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jaegergotta love trying to build gnome stuff00:47
jaeger /usr/include/linux/if.h:131:8: error: redefinition of 'struct ifmap'00:47
jaeger/usr/include/net/if.h:112:8: note: originally defined here00:47
veewhat game O.o00:48
jaegerno game00:53
veegnome. sorry, i read game01:01
veeand you think i lie when i say im a bit dyslexic lol01:01
jaegerWhy would I think that?01:02
jaegerbleh, I'll work on it later, time to sleep01:07
veegood night sweet price01:08
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Romsterjaeger, thsi seems relevant
RomsterThat is due to linux/wireless.h including linux/if.h which declares the same structs but not the if_nametoindex function (what a mess!). However, that's not important: C default to a default return value of int and that's correct for if_nametoindex().03:28
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: jdk: updated to 1.7.0_0105:20
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Romsteromg it's aon05:43
Romsterhaven't seen you in awhile.05:43
Romsteryou using crux much?05:44
aonnot lately, thought i'd come here as i'm installing it currently05:44
Romsteryou do have some ports though.05:44
aonok :)05:45
Romsteri'm working on a project as is usually the case version sorting... i starte don vs but then got pointed out that there is /now/ a sort -V for version sort fun.05:45
Romsterso your getting back into crux again.05:47
Romsterhmm that was a long xchat freeze i just got...05:48
aondunno, at least i'm running it again05:48
Romsterthat's a start.05:48
Romsteri haven't stopped running it since 2005 or so.05:49
Romsteri do go idle for periods of time though then get back into irc/ports.05:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: fribidi: fix email and configure option06:12
Romsterhi Rotwang i noticed a few out of date ports, i'm in the process of making a per maintainer list of ports right now to make it easier than per a repo.06:13
RotwangRomster: yeah, I know06:13
Romsterwhen i noticed i had a old email address on fribidi06:13
Rotwang      NSFW!!06:13
Romsterwhat's wit the crazy dubstep these days it's getting into everything...06:15
Romsteruncensored i see a few blacked out parts -_-06:18
Romsterand you distracted me from my code <_<06:19
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horrorStruckinstalled ubuntu for the kids, just noticed that -->
Rotwangany good movies?06:58
Romsterdude what how did they get that drunk tux.07:09
horrorStruckat least the game takes place in a bar so that should be fine i guess07:10
Romsterso who got that tux first crux or them?07:11
horrorStruckplaydoh in usb flash drive port. i love my kids.07:12
Romsteroh fun.07:12
horrorStruckyeah :\07:13
Romsterjsut don't teach them the ethernet killer
horrorStruckOH SHI-07:14
aonRomster: that penguin was drawn by someone unrelated to crux07:19
aonit has some free license, don't remember which one07:19
Romsteranimated gif sweet.07:21
Romsteri've been using crux this long and i hadn't known this...07:21
Romsterlearn something new everyday eh.07:24
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Romstercrux-opt/nss/Pkgfile:# Maintainer:  Fredrk Rinnestam, fredrik at crux dot nu08:17
Romsterspotted a typo.08:17
Romstershould be Fredrik Rinnestam08:17
frinnstgood thing i cant type my own name..08:26
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Romsteri take it the dbus 1.5.x is unstable branch.08:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nss: updated to 3.13.108:33
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nss: updated to 3.1308:34
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nss: updated to 3.13.108:34
Romstermay as well check nspr while your at it, hmm i wonder why it skipped teK's ports in opt in this script.08:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nspr: fixed download url08:37
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nspr: fixed download url08:37
Romsteri haven't tested source urls in a while. i do have a script for that too -_-08:38
Romstereven says if it's been moved permanently08:39
Romsterquick hack around curl.08:39
Jovlanghi i'm new here, trying crux because of arch's constant .pacnew files and hostname(1) moving to a new package once a week08:41
Jovlangis crux better in this regard?08:41
Romsteri wasn't aware of that in arch. what's the .pacnew thing?08:42
Jovlangoften after updates the config files change08:42
Jovlangespecially rc.conf08:42
Jovlangso you need to diff it with the .pacnew and adapt to the new format08:43
Jovlangon every box08:43
Romsterah well we have rejmerge to merge changes in if any port touches a configuration file that's got rules added in /etc/pkgadd.conf to allow or disallow changing configuration files.08:43
Romsterthe disallowed ones wait for rejmerge the allowed ones just get changed for you.08:44
Romsterwith rejmerge you can either keep, update or merge changes.08:44
Romsterwith merge any conflicts are clearly seen with >>>>>>>>>>>> merge.... forget the exact syntax but you can clearly see it then you just remove the lines you don't want save then update.08:45
Romsternot all packages offer configuration files so it's not as tedious as that sounds.08:45
Jovlangwell the main problem with arch is the frequency of changing the base system08:46
Jovlangin the name of "progress" and "bleeding edge"08:46
Romsterof course you can ignore running rejmerge and wait for something to break saying it doesn't support some option :D08:46
Romsterwell we are bleeding edge too.08:46
Romsterthough tool chain part isn't changed between iso releases.08:47
Romsternor major perl versions and a few other major changes.08:47
Romsterthey are kept for the next crux-2.8 release.08:47
Romsterwhen ever that is planned to happen.08:48
Romsterin the name of bleeding edge i'm working on my own version sorting script
Romsterto help track updates.08:49
RomsterRotwang, enjoy not complete but this may help08:50
Romsteror not help much you only have a few ports it seems.08:51
Romsterah libev at least i see...08:51
RomsterJovlang, if you don't mind less automation and more control then crux is for you.08:52
Jovlangi have 3 linux boxes and 2 of them i don't use much, so i primarily want a system i won't have to update and fiddle with once a week08:53
Romsterwell you can build packages on 1 then providing your other computers are the same arch then you can use the built packages to pkgadd tot he other 2 computers.08:56
Romsteryou update it when ever you feel like it with prt-get sysup.08:56
Romsterhell you could run it once a month or longer but you may end up with more work todo if you leave it too long.08:56
Romsterit's up to you to when and what you update.08:57
Jovlangin arch your system will most likely break if you wait 2+ months to sysup08:57
Jovlangwell, somewhat likely08:57
Romsterjust be warned if there is a security update and you don't update said vulnerability port don't come crying to us.08:57
Romsterless of an issue with crux, you can update ports on there own and leave the tricky ones until last.08:58
Romsterif you get stuck the friendly people here will help you, but give us time it could be upto 24 hours for a reply sometimes.08:59
Romsteri tend to look in here before work lunch hour and after work and then alter after other stuff i do.08:59
Romsterothers pop in and out here all the time.08:59
Romsterpersonally i dunno if crux is designed for don't wanna get my hands dirty in updates type of use. unless you prefer a fast slick system.09:07
Romsterapparently crux runs faster than arch from what i've read. i haven't ran arch to know.09:08
Jovlangi'll wait and see, as long as i can get crux running, so far it panics on boot09:15
Jovlangtrying to mount my root partition09:15
Jovlangis crux supposed to work in virtualbox?09:16
Romsteryes you need to know how to compile a kernel and make it have allt he stuff compiled inf or partition type FS type disk driver and configure fstab grub/lilo to be able to get it too boot.09:23
Romsteryou might have have to enable piix disk adapter or some other one that's supported on the iso...09:24
Romstersomeone else here knows the issues with vbox.09:24
Jovlangcan't even find that in make menuconfig. seems crux isn't for me, i would rather transcend the age of having to edit kernel configuration, lilo.conf, xorg.conf etc to get a working system09:34
Jovlangbut thanks for your hospitality and patience09:34
Romsterit's not for everyone and it's not so hard once you master it.09:34
Romsterbut you need patience to get anywhere.09:35
Romstermost cases you don't even need xorg.conf it'll work on most systems without that file.09:35
Romsteri think vbox can be probomatic to get to work and there is jaeger's iso that's more updated version of 2.7
frinnstcommon mistakes is forgetting to compile your root fs, ide/sata/scsi controller and scsi-disk in the kernel and not as modules10:00
Romsteror forgetting to mark the boot flag on the partition10:04
Romster NSFW10:05
joe9romster, that is funny.10:17
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horrorStruckRomster: you may want to add orc as a dep of gst-plugins-{bad,base,good} and use --enable-orc12:09
horrorStruckconfigure: *** Orc acceleration disabled.  Requires Orc >= 0.4.11, which was not found.  Slower code paths will be used.12:09
wart___ack!  i always find i need a prt at the very last minute, when i *really* need it.  this time its pdftk for an application deadline tonight12:15
wart___so usually i just go to the ebuild and steal what they do, but what do ppl here do for the quick-and-fast Pkgfile generation?12:19
aonbuild() { cd $name-$version; ./configure --prefix=/usr; make; make DESTDIR=$PKG install; }12:21
aonor something12:21
wart___so this one has a .zip ; and i notice that there's no description in the Handbook on how to handle .zip12:23
wart___aon: and my point was more the "investigation time", e.g., figuring out where the url is and what the properly make instructions turn out to be etc. etc.12:27
wart___adds up :-)12:28
wart___so judging by the warsow Pkgfile what I have there should just work.  prt-get magically detemrines if it is a tar.gz or .zip and uses the right tool to extract for the job, or what?12:30
wart___ah it uses bsdtar12:31
wart___ok, cool.  and the .zip extras as $name-$version-dist12:31
wart___that's my issue12:31
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DaysideHi all, I recently found Crux12:55
DaysideIt's just what I want12:55
DaysideHowever, is it still in active development, any dates for new release?12:55
DaysideAnd is 64bit coming?12:56
horrorStruckhi Dayside, yes CRUX is active. some of us are already running 64bit. you can grab the iso here:
DaysideNice :)13:05
wart___hmm, so i need ca-certificates and found flaveur has one in his ports.  so i grabbed his httpup file put it in /etc/ports ; updated /etc/prt-get.conf and ran ports -u and it made a/ usr/ports/flaveur dir with ca-certificates in it13:13
wart___but wheneve ri do sudo prt-get depinst ca-certificates i get an error13:14
wart___[Config error: can't access /urs/ports/flaveur]13:14
wart___there's a typo there isn't there :p13:14
wart___oh well a bunch of 404s on the url13:15
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veemoring everyone13:41
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frinnstwart___: you need to add the repo to prt-get.conf too14:28
Rotwangafter upgrading to linux 3.0.4 I have a feeling that software raid 0 slows down other things14:39
frinnstlike what?14:39
wart___ugh, gcj died.14:40
frinnsti run raid5.. cant say ive noticed anything special14:40
DaysideAny dates for the next crux release?14:40
wart___getting pdftk on this box is turning into a real pain14:40
DaysideOr should I just install 2.7 now14:40
frinnstinstall 2.714:40
wart___failed with "runtest" command not found14:40
frinnstDayside: glibc is a mess at the moment14:40
frinnstwhen its sorted, add a month or two14:41
Rotwangfrinnst: if there is lots of read/writes xorg is almost unusable14:41
frinnstcpu spikes?14:42
RotwangI have two cores, so even if one cpu is busy second isn't14:43
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Rotwangyeah it seems to gobble up all cpu I have, fuck15:02
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rmullgrr my libsoup segfaults15:07
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Rotwangraid0 on 2.6.39 seems to behave better15:15
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NecrosporusI wonder, if I want to build an LFS, is CRUX package system good for it?18:19
NecrosporusIt seem one of the nicest I know.18:20
jaegerI don't see why it wouldn't work well18:24
NecrosporusI suppose, it would. But will that system differ from CRUX itself or doesn't wort that effort?18:29
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wart___has anyone gotten the gcj port to work?18:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gst-python: 0.10.21 -> 0.10.2220:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: orc: new port21:03
RomsterhorrorStruck,  regarding orc gstreamer-{bad,base,good} will use it if it's installed, i'll see what sepen says about if he'll add it to gst-reamer-base which will cover the bad and good too. or he did say in the dev channel that i'm now in opt if i'd like to take over maintaining gstreamer and gst-plugins-base but i never gave any indication of maintaining those ports at the time.21:06
Romsterwart___, i'll look into gcj later after work it's one of those ports i haven't looked at in some time.21:08
Romsterbbl work21:09
wart___Romster: can't find runtest it he error i got21:10
horrorStruckRomster: ok thanks.22:03
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