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frinnstalso, 3.1 released and on the ,08:31
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enteon the comma?08:58
entealso, this09:00
thrice`hum, 3.1 source is in the 3.0 directory?09:01
entebetter than in the 2.6 dir09:01
thrice`or is it?09:02
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frinnstoh.. paste got a bit b0rked09:55
frinnstthrice`: probably all kernels released will also be found in 3.0.. like how it is with 2.609:56
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joe9anyone using peerguardian on crux? i cannot seem to find a port for it. just wanted to check if there is any other alternative that is preferred by the crux folks.10:17
jaegernever heard of it, myself10:22
joe9it is used for filtering out some of the ip's while torrenting.10:22
jaegerYou could probably do the same with iptables10:23
joe9jaeger: yes, but the lists are pretty big.10:25
joe9and they are synchronised10:25
jaegerwell, could always make a port for it yourself :)10:26
joe9yes, thanks. I was more curious if there is/was any other more popular alternative that is used by the crux folks, that I was missing out on...10:28
jaegerah, gotcha10:28
jaegernot aware of one with those features, myself10:28
joe9ok, thanks.10:28
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libpcre: update to 8.2012:04
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libtool: update to 2.4.212:04
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: man-pages: update to 3.3512:04
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: sudo: update to 1.8.312:04
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: util-linux-ng: update to 2.20.112:04
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: xfsprogs: update to 3.1.612:04
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: udev: update to 17412:04
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horrorStruckjue: what do you think about enabling the brand new shiny just-in-time compiler in pcre? i'm using this since a few days without any issue.13:06
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veei feel like i lost 15 pounds cutting my hair....14:26
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treachmaybe you should wash it more frequently.14:27
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veeits not the wash, the length14:33
veeits pretty long14:33
veeand thick14:33
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treachwell, if you cut it, the birdnests etc tend to go away with it. ;) (Anyway, forget it, it was just a joke)14:34
veehaha i know...but i feel so areodynamic14:37
wart___hi folks.  i popped the crux-2.7.usbdisk.img onto a usb disk and booted it and i get: The CRUX media was not properly mounted! and it drops me to a /bin/sh14:44
wart___that's not an overwhelmingly clear error message14:44
wart___i got the img from here:
wart___should i have rather created my img a la here:
treach@seen sepen14:46
clbtreach: sepen was last seen in #crux 3 days, 7 hours, 39 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <sepen> jue: ping14:46
treachI think that's the guy you want. Not sure who else to poke about such newfangled contraptions.14:47
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wart___so i gget the same problem when i make the img myself.15:16
wart___i extended the devicetimeout to 60; no luck either.15:16
wart___any ideas?15:16
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jaegerwart___: you could try to find the device and mount it yourself in that shell in which it drops you15:33
wart___jaeger: i'm not even sure what that message means.15:33
jaegerwart___: do you have unusual usb controllers or any known issue with them?15:33
wart___jaeger: is it just trying to find my hdd?15:33
wart___jaeger: not really; its a thinkpad x60t15:33
wart___and i have a working kernel on the machine already15:34
jaegerwart___: the boot script tries to find a local partition it can mount and identify as the CRUX media - it does this by trying to mount partitions it can find, then looking for a file15:34
wart___jaeger: so its trying to find the usb stick itself?15:34
jaegerso you might have a look at /proc/partitions for a start15:34
jaegeryes, or any other local device that might contain the CRUX media15:34
wart___jaeger: is the 'CRUX media' the usbdrive.img?15:35
wart___or is it something else?15:35
jaegerin this case, yes15:37
jaeger'CRUX media' refers to the install media. CD, USB, etc.15:37
wart___cat /proc/partitions just givs me: major minor #blocks name15:37
jaegerok, then it doesn't see any partions at all15:37
jaegerer, partitions15:37
wart___are there instructions for popping my custom kernel on the .img?15:37
jaegerwhich also menas it doesn't see your hard drive15:37
jaegergod damn, I can't type today15:37
jaegernone of which I'm aware15:38
wart___so crux needs a better kernel on its .img, eh?15:38
jaegerYou can try loading modules manually in the shell15:38
jaegerwell, it works for "most people" (tm), which is why I asked about unusual hardware15:38
wart___i would've thought a thinkpad x60 was pretty mainstream, at least amongst geeks.15:39
jaegerI would guess so, given lenovo/ibm's record, but I have no personal experience with it15:39
jaegerare modprobe/insmod/lsmod/lspci available in that shell? I can't remember15:40
wart___there we go15:40
wart___modprobe usb-storage gives me sda15:40
wart___i think that's the local hdd15:40
wart___maybe not15:40
jaegerdmesg should tell you something useful about it15:40
jaegerthough that's more likely the USB drive15:41
jaegerusb-storage is for (surprise!) usb15:41
jaegertry loading ahci as well15:41
wart___so now i need to get it to detect my actual hdd15:41
wart___modprobe ahci did nothing15:42
jaegeris lspci available?15:43
wart___not on the usb thumbdrive15:43
jaegerhrmm, inconvenient15:43
wart___but i can boot into the actual system and get this information instead of guessing blind15:43
wart___but do you have any other obvious suggestions first?15:43
jaegertrying to find which controller it uses online15:44
jaegerthough most pages about it ignore that info15:45
jaegertry loading ata_piix and sd_mod?15:46
wart___ok found it15:47
wart___sata ahci controller (intel 82801GBM/GHM)15:47
wart___that's lspci output15:47
wart___gotta reboot now15:47
jaegerThat should use the ahci module15:47
wart___is there a kernel commandline to get it to modprobe usb-storage automagically15:48
jaegerit already does, unless you told it not to15:49
jaegerthere's a command line option for the opposite, for telling it to skip some modules15:49
wart___yeah well i just hit enter at the prompt15:49
jaeger;a=blob;f=initramfs/init;h=b39e5e19670eed2ca92186b169fc5f36bd12c640;hb=2.7 <-- this is the script if you're interested in exactly what it does15:50
jaegeryou could also try booting with "nosmp" and/or "acpi=off"15:50
jaegeranecdotally I have thinkpad T400s here at work that have trouble booting anything properly from USB15:53
jaegersometimes they won't boot at all, sometimes they hang while finding devices, sometimes they boot part of the way and hang during module loading, etc.15:54
wart___well i suspect the crux project should use a little newer kernel... but we'll see, i at least did a mount /dev/sda /.tmpfs/.media and now its doing the squashfs stuff15:54
wart___even better, i don't see why distros don't let you cook your own .img, e.g., grab a base.tar.gz and compile bzImage kernel15:55
jaegerwell, there's nothing stopping you from doing just that, technically. the sources are 100% available15:56
jaegerIt's just not quite that one-click, so to speak15:56
jaegerIt's also possible that that image is quite old15:59
jaegerooh, wow, it is, if the date on it is any indication16:00
jaegeroct. 201016:00
jaegerYou might be interested in
wart___yeah its not 1 click but i don't see why it can't be made that way16:02
jaegerIt could, if anyone were so inclined, no doubt. It just hasn't happened that way so far16:02
wart___so now i'm faced with a login: prompt but i don't see in the install that step16:02
wart___oh nevermind16:03
wart___yeah it didn't find my actual hdd16:03
jaegerI believe the ahci or ata_piix module should handle that controller, depending on a BIOS setting, but never had an X60 so I can't say for sure16:04
wart___does the updated iso use a newer kernel?16:05
jaegerwhich one is on the image you're using?16:06
jaegerI believe the last updated ISO used
wart___so i'll try the new iso16:07
jaegerThe newer ISO is also hybrid so you could put it on your USB drive16:08
wart___you mean i can just dd it on and skip the make_usb shell script step?16:08
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wart___the new image works like a champ16:19
jaegerglad to hear it16:20
wart___so maybe update the docs or ...?16:20
jaegeryeah, the installation sections definitely need some updating16:21
wart___a little tip: modify setup-chroot (which is very useful!) to check if /mnt is mounted and exit if it isn't!16:40
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wart___and i haven't used lilo in a long long while, but isn't the right command lilo -M (not simply lilo) after you edit lilo.conf?16:48
wart___that too could be fixed in the docs16:48
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jaegerI've never used -M, what does it do?16:49
wart___well lilo on its own didn't replace my prior grub16:49
wart___lilo -M /dev/sda did tho16:50
jaegerhrmm, interesting16:50
jaegeris boot= set to /dev/sda in lilo.conf?16:50
wart___oh oops boot=/dev/sda116:51
wart___that's the problem!16:51
wart___so it says at one point: after packages have finsihed installing, just mount the CRUX CDROM and use pkgadd to install them.16:52
wart___i take it i can just mounthe CRUX usb pendrive?  but where do i mount it?16:52
wart___i need to install wpasupplicant as i forgot to do that16:52
wart___(and by the way, i'm not booted with CRUX!)16:53
jaegerIf you're still in the setup it's mounted at /media16:53
wart___i'm not i'm in a clean boot16:53
jaegerWhat is a "clean boot"?16:54
wart___well i removed the usb stick and rebooted the machine16:55
wart___so i'm logged in as root into a minimal crux installation16:55
wart___but i dont have network on that box16:55
jaeger16:53 < wart___> (and by the way, i'm not booted with CRUX!) <-- so what did that mean, then?16:55
wart___hence i wanted to install wpa supplicant16:55
jaegerSo confusing16:55
wart___soo soo sorry!16:55
jaegerOk, so put in the cdrom and mount it wherever you want, then pkgadd /path/to/wpa_supplicant*.pkg.tar.xz16:56
wart___you mean usb16:56
jaegerwell, whichever16:56
jaegerthey both work the same way in this case16:56
wart___ok thanks16:57
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wart___so here's a pickle.17:47
wart___the kernel on the .img doesn't have e100 (the eth0 driver for the thinkpad x60)17:47
wart___to get wifi to work, i need the iwlwifi-3945-ucode17:48
wart___which is in ports contrib17:48
wart___so also not on the original img17:48
wart___so i'm sorta stuck!17:48
thrice`compile your own kernel :-)17:48
wart___yep; thing is i have my old kernel that works in /dev/sda1 (which is what I have crux call when it boots)17:48
wart___but i forgot to copy over the /lib/modules dir17:49
wart___and so that's pretty much useless :p17:49
wart___what can go wrong will go wrong :p17:49
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veesup guys18:37
thrice`hi vee18:37
wart___hi, another stumper.  (i'm slowly getting it installed tho!) this time my problem is at the wifi:18:43
wart___i hit ports -u contrib (no response) and then18:43
wart___prt-get install iwlwifi-3945-ucode18:43
wart___and it said it ciouldn't find the latter18:43
thrice`by default, the contrib repo isn't active18:43
wart___i was following these steps:
wart___how do i activate it?18:44
thrice`check /etc/ports/ , and uncomment the line in /etc/prt-get.conf   to let prt-get know18:44
thrice`so, make the driver active with 'mv', ports -u, and edit prt-get.conf,  and you should be set18:44
wart___hmm well now i can see it (ports -l | grep iwl) but prt-get install iwlwifi-3945-ucode still says it isn't there18:47
thrice`un-commend out the entry in /etc/prt-get.conf18:51
thrice`comment even18:52
wart___hmm, and /etc/rc.d/sshd start seems to have worked but i can't ssh localhost -lroot18:58
wart___/etc/sshd/sshd_config looks ok18:58
wart___is there some sort of superstrict security default?18:59
thrice`check /etc/hosts.allow18:59
thrice`sshd:  ALL18:59
thrice` /etc/rc.d/sshd restart18:59
wart___ok, i'm just learning this stuff, so correct me if i'm wrong, but I want the program "joe" (joe's own editor).  its not in contrib so i'll have to go to httpup and get it from someone else or make a prt myself, is that right?19:08
thrice`for simple things, I usually just make a /usr/ports/mine/  and maintain them there19:09
wart___if the former, is there a database / list of all the httpup ports?19:09
wart___i assume someone has made a prt for joe! :-)19:09
wart___so is the best idea to make a /usr/ports/mine/ and then cd /usr/ports/mine && httpup sync joe19:12
wart___do i need to add an entry in prt-get.conf and make a file in /etc/ports/?19:13
thrice`it's up to you, you can also just enable that repo if you want by plopping their ports driver in /etc/ports/ , syncing, and it'll create a /usr/ports/ directory with all of the repos ports19:14
wart___how do i plop their ports driver in /etc/ports?19:14
thrice`when you click on 'aba' repo, you get an option up-top to 'get sync file'19:15
wart___=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/mine/joe/joe#3.5-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.19:15
wart___do i need to adjust prt-get.conf as well?  or just plop that in the /etc/ports?19:17
thrice`well, the actions are slightly independent19:17
thrice`so, adding the file to /etc/ports/  will allow you to sync the repo.  adding the entry to prt-get.conf  will allow prt-get to know about it19:18
wart___i see.19:19
wart___it looks like that joe in that httpup repo is bad19:19
wart___it gives me that error19:19
thrice`so, if you use prt-get (which isn't strictly required), you'll need to add it to prt-get.conf, yeah19:19
wart___=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:19:19
thrice`well, I would start by updating the port to the latest version (looks like 3.7?) updating the md5sum (pkgmk -d -um  from the directory), and trying to build that19:20
thrice`that's why I would normally just make my own port in /usr/ports/mine/joe/ , steal that Pkgfile, update, and go from there :-)19:23
wart___ok got a little further: bsdtar -p -o -C /usr/ports/mine/joe/work/src -xf /usr/ports/mine/joe/joe-3.7.tar.gz19:24
wart___bsdtar: Unrecognized archive format19:24
thrice`'file /usr/ports/mine/joe/joe-3.7.tar.gz' ?19:24
wart___bjoe-3.7.tar.gz: HTML document, UTF-8 Unicode text, with very long lines19:24
wart___oh i bet the url is bad19:24
wart___woohoo success.19:35
wart___so this is a bit of a showstopper, tho.  prt-get install iwlwifi-3945-ucode (which is necessary to get wifi up) keeps bailing -- the url isn't any good19:36
wart___although it looks like that's the same url that the gentoo ebuild uses19:37
wart___so that site must be down19:37
wart___damn19:37 is down; does anyone have the driver they'd be willing to share?19:58
horrorStruckwart___: check any gentoo source mirror, like:
wart___ok thanks!  now if i cp -a /usr/ports/contrib/iwlwifi-3945-ucode /usr/ports/mine && cd /usr/ports/mine && wget [the gentoo .tgz] && pkgmk -d -um20:16
wart___if i do a prt-get install iwlwifi-3945-ucode it tries to install the one from ports/contrib before the one from me20:16
horrorStruckno need for -d in that case20:17
wart___prt-get -d said unknown option20:17
horrorStruckyou can set this up in prt-get.conf20:17
horrorStruckpkgmk flag20:17
horrorStruckprt-get.conf lets us add your own repo and the priority if the repos20:18
horrorStruckfor local port, i tend to use pkgmk+pkgadd myself20:18
horrorStruckyou could prt-get edit <port name> and change the url20:19
horrorStruckbut it will be reverted at next ports -u20:19
Romsterbest to report broken urls baring those of kenrel.org20:35
Romsterthere is a mirror line in pkgmk.conf20:35
wart___report them to whom?20:35
wart___so there's no 'use' flag system in crux?20:36
wart___that might be for the better.20:36
horrorStruckno use flags, you can set cflags/cxxflags/makeflags/ldflags in pkgmk.conf20:37
thrice`wart___, usually just a minimal set of dependencies get listed20:40
thrice`if you need extra stuff, you can just copy a port to your local ports tree and tweak it20:40
veeswat team is outside my house O.o20:46
thrice`looking for some bbq? :-)20:48
wart___hmmhmm is tghere anything special about getting xorg going?  i did a prt-get install xorg and a prt-get install xorg-xf86-video-intel20:52
wart___surprisingly, there wasn't an xorg howoto on crux's website20:52
thrice`nope, X pretty much configures itself these days20:52
wart___well i just get a black screen and alt-ctl-bak doesn't even work20:53
wart___and i forgot to turn on sshd :p20:53
thrice`what did you tell X to start, which window manager?20:53
wart___thrice`: nothing i assumed it would defaul to twm20:54
wart___so that might be the issue :-)20:54
thrice`mm, I guess it should?  could try installing openbox (actually, is installed by default if you kept it from the .iso) and adding that to .xinitrc20:54
wart___hmm so with xorg-xf86-video-intell i get ERROR: Footprint mismatch found21:05
veebut i ate the bbq thrice :/21:16
wart___so if i want to know what package provides a file (in this case: setxkbmap) what would I do?21:25
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horrorStruckprt-get fsearch file21:46
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