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pitillogood morning01:16
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prologicwart___, just search for libgif04:55
prologicprovided by gift port04:56
Romstermorning from down under04:56
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* ente Buddy Holly - Oh, Boy! (The Chirping Crickets) (2:09)07:18
enteapropos... :)07:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: glew: romster -> contrib07:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: yacy: contrib -> romster07:25
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dmidecode: 2.10 -> 2.1108:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: lzo: 2.04 -> 2.0608:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-date-manip: 6.24 -> 6.2508:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-io-socket-ssl: 1.44 -> 1.4808:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-xml-writer: 0.604 -> 0.61208:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: physfs: 2.0.1 -> 2.0.208:59
Romsterman this version sort is starting to pay off on the hard work all those were spotted from that.08:59
wart___so i haven't been able to get latex installed ; if anyone figures it out, i'd be much obliged.  it'd save me some massive bits of documentation reading (if i recall from trying it last time)09:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vdpau-video: 0.7.2 -> 0.7.309:07
Romstersorry that's one i have not touched.09:07
Romsterlinux from scratch hasn't got a guide?09:07
Romsterhmm coffee break.09:12
joe9this is not a crux specific question, but given the experience/knowledge of the folks here, I just want to run this by you.09:14
joe9has anyone tried per-directory shell history?09:14
joe9liked it or hated it?09:14
jaegerNot I09:15
Romsteri haven not tried it or even thought about trying that.09:15
joe9ok, thanks.09:15
Romsternot to say others haven't tried it... it's rather quiet in here currently.09:16
joe9ok, thanks. Romster, jaeger09:16
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joe9 -- found this helpful.09:16
joe9to guide me, but, just wanted to check how useful/not it could be to the current shell workflow.09:17
Romsterhm i /think/ i id dread about this a very long time ago and jsut forgot about it.09:18
Romsteri did read*09:18
joe9oh, ok.09:18
Romsteri might find it a pain at first if i tried it.09:19
Romstercould be useful.09:19
Romsteror i might be stuck in my own ways and hate it with a vengeance :D09:19
Romsteri dunno. too lazy to try it.09:19
jaegerWhat kind of situation would necessitate per-directory history?09:26
Romsterno idea09:34
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Romsterup2date |tee /tmp/up2date-contrib
Romsterso tired heading to bed, ^ some ports in contrib need bumping.10:22
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jaegerheh... managed to get a gnome3 session running using openbox instead of metacity/mutter... looks like shit but it's a start11:49
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entewhy would you do that? :P12:22
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jaegerente: which part?14:36
frinnstbother with gnome3? :)14:44
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enteuse openbox on gnome315:12
enteand bother with gnome3 in general15:12
jaegerthe openbox thing was just a test to see if it was working at all. metacity was crashing instantly15:13
jaegeropenbox ran fine and allowed the rest of the session to start15:13
jaegermutter works now, too, after I rebuilt it with some fixed deps15:14
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thrice`ente is just someone who hates everything, I think15:31
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entethrice`: I hate you15:55
entehow can you say such a thing?15:55
thrice`because you seem to complain about almost all OSS projects :p15:56
entewhere did I complain?15:56
entejaeger: that's good news15:57
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thrice`oh, thought you were against gnome3 there15:59
enteI do have some points against gnome3, but that doesn't mean I hate it16:00
enteI don't care if someone uses it, but I still find glib rather ugly (from a source code point of view) and I remember that at least gnome2 was rather hard to package16:00
enteas for gnome3 on crux, crux can benefit from it16:01
thrice`jaeger, without pam too?16:02
entewhy are we still without pam? :)16:02
Rotwangyeah, I hate beeing without a pam16:03
entepam has it's benefits. I never needed it on crux, but it wouldn't have hurt, no?16:04
thrice`seems like the last 2 or 3 releases have been security issues :-)16:04
thrice`just yesterday :-)16:05
enteI wonder about patching glibc to support saslauthd16:05
enteone thing I find dubious about pam is that all of the plugins segfault if you start them :)16:05
entebut then again, that's normal for libraries16:06
jaegerthrice`: so far, no pam... polkit was the holdup before but it seems like --with-authfw=shadow actually disables the pam checks now16:06
jaegerI don't mind a clean PAM setup but diagnosing someone else's broken PAM stack can be a pain16:06
thrice`ah, cool.  I remember one of the slackware guys wrote that backend, since they don't have pam either, but ship KDE which needs polkit16:06
entedepends or depends optionally?16:07
jaegerIt's been available for quite a few versions but the problem was that even if you used shadow it still had hard-coded PAM header checks and junk16:07
jaegerthat seems to be gone now16:07
entethen that's another point I criticise about gnome (and KDE too, probably)16:08
entelast time I checked, consolekit and policykit were plain unconfigurable16:08
enteand that was not too long ago16:08
jaegerI haven't delved deeply into those yet16:09
thrice`jaeger, so do you have the shell actually loading then, too?16:09
entealso, poettering is kind of an asshole, but let's ignore that for now :P16:10
enteso is drepper, and I still use glibc16:10
thrice`i'm using gnome3 on a laptop, running debian, and think it's growing on me :016:10
thrice`yeah, I like its simplicity16:12
thrice`eg. what everyone seems to hate it for :p16:12
jaegerthrice`: not yet, I was building the fallback session deps first16:14
jaegerente: are there any truly viable alternatives to glibc for a full-featured system?16:15
thrice`debian ships eglibc by default :-)16:15
thrice`no idea how much of a fork that really is, though16:15
jaegerno idea but at least it's a data point16:16
jaegerI very nearly bought that thinkpad I was talking about yesterday, they were on sale16:16
jaegerdecided to wait a bit, it'll go on sale again16:16
entejaeger: BSD libc :)16:25
jaegerI suppose there's that16:25
entejaeger: also musl, but it doesn't support C++ yet16:26
entethat's about it for a full-featured system16:26
jaegerI'd say musl doesn't count, with that large drawback16:27
entesomeone's working on it16:27
entemusl is relatively new (first release was half a year ago or so)16:27
entethe author is a nice guy16:27
entebut of course I hate him >:(16:28
jaegerhate on, brother!16:28
frinnsti tried it on fedora16:32
frinnsto sry, had the log up16:32
frinnstanyways, thrice.. you like gnome3?16:33
frinnsti used it with fedora.. fount it useless16:33
frinnstbut maybe that's mostly fedoras fault :)16:33
frinnstafk, zzzzz16:33
thrice`well, I didn't initially on fedora, as it was a little slow.  runs much quicker on debian, which makes it a little more enjoyable16:33
jaegerI've only used it a little bit so far in ubuntu but I do most of my work in a terminal so it wasn't any worse for me16:34
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enteI've used unity on ubuntu.. it felt weird16:35
thrice`yeah, I think that's awful16:36
thrice`especially when you see stuff like this:
enteI heard unity is the one closest to gnome 3, but different. Is that true (in a way)?16:37
entehosed by browser16:37
enteff 7.0.1 keeps segfaulting16:37
thrice`gtk+3.0_3.2.0-0ubuntu3.patch   24-Oct-2011 07:28    44M16:37
enteand then people say emacs is big16:37
thrice`that's a patch!16:37
enteyes, exactly16:38
enteone of the many patches for unity ;)16:38
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joe9how do i write the source for a sourceforge download file? is not working. error:
joe9whereas this url works,
joe9but I cannot get the source to recognised properly.18:22
joe9found this.18:22
joe9that should help me out.18:22
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joe9none of the download sourceforge linkes seem to work.18:27
joe9i have the alias in /etc/hots dl.sf.net18:27
joe9i mean hosts18:27
joe9 is there any way I can use this url in the source?18:30
joe9this url works, but I am not sure how to put this in the source of the Pkgfile18:32
joe9cp /var/pkgmk/distfiles/download?source=files /var/pkgmk/work/expect/src -- is what it is trying to do.18:32
joe9found the tk pkgfile which seems to do the same.18:34
jaegerI find that for sourceforge$name/$name-$version.tar.whatever usually works18:56
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joe9jaeger: ok, thakns.19:17
wart___so how does the package manager determine the information that goes in the footprint file?  I take it it uses the file to figure out what to remove when you do a prt-get remove foo19:28
joe9by what it installs to $PKG folder19:28
joe9i think19:28
joe9/var/pkgmk/work/expect/pkg , for example19:28
wart___ok.  but how does it trick somethin ginto installing in the $PKG dir?  Or as a Pkgfile writer, am I supposed to do that?19:29
wart___the reason I ask is because I'm working on a texlive Pkgfile and it just has a single ./install shell script19:29
joe9make install MKLINKS_FLAGS="-s" INSTALL_ROOT=$PKG19:29
joe9like that, I think19:29
wart___ is one i wrote19:30
wart___i mean borrowed19:30
wart___and this is the texlive one (so far)
wart___ah, so mine isn't gonna work cuz i didn't put a DESTDIR=$PKG19:31
wart___and probably can't, to be honest19:31
wart___where does PKG get defined?19:31
wart___this one also will break i take it:
wart___what to do in these sorts of situations?19:33
jaegerIt's set by pkgmk19:34
joe9can anyone take some of my crux ports and put them into crux db?
wart___i take it that the crux mailing list is as quiet as the archive suggests?20:26
jaegerIt's pretty quiet, yeah20:37
jaegerjoe9: can that url be used by httpup?20:37
joe9jaeger: i don't think that httpup can work with github stuff, yet.20:38
joe9romster said that it is a feature that is yet to be implemented20:38
jaegerhttpup has no special code for github that I'm aware of, yeah... just wondered if github could do the work20:38
jaegerdepending on user-agent or something20:38
Romsterjoe9, i use$name/$name/$version/$name-$version.tar.gz20:41
Romsterdepends on the project folder name though20:41
joe9romster, ok. thanks.20:41
joe9i think this one had an initcase for the second $name20:41
Romsterwart___, it stores a copy in /var/lib/pkg/db for each file for every package you install it does not use the .footprint files to install.20:43
Romsterjoe9, can anyone take some of my crux ports and put them into crux db? <- i dunno how long that feature will get added to ports command but i have noticed some use a google projects page without any issues in portsdb.20:44
Romsterjaeger, joe9 the insecure ssl option to curl for httpup driver.20:45
joe9i have strong feelings about google code stuff as it does not work with some of my browsers. Hence, been trying to avoid checking it out.20:46
wart___joe9: what browser?20:49
joe9either uzbl or links2, not sure which one.20:49
wart___should work in uzbl; works in surf and that's a webkit/soup-based monster too20:52
wart___might well not work in links2 :-)20:52
Romsterbig boom20:56
Romsterjoe9, setup dyndns and install apache or lightttpd?20:56
Romsterproviding your pc is always on?20:56
joe9romster, no, its' not. i do not want to waste power and try to switch it off as much as i can. but, thanks for the idea.20:57
Romsteryou can get soem itx boards that use less than 10 watts20:59
joe9ok, thanks.20:59
jaegerpogoplug! =D20:59
Romsterswitching a pc on and off a lot isn't good for it20:59
jaegerthere's probably some free hosting out there that would work20:59
Romsterperhaps someone will offer some space.21:00
joe9or, just pull them into their repo21:00
Romsteri guess you could host them on my slow connection but it's up 99.9% of the time.21:01
joe9Romster: thanks. that is an option. will think about it.21:17
rmulljoe9: I could take them if you want21:17
rmulljust have to ping me manually if you want them updated21:17
joe9rmull, that would be cool. will happily do that.21:18
rmullWhich ports?21:19
rmullthey don't look correct in some cases21:20
rmull'expect' pkgfile should have maintainer updated21:20
joe9rmull, just did that. thanks.21:20
rmulland that commented line21:21
rmullAre you making sure that --disable-nls doesn't apply in the cases where you don't have it included in the ./configure line?21:21
joe9rmull, just removed that commented line.21:22
joe9rmull, no, I had no idea i was supposed to do something about the disable-nls stuff.21:22
joe9i just have it for the geda package21:23
joe9and I think you took that package over.21:23
rmullthe texinfo dependencies list needs fixing21:23
joe9would you mind taking over expect, m4-examples, stow and texinfo21:23
rmullThe m4-examples package - that's just m4, but with documentation included?21:25
joe9rmull, it is not actually m4, but the examples that are a part of the m4 package21:26
joe9the examples add some pretty cool snippets21:26
joe9that I use.21:26
joe9hence, added them in.21:26
rmullBut according to this, you still have to build all of m4?21:26
rmullCan you rework the build so that you only get the examples?21:27
joe9yes, I build m4 and then rm out the other stuff.21:27
joe9i tried to get only the m4-examples stuff out, but could not.21:27
joe9I could check to see if I can do something differently.21:27
joe9ok, I will add it to my to-do list, then.21:28
rmullthere may be an option in the makefile to just assemble the docs, and if they don't need to be put together with some make call, just a cp should do it21:28
joe9ok, makes sense. will check it out.21:29
rmulljoe9: kinda busy at the moment to test these out - just wanted to let you know that I'd be willing to host them. I've cloned your repo and just need to get a chance to try them out locally before pushing them.21:37
joe9ok, thanks. it does not have to be now, but, whenever you have a free minute, would be awesome.21:39
joe9i think it will help the crux community to be adding such ports.21:39
rmullfeel free to keep reminding me :P21:40
joe9ok, will do.21:40
rmullIf we're going to do this you may want to list yourself as packager and me as maintainer?21:40
rmullAnd in the meantime you should try to see what the crux devs are up to in terms of getting ports-on-github support working21:41
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joe9rmull, done. added you as the maintainer and myself as the packager21:59
rmulljoe9: Cool, sounds good22:05

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