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pitillogood morning01:05
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sepenjue: I was trying to use a ck4up's stuff from a x86 desktop to my new one (x86_64), do you know that DBM files are not portable between different architectures? just happened to me :D
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: monit: updated to 5.3.102:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: geany: updated to 0.2102:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: geany-plugins: updated to 0.2102:24
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: ristretto: updated to 0.2.102:46
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfmpc: updated to 0.2.202:46
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-clipman-plugin: updated to 1.2.002:46
Romsterreported in 2005 and still not fixed -_-02:51
frinnstwhat was?02:52
frinnstbah.. 6 years is nothing. i have a 10year old bug in mozilla/firefox :)02:52
Romsteri wouldn't even flinch if it were a 20 year old bug in mozilla02:54
Romsterthe no sex bug :D02:54
frinnstim sure there is, but the report probably didnt survive the transition to from netscape02:55
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sepenjue: java jdk/jre 7u1 was released, I bumped jdk to version 1.7.1 but they are using 1.7.0_1 as the release version, should we use it too? what do you think?04:46
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Romsteri've been using version=1.6.0_2906:27
Romsterso +1 for using 1.7.0_106:27
Romsteror even use 1.7.0-1 or
Romster.1 probably be better so it don't have -1-1 on the built package with the release number.06:28
Romsteri convert boost underscores to dot too.06:29
sepenyeah I prefer .1 instead of _106:30
sepenif not prt-get should use --strict-diff iirc06:30
Romsterit would make prt-get diff easier to use. or at least not break it.06:30
Romsternot sure how smart prt-get diff is actually i did look at it a long time ago but forgotten.06:31
Romstervpnclient has a wacky long version string.06:33
frinnstsepen: yeah, i think i remember hitting that way back06:35
Romsterpsybnc/Pkgfile:version=2.3.2-7 open-vm-tools/Pkgfile:version=2011.04.25-402641 ion3/Pkgfile:version=3-20081002 fim/Pkgfile:version=0.3-beta-prerelease06:36
Romsterother than those in contrib it looks sane.06:36
Romsterfim probably could of used 0.3b06:37
Romsterhmm is there some rule that the Pkgfile verison= var must match upstream's version?06:39
frinnstwell, the $version variable is supposed to be upstreams version06:40
juesepen: we used something like 1.6.0_26 in the past and I don't see a point for changing that06:40
Romsteryeah but a few of the verison strings from upstream are really fugly.06:40
jueso I'd prefer 1.7.0_0106:40
Romsterbut upstream is 1.7.0_1 not _0106:41
jueno, it's 0106:41
Romsteroh ok your looking else where not on the actual filename06:42
juethe sources extract to 1.7.0_01 and that's the install dir as well06:42
juecd $name$version ;)06:43
Romsteryeah it has been in the past in the 1.6.0_0x in the opt commits so follow that.06:43
Romster_01 it is06:44
Romstershame they can't keep the version string in the file name than 7u106:44
Romsterif it arn't broke don't fix it right :) keep it as what jue said 1.7.0_0106:45
jueyep, but the official version string is 1.7.0_0106:45
jueit's at least what java progs like josm are reporting06:45
Romstershould i even be converting the underscores to dots in the version string for boost?06:46
Romsteras an example.06:46
Romsteri just prefer consistency.06:47
Romsterwith the majority of seen version strings.06:47
jueI don't see a point to do it different than upstream06:47
Romsteralso damn pink bats make my arms itch like hell. i was crawing though the roof of a pub to run a network cable.06:47
juewell, there are always exceptions06:48
Romstereven if said string is like open-vm-tools/Pkgfile:version=2011.04.25-40264106:48
juewhy not?06:49
Romsteri wouldn't mind knowing the exceptions perhaps a wiki page on recommend version strings should they be really long. like in some scm snapshots i omit the commit field.06:49
Romsterversion=2011.04.25 not good enough? or even version=20110425 make it far easier for prt-get diff, just my opinion. feel free to say i'm wrong i don't mind.06:51
juewell, where's the border line?06:52
sepenjue: 7u1 = 1.7.0_01 it's ok to me06:52
frinnstcommit-id is probably more informative than a date if youre looking to track down a bug06:52
jueIMO it's best to use the same version as upstream06:52
Romsterall i want is a clear understanding of what's acceptable and what should be altered. though no one has said anything about my Pkgfile version strings at least so i guess i'm not doing anything bad there.06:52
sepenok, I'll fix the version number06:52
sepenjue: you need to bump next version06:53
juesepen: thx, will do that soon06:53
Romsteri didn't get in contact of tilma_n for glib i was too busy.06:53
juebut have to run now, my time is very limited ATM06:53
Romsterlater jue.06:54
sepensee ya'06:54
Romstermean time i just use what i see is fit for the purpose.06:54
Romsterthough i have wondered about those version strings.06:54
sepenimho firefox-java-plugin should be reviewed too06:54
frinnstpost to the ml?06:55
frinnstsepen: its just a symlink, versioning is pointless imo06:55
frinnstjust creates redundant work06:55
Romstereh do we even need that can't it use jre/jdk directly?06:55
sepenbut it could be in the form: 1.6, 1.7, etc.06:55
frinnstRomster: it just creates a symlink to the jdk .so06:55
Romsterwhy not jsut have the firefox port contiana  symlink if jre/jdk is installed.06:56
sepenor 1.6.0, 1.7.0, or 1.6.x, 1.7.x06:56
sepenRomster: jdk/jre06:56
sepenand imho it should be placed in usr/lib/mozilla/plugins06:56
frinnstbecause it would force users to enable the jdk plugin or create a garbage file06:56
frinnstwhere is it located now sepen?06:57
Romsterwell jdk over jrd if both are installed. but jdk provides the jre as far as i can remember.06:57
sepenby default most browsers use this path to find plugins06:57
sepenfrinnst: usr/lib/firefox06:57
sepen*err, usr/lib/firefox/plugins06:57
sepenhow many browsers share mozilla plugins?06:58
Romsterone thing i've wondered is the the flash-player-plugin has a path of $PKG/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so06:58
sepenRomster: yeah, it was my own decision06:58
Romstershouldn't there be some generic path to like $PKG/usr/lib/ in all browsers these days06:58
thrice`doesn't sepen still use netscape or something? :-)06:59
sepenwhich is the default path for browsers to find plugins?06:59
Romsteror some plugin directory that's common to all browsers?06:59
sepenthrice`: here chromium and midori, lol06:59
frinnstrhel: /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/06:59
Romsteri'm not sure but surely there is some common path.06:59
sepenyep, I was based on centos06:59
thrice`ah, ok :D07:00
sepenthrice`: lol07:00
frinnstnavigator 3.0 gold!07:00
thrice`i just remember seeing one of your old screenshots, using netscape iirc :p07:00
thrice`and maybe a netscape port :>07:01
sepenthrice`: I think I removed netscape sometime ago07:01
frinnstnetscape is even more shitty than ie607:01
sepenthrice`: iirc I removed netscape due to new versions of libjpg and libpng07:02
sepenthe fact is that it worked and was stable to me for some tasks07:02
Romsterwonder how many use opera07:02
frinnststable, really?07:02
sepenremoved -->;a=commit;h=bc3f464a59b0de28b54d6aca5dfff843a979c2bd07:02
Romsteri only use it occasionally but i mostly keep it as a backup browser, and for others to use.07:03
thrice`i haven't tried compiling chromium yet07:03
frinnstw t f?07:03
frinnstyou still have netscape installed?07:03
sepennot here07:03
sepenI've an old crux-2.6 with netscape as default browser :D07:04
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Romstercrux-2.8 should get some of the todo things done.07:10
Romsterthough jue hasn't got much time07:11
Romsteris it me or do we have half the amount of devs that used to be here.07:11
frinnstdepends on what you mean by "used to" i guess.. but its been pretty much only tilman, jue and jaeger as core/iso devs for the last couple of versions07:49
tilmani've been slacking for months07:50
frinnstyeah i know, i was just trying to be nice07:50
tilmanit's appreciated :D07:51
Romsteryeah i've noticed jue is doing most of the work lately07:51
Romsteras far as i can tell.07:51
frinnstjue has a hefty lump of ports to maintain too07:52
Romsteri've been slacking too -_-07:52
Romsterthough i did do a few commit bombs before i got too busy to look at doing more. though i'll find some time soon.07:52
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sepenwin 408:15
sepenoops, sorry08:15
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horrorStruckyou could have stayed, that was not so serious :(08:28
Romsterhehe yeah08:28
Romsterwin5 :D08:28
horrorStruckCan't locate Net/SMTP/ in @INC <--- what do I need so git send-mail stops hating me?08:29
horrorStruckfound it sorry08:30
Romsterprt-get fsearch SSL.pm08:31
horrorStruckprovided by two different ports08:32
Romsteryeah i see.08:32
Romsterthough none has that Net/SMTP/ path in it.08:32
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horrorStrucknone of them works :(08:35
jaegerI wouldn't expect them to08:35
jaegerIt wants that exact path and module08:35
horrorStrucktime for prtcreate08:38
Romsterlooked in portsdb?08:41
Romsterlike i said none have the Net/SMTP/ path in it08:42
Romsterso it's not those modules/ports.08:42
Romstersomething like that should be packaged already in contrib/opt08:43
horrorStruckcreated it already08:44
Romster Net::SSLeay ?08:45
Romsterstrange no one has that.08:46
horrorStruckanyway, Need MIME::Base64 and Authen::SASL todo auth at /usr/lib/git-core/git-send-email line 1115, <STDIN> line 108:47
thrice`I didn't know send-email needed the perl stuff to work :(08:47
Romsternether did i.08:48
horrorStruckmaybe that's because of gmail encryption08:49
Romsterseems plausible.08:54
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horrorStruckworks now with p5-authen-sasl08:57
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RomsterhorrorStruck, you got a portsdb entry?08:58
horrorStrucknot yet, i need to build my ports in a clean chroot first08:59
horrorStruckan dset up a webserver too :P08:59
Romstercool so your going to do one.09:00
horrorStruckyes, within 1st week of nov hopefully09:01
horrorStrucki may have extra holiday so it may go faster. floods will keep me at home09:02
Romster version sort progress.09:02
Romsteri need to filter out some rubbish lines yet.09:03
Romsterfloods seem to be either here or overseas09:04
Romsterand i just figured out how to filter it in a way that wont be problematic09:07
horrorStrucki know nothing on the subject but IIRC arch uses epoch, is it a good approach?09:09
Romsterhmm epoch is about date09:10
horrorStruckyou're right, that's for their packages versioning. your project is about finding new versions?09:11
Romsterso they probably just snapshot the version list then diff any new versions strings after that time.09:12
Romstermine is about filtering all existing version strings in the oldest to newest order.09:12
Romsterexploding all directories and files that it knows about.09:13
Romsterwhich means i need a ton of regex to explode the strings.09:13
horrorStrucki mean, the goal is to find upstream updates or handling versions in crux package management?09:13
Romsteri already have a sizeable list in this.09:13
Romsterone of the end goals is to see the latest version yes but this is not just limited to that alone.09:14
Romsteri'm also aiming for better diff support in prt-get diff09:14
Romsterwith the same rules i'm making.09:14
Romsteri just made lsurl as one example to use for testing all the rules.09:15
horrorStruckwith a huge playground09:15
Romsterthe 3 major areas are version diff-ing latest version reporting, and able to make xdeltas and patch source files to the later versions.09:16
Romstertrack files and download to a mirror service too.09:16
Romsteri will probably extend it to monitor silent upstream file modifications later on too.09:17
horrorStrucki'm confused about the xdelta part, are you going to create the diffs?09:17
Romsteryes i have in the past made binary diffs for large files it gets tedious though.09:17
Romsternothing like automation to do it for you.09:17
horrorStruckok, huge work (but awesome)09:17
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Romsterreports of Pkgfiles that have newer versions available.09:18
Romsterof course it's not fool proof and projects do change urls from time to time.09:18
horrorStruckthat would be great too.09:19
horrorStrucki wonder how the guy from distrowatch creates its new packages rss feed09:19
Romsterif i'm feeling really crazy i could start to spider all the mirror sites check if the files sums match the original and if that do add it to a mirror list for that Pkgfile09:20
Romsterprobably from the hard work of the devs.09:20
Romsteror from other project feeds.09:20
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Romsteri got the idea from frugalware lasttar grep sed lynx -dump stuff... and thought that's ugly there is no sane way to sort version strings.09:21
horrorStruckhow do you do at the moment?09:23
horrorStruckto check for updates?09:23
Romsteri got soem other up2date script plus some feeds and mailing lsits i monitor and now i'm using the 3rd revision of up2date that uses lsurl now. so even more incentive to make this work09:25
Romsteri've used it already to find some out of date versions that i've bumped already.09:26
Romsteri'll release the code when it's respectable, currently it's quite a mess and only shell script.09:26
Romsterthis is lie the 4th rewrite of this one and over 10th attpemt to make this. i've tried other ways and failed.09:27
Romsteri see why no one else has done this -_-09:27
Romster180 lines of regex and still going.09:28
horrorStrucki'd love to know more about regex09:28
horrorStrucks/more/something :P09:29
Romsterhehe how fitting.09:30
horrorStruckfinding resources is not exactly the issue :P09:31
Romstertime is not on my side :/ 1;31am now...09:31
Romsteri got work later and i just started brainstorming again...09:31
horrorStruck9.31 pm here09:32
thrice`this is what caffiene is for :-)09:32
Romsteralready had my caffeine daily dosage.09:40
frinnsti've lost count..09:40
frinnstbut i smell a fresh pot!09:41
Romsteri'm about to pass out no amount of coffee will help. i'll continue this later.09:47
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joe9i cannot seem to get any of the iptables modules to load12:19
joe9 is what I get12:19
joe9iptables v1.4.12.1 is the version of iptables I have12:20
joe9i suspect that it is some kernel option that should have been enabled and has not beeen enabled.12:20
joe9this is the output in /var/log/kernel when I do the modprobe:
joe9Linux main 3.0.4 #14 SMP Tue Oct 11 22:41:19 EDT 2011 i686 Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 3.06GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux -- uname -a12:22
horrorStruckit used to work before?12:50
joe9nope, never tried it.12:50
joe9horrorStruck: first time trying iptables on this machine.12:50
horrorStruckkernel update recently?12:50
joe9horrorstruck, I recently got into crux, and I took the debian .config and modified it by including the modules that I care about.12:51
horrorStruckcan you post your config somewhere?12:52
joe9horrorStruck: also, i used one of those script to build everything into the kernel12:52
horrorStruckif it's built-in you can't load it then12:53
horrorStruckbut that should work at least :)12:53
joe9except for sound and iptables stuff, this is my .config file.12:54
joe9i am just trying to upload the .config file. one sec, please12:54
joe9horrorStruck: thanks for trying to help. I am clueless on how to go about finding those errors, so any thoughts are greatly appreciated.12:54
horrorStrucknp but i can't promise anything12:55
joe9ok, thanks. i am still trying to upload the .config. I seem to have problems with codepad.org12:55
joe9a few mins, please/12:56
joe9uri: is my .config12:57
joe9horrorStruck: ^12:57
joe9and the netfilter stuff, I left them as modules.12:58
joe9# CONFIG_AUDIT_ARCH is not set12:59
joe9could that cause the audit_log_format errors?12:59
horrorStruckwhat's in there? ls /lib/modules/*/kernel/net/*/netfilter/13:00
joe9 -- ls -altr13:01
joe9the modules are there, but seem to be missing some stuff. or, has more dependencies, it appears13:01
horrorStrucki'm gonna try to build your kernel, it may take a bit time13:03
joe9oh, wow. thanks a lot. that is a lot of help. I would hate to waste your time on this. Is there anything on your mind that I can try, instead of using up your time?13:04
horrorStruckno problem but can you describe how you installed this kernel/modules ?13:08
joe9make all && make modules_install && cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz-3.0.4-uhci-hcd-debug && cp /boot/ && cp .config /boot/config-3.0.4-uhci-hcd-debug && lilo -H && lilo -M /dev/sdc13:08
joe9is what I used to build the kernel and the modules.13:08
thrice`the modules show up in /lib/modules/  that you are looking to load?13:09
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joe9and in lilo.conf, the vmlinuz-3.0.4-uhci-hcd-debug is the default kernel, and this is my lilo.conf:, the important line is (I guess): append="rootfstype=ext4 uhci_hcd.debug=3"13:10
horrorStruckdo you still have the source (uncleaned) ?13:10
joe9thrice`: yes, they show up.13:10
joe9horrorStruck: yes, I have the source (uncleaned)13:10
joe9i never cleaned the (kernel) sources, just ran the above make command in directory after my .config changes(whenever I changed it).13:11
joe9horrorStruck: do you mean the sources in /usr/src/linux?13:11
horrorStruckcan you go in your source dir, create a directory, say lkm and: make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=lkm modules_install13:11
joe9horrorStruck: i even deleted the /lib/modules/<kernel-version> folder and the make modules_install created that folder.13:12
horrorStruckah ok13:12
horrorStruckdepmod -a13:12
joe9depmod -a does not give me any output.13:13
horrorStruckok can you rm /lib/modules/3.0.4 and mv lkm/* /lib/modules/ and depmod -a13:14
horrorStruckrm -r sorry13:15
joe9 mv lkm/* /lib/modules/3.0.4? or  mv lkm/* /lib/modules/?13:15
horrorStruckmv lkm/* /lib/modules/13:16
joe9depmod -a13:16
joe9WARNING: Couldn't open directory /lib/modules/3.0.4: No such file or directory13:16
joe9FATAL: Could not open /lib/modules/3.0.4/modules.dep.temp for writing: No such file or directory13:16
horrorStruckls /lib/modules/13:16
horrorStruckdid you create lkm folder before make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=lkm modules_install13:18
horrorStruck/lib/modules/lib/modules/3.0.4 ?13:20
joe9horrorStruck: yes,
joe9horrorStruck: is that what you expected?13:21
horrorStruckyou should have /lib/modules/3.0.413:22
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan13:22
horrorStruckjust mv them, no problem13:22
teK_(created by make modules_install invoked in linux-3.0.4)13:22
joe9let me try that, again.13:22
joe9horrorStruck: now, i have the /lib/modules/3.0.4 directory.13:24
horrorStruckdepmod -a13:24
joe9 are the files in that directory13:24
joe9no output from depmod -a13:24
horrorStrucktry to load what you wanted to load13:25
joe9btw, depmod -av gives this: , modprobe -av output:
thrice`hi Rotwang13:26
* Rotwang is soo tired of makefiels13:27
joe9 <- lsmod, horrorStruck13:28
joe9horrorStruck: this is what I see in /var/log/kernel: when I do the modprobe13:29
horrorStruckok 2 minutes, i'm gonna try something13:29
joe9ok, thanks.13:29
joe9i am not sure if you find this interesting, but i notice that all the errors in the /var/log/kernel about missing symbols, depmod -av does not list those symbols:
joe9one of the symbols that I get the error about : nf_register_hooks is in this file:
joe9and i have this in my .config file.13:36
horrorStruck872b7b8c662c181c2b309244d22023c9  netfilter.tar.bz213:41
horrorStrucktar xvjf netfilter.tar.bz2 -C /lib/modules/3.0.4/13:42
horrorStruckdepmod -a13:42
joe9ok, thanks. will do.13:42
horrorStruckit's a md5sum btw13:43
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horrorStruckyou're fast13:43
horrorStruckcan you try to load it now13:43
joe9in /var/log/kernel: "Oct 25 14:43:23 main kernel: [85476.363388] x_tables: no symbol version for module_layout"13:45
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lennartfrinnst: i believe with the new rapid release cycle of firefox and thunderbird both of them use libxul now; would you object to separate firefox/xulrunner ports like crux had before?14:00
joe9horrorStruck: can you please paste your kernel config?14:05
Rotwanglennart: hmm?14:05
Rotwangcan recent thunderbird release link with external libxul?14:05
horrorStruckjoe9: sure14:05
RotwangI'm not sure14:05
lennarti _think_ so14:05
lennartor rather: I read that into something on the hompage14:05
Rotwangsome time age whe I tried it it still was not ready14:06
lennartI didn't try yet14:06
Rotwangand irc people told me that it is still a long way to hapen14:06
horrorStruckjoe9: if you feel adventurous
horrorStruckd75283ac794eba3f203edc99657c00ab  linux-3.0.4.tar.bz214:06
lennartah, okay14:06
Rotwangbut I didn't look at it for some time now, so maybe it is possible14:07
joe9horrorStruck: ok, thanks .will try it.14:07
RotwangI'll have to check14:07
joe9btw, were you able to get things working with my .config on your m/c?14:07
lennartI don't have a current version of libxul but I could take a look on saturday14:08
horrorStruckjoe9: didn't try yet but i will14:09
*** vee has joined #crux14:09
Rotwanglennart: please share your experience [:14:09
veeyou know youre super lazy, when you setup dhcp 3 months into a distro :/14:10
lennartwill do :)14:10
joe9horrorStruck: i will keep you posted if I have any luck. thanks.14:10
horrorStruckjoe9: my config
horrorStrucknp, not very helpful in fact :P14:11
joe9i am at a deadend, so any thing is a big help, at this point.14:11
thrice`I read that the xulrunner building for t-bird was a ways off too14:13
joe9CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX -- does anyone use this kernel option? this is for enabling "NSA Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux)"14:13
joe9is it a must-have?14:13
horrorStruckjoe9: can you paste lspci -n somewhre14:14
joe9horrorStruck: lspci -n:
horrorStruckthanks and what's your cpu?14:14
joe9lspci -vvv:
joe9Linux main 3.0.4 #14 SMP Tue Oct 11 22:41:19 EDT 2011 i686 Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 3.06GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux14:15
horrorStruckok thanks14:15
horrorStruckext4 everywhere right?14:15
joe9yes, on raid-114:15
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frinnstlennart: im open to it14:18
frinnstbut i'll hold off and see how the development goes14:18
lennartk, i'll take a look at the current state of things on saturday14:25
joe9horrorStruck: i think the tomoyo security extension was the reason for the netfilter issues that I am having.14:28
horrorStruckjoe9: ah maybe14:29
horrorStruckis it ok now?14:29
joe9horrorStruck: i have removed it and am recompiling the kernel. will keep you posted on how it goes.14:29
joe9horrorStruck: quickquestion, your kernel config has all the ciphers built-into the kernel. was it a conscious choice?14:37
joe9any particular reason, if it is a conscious choice?14:37
horrorStruckjoe9: na particular reason, the only part i have to cleanup but that's so obsucre that i guess it will stay forever14:38
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joe9once i removed the tomoyo stuff, the kernel make is almost rebuilding everything.14:40
joe9looks like the option has a very big effect.14:40
*** Necrosporus has joined #crux15:06
teK_tomoyo was this security framework, wasn't it15:23
joe9teK_: yes, similar to SELinux, I beleive.16:24
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wart___so its been a while since i've debugged X, but on the thinkpad x60t I get a "black screen"; I checked Xorg.log and there are no errors.  I can do an alt-ctl-f1 to get down to console.18:41
wart___Any suggestions on what to look for here?18:41
wart___it could be something CRUX related since I've never tried to install X on CRUX before.18:41
wart___but this same machine with the intel xorg driver works fine in X on gentoo.18:41
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veeany movie suggestions guys?18:44
*** ThePub has joined #crux19:02
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wart___ok figured it out.  bash by defualt isn't reading my bashrc which is where i put my special PATH so, long story short, it oculdn't find my wm binary.19:30
wart___so new question: where the hell does bash get configured to not look at .profile or .bashrc19:30
*** ThePub has quit IRC19:30
wart___do i need to add it to /etc/profile?19:34
jaegerwart___: check the "invocation" section of the bash manpage, it'll tell you which things get sourced when19:40
wart___got it figured out!19:48
wart___my bashrc assumed a lot of stuff from the gentoo /etc/bashrc that wasn't there19:48
wart___next question: I need to get terminus fonts and i'm noticing there are 5 ports:
wart___which one of these is the "nicest" one?19:49
wart___let me guess: jaeger :-)19:49
wart___hmm, i'm finding a lot of utils not offered in portdb, e.g., joe, yacpi, libacpi, autossh.20:01
wart___do you'all steal the .ebuild from gentoo usually to cook yr own?20:02
wart___that's what i've been doing so far20:03
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Romsteryou need netfilter support in your kernel.20:20
Romsterjoe9, ^20:20
joe9romster, oh, ok.20:20
joe9romster, thanks.20:21
joe9romster, I have netfilter support in my kernel. this is my .config:
joe9I have some built as kernel modules20:22
Romsteri have a config if oyu care to compare it's though20:22
joe9sure, please post it.20:23
joe9i checked with horrorstruck's and I think I have most of what he had.20:23
Romsteri'm also using xtables-addons20:26
joe9ok, thanks.20:26
joe9will check it up.20:26
Romsterextra matches.20:26
wart___hmm, there's not really a latex package either20:51
wart___that'll be a headache :p  if there's one thing i hate its installing latex20:51
wart___by hand20:51
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*** Dudde has joined #crux21:36
horrorStruckis there a way to make port A conflict with B (so B is removed when A is installed) and port A provides port B (so ports depending on B use A)?21:37
* jaminja wanders by whilst fighting a ManVersusSystem-type war with yaboot/mkofboot on a Mac G4 is sure of a solution before 2015 and a wiki article to boot ;)22:36
jaminjahorrorStruck: are we talking USB ports here? cos I've a vague recollection that udev has that functionality - it's probably doable for any hotpluggable devices. Give me some more info and I'll look it up for you22:38
jaegersounds more like ports ports to me22:39
jaegerand I know of no way to accomplish the former but the latter might be accomplished with a prt-get alias22:39
*** pedja has quit IRC22:39
*** deus_ex has joined #crux22:39
horrorStruckyes that was about ports ports22:40
horrorStrucki'll check about the alias, thanks jaeger22:41
jaminjahey sorry - just misread the question ;)22:43
horrorStrucknp and thanks for the help offer :)22:45
horrorStruckjaeger: i'm confused about the alias part, can it be included somehow in a Pkgfile because all i've found so far are settings at system level. for example, I'd like to publish a port for libjpeg-turbo, until now i've named it libjpeg but that's not a really clean approach, do i have other options?22:53
jaegereither name it the same thing and put your repo first in prt-get.conf or alias it22:58
horrorStruckon my system it's not a problem but if I want to publish it's more "complicated". I'll use the same name I guess.23:04
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