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frinnstrmull: only md501:35
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Romsterrmull, try now i use my bandwidth heavily, though mostly QoS sorts out the mess and gives priority to Apache for uploads02:06
Romsterfrinnst, yeah that'll do it.02:07
Romsterrmull, i'm doing a massive cleanup of romster repo and i just started on that to remove cruft and update stuff.02:08
Romsterso it'll eventually be in good of shape as contib is now.02:08
Romsteronly a few ports are kept up to date, but feel free to ask me which your using and i'l fix it up.02:09
pitillogood morning02:14
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pitilloyo Romster02:21
pitillooh aon, nice to see you here again :)02:21
Romsteraon is active again in crux or so i'd like to think :)02:27
Romsterit's been too long.02:27
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aondunno about active02:39
aoni should probably build a new computer02:47
aonthink my motherboard's failing02:47
Romsterthat's not good.03:59
frinnstI HATE WINDOWS04:03
frinnstalthough, waiting through sfc scans allows me to idle away at reddit04:04
Romsteryou only figured that out now.04:04
frinnstnot at all, but it feels good to complain :)04:05
Romsterwindows does too many things wrong.04:05
frinnstdoing bare metal restores.. fucking pain in the ass04:05
Romsterthat'[s why you should ghost it when your happy with it so if it goes tits up breakout the image.04:13
frinnstnah, i need to get this working04:14
frinnstits just a lab task though04:14
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frinnstMeanwhile, in Australia..05:29
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Romsterok -_-06:02
Romsterhow is that even in australia what gives it away?06:03
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rauz_building a new kernel on an ibook g4 takes a long long time08:35
rmullMy 3.1 kernel hangs sometimes08:45
rmullWent back to 3.0.3 for now08:45
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Romsterif you think the kernel takes forever stay clear of some of the larger ports.09:01
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Romsterstill remember a 2 day compile for a new toolcahin on a P2 266MHz dunno why i did that just for the hell of it i guess.09:01
rauz_:) then i was realy fast with my kernel took only 2h09:03
rauz_rmull: your kernel hangs on an ibook g4 ?09:04
rmullrauz_: Nah, Via Nano09:04
rmullrauz_: Speed up compile, disable EVERYTHING09:04
Romster2 hours is still quite some time for a kernel. must be a oldish pc, it'll still run fine just take that much longer to build everything i would recommend ccache.09:08
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Romsterwill be a bit slower on first compile but your sure to make more compiles later on updates.09:08
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RomsterG4 acrux :)09:13
Romsterhi wart___09:14
rauz_yeah the ppc g4 is not the fastest cpu09:14
rauz_and i have no clue why the sound will not work ...09:14
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Romsteri'm no PPC expert, though you should have configured your kernel for your sound device.09:15
Romsterlspci -k is helpful.09:15
acrux|G41ghz is fast enough09:18
rauz_the gentoo doc say's it's running via the l2c bus so you can't see it on pci09:18
acrux|G4rauz_: r u using cruxppc?09:19
rauz_i replace all my computers with crux   ppc,i686,x86_64 :D09:21
acrux|G4ah, you missed only sparc64 and arm09:21
rauz_i have a openmoko and try to install the crux-arm on it09:22
acrux|G4if you need help, take a look cruxppc forum09:22
acrux|G4rauz_: btw, last ibook models have soundchip on i2s09:26
acrux|G4i've some old config here:
acrux|G4but they are olds thus grab only audio section if you need09:30
acrux|G4that's y working one09:36
frinnstRomster: dunno, the title said australia in the reddit thread :)09:39
jaegergrrrr, crontab! /shakefist09:40
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Romsterfrinnst, ah ok i just couldn't tell from looking at the picture.09:43
Romsterlol frinnst09:46
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jaegeryay, now my zfs snapshot cron jobs are working properly10:12
jaegerNov  3 10:00:00 zfs1 /usr/sbin/cron[6969]: (root) CMD (/sbin/zfs snapshot pool-0/vmware@H_`date +"%Y-%m-%d-%H%M"`)10:15
jaegerhad to escape all the %10:15
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irctc886hi :o13:38
irctc886i have a huge pro lem xD13:39
irctc886so i installed crux13:40
irctc886but now its just a black screen when booting13:40
irctc886sry noob here, even typing from my phone n-y_n-13:41
irctc886 xD as u can see :D13:41
irctc886at least it doesnt tell me that theres no operating system...13:43
rmullDo you get a bootloader screen?13:43
rmullare you using lilo or grub?13:44
thrice`when you boot, do you see lilo ?13:44
irctc886i only see a black screen xD13:45
irctc886nothing else13:45
rmullDid you install lilo?13:45
irctc886well what is lilo13:45
rmullIt's a bootloader13:45
rmullwhat instructions did you follow13:45
irctc886a guy told me to install crux13:46
irctc886well i read that docs from crux.nu13:46
irctc886some things didnt work as expected xD13:47
irctc886but in the end it said install successful :D13:47
irctc886so i tried booting it13:48
irctc886theres an instant black screen with that small white line blinking at the corner13:49
teK_you did not (correctly) install and configure your bootleader13:50
irctc886boot loader? well, in my partition theres an empty boot folder :D13:51
jseIs this slapstick hour?13:52
irctc886so what am i supposed to dok? qq13:52
rmullirctc886: Did you understand the documentation you read?13:52
irctc886not clearly :D.. are u whispering mek?xD13:53
rmullSo it sounds like your bootloader was not set up correctly. My suggestion is to go back and reread the documentation, and maybe try again. If you don't understand the docs or some of the steps fail, you can't just assume that everything is going to work correctly.13:54
irctc886kk ill try harder13:54
rmullgood luck13:54
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teK_you will need it13:55
rmullAnd maybe so will we...13:56
jseLucky us...13:58
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irctc525its me, that stupid guy :p15:31
irctc525i could edit my lilo.config15:31
irctc525but one step before i alwqays get an error15:31
rmullWhich error15:32
irctc525ar "make menuxonfig"15:32
irctc525sry on phone :D15:32
irctc525it says that something is not there:v(15:33
irctc525at "compiling my kernel"15:34
irctc525i better try a new clean installation15:34
teK_you have to tell us more ..15:35
irctc525how do i get rid of everything in /dev/sda1?15:35
teK_make menuconfig was invoke in which directory?15:35
teK_where XXXXX is some filesystem (you want to use)15:35
irctc525in linux-
irctc525well whats a filesystem xD15:36
irctc525is there a default onek?15:36
rmullirctc525: It would be easier if you could be more specific about your errors15:37
rmullIt's probably something we all know how to fix, but we need to know what actually went wrong15:37
teK_ext4 I guess.15:37
irctc525sec i will reebuild the problem15:38
irctc525makefile:312: /usr/src/linux- such file or directory15:45
irctc525then it says empty variable name15:46
irctc525and error #215:46
teK_srsly.. wtf15:46
rmullirctc525: and when does this error occur?16:01
irctc525well right now i began new xD16:07
irctc525but again a problem... i cant mount because it says its a swapspace16:08
irctc525well i typed mkswap because handbook told me to do so :D16:09
irctc525should i do it again without mkswapk?16:12
teK_do you want swapspace?16:13
teK_and I dont think the handbook told you to make your /-partition a swap-partition..16:13
irctc525nop i only got one main partition (thats enough xD)16:14
irctc525so i dont need mkswap then?16:14
teK_think about it for a second16:14
teK_you cannot have a normal and a partition in ONE partition at a time16:14
teK_so leave out the mkswap.16:15
irctc525thanks god :D16:15
irctc525do i have to change something in etc/fstabk?16:25
treachman, you've got a _heap_ of things to read up on, before you're ready for this. Seriously.16:26
rauz_maybe you should start with some user friendly linux like ubuntu or suse and when you trained your linux skill you can return to crux-linux16:29
irctc525holy sha!t make menuconfig worked all of sudden xD16:30
irctc525hmm :( now everything went right and its still black16:50
irctc525lilo.conf changed, typed lilo,restart from harddisk without cd ....16:51
irctc525should i have saved somethingk?16:59
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irctc303ok i changed my mind about this :D17:32
irctc303i cant configure the kernel just by myself i  dont know that much abput my pc17:33
irctc303maybe thats why it just wont start xD17:34
teK_Thank god there are plenty of tutorials on this topic available on the interwebs:
irctc303i see i have to read that bunch xD17:35
irctc303thx everyone^^ just tell me next time to read the documentation c.l.e.a.r.l.i.e.s.t. :D17:36
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Romsteri think irctc525 should just go back to windows.20:30
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veehow are ya?21:03
rmullbien, y tu?21:04
veebien, i guess. i have lot of shit to upload to "el" ebay21:06
veenot upload but sell21:07
horrorSt1uckrmull: i saw the other day you were looking for a solution to keep a chroot clean, which is my case too. there's the awesome safebuild but it looks like it's not compatible with 2.7 yet, which made two of my ponies to commit suicide. so i just got an idea that should make the whole thing painless. just creating a git repo of my chroot, adding the distfiles and packages directories to .gitignore and commit only the core updates and then git reset --hard to late21:22
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rmullhorrorStruck: Hmm!21:29
horrorStruckis that spanish too :P ?21:31
rmullSure - it's spanish, english, french, and everything21:33
rmullWell, at a glance, I don't see why this wouldn't work. It would allow you to litter all over a chroot and then wipe the new stuff clear with ease.21:34
rmullRomster: What's your opinion of this?21:34
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