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pitillogood morning01:09
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Romstermorning pitillo01:48
Romsterjust finished work01:48
pitillohere starting the day at work01:50
Romster25C here quite warm01:52
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veewhat do you guys use to transfer music from crux to yer ipod02:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: glibmm: 2.24.2 -> 2.28.202:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: atkmm: new port split off gtkmm02:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cairomm: 1.8.4 -> 1.10.002:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pangomm: 2.26.3 -> 2.28.302:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gtkmm: 2.20.3 -> 2.24.202:43
Romsterdon't own a ipod i have a nokia n8 for music.02:44
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horrorStruckhi #crux02:44
Romsterhi horrorStruck02:44
horrorStruckhey Romster whats up? finished work yet?02:45
Romsteryeah yeah like an hour ago.02:45
Romsterjust doing more ports stuff02:45
Romsterthen off to table tennis.02:46
horrorStrucklet me guess... working on ports :P ?02:46
Romsteryou just missed my gtkmm and deps update.02:46
* horrorStruck ports -u02:46
Romsterwas just before you joined.02:46
Romsternothing in contrib uses it but i got a few in my romster repo that uses gtkmm02:47
horrorStrucki dont have it installed at least02:47
Romsterand ages ago tilman_ asked if i could put it in contrib so i moved them ages ago.02:47
Romsteri've been neglecting most ports for a while now.02:48
Romsterso now it's catch up work02:48
Romsterwell i did check to make sure non of the source files were missing though. made a script for that.02:49
horrorStruckthat's a lot of work, i had to build few ports to setup my new crux baby and it is very time consumming02:49
Romsterbit i need to expand it to test for changed source files on server.02:49
Romsterit helps to have a fast pc.02:49
Romsterbut yes i spend alot of time on it.02:50
horrorStruckbuilding is ok, but creating ports with deps and patches and stuff02:50
Romsterand tracking all the issues too.02:50
Romsteri'm gonna prune a few things i haven't used much or see is depreciated/un-maintained upstream at some point.02:51
horrorStruckbut the result is so beautiful <302:51
Romsteryeah, i've had those cases of finding a awesome program then find out i had to build ~10 ports to get it to work -_-02:51
horrorStruckhehe, xbmc gave me this kind of happy feeling02:52
Romsterdeluge was a pain but it's a great app.02:52
horrorStruckand that udisks crap too02:52
horrorStruckrtorrent fanboi here02:53
Romsterdoesn't udiscs drag in half of gnome?02:53
Romsterrtorrent is more lightweight yeah02:53
horrorStrucknope but pam and other crap, i finally dropped that crap02:53
Romsterbut does it have a web interface too :D02:53
Romsterhmm i was looking at other stuff and saw it depended on pam i gave up after that.02:54
horrorStruckthere are some web interfaces available but not part of rtorrent project02:54
Romsteri need to secedule another bump on the dvd libs and x26402:57
Romsteri'm trying to keep focus on certain ports.02:57
horrorStrucklike multimedia?02:58
Romsterthough i got a few that i'm just nursing as there too good to let sit idle and no one else has picked them up.02:58
Romsteryeah multimedia, p2p others....02:58
Romsterfew games.02:58
RomsterhorrorStruck, you got a ports repo? considered joining contrib?02:59
horrorStruckwell, i trying to make my ports clean and i almost finished03:00
horrorStrucknot sure i have the level for contrib03:00
Romsterrmull, has started a collection i see.03:00
Romsterwell first off get it listed in portsdb03:01
horrorStrucki'm just a simple user, i have close to 0 coding skills03:01
horrorStruckbut i my local ports list is getting bigger03:01
Romsteri don't have anywhere near close to 100% coding skills either.03:01
Romsteralways good to have personal repos listed.03:02
horrorStrucki'll set up a repo, definitely03:02
horrorStruckhi teK_03:02
horrorStruckis it the talk like apirate day?03:02
Romsterlike my monster ever since yhafri's ports disappeared i got the most currently. but it's about quality not quantity. well i did keep a copy of his ports for reference
Romsterhmm hasn't that been already?03:03
horrorStruck2155 ports03:04
horrorStruckfull time job03:04
Romsterhe nver kept many up to date before his site finally vanished.03:04
teK_strange guy/gal03:05
Romsterno stranger than han ;d03:05
Romsterheck or me perhaps.03:05
teK_at least han idled in #crux so you coukld ask/flame/... him personally03:05
frinnstdid he visit irc? i dont think ive ever seen him03:05
Romsterok table tennis bbl.03:05
frinnstive only seen his ports :)03:05
teK_hehehehe romster ;-)03:05
Romsterno i don't think he has ever been in here.03:06
teK_@seen yhafri03:06
clbteK_: I have not seen yhafri.03:06
teK_@seen han03:06
clbteK_: han was last seen in #crux 4 years, 37 weeks, 3 days, 14 hours, 25 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <Han> And since it's merely a comment I take the liberty to keep it like I want.03:06
horrorStrucknice quote03:06
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Romsteri'm back :D06:31
Romsterthanks, our team just won by 1 point. well it is a short season with mixed a and b grade. to tie over summer.06:38
Romsterhmm i feel compelled to fix my version sort to work with sourceforge sites, but this wont be pretty.07:41
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rmullRomster: You play table tennis?09:59
rmullAt what level?10:00
rmullI used to play10:02
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frinnsttable tennis rules10:22
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frinnst16gig ram - 92EUR13:35
frinnstdamn ram is cheap13:35
jaegeryeah :)13:38
jaegerI have 16G at home even, it's so cheap13:38
frinnst8gb modules have started to arrive on market too13:38
* frinnst wants 32 :D13:38
jaegerWe might be buying 8*18*9 soon to max out some servers13:39
frinnstseems disks might get more expensive soon.. i guess it balances out13:42
frinnststupid thai floods13:42
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veesup gaise14:39
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chuyim intresed in build a distro based crux but need more documentation about costumize and detail23:03
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