IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2011-10-17

veeso whats everyone up to?00:06
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pitillogood morning01:02
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Romsterdinner then darts01:44
Romstermorning all01:44
pitilloyo Romster, good night there and have fun01:55
Romsterjust shy of 6pm long ways to go yet :)01:55
Romsterlooking over my ports more i got more work todo to them.01:57
pitillobit by bit Romster, you have a lot of ports01:57
Romsteryeah thats why i only do so many at a time.01:58
pitilloand congrats about joining opt :)01:58
Romsterthank you, though i can't push to it yet.01:58
Romsteri've fixed up fontforge and wine so far01:59
Romsterkept it at stable release still though, i'm using the dev branch02:00
pitillomay be there is something needed at server side. Sure they will put hands on soon, be patient02:00
Romsteryeah that's what i'm thinking. or i'm doing something wrong.02:00
pitillomove questions, request or problems to devel's channel02:01
Romsteri realise that now that i started that thread in the wrong ML.02:01
pitilloif you have setup git for contrib access... then by your side there is no need to do anything more Romster (or at least I think so)02:01
Romsteri dind't thnk it was a good idea to move half way though that thread to the other ML.02:01
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pitilloyes, but you can put the advise in that channel to see if someone can read it and check the server side to verify where is the problem02:02
Romsterah right....02:02
Romsteri should of carbon copied that that to the other channel02:02
pitillowell, you started it there then the way to go is go ahead in that ML, for the next time, you know which is the best place02:02
Romstererr list02:02
pitilloummm, just throw it in the channel too, may be it's easier to check here instead on the ML02:03
Romsteri should probably auto-join dev again too.02:03
Romsteri used to ages ago.02:04
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pitilloI follow it too. Long time without following a meeting :)02:05
Romsteroh lol i see cptn preadatorfreak and others around that time in my scroll back log.02:06
pitillolooong time then02:06
Romster!seen mwansa02:06
Romsterhmm clb i forget your commands :P02:07
Romster@seen mwansa02:07
clbRomster: mwansa was last seen in #crux 3 years, 16 weeks, 4 days, 18 hours, 21 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <mwansa> =======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/epiphany#2.22.0-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed.02:07
RomsternipuL too02:07
Romsterman we have lost a few02:07
Romster@seen namenlos02:08
clbRomster: namenlos was last seen in #crux 1 year, 50 weeks, 6 days, 19 hours, 9 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <namenlos> java, here02:08
Romster@seen j^202:09
clbRomster: j^2 was last seen in #crux 1 week, 6 days, 17 hours, 4 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: <j^2> matt, always there ahead of me :P02:09
Romsteroh he is still about02:09
Romster@seen maro02:09
clbRomster: maro was last seen in #crux 1 year, 32 weeks, 2 days, 20 hours, 21 minutes, and 8 seconds ago: <maro> (the new codecs)02:09
Romstergood guy too :/02:10
Romsterok thats about it02:10
enteask them what they're up to lately :P02:10
pitilloyeah, there were very good people and developers02:10
enteyou make it sound as if they were dead02:10
Romster@seen Viper02:10
clbRomster: I have not seen Viper.02:10
Romster@seen Viper_02:10
clbRomster: Viper_ was last seen in #crux 3 years, 22 weeks, 3 days, 20 hours, 7 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <Viper_> ok, thanks02:10
Romstershould email them02:11
pitilloemail them for?02:12
Romstersure there is in real life, but can't they even pop in once in a while.02:12
Romstersee what there up to02:12
pitilloah, I understand02:12
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Romstertouch base see if they havne't forgot about us02:12
Romsterperhaps nipuL might be back when his kids grow up.02:13
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enteI have ~20 min for breakfast02:22
entethe new semester has started, and I'm not looking forward to it02:22
Romsteri dn't even have breakfast anymore though i should.02:22
Romsterseems alot are still at uni.02:23
Romsteror do some take up some adult education uni courses too.02:24
entefifth semester, but starting out from scratch02:24
entewith mathematics instead of computer science02:24
entenot sure whether that's a good idea or just a sign that I've finally gone mad02:25
Romsteri just pursue what i enjoy doing or what i know i can do and there is a market for that.02:26
enteI just pursue AHAHAHA *starting chainsaw*02:44
ente here, have a horrible webcam shot of my breakfast :D02:49
Romsterwhy would i click that...02:49
enteI have no idea :D02:50
Romstertiny enough picture.02:50
entesomething's wrong with my webcam02:50
entethere's not one thing that isn't broken about my ^@%# eeepc02:50
enteafter 3 years of heavy use02:50
Romsteryeah it's gone zomg i don't like taking a pic of your food :D02:51
enteit zomg doesn't like taking a picture of anything :D02:51
RomsterK TIEM 4 ME 2 GIT 2 DARTS muhahahah ok that was silly but yeah later.02:53
entea morning spent with lolcats is a good morning02:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: fontforge: 20100501 -> 20110222 picked up orphaned port06:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libuninameslist: new port for fontforge06:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: fontforge: remove old configure options06:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wine: picked up orphaned port06:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: openal: moved contrib -> opt06:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: openal: openal: moved contrib -> opt06:17
angry_vincentis there an oss4 port in crux (for opensound v4)?, cannot find06:18
Romsteri still don't know why oss isn't depreciated in favor for alsa already06:18
angry_vincentit's independent06:19
angry_vincentyes old v3 is deprecated06:19
Romsteri can't find any ports under oss4 or is it ossv406:20
Romsterwonder why my git trees say 0.005892875 s in the future06:21
Romsterall my machines are ntp synchronized.06:21
Romstermight have to package it angry_vincent06:23
angry_vincentfor x86_6406:25
Romsteri'm using jack and am annoyed that newer wine has removed jack support.06:27
Romsterbut cant' do much about it not many seem to use jack06:28
ente[13:21] < Romster> all my machines are ntp synchronized.06:47
enteI had the same problem, and apparently it's crux.nu06:47
ente(in the past though, don't have contrib checked out on this machine)06:48
entewhy support jack when you can support pulseaudio!1106:48
entenewer mpd also removed esound support06:48
enteesound was the only thing remotely similar to pulseaudio and portable06:49
enteit was removed because it was old, not because it doesn't work anymore or anything06:49
enteas far as I can see, at least06:49
Romsterwine rmeoved jack as it rewrote the code and threre isn't a big need for jack in wine. and if it's to be there it needs testers.06:50
Romsteri'm not that good to do that.06:50
Romsterente, yeah i'm guessing something on got the time shifted a little.06:51
Romsterfigured out my silly git issue... the ur of course was git:// and not the actaul crux: tag in my ~/.ssh/config06:52
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Romsteri was scratching my head thinking how does it associate to my ssh tag.06:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libxvid: 1.2.2 -> 1.3.2 picked up orphaned port07:14
Romsteroh what the heck my ntp is not working correctly... ente check your log for ntp too.07:16
Romsterbet it's my DST that's messed it up.07:16
Romstermy TIMEZONE= has not been touched so why now07:18
Romsterah i get it my firewlal pc is lagging behind 57 minutes it's trying to catch up to DST time yet my desktop changed the date on it's own... hmmm07:23
Romsterthough my desktop is running god knows what now -_-07:24
RomsterOct 17 22:27:38 fire ntpd[1909]: adjusting local clock by 3405.963324s07:25
RomsterOct 17 22:27:38 fire ntpd[1909]: adjtime failed: Invalid argument07:25
Romsterneed to do something about that issue.07:25
Romsteri keep putting that off.07:25
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frinnstadjtime cant adjust that much i think07:33
frinnsttry ntpdate -b07:34
Romsteri just did date -s ""07:35
Romsterand set the time closer.07:35
frinnstshould also do it07:35
Romsterit might complain about the sudden time change.07:36
Romsterbut i've done this in the past and it's not been a big issue.07:36
Romsterdamn thing i assumed it would adjust the time for DST for me.07:37
frinnsti think max is 800s or something for adjtime07:38
Romster2100 approx on x8607:39
Romsterbut the point is glibc time rules should of got it right.07:39
Romsterthere probably far too outdated.07:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ffmpeg: 20110528 -> 0.7.607:43
Romsteri'm honestly surprised i don't get more bug reports than i do on the mass of ports i maintain.07:46
Romstertime is now syncing so it'll fix itself up until DST ends.07:47
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-xkb-plugin: updated to
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-dev-tools: updated to 4.9.008:51
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rmullGetting a footprint mismatch on libxvid: NEW usr/lib/ ->
rmullRomster: Was this you?11:15
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veesup peeps12:50
veeanyone work with ipods with their crux?13:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libxvid: fix .footprint16:57
Romsterrmull, yeah fixed i did add it with git but i forgot to -uf in the chroot.16:58
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rmullRomster: Thanks, good to go18:04
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veewhat was that20:17
veestop splitting the net, romster!20:37
Romsterit wasn't me :P20:37
veei dont believe you >.>20:37
veeso much read....gahhh20:39
Romsterof what? i could say the same so many ports :D20:42
Romstereven in my lunch hour i'm checking versions D20:43
Romsterrebult some photo conductor units in a photocopier all this morning.20:43
Romsterthat was fan covered in toner...20:43
rmullRomster: Heh...20:44
rmullDon't sneeze20:44
veeoh yea!? well ive been reading moby DICK.20:44
veemost painful experience ever20:44
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Romsterrmull, don't touch my face unless i wanna look like an army person covered in face colours.20:46
Romstervee, that's not painful...20:46
veeits very painful20:47
Romsteri got a trilogy series of books here it took me like 6 months to read the lot. and that was every night reading.20:47
veei truly do not enjoy reading, especially literature20:47
Romsteri read so damn much but i don't get a lot into fiction20:48
Romsterhmm new clamav is out.20:49
veeclamav? you should try out eset. they have a linux version :D21:03
veei find it to be quite good actually.21:07
veei put it on my parents computers, and, they seem to have no issue thus far21:08
Romstermight look into it, but right now back to work.21:09
veeaww okay, back to work for meh21:17
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