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veeanyone seen boot times of the new very hideous win8?00:48
horrorStrucki saw a video. it's a "half suspend" design IIRC01:04
prologicwell good news guys01:26
prologicmy new media box now runs crux 2.701:27
prologicwith mythtv 0.24.101:27
horrorStrucklirc up n running?01:35
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RomsterteK_, if your going to highlight my nick please have some text saying why you want to contact me.02:39
Romsteri've been away.02:39
Romsterworking with bands.02:39
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frinnst(i have nothing to say, just being annoying)04:54
Romsterfigures -_-04:58
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aeXnilbeen a while since I used CRUX. Gettins a few errors about VFS not mounting /root.. I assume I forgot something to add =Y to in the kernel .config. I can't seem to remember the command for getting the config of the running kernel.. (boot cd kernel) I remeber something about /proc/*.tgz  ?10:08
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feature_Do you have fs drivers compiled in kernel? What fs do you use?10:11
aeXnilext3 all the way, and I have added them as built in modules ( = Y) to the kernel config10:13
aeXnilI was hoping to avoid using initramfs to boot. I find that solution out-dated.10:14
aeXnilI did only add EXT2 as modules ( = m).. but that shouldn't matter since I am using ext3 on all partitions here, right ?10:16
feature_Ok, the second thing is to compile scsi disk support and libata10:16
aeXnilscsi is built in, can't seem to find libata in the config though.. (seached for it).10:18
feature_you have to compile your sata/pata driver10:19
feature_for instance I have to compile intel ICH driver10:20
feature_its in drivers/serial ata and parallel ata drivers10:21
aeXnilok, looking now.10:22
feature_its basically trial and error but annoying if you have to boot a lot of times :)10:22
aeXnillovely.. found them all :)10:23
aeXnilthanks a lot feature_  :) *fingers crossed*10:29
aeXnilre-compiling the little bastard now, can't wait to return to CRUX full-time :)10:29
feature_good luck10:32
Necrosporus/proc/config.gz ?10:38
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veeanyone use backtrack?13:19
veeso who won?14:04
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frinnstRomster: im just being annoying.. nevermind16:40
Romsterreally mature do that again and your going on ignore.16:56
entewhat... happened exactly?17:34
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veewhy cant we all just get along18:09
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jaegerIt's rare when people on the internet do18:26
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veeoh internet....19:22
veewas opera added to the packages? O.o19:24
veeoh sweet!19:25
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Romsteroh it's jsut frinns_t  being a dick and nick highlighting me on pourpose after te_K did with only my nickname and no text for why the highlight. usually it's about some package, but this time it was nothing.20:34
Romsterbosses daughter has a broken leg and there both in the city 4 hours drive from here so were one person down for at least a week now... i can see this week is going to be busy.20:42
* thrice` is only working two days this week \o/20:43
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Romsteryour lucky but do you get paid for the whole week or just the 2 days :D20:49
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veeis there any way to keep the prefetch of some of the programs, so when the computer boots up, it wont have to be prefetched?21:33
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