IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2011-10-31

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Romsterhome now.01:49
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acruxwart___: you could use as start point the cruxppc port:02:29
acruxyou need to clean it for your needs02:29
acruxas cruxppc is a bit different (multilib toolchain)02:29
acruxmaybe you can remove stage1/stage2 trick needed on ppc 'cause a gcc bug (aka bad maintainers)02:31
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Romsterhrmm i've already started to update the gcj port...02:48
Romsternot seen that crux ppc has one already02:48
Romsterhehe i think you grabbed the "# remove files already on the system out of the port" that i did in the contrib one.02:52
Romsterhmm wasn't aware of STAGE1_MAKEFLAGS and STAGE2_MAKEFLAGS02:52
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tilmanhorrorStruck: you're emmanuel, right?04:37
horrorStrucktilman: yes04:38
tilmanhorrorStruck: thanks for your patches. merging them now04:38
horrorStrucknp, thanks for the merge :)04:39
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Romsterwhich ones the rc?04:45
horrorStrucktalking about the patches? no, just ports04:46
Romsterah those cool04:47
* horrorStruck wishes he could do stuff like michal patches04:47
Romsteri've done another run at 3pm on
Romsteri'll do more work on that too after i finish with gcj and libsoup issue.04:47
Romstertilman, has some ports in opt that need bumping too.04:48
Romsteryarn compile gcj for the 4th time -_-04:48
tilmanwho was having problems with segfaulting libsoup?04:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libdrm: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lftp: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: rxvt-unicode: updated to 9.12.04:50
Romsterwith midori04:52
tilmanrmull: try libsoup 2.34.1. works for me (with another webkit-based browser)04:53
tilmanrmull: (i was also seeing crashes with the latest version of soup)04:53
Romsterevewr since i've bumped libsoup midori glib-networking i can't quite pin-point where and what else started the issue.04:53
Romsterlatest one is 2.36.1 i'm on 2.34.304:54
Romsterwhat glib-networking and webkit you on tilman04:55
Romsterversion that is.04:55
tilman2.28.7-1 1.4.2-104:56
Romsterhmm so you haven't bumped webkit to 1.6.1 yet.04:56
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acruxRomster: that's right, the last section is yours :)05:09
Romsterargh 5th compile due to missing file i was trying to remove...05:10
Romsteracrux, thanks for that url it helped me but you may want to adapt the changes i've done after i commit this.05:11
Romsteralso you got a \ after README i just took out the second rm -rf and made it into 1 block.05:11
acruxRomster: sure, i'll wait for the upcoming gcc-4.5.4 to rework the port05:12
Romsteroh fun -_-05:12
Romsterat least i got ccache on this.05:12
Romsteris there anything that i could do to my ports to help you out somewhat? or do you clone everything?05:13
Romsterdon't ask where i get the ideas from i had plenty of coffee and time when i first started on crux.05:16
acruxwe have a ruby script that update every ports (we committed on cruxppc subversion repo) and does align them to crux main project version05:17
Romsterlack of sleep probably contributed to some crazy ideas / code.05:17
acruxonly ports with PPC tag (that need some love for ppc arch) are updated by me by hand05:17
Romsterah i see.05:18
Romsterso you track the version line of our ports mostly.05:18
acruxyes, i do. Altought there are some ports like gnash,bluez,openoffice and icedtea6 that on the main project there aren't05:19
acrux(also some specific power architecrue ports)05:19
Romsteri must admit i've neglected gcj for some time.05:21
acruxRomster: really, we used it only for the first icedtea bootstrap05:22
acruxsome years ago ...05:22
Romsterit's not sued alot.05:22
Romsterwhich is why i let it sit.05:22
Romsterthough i should of probably dropped it than to let it rot.05:23
Romsterbut no one complained until now.05:23
Romstercompilers can be very picky.05:23
Romstereven on this 3.4GHz Phenom II with 8GB ram and tmpfs for compilig in and ccache it still takes time on gcj.05:26
Romstergetting a snack then it might be done then.05:26
acruxit's a pain here too (quad g5 2.5ghz 14gb ram)05:27
acrux'cause it's multilib and for the 64bit version it's built twice05:28
Romsternow i spot the error recomple number 6 or 7th now.05:38
Romsterhopefully this be the last time.05:38
frinnstacrux: what hardware vendor are you running with g5 with 14gb ram?05:40
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frinnsti love windows05:43
horrorStruckat least you have the green flag05:45
horrorStruckthat couldn't be bad05:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gcj: 4.3.2 -> 4.5.306:16
Romsterhah winblows to the silly errors again.06:17
Romsterfinally got it done.06:17
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xdm: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xset: updated to
Romsteracrux, enjoy ^;a=commitdiff;h=362807126823422df1cc26ce04a1fff5e8c0f89106:25
Romsterhmm now i spot a minor issue... distcc shold be listed first as ccache could be also on the same pc for the backend to distcc will fix that after i eat.06:26
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libpcre: moved libraries form /usr/lib to /lib06:27
acruxRomster: thnx :)06:50
Romsteri omitted a few things for x86 use06:50
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acruxfrinnst: it's a YDL Powerstation (Maple board) from year 2007/200806:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gcj: reverse distcc and ccache checks as distcc should take priority07:22
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frinnstacrux: you should label that as "nsfw".. ITS PORN! :)07:40
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Romsterbad acrux now i clicked on it -_-07:41
Romstervery funny frinnst07:41
frinnstwell its true! :)07:42
Romsterin a sense.07:45
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wart___tilman: i was (re segfaulting libsoup)07:56
wart___but i fixed it by downgrading webkit07:56
wart___to 1.4.2 (from 1.6.1)07:56
wart___Romster: how'd the gcj fun go?  i wish i had a better cpu to help out on, but i'm working on pretty restricted hardware07:57
Romsterwart___, well it all compiles fine.07:57
Romsterbut be prepared to wait for it.07:57
wart___Romster: did you run into the 'runtest' error i did the other day?07:57
Romsterso new webkit 1.6.1 is your issue?07:58
wart___Romster: so i can do a ports -u and then prt-get depinst gcj and see how things go?07:58
Romsteri'm not running the tests need extra stuff for that.07:58
wart___Romster: well that *was* one of my issues; i use surf and it was crashing and gdb was pointing to libsoup07:58
Romsteryep wart___07:58
wart___but simply downgrading webkit fixed that07:58
Romsterwhat a pain then07:59
Romsteri was looking at libsoup/glib-networking07:59
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wart___i want the gcj stuff in order to get pdftk working08:00
wart___whic his a totally different issue :-)08:00
wart___i have to wait until i get home to test the new gcj port tho :p08:00
wart___thanks, tho!08:01
Romstersurprised anyone even mentioned gcj08:02
Romsteri made that port ages ago for some other intention and never did that and it just sat there waiting for the day it'll become useful.08:02
wart___well pdftk is such a powerful tool (in mny line of work anyway)08:02
Romsterwhat is it pdf using tk?08:03
wart___i can tell that CRUX people aren't too into the humanities (the latex ports were broken, for instance; and no pdftk is death!)08:03
wart___no it is pdf tool kit08:03
Romstertk reminds me of wxtk08:03
wart___yeah i can see that tcltk08:03
Romsterand tcl yeah08:03
wart___but no relation whatsoever08:04
wart___it uses gcj because its cross-platform whatever08:04
tilmanlatex port broken?08:04
tilmanyou mean tetex?08:04
wart___tilman: i wasn't able to get tetex to work08:04
wart___and the texlive-core didn't quite work08:04
wart___for some reason08:04
wart___couldn't find a .cfg file08:05
tilmani'm still using tetex (successfully)08:05
tilmandid you run /usr/ports/opt/tetex/post-install ?08:05
wart___tilman: ah08:05
wart___tilman: well i think it died while prt-get depinstalling08:05
Romsteri decided to keep away from tetex texlive08:05
Romsterdocbook is bad enough.08:05
wart___I need those tools for my day-to-day operations08:05
Romsterwhat does texlive do that needs that massive bloat.08:06
wart___Romster: that's the sad part of LaTex :-)08:06
wart___everything, and it usually needs all of it08:06
Romsterlooks as bad as (flame warning) emacs08:08
Romstermust have a very good reason to be using those tools.08:08
Romsteri'm a good one to speak with all the stuff i got...08:09
Romsterhmm is sepen due in soon?08:09
Romsterhe seems to not stay on as much, real life is taking over.08:09
Romsterthat or he is having a holiday.08:10
Romsterwart___, well crux may benefit from having your ports about, i  might even tryout your pdftk looks intersting i do mess with pdf's a little.08:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libgcrypt: enable static build (for static cryptsetup)08:11
wart___Romster: LaTeX isn't an editor (like emacs) but a language, really.  And there's just no alternative for maths/humanities (other than libreoffice).08:13
frinnstoffice suites are a poor substitution to latex08:13
frinnstthough, they are easier to use :)08:14
tilmantetex _does_ work08:14
tilmanif you want help in getting it to work, you might want to try asking a better question other than "it broke"08:14
Romsterthere is mathml08:14
wart___tilman: yeah, if tetex had worked, I would've used it :-)  I'll try it again tonight08:14
frinnstwhats wrong with tetex?08:14
wart___frinnst: i forget at the moment08:14
wart___ok i just tried tetex; i got a 404.08:15
Romsterso bump the url08:15
wart___i assumed that was indicative of deeper problems with the Pkgfile so i then tried texlive-core (or something like that)08:15
frinnstwow, still?08:15
Romsterwell version=08:15
wart___and it broke.08:15
wart___frinnst: i didn't do a ports -u08:15
wart___frinnst: yeah even after ports -u i get a 404; i could fiddle with it tonight, but i like texlive a little better so i might just make a working texlive08:17
wart___frinnst: port08:17
frinnstthe tetex url has been broken since -09 i believe08:17
frinnstand its unmaintained08:18
tilmanshould we mirror the tarballs on
frinnstyeah, probably a good idea.. its not nice to steal lfs bandwidth :)08:18
wart___frinnst: that was indicative that CRUX people don't really have publishing jobs if tex is in such disrepair :-)08:18
frinnsti used for school back then08:18
wart___i'm still learning the CRUX ropes so i'll get back to you on what i come up with08:19
frinnstteachers loved it :)08:19
wart___frinnst: yeah i'm a teacher08:19
frinnstah, right :D08:19
wart___if you publish articles / books / critical editions etc. you need latex08:19
Romstercrux fills a nich market and then we have few users that use the dedicated complex ports.08:20
wart___Romster: yeah, and nobody seems to have liked joe enough to include it in contrib :p08:23
wart___now that would be to start an emacs/vi/joe flamewar :-)08:23
wart___but i can accept i'm in the minority on that one08:23
horrorStruckwhat does make joe so special?08:24
wart___horrorStruck: its habit/musclememory for me08:24
wart___i learned joe way back and i don't want to re-learn keycombinations08:24
wart___it used to be shipped with early linux distrubtions back in the 90s08:25
wart___and its a wordstar rip-off which i liked08:25
Romstervim :D08:25
Romsterfeel free to package it.08:26
wart___Romster: it was on the portsdb ; someone had08:26
Romsterand get your repo on portsdb08:26
wart___oh and one silly question: i was trying to play an online java-driven game (ticket to ride) and it required some sort of java on my system.08:26
wart___i have the jre port installed08:26
tilmanwart___: does this pkgfile work?
wart___Romster: ah08:29
Romsteri need to update my personal repo but i don't feel like doing much currently. think i burned myself out the last few days with far too many updates.08:30
Romstermelbourne cup tomorrow so it's now an official holiday08:31
wart___Romster: of course i don't use firefox, but maybe the java plugin will work anyway08:34
Romsterit should08:34
Romstermost browsers look in the general location.08:34
Romsterbad name for the port i know.08:34
wart___well, annoyingly, prt-get depinst firefox-java-plugin also decided to install firefox08:39
wart___tilman: i'll have to test that tonight :p08:39
Romsteroh what the.08:40
Romster# Depends on: jre firefox08:40
Romsterwell that's silly...08:40
Romstercould of checked first then --ignore=firefox or just use install instead of depinst.08:41
wart___Romster: yeah08:42
wart___Romster: lazy me :-)08:42
wart___there's no switch on prt-get to have it list what it'll install first and then prompt you?08:42
wart___i guess i could write a shell script08:42
wart___to grep for that line in the Pkgfile08:42
wart___and then prompt me08:42
Romsterprt-get deptree foo08:43
wart___gotta remember to do that first08:43
Romsterprt-get deptree xine-ui for example08:44
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Romsterwelle ven though i got 1 day off i'm gonan head to bed so i don't stuff my sleeping pattern up.08:48
Romsterg'night all08:48
rmullgood morning :)08:48
Romsterwell it's nearly 1am so yeah08:48
rmullUTC-5 here08:50
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wart___ok, gcj went through!  yeah.  real quick, i tried pdftk and it bails trying to find ecj112:33
wart___i'll have to dig deeper, of course, but any immediate thoughts.12:33
wart___pkginfo -l gcj | grep ecj1 turned up nothing.12:34
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wart___here's my Pkgfile12:37
wart___the error: error trying to exec ecj112:38
rmullI wish there was a non-gcj version of pdftk12:38
wart___yeah, its a burden12:38
wart___but i guess they want cross-platform compat.12:38
wart___wich somehow gcc won't give them :p12:38
rmullwhat a joke.12:39
wart___on gentoo qlist gcc | grep ecj1 lists it12:40
wart___so the gcj package needs some switch to get it to produce ecj1 i guess.  urgh.12:40
wart___i'll have to compare and contrast the gentoo ebuild for gcc (not something i look forward to) with the gcj Pkgfile to get to the bottom here12:42
aonsee --with-ecj-jar12:44
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frinnstzomg, aon12:56
thrice`he lives!!12:57
wart___mod'ing gcj and trying, thanks aon12:59
wart___this'll take about 3 hrs before i figure out if it worked :-)12:59
wart___this is one of those cases where you wish CRUX had a bigger userbase13:02
wart___CRUX seems to me (with the few days i've used it) as a the distribution's distribution; each user is more or less in charge of making their own packages :p13:02
wart___maybe its less annoying than LFS (never used that); but it certainly reminds me of the early heady days.13:03
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veemornin fellas13:30
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rmullvee: No love for the ladies?14:28
wart___fyi: gcj is still compiling14:32
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veermull: there are ladies here?14:38
veedoes the linux kernel support the amd fusion processors?14:50
rmullvee: Not that I'm aware of14:56
rmullre: ladies14:56
rmullre: fusion - probably14:56
rmullwhat kind of support are you looking for?14:56
rmullWhether or not gcc will compile something that can run on them?14:57
Daysidermull, since 2.6.38 yes.14:58
DaysideAnd some generic support is always there14:58
Daysidei mean any 2.6 will basically "support" them14:59
Daysidebut _really_ they added support in .3814:59
wart___gcj done15:11
veermull: yep. i read that the fusion is a tad bit better than the atom, and, was wondering if everything will compile and run15:12
wart___and pdftk gives me a new error :-)15:12
wart___now it wants a libgcj-4.4.4.jar; ignoring the version mismatch pkginfo -l gcj | grep jar doesn't show any such file15:15
wart___ah, gcj Pkgfile nukes /usr/share/*15:20
wart___that's where the .jar files go15:20
wart___so, quick question: can i get these without recompiling gcj.  i'm guessing: no15:20
*** vee has quit IRC15:20
wart___maybe CRUX is a little overzealous in keeping the share dir clean :-)15:21
rmullTake it up with the packager. Maybe file a bug.15:23
wart___rmull: i am; he was in here earlier today :-)15:25
wart___Romster: ^15:25
wart___Romster: is the new Pkgfile.  I'll let you know in a few hours how succesful it is :-)15:28
Rotwangwart___: what does '59' do in rm command?15:32
rmullRotwang: RTFM15:36
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wart___damn too late now; i hope that doesn't mean one more recompile15:55
wart___also the comment after the \ will break things i seem to recall15:57
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wart___ok as predicted it failed at the rm -f line17:23
wart___is there a way to prt-get and install the pkg.tar.gz file?17:24
wart___that much got compiled17:24
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Romsteri had enough of compiling gcj last night...19:25
*** jdolan has quit IRC19:39
Romsterwart___, i think you lso need to add
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Romsterwart___, any idea if fastjar support is needed?20:05
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Romsterhmm there isn't anyway to make prt-get fsearch not case sensitive is there?20:33
rmullwart___: pkgadd?20:43
thrice`wart___, I'd probably just read the steps of pkgmk and run the package creation stuff manually20:45
Romster 13:00:55 up 1 day, 15:31,  1 user,  load average: 5.03, 3.56, 2.6421:00
Romstercompiling like 4th time now -_-21:01
rmullIsn't there some flag to keep the work around?21:10
Romsterbut it's wiped on the next pkgmk though.21:11
Romstermy issues are it's looking for libs that i didn't have installed in my chroot.21:11
Romsterwart___, give this a try not the final version removing /usr/share/info move man pages to correct location, fix depends on line and compile the py scripts in next update21:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gcj: include fixes and ecj.jar22:24
Romsterwart___, that should hopefully do it ^22:38
Romstersyncing new package to same url as before save you the compile time.22:39
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Romsteroh noes freshmeat got renamed to freecode23:38

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