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veesup gaise00:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: smartmontools: new md5sum because of silent tarball update02:44
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prologic[  2187.481] (II) config/udev: Adding input device Logitech USB Receiver (/dev/input/mouse0)06:53
prologic[  2187.481] (II) No input driver/identifier specified (ignoring)06:53
prologicboth kbb/mouse aren't working atm06:53
prologicI always forget how to fix this :)06:54
prologicI remove xorg-xf86-input-keyboard and xorg-xf86-input-mouse and recompiled xorg-xf86-input-evdev06:54
prologichasn't fixed the problem though06:54
prologicno xorg.conf btw too, expecting X to figure it out (it should right?)06:54
horrorSt1uckany change in your kernel config?07:13
horrorSt1uckeb@blackout:~$ zgrep -i evdev /proc/config.gz07:13
prologicapparently I got it working07:18
prologicno idea how :)07:18
prologicI think I compiled input events and then it started working :)07:18
horrorSt1uckxorg-xf86-input-magic :P07:19
prologicyou can say that again07:19
* prologic rebuilding my media box with crux and mythtv 0.24.107:25
horrorSt1uckyou set up a xbmc/ssh/torent crux box. i love it <307:31
prologicno this is real hw :)07:31
horrorSt1uckbbl nutrition07:32
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prologicso far so good08:55
prologicjust gotta get the tv tuner drivers working :)08:55
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horrorSt1uckprologic: what are the hardware specs out of curiosity?09:26
prologicCore i3, 4GB RAM, 60GB SSD (boot), 1TB SATA 3 (storage)09:41
prologicsome nice case I can't remember :)09:41
prologicand a Haupppauge HVR-220009:41
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prologicnot important, but I'm having problems working with the Terminus font on this new system09:50
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horrorSt1ucknice machine. good luck with lirc, i had some nice amount of sweat with it :) does mythtv support vaapi?10:41
frinnstprologic: input events is pretty critial when using evdev :)10:50
prologicyou mean vdpau?11:02
prologicfrinnst, yeah so I found out :)11:02
prologicthe devices still showed up though11:03
horrorSt1uckvaapi, i see you have a core i311:03
prologichence I was a bit pizzled11:03
prologichorrorSt1uck, oh11:03
prologicI don't know what vaapi is :)11:03
prologicso no idea11:03
horrorSt1uckyou wont use any graphic card?11:03
horrorSt1uckVideo Acceleration API (VA API) is an open source software library ("libVA") and API specification. <----
horrorSt1uckworks great with intel chipsets11:04
horrorSt1uckplaying 1080p on a core i3 330m with 4-5% CPU usage :)11:05
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prologicI will install it then :)11:07
prologicthanks for the tip :)11:07
prologicnot sure if mythtv has support for it though11:07
prologicit does have vdpau support (nvidia)11:07
horrorStrucki've checked, it's planned for next version11:07
prologicanyway I just finished getting the mythtv port installed11:07
prologictime to test tv tuners :)11:07
prologicyeah 0.24.1 is the latest11:08
prologichmm nice11:08
horrorStruckthere's a patch here
prologicso mplayer supports this then?11:09
horrorStruckpatched mplayer does11:09
horrorStruckyou'll need libva11:10
horrorStruckand vaapi-intel-driver if using libva git11:11
prologicnow here's a stupid question11:11
prologichow are you suppose to know what device your alsa device is?11:11
prologicfor say mpd config11:11
jaegerNo idea on vaapi but xbmc supports vdpau and enables my 1.6GHz quad-core atom to play 1080p h.264 at full speed11:12
jaegerwithout vdpau it can't come close11:12
horrorStruckprologic:  cat /proc/asound/cards ?11:13
horrorStruckxbmc does support vaapi as well11:14
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prologicI can't get mpd to work correctly12:10
prologicit won't detect the sound card for some reason12:10
horrorStruckdid you try "default" ?12:14
horrorStruckalso, which user is starting mpd ? is he in the audio group <--- blind shot12:21
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veereally off topic, but, does anyone know where i can get video clips (hopefully high quality) of computer viruses and what not? a mini clip sorta like a commercial?18:14
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jaminjaHi folks am struggling to install yaboot on a G4 Mac. Got thru crux setup and am guessing from PC/grub setups: got /proc mounted (bind) and chroot'd to /mnt but can't get yabootconfig to run :( Any pointers || "RTFM you idiot"? tnx18:33
jaegervee: no idea, sorry18:40
jaegerjaminja: you might try the cruxppc channel, not sure if anyone here will know. I haven't used yaboot in years, can barely remember it myself18:40
jaeger(if there is a cruxppc channel, not sure)18:41
veeso getting linux ona  mac is a bit of a challenge eh?18:49
jaegerdepends on the mac18:55
jaminjajaeger: yeah it's quite a dark art - I'm used to grub on x86/amd64 boxen.. crux appeals b/c of lightweight pkg selections. Ain't no #cruxppc channel but I'm reading man pages for ybin and mkosboot .. it's a G4 powermac. I guess I can boot the root (sda2) from the install CD that's what I'm reading up on. Thanks folks19:36
jaegernp, good luck19:38
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jaminjavee: ;). But the G4 *looks* cool in my front room! I just need it to boot so I can show off.. yes thanks jaeger I need luck. ttyl19:39
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veewell...the new macs wont has as much issue right? i mean, the insides are windows compatibale and all19:54
jaegerSo... any operations-focused ruby devs looking for a job in Stockholm?20:12
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