IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2011-10-26

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pitillogood morning01:09
acruxhi pitillo01:30
pitillohey acrux :)01:30
acrux:D long time01:30
pitilloyeah, you are hidden01:30
acruxjaminja: if you need help with yaboot you can also look for on cruxppc forum01:31
acruxor directly write to yaboot-users ml01:31
acruxpitillo: eh, real life is a pain01:31
pitilloacrux: yep, in all cases :)01:32
RomsterhorrorStruck, only way i can think of is pre-install pkgrm foo but i don't think that's nice todo that.01:59
Romsterin my opinion the prt-get alias file should be a directory. where you can drop files in with the alias that each port provides.02:01
Romsterlong time ago i started to echo lines to that alias file and got told off that's not a good thing to be doing.02:01
Romsterecho if it didn't exist of course.02:02
Romsterhi acrux you returning to crux stuff or just a flyby visit.02:02
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horrorStruckRomster: thanks for the suggestions. i think i'll go with using the same name for now. most simple way.02:13
Romsterand place it higher up in prt-get.conf so it takes priority.02:26
Romsterjust what port are you modifying anyways?02:26
Romsterif it's trivial you should contact the maintainer.02:27
horrorStrucka good example would be libjpeg-turbo02:27
Romsterwhy not make it install as some prefix or transform the name with the configure options then in your other ports use the --with-jpeg=... or what have you options to use that.02:28
horrorStruckfor me it doesn't matter, that's because i'm setting up a repo and the issue came to my mind for others willing to install those kinds of ports02:28
horrorStruckthat would be a massive rebuild :)02:29
acruxhi Romster , i'm always a cruxer but not on x8602:29
acruxonly ppc and arm02:29
Romsterthat's a shame acrux02:29
Romsterdo ppc and arm use the same init system as x86/x86_64?02:29
acruxeh, on x86-64 i only need win :/02:29
Romsterthat bad word :D02:30
acruxRomster: yes, they use the same init02:30
Romsteri fix the darn windows all week at work sadly.02:30
Romsterwhat higher electricity costs to help fund replacing power lines to reduce fire risk... god damn it it's expensive enough as it is now.02:31
Romsterhmm if i had such hardware i'd join you but i haven't yet.02:32
acruxRomster: the next week we'll put online two server for cruxppc02:34
acruxa POWER5 and a dualG402:34
acruxthus now everyone could be able to join02:35
Romsterbe nice if the site could link to cruxppc02:35
acruxit has02:35
Romstersince some do ask about it and it's prescience is pretty hidden... i never saw it.02:35
acruxmaybe in the next future some peaple 'll start a cruxppc powerpcspe ABI02:37
acruxfor the new freescale QorIQ02:37
RomsterPower Architecture-based communications microprocessors03:19
Romsterheaps of cpu's out there.03:19
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Romsterversion sort starting to take shape ran it over crux/core06:30
wart___so i take it that there's some font that my other distro installed that, e.g., chromium uses that CRUX didn't install by default.07:27
wart___any ideas what font that is / how to find out?  all i've installed is xorg and xorg-terminus-font on my CRUX install07:28
wart___because chromium's font on CRUX looks cruddy, even tho its the same chromium config file etc. etc.07:28
horrorStruckinstall windows font, that should help07:31
horrorStruckmaybe use some fancy freetype patches too07:31
horrorStruckby the way, is that you that were talking about latex this morning?07:31
horrorStruckthere's a not so old port in a user repo07:32
horrorStruckwindows fonts: xorg-font-msttcorefonts07:33
Romsterit's in opt i've thought about picking that one up.07:33
horrorStruckthis guy has a 20110526 texlive package:
horrorStruckgiven the mime settings, i hav no idea about what's in the Pkgfile :P07:35
wart___horrorStruck: thanks!  i was guessing that was the right one07:35
horrorStruckyou tlaking about fonts?07:36
wart___a new question: i'm doin a prt-get depinst webkit and it bailed at enchant.07:36
wart___it said there was a footprint mismatch07:36
wart___can i just nuke the .footprint in enchant and move on?07:36
wart___or should i worry?07:36
horrorStruckhave a look at what is the issue07:36
horrorStrucki mean, what is new/missing?07:37
Romsteryou could add in prt-get.conf makecommand pkgmk -in07:37
wart___apparently two "new" files:
Romsterthat'll ignore new files...07:37
wart___what will?07:37
Romstermakecommand pkgmk -in to /etc/prt-get.conf07:38
Romsterdown the bottom in the expert section.07:38
Romsteror you could just do prt-get install -if enchant07:39
Romsterup arrow up arrow enter.07:39
Romsteryour call.07:39
wart___so how would the footprint get mismatched?  should the original package get updated too?07:39
Romsternew files are from additional dependencies that are not listed on depends on line in the Pkgfile.07:40
wart___and i assume you meant pkgmk -if not -in07:40
Romsteryou don't have to list everything it can build against07:40
Romsterno i mean -in in prt-get.conf07:41
horrorStruckin <--- ignore new only07:41
horrorStruckif <--- ignore footprint07:41
Romster-if would be probomatic for finding issues after a sysup etc.07:41
wart___ugh, so i added that now it wants to recompile enchant.07:41
wart___is there a resume?07:41
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Romsteragain it's your choice but i wouldn't use -if in prt.get.conf07:41
Romstersorry no but enchant is small07:42
horrorStrucknormally -uf should spare you the rebuild07:42
wart___Romster: well if this happens on webkit i'll be real mad :-)07:42
wart___-uf is a prt-get switch?07:42
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Romsterpkgmk option. prt-get passes it to pkgmk07:42
Romsterwell i wonder who maintains webkit :D07:43
wart___so do you'all have -uf in prt-get.conf?07:43
Romsteri know the pain.07:43
Romsterjust -in07:43
Romsteri only use -uf when i update a Pkgfilewith pkgmk directly.07:44
horrorStruckif have no option07:44
horrorStruckto answer the question07:44
Romsteryeah figured that a few seconds later...07:44
wart___so can i get a "work flow"07:44
wart___for instance in gentoo i'd do something like emerge -DNuavt world && emerge --depclean && revdep-rebuild07:45
horrorStrucki use pkgmk mainly07:45
wart___every couple of weeks07:45
wart___here i take it I'd just do ports -u and then manually do prt-get depinst whatever07:46
horrorStruckprt-get sysup07:46
horrorStruckprt-get update $(revdep) -fr or something like this07:47
wart___ah, and if i remove a package is there a revdep-rebuild equiv. to make sure nothing accidently depended on it07:47
Romsterports -u && prt-get sysup && rejmerge optionally a prt-get update -fr `revdep`07:48
wart___(what stinks about the enchant is i left the thing on overnight to compile webkit, wake up and it bailed at enchant :p)07:48
Romsternope you remove it you gotta clean up the mess behind :D07:48
Romsterwart___, i've had that happen many of times.07:48
Romsterwhat sort of pc is it?07:48
wart___thinkpad x60t07:49
Romsteri use ccache i was using distcc as well but i will set that up again sometime.07:49
Romsteroh ouch... that's gonna bea over night-er compile on webkit?07:49
wart___yeah for sure07:50
wart___i compiled chromium last night :-)07:50
horrorStruckcore duo?07:50
wart___Centrino Duo07:50
wart___but its still pretty wimphy07:51
Romsterthat's also a long compile07:51
wart___yeah webkit and chromium are items i wouldn't mind having in binary07:51
wart___cuz frankly i don't care about their guts cuz they are too big to read; other programs i like to be able to read the source code if i need to07:51
Romsteri could upload a crux binary of webkit.07:51
teK_ente does have a binary-repo07:52
Romsteri686 -O207:52
wart___so what does this `revdep` command do?07:52
Romsterhmm or he may have it too.07:52
wart___i don't have revdep installed at least man revdep doesn't say anything07:52
teK_prt-utils contains revdep07:52
teK_it checks for run-time (library) dependencies of applications07:53
wart___so like revdep-rebuild on gentoo?07:53
Romsterlooks up every lib with ldd then sees if any are invalid and if so reports the package name for prt-get updte -fr to force rebuild it07:53
Romsterrevdep like in gentoo07:53
wart___i see07:53
wart___so that update command is like revdep-rebuild07:54
Romsteronly it reports only you can even do RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep |tee revdep07:54
wart___what about an emerge --depclean equivalent07:54
Romsterthen manually see what is broken and rebuild that.07:54
Romsterprt-get deptree foo see if your missing anything in the [ ] box.07:54
Romsterprt-get dependent foo07:54
Romsterit's not as automated as gentoo but it wont get in the way as much either.07:55
wart___yeah, but i don't get those two lines07:55
Romsterman prt-get07:55
wart___i want to find all package son the system that nobody depends upon07:55
wart___and remove them07:55
Romsterit's in there what it does.07:55
wart___well deptree just lists what that package depends upon, right?07:56
Romsterthe orphoned packages on the system hmm how did that go again...07:56
Romsterfor p in $(prt-get quickdep |xargs); do if [ $(prt-get dependent $p) ]; then; prt-get remove $p; fi ;done07:58
Romsterthough be careful that wont stop at removing core ports either07:59
Romsteryou'd need to add a check in that too.07:59
Romsteri'm sure there was an easier way but i forgot pitillo or sepen would know.07:59
Romsteri just do it manaully.07:59
wart___well you could make a filelist with prt-get quickdeps and the if loop08:00
wart___and then remove by hand08:00
Romsterin crux you rely more on scripting a solution.08:00
wart___also tihs is kinda stupid, but i usually put stuff in /usr/local/ but i couldn't remember where to tell ldconfig -v (and friends) to look in /usr/local/lib (they just look in /lib and /usr/lib by default on CRUX)08:01
teK_ /etc/
wart___teK_: I thought so but i couldn't rmeember the syntax08:02
teK_or /etc/ respectively08:02
wart___i put /usr/local/lib in there no dice08:02
Romsteri package everything that isn't available and in stall it wit pkgmk -i and end up with the large ports collection i have today. i have never used /usr/local08:03
Romsterwhat teK_ said if you still want to do that though /usr/opt is more tot he liking of tetery non-tracked packages than /usr/local/...08:04
wart___for me its old habit; and i have a lot of projects that i'm woring on i put in /usr/local/08:04
wart___well what do i put in /etc/  man 8 ldconfig doesn't tell me08:04
Romsternothing stops you from doing it thoug.08:04
Romster/etc/ now.08:05
wart___Romster: a symlink there or what?08:05
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wart___i mean that's an empty directory08:05
teK_a file with the path.08:05
teK_% cat /etc/
Romstermake a new file local.conf or something then ...08:05
Romsterbah teK_ beat me to it08:05
wart___ah thanks08:05
Romsterthen run ldconf08:06
wart___so another question: a lot of packages i use aren't in any of the ports or portsdb.  so i've been adding them in by hand, which is starting to get annoying.  have people written e.g. ebuild2Pkgfile and rpm2Pkgfile and so on?08:07
wart___so far: autossh, joe, libacpi, yacpi, when, xdotool08:07
horrorStruckexpect more :P08:14
wart___fwiw: attica depends on cmake :-)08:14
wart___well i always thought i had a minimal overhead :p08:15
wart___my only splurge is webkit :-)08:15
horrorStrucki can build it if you want08:16
Romstertilman, i went though a test run of xorg ports with my new version sort and i spotted these ports that need a bump. xorg-libxrandr 1.3.2 xkeyboard-config 2.4 xorg-xset 1.2.2 xorg-xprop 1.2.1 xorg-xdpyinfo 1.3.0 xorg-sessreg 1.0.7 xorg-xinit 1.3.1 xorg-xrandr 1.3.5 xorg-xcb-util 0.3.8 xorg-font-alias 1.0.3 libpthread-stubs 0.3 xorg-xdm 1.1.11 xorg-xwininfo 1.1.2 xorg-libxcursor 1.1.1208:16
Romsteri may have missed others in that list though as this version sort is not perfect yet.08:16
horrorStruckah great list, i'll update them locally and if footprints are not messed up, i'll send patches to tilman_08:18
thrice`with your shiny new git send-email ? :)08:19
horrorStruckexactly :)08:19
Romster output of the up2date i reviewed.08:19
Romsterlike i said i probably missed a munch still.08:20
Romsterthis is why i'm making this version sort.08:20
Romsterplus it's great fun.08:20
horrorStruckthat's awesome Romster08:21
horrorStruckall is done automagically?08:22
Romsterstill it's not perfect yet.08:22
Romsteri work on it o and off as time allows and if i'm i the zone to work on it.08:23
horrorStrucki could do versionchek core opt and get output like this?08:23
Romsterwell only i can atm :D08:23
Romster that's a earlier crux/core run.08:23
Romsteri've been tweaking the results since then to try and limit only those on the end of the source= list.08:24
Romsterso those pesky mirror urls don't show up thousands of files.08:24
Romsteri'll release the code to this when it's stable enough.08:25
horrorStruckthat will make things much simple, great tool08:25
horrorStruckwell i knew about your project but seeing it live is great08:26
Romsterit's already starting to help my ports.08:26
Romsterstill got to sort out soruceforge urls though.08:26
Romsterand fix up looking n branch directories. the old up2date did that but the results were not always sorted correctly.08:27
Romsteri know mesa3d could be bumped too that's not the most recent version08:28
Romster232 lines approx of regex so far.08:28
Romsteri tried other parsing and exploding strings but it gets too complex too fast.08:29
horrorStruckmesa3d requires nouveau excpet if you tell him which driver you want so it sux08:30
horrorStruckbut running latest here :)08:31
horrorStruckwith the infamous --enable-texture-float08:31
Romsterdoing a crux/opt run08:31
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Romsteron 7.10.3 still here...08:35
Romster--enable-texture-float that awesome?08:35
horrorStruckfor gamers maybe, not for me :P08:35
wart___did default install put an MTA on my box?  I like to have no MTA but simple msmtp; but I did a ports -i | grep exim and didn't see anything08:40
wart___maybe the default MTA is called something else?08:40
Romsterprt-get dsearch mail08:40
Romsterthen see if any of those exist on your system08:40
wart___doesn't look like it, but i could've sworn i saw one the other night when i was installing08:44
wart___oh well.08:44
wart___all the better :-)08:44
jaegerexim is on the ISO08:44
wart___but ports -i | grep exim doesn't list it so its not on my box, right?08:44
jaegerin core08:44
wart___i must've unchecked it08:44
wart___hmm, so cruxpl has a texlive-core and swhutton has a texlive-full08:46
wart___i wonder which one i should go with08:47
wart___uh-oh, prt-get depinst texlive-full gives me an md5sum mismatch.08:49
wart___safe to ignore or what's the deal with that?08:49
Romstervs is incredibly slow at looking up urls, i really need to run them in parallel08:50
horrorStruckwart___: which file?08:50
Romstercheck upstream if it's been altered.08:50
wart___MISSING   29d89f8699cff2ddc07619b940265f0b  install-tl-unx.tar.gz08:52
horrorStruckRomster: what is vs using for that task?08:52
wart___Romster: check upstream?08:52
wart___so the idea is that the SRC_URI host changed the checksum of that file?08:52
Romsterwart___, that there gpg/sum file matches there source file.08:53
Romstersometimes the dev will silently update the tarball.08:53
wart___dev being upstream src_uri guy?  or the ports guy?08:54
RomsterhorrorStruck, a huge file of sed lines for the time being.08:54
Romster#! /bin/sed -f08:55
horrorStruckwart___: it's normal08:55
horrorStruckthe file on the server is dated of yesterday08:56
Romsteryeah upstream changed it...08:56
wart___so i can do a -im08:56
horrorStruckthe file has no version08:56
Romsteroh one of them files with no version string...08:57
horrorStruckactually it's network install08:58
horrorStrucknetwork based installer08:58
wart___hmm this port file seems kinda broke08:58
wart___i guess i'll have to rea dup on texlive stuff, compare the gentoo ebuilds and cook my own08:59
wart___i'm taking it the crux userbase is pretty tiny, eh?08:59
wart___if i stick with it, i'll export my ports dir to the world too :-)08:59
Romsterif maintainer of that is not keen on fixing it? email her/him08:59
wart___cuz everyone should be using joe as their editor!08:59
jaegerI don't think I've ever even seen joe09:00
Romsterwart___, i do my fair share of ports,09:00
Romsterjaeger, hows gnome coming :)09:00
wart___joe was the editor that came on early versions of linux.  its the one i got addicted to.09:00
wart___who is in charge of kde?  cuz  hate kde, but i like to have okular installed.09:00
Romsteri've seen and heard of joe but not used it.09:00
wart___that'll probably be a pain!09:00
jaegerRomster: not too well, sadly... gnome is such a pain in the ass these days09:01
Romstermost kdes stuff only needs kdelibs09:01
Romsterhasn't it always been that way even back then.09:01
jaegerI've used vim since 1996, never really felt like switching to something else09:01
Romsterlooked over slackbuilds they may help?09:01
jaegerI've looked at slack, arch, gentoo, etc... I still always run into something a tad odd with mine09:02
wart___well, i just know that sometimes i'm required to install dbus and weird stuff on some distros just to get okular going09:02
jaegercurrently some undefined references to functions that are definitely in the glib library09:02
horrorStruckrunning gnome nowadays will require a frankencrux machine, with pam, policikit and the likes09:02
jaegermost likely, yeah09:03
Romsterjaeger, there is a more recent glib lib you tried that?09:03
jaegeryeah, already using 2.3009:03
Romsterthought 2.30.1 is out now.09:04
jaegercould be09:04
horrorStruckit is09:04
horrorStruckrunning it09:05
Romstereven a 2.31 but that would be unstable09:05
wart___ack: =======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.09:05
Romsteryeah fun because of kenrel.org09:05
jaegerI may play with it some more today if I have time, got some vmware host upgrades to do09:05
jaegerwart___: tons of stuff on is still missing, find another mirror for it09:06
Romster i keep a copy of it.09:06
horrorStruckgit has moved to googlecode for archives09:06
Romsteruntil is fixed for good09:06
Romsterit's a royal pain.09:06
wart___so will the Pkgfile be fixed upstream or should i jsut cp it to /usr/ports/mine09:06
jaegerPKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS might save you some time09:07
horrorStruckwhile you are it, build 1.7.7.x09:07
Romsterwart___, there is a mirror var in pkgmk.conf09:07
wart___jaeger: can you point me to some info on PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS?09:07
Romsterpoint it at gentoo etc and yeah09:07
jaegerwart___: it's in the manpage but not much to it... in pkgmk.conf you set something like PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(
jaegerpkgmk will try that list of mirrors (it can be more than one) to find the source file09:08
wart___cuz i don't really get :
jaegerThe first part of that wiki page is specific to sourceforge and somewhat obsolete now09:09
jaegerthe second means that you could have a local distfile cache on your own network and use that instead of downloading from the internet09:09
wart___very cool!09:09
Romstercrux/opt version sort
horrorStruckcan we have filtered output :P09:15
horrorStrucka la ports -d09:15
Romsterit's sort of filtered now but it needs more work.09:16
Romsterjaeger, yeah it's starting to take shape.09:17
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wart___so another silly question: is there a quick way to see what i've installed (not what was installed qua dependencey) sorta like looking at /var/lib/portage/world in gentoo09:17
Romsterthe diff will be later down the track horrorStruck09:17
horrorStruckRomster: yeah just joking Romster09:18
jaegerwart___: not currently09:18
RomsterhorrorStruck, but seriously seding the Pkgfile version= will be possible.09:18
jaegerThat's a feature I wouldn't mind having but I don't think anyone has tried to implement it yet09:18
wart___so its just ports -i?09:18
Romsteryeah ports -i09:19
thrice`or prt-get listinst09:19
Romsteris what's installed09:19
Romsterhmm never used that one...09:19
wart___oops pkginfo -i09:19
Romsteri do that same mistake too -_-09:19
wart___i'm still loving the fact that i can do a prt-get depinst whatever and not have to wait five minutes for the calculating deps business to finish09:21
wart___and all the other pre-processing / post-processing crap gentoo does09:21
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thrice`yeah, the use flags add some complexity to the dep resolution09:21
jaegerThat does show you all packages that are installed, yes, but not only packages you told it to install09:21
jaegerThere's no crux equivalent of gentoo's world vs. dependencies09:22
Romsterthough there is sort of a overlay with the prtdir in prt-get.conf09:23
Romsterin crux you get your hands dirty.09:23
Romsterjaeger, like my version sort so far?09:23
wart___Romster: well the getting my hands dirty part isn't something i really want :-)09:23
wart___but i'm willing to live with it to have absolute control.09:24
Romstersmall price to pay for absolute control09:24
wart___and not have to remember all the stupid ebuild bash functions09:24
jaegerRomster: it seems like a great start09:24
Romsteryeah knock a Pkgfile together in mear minutes.09:24
Romsterjaeger, i coulnd't find anyone with such a tool so i started building one. it's on it's 5th rewrite now.09:25
Romsteri think i know why no one else has made one, you have to be crazy to get it to work and reliablely09:26
horrorStruckyou can't dissociate absolute control and dirty hands09:26
horrorStrucki like it :)09:27
jaegerI believe cptn had started some work on a similar idea in prt-get but I don't think it got far09:27
Romsterthough it's pretty trivial to bump versions in most cases.09:27
Romsteryeah i saw that in prt-get's source code.09:27
Romstersaw that among a few other things and went hrmm version sort why don't it exist...09:28
Romsterso silly me goes to all complex ways to make one and the simplest one works... as you see currently.09:28
Romstermoral of the story KISS principal09:29
wart___well the hope is that other CRUX users will get their hands dirty on your behalf and share their ports :-)09:30
Romsteri'm hoping that.09:30
Romsterwe aren't a big distro but i think we like it that way?09:31
Romsterthough it's probably a bit too small atm on the helping side.09:32
* horrorStruck is updating xorg ports 09:33
Romsterfrom my list?09:35
Romsterthat was more for tilma_n to see.09:35
horrorStruckyes, doing that to help09:36
horrorStrucka bit09:37
horrorStruck21:32 < Romster> though it's probably a bit too small atm on the helping side.09:37
Romsterah you gonna do a diff -pruN or osmething for tilma_n?09:37
horrorStrucki cloned the git tree09:37
Romsterah right now i see the send email thing you did the other day09:37
horrorStruckthat's not related but yeah, i'm gonna use it09:38
horrorStruckpretty convenient by the way09:38
Romsternever sued that feature of git09:39
Romstergetting early near 2am g'night09:45
horrorStruckgood night09:46
horrorStruckhmm now we need --enable-xdmshell to build it. what would be the policy here? building it so nothing breaks or staying as minimal as possible?09:48
horrorStruckthat's for xorg-xdm port by the way09:52
entethat wasn't supposed to be posted, actually :)09:58
enteit's down though10:05
entealso, the httpd is on port 808010:05
enteteK_: I haven't updated it in ages, because I figured nobody was using it10:05
enteteK_: the logs indicated that, at least10:06
enteplus, I haven't been using crux in some time10:06
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wart___so i might need some handholding from kde stars here.  i'm trying to get okular on and the first thing prt-get depinst okular tries to do is get attica which fails with: CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:91 (MESSAGE): Could NOT find Qt4 (missing: QT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE QT_MOC_EXECUTABLE QT_RCC_EXECUTABLE QT_UIC_EXECUTABLE QT_INCLUDE_DIR QT_LIBRARY_DIR10:17
wart___so i take it that i need qt4 installed, eh?10:17
wart___(if that's true, maybe that should be a dep :-)10:17
enteI thought gentoo is one of the three constants in the software you use?10:26
entehow comes you're on crux now? :-)10:26
enteoh, wow, FF depends on both perl and python for the build10:27
entewhat's next, php-cli?10:27
wart___and qt4 gives me a md5sum mismatch :p10:29
wart___so its safe(ish) to do prt-get -um depinst qt4 && prt-get depinst qt410:29
wart___ente: who me?  i got a new too and got bored10:30
enteah, right10:37
entethe md5sum mismatch is a known bug10:37
entecheck the bugtracker :-)10:37
*** Siewca_Wpierdolu has joined #crux10:44
horrorStruckdo we have to bump ports who get broken by one their dep update or it's up to the user?10:45
*** Siewca_Wpierdolu has left #crux10:46
*** ThePub has joined #crux11:04
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC11:29
*** aubic has joined #crux11:30
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC11:32
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux11:50
enteiirc, when libevent was bumped, there was a "recompile this and that" post on the mailing list11:50
ente(better read the archive, I might remember this wrong)11:50
horrorStruckok thanks ente, i'll check11:56
horrorStrucklast question, does a sysup honor build order (dep first)?11:58
*** ardo1 has quit IRC12:11
wart___well webkit finally installed12:13
wart___i'm curious how *long* people here have used CRUX12:14
wart___i'm a bit worried that judging by the website the main creaters left the project circa 200612:14
horrorStruckthere are many old timers here12:19
horrorStrucki'm not12:20
horrorStruckswitched around 08/201012:20
enteand some of those who left are coming back12:24
enteit's true though, apparently there have been annual meetings in the old days (when I wasn't around yet) which ceased at some point12:24
enteso yes, I guess crux is not what it used to be12:25
entebut there are new faces, and they're doing a great job12:26
*** ardo1 has joined #crux12:30
wart___i like the minimalism, but i'm a little overworked, so it'd be nice to know there are others who are clever and keeping all the prts up-to-date for me :-)12:37
*** Rotwang has joined #crux12:38
*** Evil_Bob has joined #crux12:48
*** lasso has joined #crux13:03
*** ThePub has quit IRC13:11
*** vee has joined #crux13:15
veemornin guys13:15
*** treach has joined #crux13:17
*** joe9 has quit IRC13:29
veerenegadte gater13:29
*** joe9 has joined #crux13:33
veegador sounds cooler13:33
veeholy crap i cant spell for shit13:33
veei just noticed i spelled renegade wrong too13:34
*** vee has quit IRC14:00
wart___um, call me lazy, but i just did a prt-get depinst libreoffice and it installed but pkginfo -l libreoffice doesn't list a libreoffice binary14:09
wart___does it have some funky name?14:09
wart___there's lots of other files it installed :-P14:09
wart___o i was gonna guess that14:10
wart___well damn; javaldx: Could not find a java runtime environment.  guess i gotta install one of those too :p14:10
wart___hmm i installed the opt/jre and it still yells at me14:12
Rotwangyeah, there was some issue with that14:12
wart___i'm guessing i need to put some crap in my bashrc but i forget what14:12
Rotwangwart___: why do you need java support in LO?14:12
wart___i have no idea14:13
wart___that's just what soffice whatever.doc yells at me when i run it14:13
wart___and it don't open nothin'14:13
RotwangIt doesn't work, you mean?14:18
wart___Yeah, it doesn't work.14:19
wart___oh it was a DISPLAY issue14:20
wart___my bad14:20
wart___hmm, nope now it geives me a warning: Libreoffice requires a java runtime envoironment to perform this task, please isntall a jre and restart libreoffice14:20
wart___clicking ok sends me into an infinite loop there.14:21
*** ThePub has joined #crux14:24
treachRotwang: "Base" is written i java afaik, possibly the java infection has spread from there.14:38
RotwangI'll have investigate14:40
*** lasso has quit IRC14:52
*** Evil_Bob has quit IRC15:08
entewart___: I think sepen is the one maintaining qt15:29
entehe usually hangs around here15:29
enteLO sucks :-/15:30
enteunfortunately, I know no answer to the problem15:30
entewart___: nice to have you here though15:30
Rotwangente: what is better than LO, in terms of office suites?15:32
entethat's the problem I spoke of, the one where I don't know the answer15:32
enteI tend to use abiword, but it sucks too15:33
enteI rarely need word processing15:33
thrice`why does lo suck?15:33
linXeaOO/LO + Texlive and I would say linux got any imaginable word-processing need covered.15:34
treachthrice`: big, slow, buggy, pulls in heaps of stuff you might not really want?15:49
thrice`it's an office suite, it's supposed to be big and slow15:49
treachI guess we need to notify the calligra people then. ;)15:50
thrice`yeah, sure.  calligra is so shitty, it's a joke15:50
treachwell, it's not particulary heavy at least :p15:51
thrice`it's worthless as a result15:51
treachooh, yeah right..15:51
thrice`i tried it about two weeks ago.  completely ruined formatting on a native .odt spreadsheet15:51
treachwell, I don't think adding moar bloat is the solution to that15:52
ente.odt is scary :-/15:52
entethe concept of zipped XML...15:53
treachtrust me. It's not scarier than doc, or docx..15:53
enteI mean it's nice that they use some sort of standardised format15:53
enteyes, doc is a text string15:53
treacheh, no.15:53
enteit is15:53
entethey kept adding stuff15:53
enteso I heard15:53 are a binary dump from the stack15:54
enteoh god15:54
entethat sounds like emacs's heap image15:54
enteto speed up the start15:54
entehow is that portable?15:54
treachit's not15:54
treachthat's why people who pass around doc files among themselves usually quite quickly find themselves with corrupted files, especially if someone is using an older version of word than the rest.15:55
treachtext/latex ftw.. patch and diff your files as much as you want, or even stuff it in git. :p15:56
Rotwangdox is zipped xml and friends15:58
Rotwangdoc and xml15:58
entexxls? :)15:58
enteor xlsx?15:58
treachRotwang: you forgot the parts that say things like "do this like in office 95" etc. :>16:00
*** horrorSt1uck has joined #crux16:00
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC16:04
*** ardo has quit IRC16:05
teK_@seen jw16:13
clbteK_: I have not seen jw.16:13
teK_@seen jms16:16
clbteK_: jms was last seen in #crux 3 years, 49 weeks, 6 days, 2 hours, 20 minutes, and 40 seconds ago: <jms> hello, i have an old Crux 2.0 CD here.. my question is if i can update the 2.0 to the current 2.3, if i install with the 2.0?16:16
DaViruz@seen pli16:20
clbDaViruz: I have not seen pli.16:20
wart___ente: I need LO since I'm a professor.16:24
wart___where antiword fails.16:24
wart___so here's a *new* problem; trying to get okular installed ( i like to have it around as a backup when zathura bails ) and kdelibs bails saying it needs (if i can tell from the message) docbook XML16:25
wart___of all things!16:25
wart___but, oddly, ports -i | grep docbook tells me contrib/docbook-xml is installed16:25
entehow about xpdf?16:26
wart___well its something like xpdf || zathura || okular :-)16:26
wart___plus okular has some features i use all the time with my touchscreen.16:26
enteah :-)16:26
wart___notably, highlighting16:27
entebut yes, okular has nice touch support16:27
wart___i'd rather get suckered into install just one of the the two evils, not both16:27
enteyou're the second professor I meet on IRC, btw :P16:27
wart___in any case, my experience usually has been that kde is less annoying dependency hell than gnome stuff16:27
wart___if i could get my students to write everything in tex i'd be happy.16:27
enteyou could offer a TeX course ;)16:28
jaegerI turned in my calc homework in college in tex, profs loved it16:28
entewell, that depends entirely on the subject you study, I guess16:28
entein this case16:28
wart___yeah, i'm teaching philosophy16:28
wart___so, you know, those people don't even hardly know WHAT a computeri s16:28
wart___well they debate it at least16:29
teK_philosophy professor in #crux. awesome.16:29
*** treach has quit IRC16:30
teK_I just taught my girlfriend LaTeX (student: master of arts)16:30
wart___yeah kdelibs claims docbook xml 4.2 ain't installed16:31
wart___pkginfo -i | grep docbook tells me it is16:31
enteI guess I'd use roff :-)16:31
enteTeX is too mainstream ;)16:31
wart___whoever the idiot was that thought making *docbook* a requirement for a program should be shot.16:31
entebut yes, back to topic16:31
entemaybe you can patch it out16:32
wart___now, one thing i notice is that in contrib/ there's a docbook-xml and in kde4/ there's also one16:32
enteit's probably a compile time dep or something16:32
wart___so maybe i need to install the other one or something16:32
teK_which version of docbook do you have16:32
wart___is there a way of telling which one of those is in fact installed cuz pkginfo -i just says docbook-xml 4.5-116:32
entehm. if you didn't change pkgmk.conf, probably the one from the directory that contains a package16:33
entethe better question is, why do we have two ports...16:34
teK_% portdbc search docbook-xml |wc -l16:35
teK_it's six.16:35
wart___well jaeger is in charge of the kde4/ one16:35
teK_anyone minding me grabbing lyx?16:36
wart___and Danny Rawlins the contrib one16:36
wart___and they look very different16:36
jaegerI'm not in charge of anything KDE16:37
enteteK_: I heard bad things about lyx, are they true?16:37
wart___well the Pkgfile says you are the Packager16:37
wart___but I guess Alan Mizrahi is the Maintainer16:37
teK_I gave it a quick try.. for beginners it's kinda nice I guess. What do you mean?16:38
jaegerah, so he probably used the one I made for gnome16:38
wart___so maybe i should pull out the contrib/docbook-xml16:38
wart___and install the kde4/docbook-xml16:38
wart___is there an easy-ish way to do that besides flipping kde4 in front of contrib in the .conf file?16:38
wart___and then flipping them back16:39
jaegerYou could download that one port and run pkgmk it its directory16:39
jaegeror put it in your own repo16:39
jaegeror put KDE first16:39
wart___i guess it doesn't hurt to put kde first16:40
wart___is it pretty much safe to just assume -if on all depinst?16:40
wart___i'm tired of things bailing *after* compilation has occurred16:40
wart___and i don't care about security, which i assume is what the f is for16:41
wart___ok, fwiw, using the kde docbook fixed the problem16:42
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:54
entewart___: yes17:11
entewart___: see /etc/pkgmk.conf17:11
entewart___: I use PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW17:11
wart___is ignore_footprint broader than ignore_new?17:11
entethe latter only aborts on missing files17:12
enteignore-fp doesn't abort at all17:12
entemissing files can be bad17:12
enteit rarely aborts for me though17:13
wart___well while kdelibs is chugging away i have to debug why surf crashes on certain cites!17:13
entesome software creates files17:13
wart___gdb indicates it is libsoup17:13
entedepending on which libraries are installed on the system17:13
entehm, I think I heard this somewhere before17:14
entetry the suckless ml archive17:14
wart___i *really* hope i don't have to recompile webkit17:14
wart___well it used to happen to me on gentoo :-)17:14
wart___and then i removed .config/webkit17:14
entedo you have enchant installed?17:14
wart___and that fixed it17:14
wart___i think i have enchant installed17:14
wart___yeah enchant 1.4.2-117:15
wart___hmm, webkit 1.6.1-117:15
wart___that's significantly higher than the 1.4.2 i'm used to17:15
wart___that's probably the devil17:15
wart___that means i will have to recompile webkit17:15
ente... or fix surf ;)17:16
wart___no way, i tried that a couple months ago17:16
wart___when webkit went u from 1.4.2 to 1.4.317:16
wart___it is a total disaster17:16
wart___btw, contrib/webkit is ambiguous; it installs webkit-gtk but there is also webkit-qt17:17
wart___might be worth giving it a namechange17:17
thrice`well, crux just builds it in the qt package, no?17:17
wart___no it grabs webkitgtk judging by the Pkgfile17:18
wart___so quick question: prt-get remove webkit *really* removed it?17:18
thrice`i mean, webkit-qt is provided by qt17:18
wart___that went so darn fast i have my doubts17:18
wart___cool, i can emulate the gentoo world file with the prtfoster .keepers file17:35
entewhat does that do?17:40
wart___someone gave me an updated iso for CRUX the other day (rather than the 2.7 iso from 2010); but i've lost hte url to that17:41
wart___can you resend it?17:41
teK_23:00 <@jaeger> You might be interested in
wart___my buffer ran out :-)17:43
wart___my colleague is having issues getting crux installed17:43
*** vee has joined #crux17:48
veesomeone should write a dictionary that translates man into language when it comes to speaking17:49
*** Nomius has joined #crux18:05
wart___ok, another little frustration.  the default fonts in surf and chromium is something that looks maybe like garamond?  i have no idea18:08
wart___pkginfo -i | grep fonts shows i have18:08
wart___both installed18:08
wart___maybe there's some other font?18:08
wart___i hate this font and i want the nice looking one that i magically got for free on my gentoo box :-)18:09
wart___xlsfonts tells me i've just got garamond and terminus!18:10
*** ThePub has quit IRC18:12
*** jaminja has quit IRC18:14
*** ThePub has joined #crux18:16
Nomiuswart___, fc-cache?18:16
wart___the output of xlsclients remains the same after the fc-cache -f18:17
wart___i'm gonna guess that chromium/webkit don't read .Xresources and my *font: -*-terminus-medium-* and so on entry there :p18:19
Nomiuswart___, where did you downloaded terminus?18:19
NomiusI've been looking for that font for some time already18:20
wart___Nomius: its one of the fonts in a port somewhere18:20
wart___it works fine in st :-)18:20
NomiusOh, ok :-)18:20
wart___its in jaeger's port18:20
wart___st is a suckless terminal18:20
*** ThePub has quit IRC18:20
wart___it also looks fine in urxvt :-)18:20
NomiusGreat, I use the last one :-)18:21
NomiusI like my transparency :-)18:21
wart___man there are so many xorg-font-*18:22
wart___anyone have a suggestion for one that "looks nice enough" in firefox/chromium/et al?18:23
wart___i love terminus on the commandline but not in browser18:23
*** ThePub has joined #crux18:23
*** linXea has quit IRC18:26
*** ThePub has quit IRC18:37
*** jdolan has quit IRC18:48
wart___thanks; i'm still curious to figure out which font from xlsfonts chromium / webkit "pick up on" as the default18:57
*** joe9 has quit IRC19:00
*** Ovim-Obscurum has quit IRC19:01
*** ardo1 has quit IRC19:02
*** Ovim-Obscurum has joined #crux19:03
wart___fwiw, all i had to do is install x11-fonts-dejavu19:44
*** crshd has quit IRC19:46
horrorSt1uckwart___: check out my freetype package with infinality patchset if you want awesome fonts
horrorSt1uckyou may have to log out/log in once it's installed20:21
*** horrorSt1uck is now known as horrorStruck20:22
horrorStruckoh and make sure your ~/.Xresources looks like this
horrorStruckthen stare at your screen. it's ok to cry.20:44
*** Necrosporus has joined #crux21:07
*** Necrosporus has joined #crux21:07
wart___what's the lcdfilter line?21:10
wart___here's my Xdefualts:
wart___i'm actually less into awesome fonts (anything is better than Garamond!); in fact, I want less fonts; it always bothered me that I had to have *all* these various fonts installed on gentoo21:11
wart___when really i only used terminus and whatever default font chromium used (which turns out is dejavu)21:11
wart___horrorStruck: but got a screenshot?21:12
horrorStruckit's noy more fonts, it just makes them look great21:12
horrorStruckcheck i'm usimg my phone right now21:15
horrorStruckfile is not Xdefaults by the way, it's Xresources21:16
wart___horrorStruck: i thought you could call it either21:19
horrorStruckmaybe you're right. i dont know :) i have both21:20
wart___horrorStruck: and are your patches in a Pkgfile somewhere?21:22
*** Dudde has quit IRC21:23
wart___and fyi Xdefaults = Xresources21:23
*** Dudde has joined #crux21:24
horrorStruckthe archive is a Pkgfile21:25
wart___the archive?  where?21:25
horrorStruckthe one i posted earlier21:26
wart___the .tar.bz2?21:26
*** aubic has quit IRC21:27
wart___ok, so remind me again.  i just did an prt-get -if depinst okular and it yells at me that Footprint mismatch found21:28
wart___there are four NEW and a few MISSING but they are all related to /usr/share/kde4*desktop files.21:29
wart___so i'm inclined to ignore them all21:29
wart___but how do i do this *without* recompiling okular again.21:29
*** jdolan has joined #crux21:40
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan21:40
jaegerAt the point that the footprint mismatch is reported the package is built21:40
jaegeryou could just pkgadd it21:40
wart___so i have okular#4.7.2-1.pkg.tar.gz21:42
wart___and i did sudo pkgadd okular#4.7.2-1.pkg.tar.gz21:42
wart___it didn't report any errors or anything and it didn't install21:42
wart___oh nm21:43
wart___it did install21:43
wart___man, thats so quick21:43
wart___yuck, okular wants dbus21:44
wart___i want to be dbus free21:44
thrice`dbus is harmless :>21:44
wart___cool, and all the okular pixmaps aren't install21:49
wart___that's probably some other kde package21:49
wart___a like how lack of a package makes me rewrite some of my scripts.21:51
wart___i had a bunch of old scripts that used xv21:51
wart___might as well just modernize them to use feh21:51
wart___oops ww21:57
wart___so i need which is giflib in gentoo; but ports -l | grep gif doesn't show it22:02
thrice`it's in contrib, if you choose to enable that22:04
wart___i just see gift22:05
wart___and gift-*22:05
wart___maybe its ungif, i'm not sure :p22:06
thrice`eek, sorry, giblib is in contrib22:06
wart___presumably there's no way to do a e-file and it'll query some database to determine what port (even if it isn't installed) a file might below to22:06
wart___(that's a kinda neat feature gentoo invented along the way)22:07
thrice`prt-get fsearch  will hunt through footprints22:07
wart___nothing from prt-get fsearch
*** ThePub has joined #crux22:30
*** ThePub_ has joined #crux22:39
*** ThePub has quit IRC22:42
*** aubic has joined #crux23:06
*** vee has quit IRC23:52

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