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pitillogood morning00:59
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pitilloummm mythtv depending on qt3? has someone experience with it?01:22
horrorStruckprologic_ recently set up a new media box with mythtv IIRC01:26
teK_my experience was that the port-version did not build01:29
horrorStruckDepends on:  mysql, qt4, lame01:32
pitilloteK_: I remember I had problems too with the current version when I tested it01:33
pitillohorrorStruck: thank you very much, I'll take a look to it. I was looking to contrib01:33
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horrorStruckNOTE:  Qt v4.4 or higher is required. <--- from
pitilloummmm I'll try along this weekend. qt4 will need lot of time to build here (near 48h)01:45
pitilloteK_: arm01:48
horrorStruckclfs to the rescue :P01:55
pitillohorrorStruck: it's harder to cross compile it than make a native build01:57
teK_you cuold try meanwhile (in the course of those 48h)01:57
teK_but you are right.. cross-compiling _is_ a bitch01:58
horrorStruckah ok. i have close to 0 experience with cross-compiling, except for my router firmware but toolchain, patches and build  scripts are already there...01:58
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teK_even then I never got that shit working (although I gave up pretty quickly)01:59
pitilloI have no hurry teK_ with a good swap it was built with some fixes some time ago01:59
horrorStruckbuild erroring afet 36 hours. better have some cool beers in the fridge02:00
pitillohorrorStruck: it's the same as that, you need all deps cross compiled and installed in the cross rootfs. Really hard to work with cross build really (pkg-config to manage deps and don't mix with host)02:00
teK_I failed creating the toolchain.. ;)02:01
pitillohorrorStruck: that's right, but there is no other way. If I was in a rush... sure I would have a farm to develop :)02:01
horrorStruckpitillo: i already have headaches now02:01
pitilloteK_: ummmm it's hard too. It's a big world where I started some time ago and seems that it hasn't an end. You can deep more and more and don't stop learning about02:02
horrorStruckpitillo: what kind of machine is it?02:02
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pitillohorrorStruck: it's an efikamx smarttop (imx51) from genesi02:03
horrorStruckok, thanks. need2google02:03
teK_pitillo: yeah, partially it's an interesting world, too..02:04
pitilloteK_: true, at least it is for me. Thinking in power consumption these machines are really good (and day by day, less power and more powerfull) This was the reason to start putting hands on crossbuilds and toolchain world (kernel world for devices is another history, very big for me atm)02:06
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horrorStruckpitillo: maybe you could get some inspiration from I could cross build packages for my RT-N16 easilly. Maybe so ideas to borrow from their scripts. It will build a tool chain and then allow you to build packages and their deps of course.02:12
pitillohorrorStruck: check CRUX-ARM Makefiles are right to build the entire enviroment (toolchain, pkgutils-cross, kernels...) :)02:15
pitillowe've had read a lot from clfs to OE... and all strategies are quite manual (clfs) or complex (OE)02:17
horrorStruckah ok :)02:22
* horrorStruck feels silly02:22
horrorStruckwell, you already did a lot of work on that and i come with my semi-related router packages build scripts02:27
pitillohorrorStruck: all info is welcome really. That's another way or another option, it's good to know about it too :)02:28
horrorStruckok :)02:29
Romsterpitillo, vbox arm build in that on the fast pc?02:59
teK_or qemu :>02:59
Romsteror any other VM02:59
RomsterhorrorStruck, what become of the xorg updates you were doing did you do them on your own git tree?03:02
horrorStruckRomster: some decisions have to be taken by the maintainer03:08
horrorStrucki can't take them by myself03:08
horrorStrucklibpthreads does only ship .pc files now, it breaks sone stuff03:09
horrorStrucklipthread-stubs so be precise03:09
horrorStruckxdm now does not include xdmshell except if you want it to03:09
horrorStruckwhat shall i do?03:10
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horrorStrucki'll give it another shot this week-end and maybe propose the different solutions we have. that's only a few ports but I'd need guidance on some ports ortherwise i'll do that for nothing.03:14
pitilloRomster: I don't know if vbox supports arm emulation (I think it doesn't) and qemu emulates armv5te and it's reaaaaally slow. It's good to make tests (toolchain or binary builds tests) but not for work with it IMHO03:22
frinnstits even slower than the real thing? :D03:51
pitillofrinnst: it is it is... more boring03:53
pitilloyou know about it...03:53
prologicpitillo, hey04:06
prologicyou interested in mythtv for crux?04:06
prologicI got a backend/frontend and frontend (2 devices) working just fine04:06
prologiclemme know if you need a hand, etc04:06
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pitilloprologic: thank you very much. horrorStruck point me to your ports collection. I need some time to give it a try. Its dependencie in qt4 make it slow in time (under arm)04:09
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RomsterhorrorStruck, report your findings to tilma_n along with the ports diff thatyou managed to update without issues. let tilma_n do the deciding.06:18
Romsterat least it would reduce his workload a tad.06:18
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horrorStruckRomster: i will, i sent him lftp and  urxvt today06:37
Romsteranything helps as long as it's well explained.06:39
horrorStruckfor the past e can't use sent?06:43
horrorStruckor i have sent?06:44
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Romstersent is past send is present.06:46
Romsteroh you sent already.... that's ok then my bad.06:46
Romsterjust sounded broken grammar.06:46
Romsteryou said "i will" at the start which implies you haven't sent it yet.06:47
Romsteryou meant to say i have sent it...06:47
Romsteranyways i'm no English expert either so i might be flawed somewhere too.06:48
horrorStrucki will for xorg. anyway, i'm french so my english pretty much sucks06:49
Romsterthat's ok :)06:51
Romsterbut it helps if someone points out mistakes. i don't mind if someone points out mistakes to me. only way to learn.06:52
horrorStrucki appreciate too. but i thought "sent" was OK so you destroyed my 25+ years habit of english practice in one line :P06:54
Romstersent is ok but you preceded it with "i will" will is future, have is past.06:56
Romsterso i only picked up on will then seen sent and that confused me :D06:56
Romstersent is ok but not followed from will06:57
Romsteranyways... enough of my monologue06:58
Romsteri'm enjoying some vodka on a friday evening.06:58
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horrorStruckcheers then. i love vodka. great with apple juice too07:03
Romsteri'm having it with citrus but i'll try apple Juice next time.07:09
Romster"My name is Miss Lisa Please accept my apology if my mode of contacting you will in any way offend you. I am compelled to contact you via this medium because i needed a friend from that part of the world. We will get to know each other in details if my proposition accepted. l am a student in UK but originally from USA."07:10
Romsterstupid spam07:10
Romsternow that has bad grammar07:10
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Romsterwb horrorStruck
horrorStruckjust checked :P07:15
Romsteri always wished that irc could buffer the last x amount of lines on re-connection07:15
Romsterand discrd them if your off longer than some time period or the buffer overflows.07:16
horrorStruckworst thing is i had no idea i was offline07:16
Romsterlol, typing to /dev/null :D07:16
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horrorStruckwhat the07:44
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Nomius|wrkjust a small question about "ports"...07:47
Nomius|wrkhttpup driver requires ROOT_DIR to be set...07:47
Nomius|wrkWhere does it get set up?07:48
Nomius|wrkI looked around in /usr/bin/ports and in /etc/* and I couldn't find it...07:49
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Nomius|wrkNevermind, I just saw it is set in the sync file07:51
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jaegerpitillo: ah, so you're the other person genesi sent stuff :)08:32
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jaegerAnyone have a copy of the xulrunner Pkgfile since it was removed?09:17
horrorStruckgit never forgets :)09:41
jaegerhrmm, good point. thanks09:45
pitillojaeger: yes, acrux sent the request and genesi sent him the stuff. He was working with them and CRUX-PPC10:09
jaegerpitillo: I used to work with one of their devs here10:10
jaeger(before he went to genesi)10:10
pitilloyes, he told me about :)10:11
jaegerah :)10:11
pitillogood guy and with lot of kownlegde too10:11
jaegerI knew they had sent some stuff to acrux and he mentioned another person but couldn't remember a name10:11
pitillosepen and me started with 2.6 and then, he told us about genesi when we were finishing 2.7 release10:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libsamplerate: 0.1.7 -> 0.1.810:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cpuid: 20101002 -> 2011030510:34
rmullIs there a crux mips ?11:04
jaegerNone of which I'm aware11:10
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entetry NetBSD instead ;)11:48
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jaegerwhen firefox went from version 3.x to 7.x or whatever, did xulrunner go away completely or is it all bundled now? I wonder if I can get gjs to use 7.x15:07
jaegerhrmm... I wonder where JS_updateMallocCounter lives16:02
jaegerI guess there's still the xulrunner subdir in the 7.0.1 source16:04
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prologicpitillo, yeah it requires the new qt4 now19:57
Romsterwonder if anything needs qt3 anymore.20:26
Romsterjaeger, apparantly xulrunner was getting stagnet because it had to not break stuff that depended on xulrunner, so firefox started to use the one in the firefox archive and break the ABI. so i'll be very suprised if you can link anything other than firefox to the included xulrunner in the firefox archive.20:28
Romsteryou may have to go back in git commits and revive the old xulrunner port.20:28
jaegermakes sense, though I did manage to get gjs to link properly with xulrunner 7.0.120:28
jaegerdidn't work with any earlier ones20:28
Romsterperhhaps gjs has moved to the new ABI in xulrunner then20:29
Romsterless effort for you as you don't have to mess with the old xulrunner port.20:30
jaegerI tried the older one first, though, silly me20:31
jaeger3.6.15, then I tried 3.6.26 or whatever the latest 3.6 version is, then 7.0.1 worked20:32
Romsteryou went the long way lol20:33
Romsteroh well.20:33
Romsterkeep the old xulrunner handy you never know when you might need it.20:33
Romster sweet a starcraft engine :D20:36
Romsterthough mono :/20:36
wart___so i'm still very much a new crux user; i just wondered what people usually do as a routine every couple weeks/months to upgrade the system.20:38
wart___i take it it start swith ports -u20:38
wart___but then what?20:38
rmullwart___: prt-get sysup --test20:39
rmullIf the output looks like things you want to update, remove the --test20:39
wart___thanks, will that also upgrade packages tha tdepend on those?20:40
wart___i mean recompile them20:41
Romsteri usysally do prt-get diff then see what's been changed.20:41
Romsterbefore deciding.20:42
Romsteri'm not actually sure if sysup does update each package that another one depends on first, i never checked that.20:43
Romsterit may do, since depinst can. so sysup may use some of the dependency code of depinst but for updating.20:43
Romsterwart___, after you decide what you want to sysup and possibly not update yet with --ignore=foo,bar,baz20:44
Romsterrun rejmerge to check for configuration changes.20:44
Romsteryou are also meant to /etc/rc.d/foo stop any services before updating those then start them after the update + rejmerge20:45
Romsterjaeger, do you have a testing branch in your gnome tree? i fancy running my version sort over it :)20:45
Romsterevery day i look at a source url and fix up stuff it misses.20:46
jaegerthe live gnome tree is woefully out of date and broken, I'm only planning to make the new tree public when it works20:46
jaegergnome 3.2.1 vs 2.30 or whatever20:47
Romsterhmm that is a major change.20:47
jaegeryeah, very different set of packages and issues, heh20:47
Romsteroh i haven't ran over xfce4 yet i should try that and see how well sepen is keeping it up to date hehe.20:48
jaegerI ran it a couple months ago or so, it was looking good, except for icons being missing20:48
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jaegerinstalling the icon theme from a slightly older release worked, though20:48
Romstershame they wont keep the older gnome2 maintained for security releases only?20:50
jaegerThey might, I don't know... haven't looked, to be honest20:50
rmulljoe9: ping20:51
Romsterhehe i found one so far20:57
Romsterristretto 0.2.120:57
Romsterand another hmm this tool is  going to be sweet20:58
jaegernice :)20:58
Romsterdoesn't do the version-ed directories yet but i'l get to that.20:59
Romsteras a bonus i'll make it eventualyl sort by best to worst found compression like sort order xz lzma bzip2 gz20:59
Romsterhmm a ton of untracked files in xfce i'll attack those after lunch.21:08
rmulljoe9: Added your 'expect' to my ports. Only change I made was to remove the trailing forward slash from the URL in the Pkgfile.21:12
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Romsterthe server/browser defaults to adding that i never really know if i should have that on the end of my urls or not.21:13
rmulljoe9: Is the INSTALL_ROOT argument to make necessary in that package?21:16
Romsterusually it's only needed on the make install21:17
Romsterjoe9, really needs to clean them up.21:18
rmullIt's on the make install, but there is an INSTALL_ROOT as well as a DESTDIR. On my ports I only have a DESTDIR. Is INSTALL_ROOT necessary21:21
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rmullRomster: This is the port:
rmulljoe9: Your .footprint on 'stow' does not have root perms21:25
rmullPlease fix in your git and I'll re-pull21:27
rmullIn the future please run prtcheck/prtverify21:27
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horrorStruckRomster: can you use vs on remote dirs?22:22
horrorStruckwell vs is obviouslt remote but the other tool, the one that checks for updates22:29
horrorStrucklike vserioncheck remote_repo or something?22:30
RomsterhorrorStruck, yes22:50
Romsterwell it currently uses a ports tree or urls directly.22:51
Romsterhaven't made it to check a ports tree that does not exist on the computer.22:51
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Romsteri could but whats the point of that?22:51
horrorStrucknot cloning any tree of the universe :)22:52
Romsteryeah but why would that be a benefit other than to see if some personal ports collection is up to date that your not using yourself?22:53
horrorStruckset up a cron job and send weekly email to repo owners :)22:54
Romsteri could do that.22:55
Romsterbut not until i iron the bugs out of the sorting.22:55
Romsterwell at least the ones i've spotted.22:55
Romsterabout to do some more work on it now.22:55
horrorStruckwhen there's no result it means vs couldn't list the archives dir ?22:56
Romsterbut it may onyl list some of the files not all if the format of the file name is different.22:56
Romsteror any if it's not even matching any rules.22:57
horrorStrucki see. huge headaches you must have had22:57
Romster328 lines and counting :D22:57
horrorStruckgo vs go !22:57
Romster4th rewrite22:57
Romsteryes it's a major one.22:57
horrorStruckhow do you call the version check tool?22:57
Romsterthis probably explains why no one has attempted this.22:58
Romstera few ways ive got the vs, lsurl and up2date tools.22:58
Romstervs does the sorting of file name strings.22:58
Romsterlsurl will list any href and ftp directories and files.22:58
Romstera feat in itself due to the brokenness of some html.22:59
horrorStruckso you have lsurl -> vs > up2date chain22:59
Romsterup2date front end simpilly goes though the ports tree of every port gets the source array lsurls each url. then pipes that into vs then i now filter that to remove any files that do not mach the source url /.* name only part.23:00
Romsterup2date -> lsurl -> vs23:00
horrorStruckok thanks for the explanation !23:01
horrorStruckis the code available yet?23:01
rmullup2date may not be the best name23:01
Romstermaking it so one tool one job the linux way.23:01
rmullThat's the tool that RHEL4 used to manage packages23:01
Romsterprobably not... got a better idea?23:01
rmullNo, just wanted to mention that it was "claimed"23:02
Romsteri actaulyl thought of it myself before finding out ti's been used elsewhere.23:02
rmullI don't doubt that23:02
Romsterit's all experiential still. things will change.23:02
rmullLooking forward to this project23:03
Romsterwas also thinking of changing vs to sortvs so it's closer to the sort command already23:03
Romsteror vssort23:03
rmullThis will replace that ruby script for checking upstream source repos, right?23:03
rmullthank goodness23:03
Romsterwell that'll still exist this is my attempt to it.23:03
Romsterend user can use what ever tool they prefer.23:04
Romsterck4up isn't a bad tool but i jsut see a better method alias far more effort.23:04
Romsteri'm hoping to have a C version lib for version sorting later on too than just shell.23:05
Romsterbut that'll be after this is ironed out.23:05
Romsterthis is more of a mockup in shell to show the other programmer how i want the results and let them program the internals.23:06
Romstersince i suck at C.23:06
Romsterand yes C isn't good for string stuff but the reason i would like it in C is to allow other package managers to link to it.23:06
Romsterand use it for there diff purposes.23:07
rmullC is fine for string stuff. You just have to be explicit and not many people have time for that.23:07
Romsterjust more effort in C than in C++ or some other higher level language.23:07
horrorStruckRomster: i guess you've heard about con kolivas, he recently worked on a sorting algo, maybe you'll find it interesting
Romsterrmull, your quite smart from what i gather in this channel and horrorStruck isn't far behind.23:08
Romstercon kolivas, i use his BFS23:08
Romsterfor quite some time now it's awesome.23:08
horrorStruckthere's cksort now23:08
Romsterhrmm i was not aware of that...23:08
Romsterif it does what i'm doing now i'm gonna cry :D23:09
horrorStruckcheck his blog, code, bench and details on that project23:09
rmullRomster: Is your implementation different from sort -V23:12
rmullHaven't tried it myself, just spotted it in the manpage23:13
Romsterumm i've only tried -n not -V O_O23:13
* Romster tests23:14
Romsterhmm that's no good need a more complex list to see.23:15
rmullMay be important to consider that not all systems may be running the GNU sort, shrug23:16
Romsteri think my sort is far more complex.23:19
Romster1.1.12-1 is at the bottom but then it borks on the beta keyword too. but then i haven't added that particular match to vs yet either.23:20
Romsteri got an idea.23:21
Romsterrun it over the entire contrib comparing it along side my vs.23:24
Romsteri've looked at the sort man page many of times why did i not see the -V in there before.23:25
Romsterhell iv'e even looked though the soruce code of it.23:25
Romsterand in glibc and qsort and numeric sort and yeah....23:25
Romsterbut that was some tine ago now.23:26
Romsteri was even contemplating making a lexer23:26
Romstergrr when the fuck was this -V added23:30
RomsterGIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true isn't even mentioned in the git-clone man page.23:53

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