus: there are some info in the webpage about how to setup some devices... I don't know about your (I don't know the bootloader, how can be booted another distro outside the rom, ...)15:38
pitilloNecrosporus: look for tslib inside your packages in debian and read about how it works to recalibrate it, but I think the touchscreen behaviour is managed by the kernel15:39
Necrosporuspitillo, the bootloader is Haret15:39
NecrosporusWell, I have already going to try CRUX with same kernel15:40
NecrosporusIt must be easier to use than Debian15:40
pitillocheck the omap850 devices... you can find info about its config (haret) and the needed config files... Think that the release only provides the core ports, which will give you a term... and if you don't have phisical keyb it will be hard to touch it15:41
NecrosporusI use SSH15:42
pitilloNecrosporus: both are easy to use if you read and do things with patience and knowledge... both are different distros. Source oriented and package oriented distros. For those little devices, you can do with CRUX whatever you want. Cross build packages and manage them instead of sources15:42
pitilloNecrosporus: then you should set up the net and comment (or setup) hosts.deny which is denied all conections by default15:43
pitilloif there is any problem with this talk, we can move to the other channel to don't disturb here15:44
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NecrosporusWhat's default passwd?15:47
pitillothere is no passwd set, first problem to login from ssh15:47
Necrosporusprobaby ssh won't permit logging in15:47
pitilloright, it doesn't allow the access with empty passwd and that's the first thing you do when you boot it by default15:48
NecrosporusThat's easy15:48
Necrosporuscat /home/myname/.ssh/*pub > /mnt/disk/root/.ssh/authorized_keys15:50
NecrosporusIs it ssh or sshd in rc.conf?15:52
Necrosporuswell, sshd15:52
NecrosporusSo, /etc/rc.d/net is for network settings15:55
pitilloNecrosporus: yes it is. You can check CRUX handbook. All the info (very good info) about CRUX is there15:56
NecrosporusI read it when it was 2.415:56
pitilloit should be near the same as it was then. But reading it again will refresh your info15:57
NecrosporusCRUX is simple enough to use it without handbook, isn't it?15:57
NecrosporusAnyways, seem like I configured everything, let's see15:58
pitillowell, it's simple but the handbook is a basic to understand some things, and for example, know about how to set it up and how it works (ports)16:01
NecrosporusAll 1000 scanned ports on are closed16:07
NecrosporusSSH doesn't work16:07
pitilloNecrosporus: have you checked hosts.deny?16:07
NecrosporusI have commented the single line16:07
pitilloand the device booted right? can you see the prompt in it?16:08
pitillo*prompt/login (not a kernel dump)16:09
Necrosporussshd says ERROR16:09
Necrosporusand no login query16:09
NecrosporusBut not kernel panic16:09
pitillowhich release did you download?16:09
pitillofor 2.7 there are no packages collections. There are eabi/noeabi collections only for 2.6. This means you'll need to build your ports in native which will be a pain with that device (or cross build all)16:11
NecrosporusI hope, I don't have to build all the X.org16:13
NecrosporusAnd anyways, first of all, I need SSh16:13
pitilloyou'll need to build them all if you pick 2.7... (or cross build them)16:13
pitillocan you test 2.6? you can setup pkg-get to work with packages (at least in the first time with the one at web, but you can set it up to work with custo packages/repositories)16:15
Necrosporushost init: Id "c3" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes16:16
Necrosporuspitillo, but it's without eabi?16:17
pitilloNecrosporus: 2.6 is built in both flovours too, eabi/noeabi16:17
NecrosporusSo do you recommend me to try 2.6 eabi or non eabi?16:17
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pitillopackages are built without optimizations (-O2 -pipe -msoft-float -march=armv5te -mtune=xscale for your device if I'm right)16:18
pitilloI think your xscale can run eabi without problems (noeabi is for devices older than arm4te)16:19
Necrosporusyes, it can, it runs 2.716:20
pitilloummm really strange the ssh error16:20
pitillohave you removed 2.7?16:20
Necrosporusno, I only mkfsing16:21
Necrosporusafter reviewing the var/log16:21
pitilloI ask because I can send you a link to a ssh package and test with it (installing directly in your rootfs)16:21
pitilloI will test tomorrow in qemu the 2.7 release and verify the error16:22
NecrosporusOk, lets see 2.616:22
pitillodid you preserved permissions when you extracted it?16:22
NecrosporusI do not want to compile X myself16:22
Necrosporustar does so by default, i think16:22
NecrosporusI unpacked everything under root16:22
pitillothen 2.6 can give you more possibilities than 2.716:23
pitilloummm not sure about it (may be it's possible) but I always use the -p option to be sure (I got strange problems long time ago when playing with opie and similar distros)16:23
Necrosporus-p is for packing, according to the man16:24
pitillothat's right. My fault about tar, sorry16:25
pitilloin wm8505 device section, there is a configuration doc which makes a little explanation about pkg-get and package collections16:26
Necrosporusoh, nice16:27
NecrosporusSo it probably will work on wm8650 too16:27
NecrosporusI'm going to order it16:28
pitilloummm check kernel status16:28
pitilloI haven't one of those to confirm (the device section aim is that, give support for those devices where someone really knows that it works)16:28
pitilloabout wm8650 it shares lot of things with 8505 but there are some threads open in wm8505 kernel mailing list (or vt8500...)16:29
pitillowhere there are people with problems to boot it (or to manage some devices) I really don't know about its status16:30
NecrosporusI will order the device anyways16:31
NecrosporusAndroid kernel must work at least16:32
RotwangteK_: it is hard to read [:16:32
Rotwangbut I get the point16:32
NecrosporusI think, I can leave everything as it is, except the rootfs16:32
*** ardo has quit IRC16:33
pitilloNecrosporus: really no idea, I haven't any of those devices to play with16:33
NecrosporusNo I have SSH error, but login prompt too16:34
NecrosporusThere was no login prompt on 2.716:34
NecrosporusI do not know what's the error16:34
Necrosporusmaybe there is some log?16:34
pitilloit can be a bad ssh package provided in the release (which is strange because in 2.7 I tested it under qemu, when we moved from dropbear to openssh)16:35
pitilloI think there isn't any log by default16:35
pitillosyslog by default?16:36
NecrosporusWell, I can use some sort of nc -lp 1234 | bash16:36
Necrosporusdoes crux has netcat by default?16:36
Necrosporusor telnetd16:36
Necrosporusor something, I do not really need 'security'16:37
pitilloummm I don't think so (you can verify what is provided in the release looking at core ports or packages for 2.616:37
NecrosporusI think, it's probably related to SSH keys16:38
pitillonc is in the 2.6 eabi/noabi collections packages16:38
pitillomay be sshd setup? can you verify it in the rootfs?16:38
NecrosporusThere is not rc.d/sshd at all16:40
pitilloummm you should setup sshd in /etc/ssh/sshd_config16:41
Necrosporus# ls /mnt/disk/etc/dropbear/ -l16:41
Necrosporustotal 016:41
pitilloummmmm keys problem with 2.6 and dropbear16:43
pitilloopenssh key must be imported to run with dropbear16:44
pitillocan you copy your shadow root line in the rootfs and try to connect without keys?16:45
NecrosporusI have got a shell16:45
pitillofinally you got it?16:45
NecrosporusIt was my mistake to write 'sshd' instead of 'dropbear' in rc.conf of crux 2.616:45
pitilloNecrosporus: feel free to join the ML and give any feedbak you want, or in the irc channel, and if you like it, you can add the device to the wiki in the supported devices section16:49
Necrosporusfirst I have to setup the X16:49
pitillothere aren't many hands working on the project... and less users16:49
Necrosporusthere is no use without touchscreen16:49
pitillotrue, same as other like devices the htc's and the ipaq16:50
pitilloyou should setup pkg-get to install packages and then, start working on the setup, first tslib and then xorg16:50
*** vee has quit IRC16:50
Necrosporus# uname -a16:52
NecrosporusLinux host 2.6.26-loox720sound #13 PREEMPT Wed Nov 11 13:34:15 CET 2009 armv5tel XScale-PXA270 rev 4 (v5l) FSC Loox 720 GNU/Linux16:52
NecrosporusIts slightly modified 720 kernel16:53
pitilloyes, for that device16:53
Necrosporus710 has smaller screen and less cpu clock16:53
pitillowhich clock has that device? (same ram? 64MB?)16:54
Necrosporus720 is 128. this one is 64 RAM16:54
pitillolittle one16:54
NecrosporusBogoMIPS: 415.3316:55
NecrosporusI can\t find cpuclock speed16:55
pitillonot bad cpu (slow and boring) but not enought ram to make native builds (and with a big swap, more boring)16:56
pitilloyou can test with the packages provided or start with the enviroment and building the entire core/opt/xorg collections with optimizations for that soc16:56
NecrosporusIt's 416 MHz in Windows CE however16:56
NecrosporusI'd rather set it up with ready to use packages16:57
Necrosporusand only then, when I got everything working, will do optimiztion16:57
pitillogetting all collections cross build is a "big" history too. I hope you can put hands on prebuit packages without optimizations and make some tests to see if it fills your needs16:58
pitillooptimizations don't give a very big performance bump really16:58
pitilloNecrosporus: feel free to post in the ML whatever you want. Time to rest here. Have a good night :)17:07
NecrosporusI probably have to sleep too17:08
NecrosporusGot network on the loox17:24
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:40
NecrosporusWhere is binary package repository for pkg-get?18:02
*** vee has joined #crux18:18
veeis there any way to disassemble a .fla file, to pick up (and or delete) the stuff in it and then reassemble it?18:18
*** jdolan has joined #crux18:49
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*** j^2__ has quit IRC20:07
RomsterNecrosporus, if you tell me what yo want prt-get depinst i can build packages for you.20:23
NecrosporusRomster, on ARM?20:30
Necrosporusvee, try flasm20:31
NecrosporusRomster, my X doesn't work20:32
Romsteroh x86 :/20:33
Romsteri'd need a crosstool to do that i think nogagplz has that ask him if he will help.20:34
NecrosporusWell, then I can do that myself20:34
veeNecrosporus: isn't flasm for swf files?20:34
Romsterhe idles in #winehq-social20:34
NecrosporusHowever, currently, I cant' get X working20:35
Romsteri have no need for arm tool chain.20:35
NecrosporusWhile it was on Debian 5.0.320:35
Romstergot evdev support in your kernel?20:35
Necrosporusvee, dunno maybe it's for fla too20:35
NecrosporusRomster, probably20:35
NecrosporusAt least, ts_calibrate works20:36
NecrosporusHowever, I do not know, how to test the touchscreen without X20:36
Necrosporusvia gpm maybe, but it's there20:36
Romsterso startx bombs out look in /var/log/Xorg.1.log20:36
NecrosporusXorg.0.log rather20:37
Necrosporus this is Xorg.0.log if I run just X20:38
Necrosporus/etc/X11 is empty20:38
Romsternot needed in most cases.20:39
NecrosporusIt's installed20:42
veei think flasm is just for swf files20:42
Necrosporusvee, try to read its man20:42
Romsterrun it and configure a keyboard?20:42
NecrosporusRomster, which one? there are none (but I want an screen keyboard)20:43
NecrosporusI will consider it as a win, if I will be able to get Xterm alongside working screen keyboard20:43
Romsterso that thing is a touchpad only no keyboard?20:44
Necrosporusseveral keys only20:44
veeim checking online, everything i see is for .swf files20:44
RomsterNecrosporus, what brand/model?20:45
Necrosporusvee, ?20:45
veeoh and hi romster20:45
NecrosporusRomster, Fujitsu siemens pocket loox 71020:46
Romsterlooks like you need xf86-input-evtouch but it's not packaged.20:46
NecrosporusI'd like X to work via tslib20:47
Necrosporusanyways, i'm going to take a bit of rest20:51
Romsterlooks patched to the hell.20:51
Romsterread that when you got some time it might help.20:52
*** jmvr has left #crux20:53
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*** joe9 has joined #crux22:27
joe9how do I make alsamixer save my settings? everytime I reboot, I lose my volume settings? i tried the alsa state, but that does not seem to help.22:28
joe9i tried alsactl store22:29
jaegeralsactl store is the way22:29
jaegerthen you restore at boot22:29
joe9and the command works, but it does not seem to save the settings, though.22:29
jaegeror manually if you prefer22:29
joe9oh, alsactl restore?22:29
joe9that was what I was missing. thanks.22:30
jaegerI think, haven't used it recently. check the manpage or --help22:30
veejaeger! i got a video clip of my suprerior driving capabilites xD22:32
veewhat? i even had a mounted camera near my pedals so you can see my smexi heel to toe techniques xD22:34
jaegerI used to keep a camera mounted in my backseat for the autocrosses22:35
veehaha all you needa do is put epic music in the background22:35
veebut have it not be too loud, and its instantly cool22:35
jaegerAny Dark Souls players in here?22:37
veewhat kinda game is it O.o22:46
jaegerA punishingly hard one :D22:49
jaegerIt's fun, though22:49
jaegeranyway, bedtime. good night22:51
veenight niht22:51
*** aarchvile has quit IRC22:54
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