IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2011-10-29

RomsterCommitter: Karel Zak <>  2011-08-16 18:16:4400:04
Romsterlogger: improve descriptions on man page, sort the options, add -h and -V00:04
Romsterurge to kill -_-00:04
Romsterno f-ing wonder i never seen those.00:04
RomsterYou have exceeded the maximum file size of 500 kilobytes per paste. PRO users don't have this limit!00:12
Romsterstupid pastebin..00:12
Romsterlooks like i have wasted many hours :( can you spot any mistakes in that? rmull horrorStruck00:15
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Romsteras in sort order i know vs is missing lots of strings still.00:16
Romster apparantly there is a sort -V that did not exist when i looked though the source code ages ago. so all the time i've spent on this version sort thing is a waste.00:21
Romsterok that's one error i've spotted.00:33
Romstersince i'm descending sort ocaml-3.12.1.tar.gz should come first.00:34
Romsteropt be there soon too hmm i should start limiting the number of lines to say 5 for each list.00:44
Romsterlooks like I can use sort -V and move onto the next stage of development.00:45
Romsterok some changes files will now appear in soon i've setup a script to automate it.01:01
Romsteri'll cron it soon too.01:01
Romsteroh i got a crazy idea sql this data and then i can have a neat page for users to see there versions of ports from different search patterns and recently added files or removed files...01:13
Romsterwith there known sums.01:14
Romsteri'l be able to track all the files and display ones that even silently changed the file upstream01:15
Romsterand i intend to use gnupg too.01:16
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juegood morning02:59
juermull: what's so bad with ck4up?02:59
Romsterhe doens't like that he has to have ruby for the one port that uses it :)03:19
Ovim-ObscurumI made a script for monitoring CRUX ports under Nagios :)(03:19
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Romster noticed a few ports need bumping.03:20
Romstercore stuff is fine few in opt, xfce and xorg, lots in contrib.03:20
Romsterstill cleaning up the lines and fix google and sourceforge urls.03:21
RomsterOvim-Obscurum, nice idea.03:22
Ovim-ObscurumThanks :)03:22
Ovim-ObscurumUsing this for my webserver which runs under CRUX Linux03:22
Ovim-ObscurumLooking forward to exclude some repos in the check script, e.g. only check "important" core ports and not custom defined 3rd party repos03:23
Romsteri used to use ck4up works great jue though jsut being myself likes to re-implement the wheel.03:23
RomsterOvim-Obscurum, well something to parse the prt-get.conf for the prtdir lines then only monitor those would be an idea.03:24
Ovim-ObscurumYes, indeed! :)03:24
Romsterthat way it's transparent to prt-get.conf !03:25
Ovim-ObscurumAnd of course a -h option for help - like all other nagios plugins :)03:25
Romsteryeah that wouldn't go astray.03:25
Ovim-ObscurumYeah :D03:25
Romster-h what's help?03:25
Ovim-Obscurum-h "Take a look in the src, dude."03:25
Romsternever seen anyone do that yet though i usually get error unknown -h option.03:26
Ovim-ObscurumI know that :D03:26
Ovim-ObscurumMany cool things are developed "quick and dirty" - and of course without any help included ;D03:27
Romsteryeah happens a lot... including mine.03:28
Ovim-ObscurumGot ya!03:28
Romsterthough i try to add a man page here and there and some -h help syntax at least.03:28
Romsterthough it's often incomplete.03:28
Ovim-ObscurumThat's nice, too @including manpages03:29
Romsteryeah with lots of TODO sections -_-03:29
Ovim-ObscurumDue to the fact that I never did this *whistling*, I prefer serving a -h option :D03:29
Ovim-ObscurumThat's mostly in my src - when I think I finished it I search for "TODO*" - and contunie working..03:29
Romstercurrently making a sourceforge map of urls to the project page so i can get the file list.03:30
Ovim-ObscurumAh cool :)03:30
Romsteryeah TODO is great for a this works but could be done better or implement this.03:30
Ovim-ObscurumYeah :D03:31
Romsterlittle annoyed at the sort -V option though it mostly works i might still need to hacky it or continue on my vs should i need something that sort -V can't do.03:34
Romstersort -V fails on sourceforge while my vs works on it -_- fun.03:42
Romsterthis is not a fun project04:00
Romsterwell it is but it's a pain.04:00
Ovim-ObscurumI can imagine ;)04:00
Romsterfix one thing i break other things argh04:01
Romstersweet i nailed that sucker now the pain of doing all the sourceforge urls.04:31
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Ovim-Obscurumgood job :)04:36
Ovim-ObscurumI really hate this stupid urls too, it's a pain getting some src on a remote server without links04:37
Ovim-Obscurumlinks = /usr/bin/links04:37
RotwangRomster: does libsoup follow this release numbering convention that odd numbers are unstable?04:38
RomsterRotwang, i don't believe it does but i could be wrong. but i can't bump it until glib is bumped to 2.30.x04:42
Romsteri see urls :D04:42
Romsterit's all these dynamic sourceforge google mirrors and stuff that's the royal pain. the fact it wont let you see the list of files.04:43
Romsterunless you look at the correct link and not the actual download path.04:43
RomsterRotwang, actually i think it does use odd numbers for unstable.04:57
Romsteri was/am preoccupied with version sort and didn't think much about it.04:57
Rotwangmidori gets sigsegv from libsoup so I'm trying to update04:57
RotwangI guess I'll live with it for now, too lazy to find the root cause04:58
Romsteri thought that only happens with later versions of libsoup not the one it's on now.04:58
Romsterlater libsoup broke SSL04:58
Romsteri'll take a look at midori later.05:08
Romstermean time you could see if any of your ports need a bump :)
Romsterwont list everything but i spotted a few ports that need bumping.05:09
Romsterfrom what i gather sitting in the midori channel there going though a rough patch.05:12
RotwangRomster: yeah, I guess I'll make this saturday my crux ports maintenance day05:16
Romsterthat list should speed things up. i'll eventually have a neat program to sed the version= strings.05:19
Romsterwont be trobule free but it'll help with building new versions. most of the issues are missing a new version.05:20
Romster one such sourceforge url with an update, note that i still need to parse the directories for files.05:50
Romster$ lsurl |vs05:53
RomsterteK_, ^ :) friendly bump request. just used that as an example.05:54
teK_vs is your ck4up?05:58
teK_+ thanks05:58
Romsterit's my own work06:03
Romsterbut the result is the same goal except mine lists files off a url.06:03
Romsterthan to grep a string off a html page though i do also grep for hrefs too.06:04 changed something and ck4up reports updates each time I run it06:04
Romsteryou need to restrict the regex tighter to only grep the filenames.06:04
Romsterbut it's been ages since i used ck4up.06:05
Romsterit is problematic on dynamically generated pages.06:05
teK_it's harder than it should be06:05
Romsterwhat i'm doing is far harder than it should be to do.06:05
teK_I meant poking updates out of HTML06:06
Romsteryeah i know what you meant.06:06
Romsterit is.06:06
Romster not done yet but i'm getting sourceforge urls to work.06:09
Romsterscons is another of tilma_n's among others that need bumping i'm finding mostly tilma_n ports06:11
RomsterteK_, by the time i'm done with this it should be easy to keep track.06:17
teK_I will look into it06:18
teK_or better: give it a try06:19
teK_htop switched from configure to a plain (disfunctional) Makefile06:21
teK_or bogus install instructions06:22
teK_and there's no man-page anymore06:22
teK_seriously: wtf06:23
teK_btw Romster ..
teK_siggests 0.906:23
Rotwangusing only make for a project ftl.06:28
Romsterwhy is 0.9 more recent than 0.13 O_O06:30
Romsterbeats me keep it on 0.9 but that is bizarre.06:31
teK_it is06:32
Rotwangmaybe they meant 0.1.306:33
teK_may be06:33
Romsterwell it's a active project still last commit 4 days ago.06:34
Romsterfirst time i've seen a higher version that's older by years.06:35
Romsterah well... i still need to implment stable/unstable version filtering too.06:35
Romsterperhaps Rotwang is correct that makes sense.06:37
Romsterfeel free to point out anything i've missed updating in contrib/opt too. i'm pretty sure i got a few left to update.06:39
teK_will do if I notice something06:41
Romsteror if oyu use anything out of my romster repo that i only update a few things. in time i'll move stuff to attic that i'm not using anymore.06:46
Romsteri got quite a mess currently.06:46
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Romster teK_ postfix is very old version08:25
Romsterother than that opt looks fine.08:26
Romsterexcept a few ports i havne't got to show there versions yet.08:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gpgme: 1.3.0 -> 1.3.109:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pangomm: 2.28.3 -> 2.28.409:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: lxml: 2.2.8 -> 2.3.109:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-text-csv-xs: 0.82 -> 0.8509:25
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wart___so, i thought prt-get would --log by default, judging by the comments in prt-get.conf09:52
wart___but i guess that isn't true?09:52
horrorStruckls /var/log/pkgbuild/09:58
wart___yeah its not there10:00
horrorStruckso what do you have in prt-get.conf?10:00
wart___also i'm a bit disappointed in something; thre's a /var/log/exim/ but i don't have exim installed10:00
wart___it must've installed by default and i removed it early on but i don't remember doing that10:01
wart___prt-get.conf was the default10:01
wart___and it had # writelog enabled # (enabled|disabled)10:01
wart___so i assumed the "default" was enabled10:01
horrorStruckah ok. well it's not :)10:01
wart___but i guess that's not the case10:01
wart___also it seems to me you could make things even more simple10:02
wart___if someone has a logfile line then assume writelog is enabled!10:02
wart___one less line of config code!10:02
horrorStruckwhat about --log as you mentioned10:03
horrorStruck(never used it)10:03
wart___well, what about it?10:03
wart___i assume that just forces it to log stuff10:03
wart___on a case-by-case basis10:03
horrorStruckyou could use --log on one port only10:03
wart___yeah, but i want logs across the board10:03
wart___basically, i did a prt-get sysup and i now forget this morning what i inhstalled10:03
wart___never port drunk i guess10:03
wart___without logs10:03
wart___ports and port don't mix, you might say10:04
horrorStrucki mean, you could have logfile without writelog enabled10:04
wart___horrorStruck: yeah, i recognize that :-)  but i, at least, would never ifnd that useful10:04
wart___i could probably do a find -mtime -2 or something10:04
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Romster enjoy that's all for this evening too tired to do anymore.10:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: amrwb: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: atkmm: 2.22.5 -> 2.22.610:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: videotrans: 1.6.0 -> 1.6.110:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libquicktime: 1.2.2 -> 1.2.310:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: asciidoc: 8.6.3 -> 8.6.610:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libcdio: 0.82 -> 0.8310:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-io-socket-ssl: 1.48 -> 1.4910:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: help2man: 1.38.4 -> 1.40.410:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gst-plugins-ugly: gz -> bz210:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: sox: 14.3.1 -> 14.3.210:11
horrorStruckgreat work Romster10:12
Romsteri still got a few mroe than need bumping :) but they can wait.10:13
horrorStruckoh by the way, your safe-build-dev is in your distfiles?10:14
horrorStruckok thanks10:14
Romsteri fixed that last time.10:14
Romsteri should work on that some more sometime too10:15
horrorStruckcan you please remind me the distfiles url ?10:16
Romster but id di update the Pkgfile so a ports -u should fix that transparently.10:16
Romsterbut i did*10:16
horrorStruckah ok great. thanks.10:17
horrorStruckanyone using linus' git tree?10:18
Romsternot sure.10:18
horrorStruckmy laptop is runngin f-ing hot with yesterday's pull10:19
Romsterheading to bed and dram about ports lol j/k10:19
Romsteri so can't type.10:20
horrorStruckvodka :P ?10:20
Romsterhmm long time compile?10:20
Romsternah did have some last night though10:20
horrorStruckcompile is no problem, but even idle the thing is burning10:20
Romsterthat doesn't sound good. i'd go back to the other kernel before you damage it.10:21
horrorStruckyeah i'm on 3.1 now10:21
horrorStrucki'll try to bisect it but this is the kind of bisecting that'll take forever10:22
Romsterlol tell me about it i've done a few for wine those take forever too.10:23
Romsterbe sure to use ccache if you do.10:23
horrorStruckdepends on the issue but bisecting overheat...10:23
horrorStrucksafe_build-20090628-2136.tar.bz2 <- latest one, right?10:24
Romsternot so much overheat with ccache10:24
horrorStruckno but the issue is overheating10:24
horrorStruckthis is what i should bisect10:24
Romsterhmm i'm using can't remember if that version had issues or not i'm on10:25
Romstercrux 2.6# safe-build -v10:25
Romstersafe-build chroot wrapper 20081206 Copyright (c) 2008 by Danny Rawlins10:25
Romsteryeah that script is pretty old now.10:25
Romsteri'll defently be doing work on that once the version sort is good enough to sed version= strings then make a build bot.10:26
* Romster grins10:26
RomsterhorrorStruck, might be easier to wait for someone else to bisect the issue and save your notebook from hell10:28
horrorStruckyeah and actually this seems really too boring to bisect10:28
Romsterif you want boring the stuff i've been doing the last few hours.10:28
horrorStrucki've got to set up my repo at least. i want to do many things and end up doing nothing10:30
horrorStrucki have lighttpd running, that's a start :D10:30
Romsteri keep saying i'll do this and that and then a year or two later i do it.10:30
horrorStruckwell, you're updating lots of ports, working hard vs10:31
Romsteri'm on a roll so not slowing down for awhile.10:31
Romsterthough the rest will be slower stuff to get done.10:31
horrorStruckhow do you sha256sum on your ports (disclaimer: i asked before i searched)10:33
Romsterhi tilman i se your unafk now :) you have quit e a few ports that need bumping including ccache
Romsteroh i'm using my own patched version of pkgutils.10:33
Romsteri even added mirror:// support10:34
Romsterthough it's a bit crude still10:35
Romsteri have a few bugs to squash in just about everything.10:35
Romsterlong talk ages ago md5sum is insecure sha1sum is almost useless due to same collisions attack sha256 seemed like the obvious chice.10:36
horrorStruckRomster: i'm looking at safe-build now, i'm a bit confused. do I just safe-build Pkgfile ?10:41
Romsterit's a little confusing to work with mostly for setup10:42
Romstermount the crux iso then use the safe-build -i to use the image to setup the clean chroot.10:43
horrorStruck.conf file seems pretty straightforward10:43
Romsterdon't forget there is a conf file too.10:43
Romsterthen once you safe-build -c10:44
Romsterand in the chroot do the usual to sysup it.10:44
horrorStruckok, tyvm10:45
Romsterbe extreamly careful that you don't do a rm on a -bind directory there is options to mount your distfiles in side the chroot. and a ccache directory too.10:45
horrorStruckclean will pkgrm everything except specified in .conf10:45
horrorStruckah that's cool too10:46
Romsteronce the thing is updated you can tst yoru ports and stuff and to clean up just use safe-build clean10:46
Romsterand core ports yeah10:46
horrorStruckhmm where's the option for bind?10:47
Romsterit's int eh conf for SAFE_BUILD_USE_SYSTEM_DISTFILES=yes10:48
Romsterwhich uses the pkgmk.conf file for the distfiles.10:48
Romsterif you plan to build large stuff i'd recomend10:48
Romsterhmm i see a SAFE_BUILD_USE_BIND_DIST_FILES=yes option i got there too..10:49
Romsterone of these days i need to unconfuse this.10:49
horrorStrucki dont have any of these :O10:49
Romstercat /etc/safe-build.conf |wgetpaste10:50
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsteri must of started on the 2.5 iso and i think i manually updated it to each new crux version that came out.10:51
Romstercome to think of it the newer crux 2.7 is compressed now too.10:51
Romsteri need sleep if i can else i'll be back. g'night.10:52
Romsteri'll look at making it work with the new iso later.10:52
horrorStruckgood night and thanks again10:53
RotwangteK_: postgresql tries to bypass $PKG11:02
Rotwangwhile installing man11:03
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: vim: update to 7.3.35311:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gvim: update to 7.3.35311:05
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RotwangI have a problem with xorg-server 1.11.112:32
Rotwangso I did a sysup, and now mouse and keyboard won't work12:33
Rotwangdbus and hald are running12:33
Rotwangit is hard to browse google with elinks, so if anyone knows any way to fix it please help12:33
*** Rotwang has quit IRC12:42
veelast time i had that issue (sorry if its a stupid idea) and i was told to re update my drivers. both the video and the synaptic stuff. not sure how far that'll get you, but thats the extent of my linux knowledge currently :12:43
rmullmaybe rebuild the evdev driver?12:47
*** Rotwang has joined #crux12:48
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rmullFWIW I am not running dbus or hald12:49
rmullUsing USB mouse and PS/2 keyboard12:50
rmullI would try rebuilding xorg-xf86-input-evdev and restarting X12:55
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vee^yea that lol13:01
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:02
Rotwangrmull: tried to rebuild lots of xorg stuff, it seems not to be a problem13:03
Rotwanganyway, I reverted back to 1.9.x13:03
rmullDid you try a new X -configure after rebuilding evdev?13:09
rmullevdev is what handles mouse/kb input13:09
rmullSo if something is not right with those devices, evdev is probably involved somehow13:10
rmullMake sure your kernel has CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV=y13:10
rmullGotta run, sorry to leave you hanging13:10
rmullwhoops, guess not. Still here.13:13
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Rotwangrmull: bingo13:42
Rotwangit was teh kernel thing13:42
Rotwangrmull: big thanks13:42
veeim thinking of getting those netbooks for school. i heard they're pretty crappy in terms of reliability and i haven't really had much experience with them....whats your take on it guys?13:49
rmullRotwang: sweet.13:52
rmullvee: It probably varies by manufacturer... I have one of the original Asus EeePC 701s13:53
rmullNothing has broken on it yet13:53
joe9rmull, sorry for the delay. Just saw your note. fixed the repo with your comments.13:57
veermull: i want the asus too, i heard they're one of the more decent ones. though i would  like to shove crux on there lol13:57
joe9rmull, can you please pull the expect and stow ports now.13:58
rmullvee: The EeePC line has gotten significantly better than it was when I got mine14:04
rmulljoe9: Thanks14:04
joe9Thank you.14:04
rmullvee: Note that some of the Eees use the nvidia Optimus GPU switcher, which has spotty support in Linux - mine doesn't have the switcher, but development to support it is still ongoing14:04
veermull: thanks, ill look into that one when i go to buy, or rather, if i go to buy. i also heard linux has a better power managment than the windows series (though win7 made big improvements) and will prolong the lifespan since it doesnt have much going on14:07
rmulldunno for sure. There have definitely been ongoing advancements in Linux powersavings but it really depends on how you configure your system. I couldn't really say how it compares to Windows.14:08
veetrue. i wanna have a gutted linux. since its a netbook and the only thing i wanna do is write crap up and browse the web, i know it'll have a tad bit more batter life14:12
veeexcept compiling is going to be a nightmare xD14:12
rmullI just use a basic debian install on mine since the disk is only 4G14:14
rmullThis was before I switched to crux though14:15
veei'd like to install crux. now that i've gotten a bit use to it14:15
veeswitching to other distros feels like im installing a fat cow onto my system14:15
veelol one of my clients has left the getac v200's at my place for quite some time now. wonder if they forgot about it and i can take it for  myself14:17
veeor better yet, sell it...those little boogers are expensive14:18
rmullThere's probably a good way to set up a remote binhost for small crux machines14:19
rmullSo that you can (cross)compile and cache the packages you want on a more powerful machine14:20
veelol we shall see.14:21
veesorry, one last question14:23
veei recall some time ago, if you had a 1ghz processor, you couldn't go passed 1 gig of ram. is that still the case?14:24
rmullNo... never heard that...14:24
rmullCan you elaborate on that? Why would that be?14:24
*** aubic has quit IRC14:25
frinnstvee: you probably dreamt that14:34
*** aubic has joined #crux14:36
veefrinnst: i honestly remember someone telling me thats how it was O.O plus, i dont recall most of my dreams :/14:57
veethey told me that the processor couldn't handle the ram or what not, which i thought was really stupid, but, being not too literate i thought thats how it was...his father, who was also a "technician" said the same thing14:57
frinnstperhaps some motherboard had a 1gb limit or something14:58
frinnstbut the things are unrelated14:58
veeso there is no limit on how much ram you can put in?14:58
veerevolutionary. lmao14:58
veei knew he was too stupid to believe. dont know why i did14:58
veewell thanks guys :D14:59
frinnstram used to be limited by the motherboard, with the memory-controller on the northbridge chip14:59
frinnstthese days its in the cpu14:59
veethats what you get for listening to someone who STILL uses spybot search and destroy to clean up malware :/15:00
frinnstwrite down those quotes and send them to :)15:01
veewanna hear the funniest line i've ever heard?15:02
frinnstbring it15:03
veei shit you not, he said "yea, they use spybot search and destroy in airport security"15:03
veei died from laughter15:03
veegot any funnies of your own?15:04
frinnstnot that i can think of at the moment15:05
frinnstoh right, turning back the clock tonight15:06
frinnstmight as well get it over with15:07
frinnststupid, pointless crap15:07
veewell heres another, just in case. some dude spilled god knows what on his computer, i think it was beer15:07
veeso he tried to wash it down with more alcohol, and then tried water, and finally tried bleach15:07
veecalls me and says it wont turn on15:07
veeor he spilled water and try to wash it with beer i forgot15:08
Rotwangwhat is the difference betwee graduate student and undergraduate?15:33
rmullIn the US?15:37
rmullundergraduate student is typically the first four years of college, culminating in a bachelors degree15:38
rmullgraduate students are those who stay for advanced degrees: masters degree or phd15:39
RotwangI see15:51
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rmullWhat's a good TUI/CLI live network monitor? I've used iptraf in the past but I'm looking for something a little more basic and without curses hopefuly16:30
linXeanload ?16:41
rmullThanks, I'll check these out16:49
*** vee has quit IRC17:07
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Romsterrmull, i would of suggested bmon but that uses curses.18:29
RomsterRotwang, forget to see the topic about mouse/keyboard issues :)18:30
RotwangRomster: yeah, [;18:47
Rotwangit is for soo long it here18:47
Romsteri just remembered evdev kernel option recompile evdev used t be mouse and ketboard but i pkgrm them ages ago.18:53
Romsterand sometimes video driver recompile after xorg-server.18:53
Romster i think i spotted some of your ports that need version bumping Rotwang18:54
*** Ovim|afk_nA has joined #crux18:54
Romstersepen has a few he missed in xfce too when he is around i'll inform him.18:54
Rotwangwill bump soon18:54
Romstertilman, has a bunch but he even said he is being lazy or preoccupied with real life.18:55
Romsteri did a round last night and now i'm gonna do a few more. since the weather is really gloomy here.18:55
Romsterfigures it's quite warm and sunny until the weekend.18:56
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Rotwangheh ;[19:02
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* Rotwang does not like qt based user interfaces19:02
Romsteri find it hard to make gtk and qt look the same.19:05
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prologicanyone here know much about bluetooth?20:25
Romstervery little other than you need to pair the devices to communicate with them20:36
Romsterwith some pin that is displayed on one device you enter on the other machine.20:36
prologicno I need someone with a little more in-depth knowledge than that :)20:38
prologichaving trouble getting the Apple Wireless Keybaord recognized in scans20:39
prologicgot the driver working, etc20:39
Romsteri have noticed bluetooth works int eh same 2.4GHz band as wifi so if wifi is on it can interfear and prevent it from working...20:40
Romsterunless your using 5Ghz wifi then your fine.20:40
Romsterwhy they stuck bluetooth in the same frequency is beyond me.20:40
Romsteroh and with mice you got the button on the mouse to broadcast itself for the pc to then detect it. though i think the apple mouse hasn't got that button/feature.20:41
Romsteror keyboard i don't think i seen that button on that either.20:42
Romsterother than that no more knowledge on bluetooth.20:47
prologicwell if I can't get the wireless kbd working20:47
prologicI'll at least get lirc working :)20:47
prologicbah humbug20:47
prologicargg ffs20:48
Romster seen my latest creation prologic still in progress.20:51
Romsterhmm not missing lirc support in kernel or something? i get similer errors when i compile xtables without the kernel config support for it.20:52
prologicseems the latest lirc worked20:52
prologicare we getting slack with port updates or something ? :)20:52
Romsteryes see my url for why i'm building a version lister from the urls.20:53
prologicto be honest20:53
prologicand this is my opinion only20:53
prologicI don't think it'll help :)20:53
Romsteri alredy did a bunch of updates last night.20:53
prologicit's a matter of time and motivation :)20:53
prologichell I hardly have time on weekends to do anything hardly20:53
prologicdoing updates is fine20:54
prologicbut you have to throughly test them too obviously :)20:54
prologicthings that might work for you might break for others20:54
Romsterwell i can go as far as sed the version= string build it send a unified diff to the maintainer on most ports and they can commit it if there that lazy20:54
Romsteri also try to test dependent ports for breakage on at least compile time on updates.20:55
prologicI think ihmo in general we do alright20:55
prologichwoever I feel that we need to push out CRUX-2.8 sometime before the year's out20:55
Romstereh i find a bunch still out of date.20:56
Romster2,7 has changed so much since the iso.20:56
prologicmy media box is actually newer and more up-to-date than my desktop20:56
prologicpretty sad really :)20:56
Romsteras soon as glibc issues are sorted i would think 2.8 time.20:56
prologicrunning linux-3.120:56
Romsteri'm not even on 3.x yet20:57
prologicI had to20:57
prologicit "just worked" for the video and tuner cards I had20:58
Romsterhmm so it may work for mine then...21:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pyquery: update URL21:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: streamtuner2: update URL21:37
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prologicgot lirc working21:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libmodplug: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: warzone2100: 2.3.8 -> 2.3.922:39
Romsterperhaps pick that port up in contrib then :) i think it's unmaintained.22:41
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