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ThePubthis "updated" netinstall iso for 686 doesn't appear to have a "setup"00:37
ThePubsuppose that is normal?00:37
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pitillogood morning01:11
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Romsteri just downloaded qt4 as of right now02:26
RomsterMISSING   9831cf1dfa8d0689a06c2c54c5c65aaf  qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4.tar.gz02:26
RomsterNEW       ddf7d83f912cf1283aa066368464fa22  qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4.tar.gz02:26
Romsterwas it even updated when they re-released the tarball?02:27
Romsterseems this is the 3rd time it's been changed.02:28
Romstercurl -sI |grep Last-Modified:02:29
RomsterLast-Modified: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 12:59:57 GMT02:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: opera: 11.51 -> 11.5203:31
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horrorStruckhi #crux04:33
horrorStruckmy latest crux baby hates me04:33
horrorStruck/dev/sda6        12G   12G     0 100% /04:33
horrorStruckany idea04:33
horrorStruckthat's the result of df -h by the way04:34
horrorStruckroot is full but shouldn't be04:34
horrorStruckchecking any directory gives low numbers04:35
horrorStruckbut still i can't copy any large file in there04:35
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mrkshorrorStruck: maybe ncdu has a clue where all the storage is05:07
horrorStruckmrks: building. thanks05:10
horrorStruckncdu reports "normal" usage05:15
frinnstfucked fs then?05:15
horrorStrucki'll check it05:15
horrorStruckRomster: df reports / as full but it shouldn't be.05:16
Romsterxdiskuseage but you got no space to instrall that done a du -sh on likely large directories?05:16
horrorStruckandi  effectively cant use the space05:16
Romsterlike du -sh /usr/share05:16
Romsterdu -sh /home/horrorStruck05:17
Romstercheck var too.05:17
horrorStruckvar is on another partition05:17
Romsterok so it's not var.05:17
horrorStruckhome too05:17
horrorStruckand boot05:17
Romsterboot uses bugger all.05:18
Romster/usr/share /usr/include05:18
Romsterhow much is reserved for root in the reserved amount 5%?05:18
Romsterdid you fill it with distfiles for building packages?05:18
horrorStruck126M and 140M for /usr/share and /usr/include05:18
Romsterthough that would be alot of distfiles.05:19
horrorStruckdistfiles are on /home05:19
Romsterkeep looking around for anything that could be larger.05:19
horrorStrucki've du -sh every directory, everything looks normal05:19
horrorStruckdon't know that, let me check05:21
RomsterhorrorStruck, debugfs sorry05:22
Romstergod sake i'm having ne of them moments.05:23
Romsterdumpe2fs is what i was trying to say.05:23
Romsterit can dump a ton of information.05:24
horrorStruckit did05:24
horrorStruckBlock count:              313600005:25
horrorStruckFree blocks:              13884905:25
Romsterso what else is in root that could be taking up so much space not /root itself for the root users home?05:27
horrorStruckno there's almost nothing in there05:27
horrorStruck308K    /root/05:27
Romsteri never used that much space unless i got like 400 ports installed.05:27
horrorStruckncdu shows 1.6G05:28
Romsterso du -sh /usr try also /lib /mnt /include05:28
Romstersometimes my /usr/src is quite large.05:29
horrorStrucki tried them all, it's a fucking mystery05:29
Romsterso what reserved space does dumpe2fs report?05:29
horrorStruckReserved block count:     15680005:30
Romsternot alot either..05:31
Romsterso boot off a live cd and using fsck -f found nothing either?05:31
horrorStrucki'm in office right now, i'll check when i get home05:31
horrorStruckFilesystem state:         clean05:32
Romsterso by your block count you got 12845056000 bytes and 642252800 reserved bytes05:32
Romsteri can't see where the rest went.05:32
horrorStruckthat's 5%, pretty standard no?05:32
Romsteryeah 5% is standard now used to be 10%05:33
horrorStruckno idea what is using that space, it's driving me crazy in fact05:33
Romster650MB is nothing out of 12GB though so hmm05:33
Romsteroh i know an idea.05:33
Romsterget sepens pkg-not run that over the directories it'll list files that don't belong to any package.05:34
Romsterif it's not from a package it'll list it.05:34
horrorStruckdoes it work even if i have local ports installed?05:34
Romsterthen you can see if any of those are large.05:34
Romsteryeah if there installed with pkgadd05:35
Romsteras it looks at the pkgutils database.05:35
Romstercat ~/bin/pkg-not |wgetpaste05:35
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romstersave you some effort save that in a file in your PATH and chmod u+x pkg-not05:36
Romsterdunno if that will help but with a try.05:37
Romster12GB for root should be heaps for all but a massive amount of packages.05:37
Romstervar gets more hammering than root itself though /usr/share gets a fair size too.05:38
horrorStrucki've got to leave the office, thanks for the help, bbl05:39
Romsteri wonder what i'll attack now more version sort or what.05:50
Romsterusually i start one thing and end up doing something else after awhile.05:51
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horrorStruck\o/      /dev/sda6        12G  1.9G  9.4G  17% /08:04
horrorStruckfiles under a mountpoint08:05
horrorStruckno idea how the fuck i put them there in the first place but anyway08:06
Romsterhaha so you coulnd't see them from being mounted i sort of had a feeling it was something like that.08:08
horrorStrucki was starting to be a bit crazy/paranoid on this one08:10
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Romsterhehe happens to all of use at some point.08:38
Romsterok sleep time i wasn't very productive this evening.08:39
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Rotwang Why java programmers wear glasses? Because they can't C#12:45
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teK_evdev b0rken once again15:18
teK_recompilation fixed X15:18
teK_but mosue wheel still fucked15:18
teK_i hate this shit15:19
frinnstwhat broke it?15:19
frinnstive never had any issues.. well, other than abi-breakage but thats not really evdevs fault15:19
teK_recent builds15:20
teK_so I don't have any idea15:20
teK_it worked today, then I turned off my computer and restarted it15:21
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teK_pulled the plug, plugged in -> works again15:27
teK_of course :-)15:27
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veehey it could be worse. you could have vista O.O15:39
teK_I *do* have Windows 7 installed, too15:40
teK_and I think this is related to my problem15:40
teK_I have to power down the computer after running w7 before starting linux. Otherwise my NIC (rtl8169) would work very unreliably15:41
jaegerhow odd15:41
teK_it'd be interesting to know whose fault this is15:42
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veewin7 is pretty dcent, but vista...dear god.16:26
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veei guess people are cracking down on p2p so hard, frostwire literally froze over O.o17:22
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horrorSt1uckis there any official ISO maintainer (to assign a feature request) ?22:06
*** horrorSt1uck is now known as horrorStruck22:27
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