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frinnstwow, 15minutes.. pretty long00:52
jaegerperhaps a new record01:02
pitillogood morning01:11
Romsterman it's hot 32.4C it got to here today01:43
Romsternot really used to it.01:43
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frinnstfuck you! :D02:01
frinnstweather is shite02:01
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Romsteryou can take some of this heat, shame a heat pipe that long is not feasible.02:28
frinnsti put snow tyres on my car the other day02:36
frinnstnow thats fucking depressing02:36
Romsterit snows in your side of the earth that's no surprise, but if it does at the wrong time of year then it is.03:07
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frinnstwhere in au do you live romster? i keep forgetting04:47
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feature_i am trying to get touchpad wotking, copied 50-synaptics.conf to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d and now i can point/move but not click. I dont know nothing about udev config rules :(05:03
feature_i found something...hope it will work05:04
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frinnstcool stuff05:39
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Romsterportland or as the locals call it potland06:47
Romsterhad a bbq :D06:47
Romsterstill warm inside it was nicer outside.06:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dialog: updated to 1.1-2011101806:52
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joe9how often do you update all your packages with the generic update? the last time I did it, it took a while, and am a bit scared of doing it now.08:03
joe9and i do not want to break a running installation.08:03
Romsterif you do it more often it's less effort to revert if something is broken.08:12
Romsterand easier to find.08:12
Romsterupdate all of core it's mostly non-breakable besides udev every other release.08:12
Romsterusually set aside a time for bumping xorg, then try bumping a program that you use.08:13
Romsterby all it's deps it uses and see if it's not borken or not.08:13
Romsterfor good measure i'd cp -r the /usr/ports/Core,opt,xorg,contrb} to backup names. before ports -u08:14
Romsterthat way you can fall back and sysup to the older versions if it goes pear shaped.08:14
Romsterdon't forget rejmerge too.08:14
joe9romster, ok, thanks.08:17
Romsteroh and after any libx11 or xorg-server update or anything near there don't forget to force rebuild input and video xorg modules.08:21
Romsterrevdep isn't a bad idea after a sysup either.08:22
Romstershame i got no more vodka tastes funny changing to scotch after drinking vodka.08:22
Romsternot drinking much just 2 drinks before i get to bed. had a bbq earlier just didn't seem like it was complete without a drink.08:23
joe9romster, is what prt-get diff says08:24
joe9and, other than rxvt and git, I think I can upgrade the rest safely.08:24
joe9though I am nervous about how long the firefox update will take08:25
joe9i think I am up-to-date on X stuff.08:25
joe9what is the recommended torrent client for crux? rtorrent?08:27
Romsteryeah nothing in that list strikes as being brakey08:27
Romsterprt-get sysup it.08:27
joe9ok, thanks.08:27
joe9will do.08:27
Romsterfirefox might take some time though on a slow pc.08:27
joe9the last time the ff upgrade took more than a few hours.08:27
Romsteri see a few i've bumped recently in your diff :D08:28
joe9hence, will wait for the night to kick off the upgrade08:28
joe9ok, cool. thanks.08:28
Romsterwell you could just do prt-get sysup --ignore=firefox08:28
Romsterthen do that one alter.08:28
joe9yes, that is what I should do. thanks.08:28
Romsteri do that with big ports.08:29
joe9does revdep take a long time?08:29
frinnstdepends on disk and cpu08:29
frinnstmostly disk08:29
frinnstso, not on my ssd :)08:29
joe9I just started the comamnd and it does not have any output and just seems to be running.08:30
joe9frinnst: ok, thanks.08:30
frinnstit only prints failures08:30
joe9i have an rtorrent install running, so that probably is the reason for the slowness.08:30
frinnstyou can make it more verbos if you want to... check the man-page08:30
joe9ok, thanks.08:31
Romsteryes revdep takes a long time.08:37
RomsterRD_VERBOSE=2 revdep08:37
joe9ok, just wanted to make sure that something was not wrong with my system.08:38
Romsterit has to look at lots of files links with ldd08:38
Romsterthat all takes time.08:38
Romstercould ionice your rtorrent too a lower priority.08:39
Romsteri'm nearly ready to move my torrent stuff to my other pc than to have it on my desktop.08:39
Romsterfreaking mosquito's i'm about to go mental with the fly spray.08:41
Romstertwo above my head on the ceiling now dead.08:44
Romsteri don't care about spiders but mosquito's drive me crazy with there noise and itchy bites.08:45
frinnstheh, the noise is the worst part08:51
Romsteryeah it's the worst when your trying to sleep and it buzzes around ya ear, when you go to look for it it can not be found.09:34
Romsterthen when the light is off it goes at me again...09:35
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Romsterlsurl |vs |wgetpaste09:50
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterbasic stuff works but it seems to miss a few that even match a regex...09:51
Romsterprobably a PEBKAC error.09:51
Romsterok getting late g'night.09:58
frinnstknocking off time \o/10:01
* thrice` doesn't ask10:16
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-notes-plugin: fixed footprint10:16
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: ristretto: updated to 0.2.010:16
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horrorStrucktilman: not sure how serious this is but if you don't want to wait for the next release, here's patch for xorg-server port, it fixes two CVEs:
frinnstit was on the ml11:24
horrorStruckyeah, i saw it on xorg ML earlier today11:26
horrorStruckI just made a port patch to make life easier :)11:27
horrorStruckwith crappy colors <311:27 is under heavy load right now :'(  <--- holy crap, is this because of new ubuntu release?11:34
horrorStruckmaybe more lucky with this
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chuyhi all16:06
chuyi want to know how i can build a iso, from a system installed16:08
frinnstjust clone the iso-repo and customize the packages you want16:14
Romsterchuy, there is also jaeger's updated iso
chuyok perfect, only one question  i want to share whit firens my remaster, whats script i can use like mklivecd,re-linux etc17:06
chuyi mean share whit my friends because  they  new in linux17:11
chuyits possible true17:21
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jaegerchuy: it isn't super-simple like that, but the iso repository has a Makefile in it, you should look at that17:49
jaegerthe important targets are core opt xorg bootstrap iso17:50
chuyok perfect i try to do that to nigth :)17:54
chuytanks bye17:55
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