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Romsterrmull, horrorStruck safe-build work fine it's jsut the setup phase that can be done manually with but if you wait i'll clean safe-build up i don't have stacks of time to work on everthing anymore.02:10
pitillogood morning02:11
pitillormull: there is another option to safe-build which is working great here too, may be with less features than it, not sure about.
pitilloyo Romster :)02:13
Romsterbeen meaning to look over safe-env02:13
Romsterthere is that safe-env too.02:14
Romsteriirc that uses a file as a disk image.02:14
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Romsterinteresting how safe-env supports crux 2.1 upto 2.703:27
Romsterfiles scattered everywhere though and i see 3 .gitignore files in the tarball too.03:29
pitilloscattered with sense, or at least that was intended (splitting what is the real safe-enviroment and addons) and about git files they should be removed, thank you for that catch I'll talk with sepen to tell about them03:42
Romsterand the echo text to the chroot has a small typo. otherwise it looks well written. better than what my written safe-build is perhaps.04:50
Romsteralthough i dunno if i like the snapshot of installed packages idea.04:51
Romstermight cause errors if user doesn't realize what he has installed at point of snapshot creation.04:51
Romsterjust my opinion though.04:51
Romsterthough it's upto the user to not make such mistakes :)04:52
Romsterhmm is there a hg to git converter i recall doing one years ago but i can't remember how now. and that i forget how hg works too used to git now05:06
rauz_acrux: your kernel config for the ibook works fine but my sound will still not work05:59
prologicspeaking of kernel configs06:02
prologicdoes anyone have a kernel config for Vmware Fusion ?06:02
pitilloRomster: which typo? the snapshot way to manage installed ports is a good way to "go back", sure it can be improved and fixed. At the end, this method relays in users hands, giving him snapshot control (may be you need to have a base with an extended core in some escenarios and you don't need to go back to core and reinstall generated packages to get to that custom point)06:14
Romsterpitillo, addons/bin/fakelogin For the first use, remember to prepare the erviroment06:22
Romstergranted i probably make more spelling mistakes than that 1 i spotted in there :)06:23
Romsterand you two sepen and yourself pitillo arn't native English speakers so it's even harder for you two.06:23
rauz_ilena --diff06:24
Romsterpitillo, i find it enough to keep core and some ports in foo.conf06:25
rauz_sry wrong window06:25
pitilloyeah, that's a little typo, thank you. Our vocabulary is small but the problem begins with grammar in my case at least. I try to do my best but it's a bit hard (for me and for you... I think I hurt other's eyes when I type in english :)06:25
Romsterand use prt-get depinst in other cases of already built packages from past installing and i jsut use a command to pkgrm back to the state before anything extra was installed.06:26
pitillothat's another way of keeping "custom" snapshots. We manage all from prt-clean and in this way avoid seting up more config files06:26
Romsterpitillo, your English is far better than others i have had to read even with the grammatical grammar errors.06:27
Romsteri've seen far worse trust me.06:27
Romsternot saying snapshot is a bad idea it could be problematic to end user doing a mistake.06:28
pitillojajajaa yeah, that's true too. It's easier for me to type... listen to me talking in english is a "party"06:28
Romsteri might find a use for that but i don't se any real uses for it currently with what i do.06:28
Romsterhehe i could imagine. most of the accents are hard to listen to too.06:29
pitilloyes, end user faults can be problematic for a CRUX install too (if you mkfs the wrong disk for example) We prefer to put in their hands their job and how to manage it. At least, core ports will relay there if they make something wrong06:29
Romsteryou think in another 100 years we can't communicate without a keyboard :P06:29
teK_(if you mkfs the wrong disk for example)06:30
Romsterno writing skills no talking skills.06:30
rauz_first time in this irc i didn't have the guts to write something because my english is so shitty06:30
pitilloI think it's the same you do setting up the config file to "avoid" removing some ports/packages but instead of using a file, we use the snapshots06:30
pitilloteK_: is that wrong?06:30
Romsterrauz_, you seem fine to me.06:31
Romsterpitillo, yeah we jsut both went different ways about that.06:31
Romsterchroots is how i keep my packages clean.06:32
pitilloyes Romster, it's the same "tool" for something what can be done by hand... you can chroot, depinst and remove the depinstalled ports (or the ones you don't need)06:32
Romsterperhaps reverting to a snapshot could be a little better than what i'm doing i notice lots of generated files from certain ports that don't get removed on pkgrm.06:33
Romsterand that pkg-not tool lists them.06:33
Romsterwhere a revert snapshot would remove those too.06:33
pitillothose are alternatives really, may be someone finds more confortable safe-env while others can find safe-build more confortable... while other of course with chroot are right too06:34
Romsteri'm getting a little off topic but i've been wondering if they should be touched in the Pkgfile so as to be tracked.06:34
Romsterthink i only use save-build, i'll clean it up so it works with crux 2.7 it wont be a lot of changes.06:35
pitilloor working with vm these days... there are lot of alternatives and that's the best point, choosing the one which fits your needs06:35
Romsterif it does the intended job it's fine.06:35
Romsterif there is a better way i tend to rewrite though too.06:36
pitilloyes, improving is the way to go for a developer (improving, fixing, ...)06:36
Romsterone day i'd like to track what program creates what extra untracked file.06:36
Romsterdnotify or something would help there.06:36
pitilloI tried to add one of those tools too (fcheck if I remember right) but I finished letting it in a side06:37
Romsterusually i let some stuff sit dormant and one day i might revive some of them forgotten projects.06:38
pitillotoo many projects/ideas/improvements and not enought time (or knowledge in my case) :)06:39
Romsteror skill to implement them06:39
Romsteryeah i know that feeling.06:39
Romsteri'm trying to focus on this version sort currently.06:40
Romsterdoing little improvements to it nearly every day.06:40
Romsterrethinking new ways to get to same goal.06:40
Romsterit's a struggle but i think i can manage this one.06:41
Romsterthough right now i'm drinking scotch dry and just chillen out to some reading.06:42
pitillogive time to time and all things come06:42
Romsterand was pokinga round hg to git conversion but it's too heavy for me right now to do that.06:42
Romsterbusy at work with computers puts me off most computer stuff on a Friday night unless i'm really brainstorming.06:45
Romstersepen thinks i'm hyperactive i probably am. so i'm trying to be more relaxed.06:46
pitillohere on friday nights the week tiredness push hard too (may be the age too? xD)06:47
pitillobeing hyperactive shouldn't be a problem, looking for ways to waste energy is a good solution. Not being in calm can be a problem which is different to be hyperactive06:48
Romstersometimes, then other times i get what is known as "second wind" where you wake up adrenaline takes over you go into hyperactive overdrive brainstorming and make heaps of progress, then later you get tired all of a sudden and feel like a zombie and sleep for like 10 hours.06:49
Romsteranyways feel free to go back to what you were doing i'm typing far too much in here.06:53
rauz_i have sleep trouble on some days i sleep maybe 3h when i'm lucky06:54
pitillomay be that's related to time (or seasons) and of course is related directly with your personality too06:55
rauz_my sister thinks i have to many things in my mind06:56
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pitillosleep problems are often related to mind in lot of senses, there are some tricks to get to sleep in an easier way (those are psychologist tasks)06:59
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Romsterdude i'd baffle a psychologist :D07:03
Romsterhi horrorStruck07:03
horrorStruckhi Romster07:03
Romsteri'm chillen out and i still manage to type so much in here.07:03
horrorStruckno vodka tonight? it's friday :)07:04
Romsterscotch this time :D07:04
horrorStruckoh good choice. cheers07:04
Romsteri don't like lollywater sodapop drinks this is a mans drink.07:05
horrorStruckthey have it with soda water mainly here, i was shocked at first07:05
Romsteri'm having scotch dry which is ginger ale07:06
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Romsterit's very nice.07:06
Romsterconsidering i like ginger too.07:06
Evil_Bobgingers dont have souls07:06
Romsteri'm talking about scotch dry not women Evil_Bob07:07
thrice`I dated a ginger, she was indeed soul-less07:07
Romsteri haven't had that opportunity yet07:09
Romstermost of them were brown heads that kept bleaching there hair blond.07:10
thrice`don't bother :p07:10
Romsterhi acrux07:10
acruxrauz_: did you installed alsa-utils ? :)07:10
rauz_and alsaconf finds no soundcards07:10
acruxalsaconf it's not relevant07:11
horrorStruckrauz_: are your soundcard modules built-in?07:11
acruxlsmod ?07:11
acruxalsaconf is unable to find something on i2s bus07:12
horrorStruckand unable to handle built-in modules07:12
acruxhorrorStruck: they 're modules (with my config)07:14
Romsteryeah i noticed that i had to use a module i compiled in before and it wouldn't output any sound.07:14
Romsterthis was years ago dunno if they fixed that now or not.07:14
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Romsterit's a full house hehe07:15
acruxrauz_: can you paste lsmod or tell me if alsamixer works? Maybe it's only an "unmute" problem07:15
Romstersepen, i had a look over safe-env finally but not used it nosted a couple of things but i've told pitillo already07:15
acruxwell, i must go away.. it's pizza time :)07:16
Romsterhmm yeah look in alsamixer spacebar to unmute.07:16
Romsteri had pizza already man it was god.07:16
Romstererr good*07:16
acruxRomster: here in Naples is better :P07:16
rauz_alsamixer says cannot open mixer: no such file or directory07:16
Romsterif i had monies i'd go over there and try it.07:17
horrorStruckrauz_: you're in audio group?07:17
Romsteroh i remember something are you in the audio group?07:17
Romsterls -la /dev/snd/07:17
Romstershould be root audio on the nodes.07:17
Romsterhow could i even forget this stuff.07:18
sepenRomster: reading the backlog now07:18
rauz_yep i'm in the audiogroup07:19
acruxrauz_: i must go away, please go to cruxppc forum.. thus we can solve it 'cause it's quite strange07:19
Romsterrauz_, you've since logged out and back in?07:19
acruxi must go away, sorry07:19
horrorStruckenjo the pizza07:19
Romsterpizza is calling acrux :D07:19
acruxsee you later07:20
Romsterl8er acrux07:20
sepensee ya'07:20
rauz_Romster: yep i logged out in back in07:21
rauz_acrux: i will post in the cruxppc forum07:21
Romsterrauz_, well that's the simple stuff out of the way then.07:22
horrorStruckout of curiosity, which BT tracker is running on
Romsterso do you even have a pcmC0D0p device in /dev/snd/ ?07:22
Romstersepen, will probably know that one.07:23
rauz_Romster: nope there is only timer07:23
Romsterrauz_, hmm so i2c support is in?07:23
Romsterwierd that audio is on the i2c interface.07:24
Romsteri'm no ppc expert07:24
rauz_yep i use the kernel config from acrux07:24
Romsterso perhaps your sound driver is not that same model07:24
Romstersee if oyu can google the chipset the audio device is then search for it in make menuconfig / foo07:25
Romsteri usually go for the pci ds but that wont work on i2c bus.07:26
Romsterpci ids07:26
rauz_acrux and i  should have the same ibook model07:26
Romsterhmm would think same config would work... perhaps he has some other modprobe or udev rules or even a asound.conf file.07:27
Romstermight wanna ask acrux those when he returns.07:27
Romsterother than that i'm out of ideas.07:27
rauz_yep i will post in the cruxppc forum maybe the could help07:27
Romsterbaffling issue..07:28
sepenBT - flyspray07:28
horrorStrucksepen: sorry i mean bittorrent tracker07:29
sepenahhh lol07:29
sepenbugtracker I understand07:29
Romsterrtorrent thing tracker?07:29
horrorStruckrtorrent is just a client07:29
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horrorStrucksepen: thanks07:30
Romsteryou know what we could do but i know it'll get rejected is to allow us to add files to the tracker and have a light weight BT app for pkgmk to use then we can combine all our bandwidth for distfiles.07:30
horrorStrucki just made a port for opentracker :)07:31
Romsterdoesn't follow KISS i know that much07:31
sepenmldonkey supports bt too :D07:32
Romsterbnbt isn't in portsdb how shameful :P07:32
horrorStruckRomster: but we'll have to regenerate the torrent every time a new file is added07:32
RomsterhorrorStruck, yeah of course and have the torrent file in the source= line.07:32
sepenRomster: bnbt last relase is from 200407:33
Romsterpkgmk can dump it into the BT t.torrent tracking file.07:33
Romsterouch quite old sepen07:33
Romsterwell it's probably purfect or maintainer decided to go awol07:33
sepenRomster: thanks for your notes about safe-nv07:33
Romsternice and simple compared to my safe-build07:34
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Romsterwhy does my stuff look more complex.07:34
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sepenwell, I like scalable things07:34
sepenlike crux07:34
Romsteri like how you can do anything to crux and it wont cry unlike other distributions.07:35
sepenI should move the project git repo to another location, but this is one of the things TODO that I've in mind for a long time :D07:35
Romsterwont get in the way. the user is always right.07:35
Romsteroh you want to remove glibc you sure you did't mean glib? ok then glibbc gone kthnkbye07:36
Romsterthough glib is in core now so i don't think anyone will get stung but that one anymore.07:36
Romsternot that i've done that particular mistake myself.07:37
Romsteri did get bitten by nls from yahafri though.07:37
sepensince pkg-config requires glib, we have the same collateral thing in crux-arm07:37
Romstercan't jsut remove it as everything now depended on that lib07:38
Romsteri think glib is bulky though and was really only intended for gtk and other bigger things use.07:38
Romsteri'd be more inclined to think glib merge with glibc07:39
sepen yay but what about others libc libraries like dietlibc, uclibc, eglibc, etc. etc. really I've no idea about glib07:40
sepentheorically, for example "gchar" should be portable and implemented in various ways dependent on libc selected, no?07:42
Romsterhmm that would pose a issue.07:42
sepenluckily we don't have this issue in our core07:43
Romstermight become an issue for other distros07:44
sepensorry, boss around, bbl07:44
Romsterlater :D07:44
Romsterbnbt Latest Version:  7.7r3.2004.10.27 hehe07:50
Romsterguess there is other trackers that are more feature rich now.07:51
Romsterdid anyone get to the bottom of webkit issues i've heard reports it's either libspup or glib-network07:52
horrorStruckglib-networking 2.30.1 and libsoup 2.36.1 should solve the issue. not using webkit based browser anymore so i can't confirm it works08:01
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veequestion. is there a way i can log in without slim (that black screen terminal thingie), and once I log in have x start without running the command?16:06
veeoh? and how would one go about doing this?16:09
teK_if [ -z $DISPLAY ]; then xinit; fi16:10
teK_something like that in your shell startup file16:10
teK_~/.bashrc (?)16:10
veehm. ill play around with it. i wanna ditch slim. its starting to annoy me :D16:10
teK_Laptop: slim (gf uses it, too). Workstation: shell + manual xinit ;)16:11
veewell, on my netbook, i'd rather have it not come up (when i do get it)16:13
jaegerI do that on my HTPC16:14
jaegermingetty's auto-login plus starting x from .bashrc or .bash_profile16:15
teK_oh btw16:15
teK_i use:16:15
jaegersomething like [ "`tty`" = "/dev/tty0" ] && startx16:15
teK_xinit='xinit -- /usr/bin/X -nolisten tcp'16:15
veelooks like i have a lot of googling to do lol17:23
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: [notify] nss: DigiCert Sdn. Bhd revocation17:28
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Romsterwhy don't we revoke all the certs none of them can be trusted :D21:09
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